1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /*
acd9e71999-05-12Per Hedbor  * $Id: roxen.pike,v 1.273 1999/05/12 08:02:49 per Exp $
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  * * The Roxen Challenger main program. * * Per Hedbor, Henrik Grubbström, Pontus Hagland, David Hedbor and others. */
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  // ABS and suicide systems contributed freely by Francesco Chemolli
acd9e71999-05-12Per Hedbor constant cvs_version="$Id: roxen.pike,v 1.273 1999/05/12 08:02:49 per Exp $";
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  object backend_thread;
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Some headerfiles
4dd97c1996-12-04Per Hedbor #define IN_ROXEN
8540e11997-06-14Francesco Chemolli #include <roxen.h> #include <config.h>
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #include <module.h> #include <variables.h>
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Inherits inherit "read_config";
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor inherit "hosts";
70f2771997-12-15Per Hedbor inherit "module_support";
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor inherit "socket"; inherit "disk_cache"; inherit "language";
7c92b91998-11-19Per Hedbor 
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* * Version information */ constant __roxen_version__ = "1.4"; constant __roxen_build__ = "37"; #ifdef __NT__ constant real_version = "Roxen Challenger/"+__roxen_version__+"."+__roxen_build__+" NT"; #else constant real_version = "Roxen Challenger/"+__roxen_version__+"."+__roxen_build__; #endif
7c92b91998-11-19Per Hedbor // Prototypes for other parts of roxen. class RequestID { object conf; // Really Configuration, but that's sort of recursive. int time; string raw_url; int do_not_disconnect; mapping (string:string) variables; mapping (string:mixed) misc; mapping (string:string) cookies; mapping (string:string) request_headers; multiset(string) prestate; multiset(string) config; multiset(string) supports; multiset(string) pragma; array(string) client; array(string) referer; Stdio.File my_fd; string prot; string clientprot; string method; string realfile; string virtfile; string rest_query; string raw; string query; string not_query; string extra_extension; string data; string leftovers; array (int|string) auth; string rawauth; string realauth; string since;
e682c11998-11-22Per Hedbor  string remoteaddr; string host; void create(object|void master_request_id);
7c92b91998-11-19Per Hedbor  void send(string|object what, int|void len); string scan_for_query( string in ); void end(string|void s, int|void keepit); void ready_to_receive(); void send_result(mapping|void result); RequestID clone_me(); };
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor constant pipe = (program)"smartpipe";
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* * The privilege changer. * * Based on privs.pike,v 1.36. */ // Some variables used by Privs #ifdef THREADS // This mutex is used by Privs object euid_egid_lock = Thread.Mutex(); #endif /* THREADS */ int privs_level; static class Privs { #if efun(seteuid) int saved_uid; int saved_gid; int new_uid; int new_gid; #define LOGP (variables && variables->audit && GLOBVAR(audit)) #if constant(geteuid) && constant(getegid) && constant(seteuid) && constant(setegid) #define HAVE_EFFECTIVE_USER #endif static private string _getcwd() { if (catch{return(getcwd());}) { return("Unknown directory (no x-bit on current directory?)"); } } static private string dbt(array t) { if(!arrayp(t) || (sizeof(t)<2)) return ""; return (((t[0]||"Unknown program")-(_getcwd()+"/"))-"base_server/")+":"+t[1]+"\n"; } #ifdef THREADS mixed mutex_key; // Only one thread may modify the euid/egid at a time.
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm  static object threads_disabled;
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* THREADS */ int p_level; void create(string reason, int|string|void uid, int|string|void gid) { #ifdef PRIVS_DEBUG werror(sprintf("Privs(%O, %O, %O)\n" "privs_level: %O\n", reason, uid, gid, privs_level)); #endif /* PRIVS_DEBUG */ #ifdef THREADS
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm #if constant(roxen_pid) && !constant(_disable_threads)
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(getpid() == roxen_pid) { // __disallow_threads(); werror("Using Privs ("+reason+") in threaded environment, source is\n "+ replace(describe_backtrace(backtrace()), "\n", "\n ")+"\n"); } #endif #endif #ifdef HAVE_EFFECTIVE_USER array u; #ifdef THREADS if (euid_egid_lock) { catch { mutex_key = euid_egid_lock->lock(); }; }
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm  threads_disabled = _disable_threads();
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* THREADS */ p_level = privs_level++; if(getuid()) return; /* Needs to be here since root-priviliges may be needed to * use getpw{uid,nam}. */ saved_uid = geteuid(); saved_gid = getegid(); seteuid(0); /* A string of digits? */ if (stringp(uid) && ((int)uid) && (replace(uid, ({ "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9" }), ({ "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" })) == "")) { uid = (int)uid; } if (stringp(gid) && ((int)gid) && (replace(gid, ({ "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9" }), ({ "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" })) == "")) { gid = (int)gid; } if(!stringp(uid)) { u = getpwuid(uid); } else { u = getpwnam(uid); if(u) uid = u[2]; } if(u && !gid) gid = u[3]; if(!u) { if (uid && (uid != "root")) { if (intp(uid) && (uid >= 60000)) { report_debug(sprintf("Privs: User %d is not in the password database.\n" "Assuming nobody.\n", uid)); // Nobody. gid = gid || uid; // Fake a gid also. u = ({ "fake-nobody", "x", uid, gid, "A real nobody", "/", "/sbin/sh" }); } else { error("Unknown user: "+uid+"\n"); } } else { u = ({ "root", "x", 0, gid, "The super-user", "/", "/sbin/sh" }); } } if(LOGP) report_notice(sprintf("Change to %s(%d):%d privs wanted (%s), from %s", (string)u[0], (int)uid, (int)gid, (string)reason, (string)dbt(backtrace()[-2]))); #if efun(cleargroups) catch { cleargroups(); }; #endif /* cleargroups */ #if efun(initgroups) catch { initgroups(u[0], u[3]); }; #endif gid = gid || getgid(); int err = (int)setegid(new_gid = gid); if (err < 0) { report_debug(sprintf("Privs: WARNING: Failed to set the effective group id to %d!\n" "Check that your password database is correct for user %s(%d),\n" "and that your group database is correct.\n", gid, (string)u[0], (int)uid)); int gid2 = gid; #ifdef HPUX_KLUDGE if (gid >= 60000) { /* HPUX has doesn't like groups higher than 60000, * but has assigned nobody to group 60001 (which isn't even * in /etc/group!). * * HPUX's libc also insists on filling numeric fields it doesn't like * with the value 60001! */ perror("Privs: WARNING: Assuming nobody-group.\n" "Trying some alternatives...\n"); // Assume we want the nobody group, and try a couple of alternatives foreach(({ 60001, 65534, -2 }), gid2) { perror("%d... ", gid2); if (initgroups(u[0], gid2) >= 0) { if ((err = setegid(new_gid = gid2)) >= 0) { perror("Success!\n"); break; } } } } #endif /* HPUX_KLUDGE */ if (err < 0) { perror("Privs: Failed\n"); throw(({ sprintf("Failed to set EGID to %d\n", gid), backtrace() })); } perror("Privs: WARNING: Set egid to %d instead of %d.\n", gid2, gid); gid = gid2; } if(getgid()!=gid) setgid(gid||getgid()); seteuid(new_uid = uid); #endif /* HAVE_EFFECTIVE_USER */ } void destroy() { #ifdef PRIVS_DEBUG werror(sprintf("Privs->destroy()\n" "privs_level: %O\n", privs_level)); #endif /* PRIVS_DEBUG */ #ifdef HAVE_EFFECTIVE_USER /* Check that we don't increase the privs level */ if (p_level >= privs_level) { report_error(sprintf("Change back to uid#%d gid#%d from uid#%d gid#%d\n" "in wrong order! Saved level:%d Current level:%d\n" "Occurs in:\n%s\n", saved_uid, saved_gid, new_uid, new_gid, p_level, privs_level, describe_backtrace(backtrace()))); return(0); } if (p_level != privs_level-1) { report_error(sprintf("Change back to uid#%d gid#%d from uid#%d gid#%d\n" "Skips privs level. Saved level:%d Current level:%d\n" "Occurs in:\n%s\n", saved_uid, saved_gid, new_uid, new_gid, p_level, privs_level, describe_backtrace(backtrace()))); } privs_level = p_level; if(LOGP) { catch { array bt = backtrace(); if (sizeof(bt) >= 2) {
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm  report_notice(sprintf("Change back to uid#%d gid#%d, from %s\n", saved_uid, saved_gid, dbt(bt[-2])));
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else {
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm  report_notice(sprintf("Change back to uid#%d gid#%d, from backend\n", saved_uid, saved_gid));
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } }; } if(getuid()) return; #ifdef DEBUG int uid = geteuid(); if (uid != new_uid) { report_warning(sprintf("Privs: UID #%d differs from expected #%d\n" "%s\n", uid, new_uid, describe_backtrace(backtrace()))); } int gid = getegid(); if (gid != new_gid) { report_warning(sprintf("Privs: GID #%d differs from expected #%d\n" "%s\n", gid, new_gid, describe_backtrace(backtrace()))); } #endif /* DEBUG */ seteuid(0); array u = getpwuid(saved_uid); #if efun(cleargroups) catch { cleargroups(); }; #endif /* cleargroups */ if(u && (sizeof(u) > 3)) { catch { initgroups(u[0], u[3]); }; } setegid(saved_gid); seteuid(saved_uid); #endif /* HAVE_EFFECTIVE_USER */ } #endif /* efun(seteuid) */ }; /* Used by read_config.pike, since there seems to be problems with * overloading otherwise. */ static object PRIVS(string r, int|string|void u, int|string|void g) { return Privs(r, u, g); }
3e646f1997-05-15David Hedbor #if _DEBUG_HTTP_OBJECTS mapping httpobjects = ([]); static int idcount; int new_id(){ return idcount++; } #endif
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef MODULE_DEBUG #define MD_PERROR(X) perror X; #else #define MD_PERROR(X) #endif /* MODULE_DEBUG */
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // pids of the start-script and ourselves.
b642a21998-09-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) int startpid, roxenpid;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor class container { mixed value; mixed set(mixed to) { return value=to; } mixed get() { return value; } }
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Locale support
86a7891999-05-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) object(Locale.Roxen.standard) default_locale=Locale.Roxen.standard /* nihongo */;
fb7ef91998-11-02Per Hedbor object fonts;
59912f1998-10-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef THREADS object locale = thread_local(); #else
df022f1998-11-22Per Hedbor object locale = container();
59912f1998-10-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* THREADS */ #define LOCALE LOW_LOCALE->base_server
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
dca5dc1998-09-12Per Hedbor program Configuration; /*set in create*/
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
48fa361997-04-05Per Hedbor array configurations = ({});
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor object main_configuration_port;
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor mapping allmodules, somemodules=([]);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  // A mapping from ports (objects, that is) to an array of information
e5bad21998-02-10Per Hedbor // about that port. This will hopefully be moved to objects cloned // from the configuration object in the future.
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor mapping portno=([]);
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor // Function pointer and the root of the configuration interface
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // object. private function build_root; private object root;
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor int die_die_die;
506ede1997-11-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) void stop_all_modules()
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  foreach(configurations, object conf) conf->stop(); }
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Function that actually shuts down Roxen. (see low_shutdown).
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) private static void really_low_shutdown(int exit_code) { // Die nicely.
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #ifdef SOCKET_DEBUG
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  roxen_perror("SOCKETS: really_low_shutdown\n" " Bye!\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif
abdc631998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt #ifdef THREADS stop_handler_threads(); #endif /* THREADS */
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Don't use fork() with threaded servers.
ef08ba1999-03-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #if constant(fork) && !constant(create_thread)
abdc631998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Fork, and then do a 'slow-quit' in the forked copy. Exit the // original copy, after all listen ports are closed. // Then the forked copy can finish all current connections.
9a05f21998-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(fork()) {
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Kill the parent.
9a05f21998-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  add_constant("roxen", 0); // Remove some extra refs...
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  exit(exit_code); // Die...
9a05f21998-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Now we're running in the forked copy.
abdc631998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // FIXME: This probably doesn't work correctly on threaded servers, // since only one thread is left running after the fork().
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #if efun(_pipe_debug) call_out(lambda() { // Wait for all connections to finish
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  call_out(Simulate.this_function(), 20); if(!_pipe_debug()[0]) exit(0); }, 1);
abdc631998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* efun(_pipe_debug) */
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  call_out(lambda(){ exit(0); }, 600); // Slow buggers..
0d00c91998-09-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  array f=indices(portno);
b274d21998-09-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  for(int i=0; i<sizeof(f); i++)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  catch(destruct(f[i]));
ef08ba1999-03-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #else /* !constant(fork) || constant(create_thread) */
abdc631998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // FIXME: // Should probably attempt something similar to the above, // but this should be sufficient for the time being.
9a05f21998-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  add_constant("roxen", 0); // Paranoia...
abdc631998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  exit(exit_code); // Now we die...
ef08ba1999-03-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* constant(fork) && !constant(create_thread) */
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) } // Shutdown Roxen // exit_code = 0 True shutdown // exit_code = -1 Restart private static void low_shutdown(int exit_code) { // Change to root user if possible ( to kill the start script... ) #if efun(seteuid) seteuid(getuid()); setegid(getgid()); #endif #if efun(setuid) setuid(0); #endif stop_all_modules(); if(main_configuration_port && objectp(main_configuration_port)) { // Only _really_ do something in the main process. int pid; if (exit_code) { roxen_perror("Restarting Roxen.\n"); } else { roxen_perror("Shutting down Roxen.\n");
df022f1998-11-22Per Hedbor  _exit(0);
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // This has to be refined in some way. It is not all that nice to do // it like this (write a file in /tmp, and then exit.) The major part // of code to support this is in the 'start' script. #ifndef __NT__ #ifdef USE_SHUTDOWN_FILE // Fallback for systems without geteuid, Roxen will (probably) // not be able to kill the start-script if this is the case. rm("/tmp/Roxen_Shutdown_"+startpid); object f; f=open("/tmp/Roxen_Shutdown_"+startpid, "wc"); if(!f) roxen_perror("cannot open shutdown file.\n"); else f->write(""+getpid()); #endif /* USE_SHUTDOWN_FILE */ // Try to kill the start-script. if(startpid != getpid()) { kill(startpid, signum("SIGINTR")); kill(startpid, signum("SIGHUP")); kill(getppid(), signum("SIGINTR")); kill(getppid(), signum("SIGHUP")); } #endif /* !__NT__ */ } }
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  call_out(really_low_shutdown, 2, exit_code);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Perhaps somewhat misnamed, really... This function will close all // listen ports, fork a new copy to handle the last connections, and // then quit the original process. The 'start' script should then // start a new copy of roxen automatically. mapping restart() { low_shutdown(-1); return ([ "data": replace(Stdio.read_bytes("etc/restart.html"),
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  ({"$docurl", "$PWD"}), ({docurl, getcwd()})),
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "type":"text/html" ]); } mapping shutdown() { low_shutdown(0); return ([ "data":replace(Stdio.read_bytes("etc/shutdown.html"),
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  ({"$docurl", "$PWD"}), ({docurl, getcwd()})),
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "type":"text/html" ]); }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // This is called for each incoming connection. private static void accept_callback( object port ) { object file;
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor  int q=QUERY(NumAccept);
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  array pn=portno[port];
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #ifdef DEBUG if(!pn)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  { destruct(port->accept()); perror("$&$$& Garbage Collector bug!!\n"); return; }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  while(q--) { catch { file = port->accept(); };
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #ifdef SOCKET_DEBUG if(!pn[-1])
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  { report_error("In accept: Illegal protocol handler for port.\n"); if(file) destruct(file); return; } perror(sprintf("SOCKETS: accept_callback(CONF(%s))\n",
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  pn[1]&&pn[1]->name||"Configuration"));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif if(!file) { switch(port->errno()) {
4859501999-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  case 0: #if constant(system.EAGAIN) case system.EAGAIN: #endif /* constant(system.EAGAIN) */
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  return;
4859501999-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #if constant(system.EMFILE) case system.EMFILE: #endif /* constant(system.EMFILE) */ #if constant(system.EBADF) case system.EBADF: #endif /* constant(system.EBADF) */ report_fatal(LOCALE->out_of_sockets()); low_shutdown(-1); return; default:
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #ifdef DEBUG perror("Accept failed.\n");
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor #if constant(real_perror)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  real_perror();
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor #endif
95e2b41997-05-25Wilhelm Köhler #endif /* DEBUG */
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  return; } }
3235691998-03-26Per Hedbor #ifdef FD_DEBUG
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  mark_fd( file->query_fd(), LOCALE->out_of_sockets(file->query_address()));
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #endif pn[-1](file,pn[1]);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #ifdef SOCKET_DEBUG perror(sprintf("SOCKETS: Ok. Connect on %O:%O from %O\n",
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  pn[2], pn[0], file->query_address())); #endif } }
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // handle function used when THREADS is not enabled.
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler void unthreaded_handle(function f, mixed ... args) { f(@args); }
34fbbc1998-02-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) function handle = unthreaded_handle;
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* * THREADS code starts here */
34fbbc1998-02-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef THREADS
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // #define THREAD_DEBUG
34fbbc1998-02-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor object do_thread_create(string id, function f, mixed ... args) { object t = thread_create(f, @args); catch(t->set_name( id ));
dca5dc1998-09-12Per Hedbor  roxen_perror(id+" started\n");
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  return t; }
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Queue of things to handle. // An entry consists of an array(function fp, array args)
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt static object (Thread.Queue) handle_queue = Thread.Queue();
1720541998-10-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Number of handler threads that are alive.
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt static int thread_reap_cnt;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  void handler_thread(int id) {
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  array (mixed) h, q;
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  while(!die_die_die)
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  { if(q=catch {
45cae31998-03-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  do {
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef THREAD_DEBUG
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  werror("Handle thread ["+id+"] waiting for next event\n");
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* THREAD_DEBUG */
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt  if((h=handle_queue->read()) && h[0]) {
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef THREAD_DEBUG
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  werror(sprintf("Handle thread [%O] calling %O(@%O)...\n",
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  id, h[0], h[1..])); #endif /* THREAD_DEBUG */
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  SET_LOCALE(default_locale);
45cae31998-03-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  h[0](@h[1]); h=0;
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt  } else if(!h) { // Roxen is shutting down. werror("Handle thread ["+id+"] stopped\n"); thread_reap_cnt--; return;
45cae31998-03-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } } while(1); }) {
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(/* LOCALE->uncaught_error(*/describe_backtrace(q)/*)*/);
45cae31998-03-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (q = catch {h = 0;}) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE-> uncaught_error(describe_backtrace(q)));
45cae31998-03-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } }
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler void threaded_handle(function f, mixed ... args) { handle_queue->write(({f, args })); }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor int number_of_threads; void start_handler_threads() {
a60c4c1997-07-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (QUERY(numthreads) <= 1) { QUERY(numthreads) = 1; perror("Starting 1 thread to handle requests.\n"); } else { perror("Starting "+QUERY(numthreads)+" threads to handle requests.\n"); }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  for(; number_of_threads < QUERY(numthreads); number_of_threads++)
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  do_thread_create( "Handle thread ["+number_of_threads+"]", handler_thread, number_of_threads );
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler  if(number_of_threads > 0) handle = threaded_handle;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor }
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor 
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt void stop_handler_threads() { int timeout=30; perror("Stopping all request handler threads.\n"); while(number_of_threads>0) { number_of_threads--; handle_queue->write(0); thread_reap_cnt++; } while(thread_reap_cnt) { if(--timeout<=0) { perror("Giving up waiting on threads!\n"); return; }
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  sleep(0.1);
3107101998-09-01Marcus Comstedt  } }
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor mapping accept_threads = ([]);
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor void accept_thread(object port,array pn) {
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  accept_threads[port] = this_thread();
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor  program port_program = pn[-1]; mixed foo = pn[1]; array err; object o;
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  while(!die_die_die) { o = port->accept(); err = catch { if(o) port_program(o,foo); }; if(err) perror("Error in accept_thread: %O\n",describe_backtrace(err)); }
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor }
95e2b41997-05-25Wilhelm Köhler #endif /* THREADS */
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // Listen to a port, connected to the configuration 'conf', binding // only to the netinterface 'ether', using 'requestprogram' as a // protocol handled. // If you think that the argument order is quite unintuitive and odd, // you are right, the order is the same as the implementation order. // Old spinners only listened to a port number, then the // configurations came, then the need to bind to a specific // ethernetinterface, and then the need to have more than one concurrent // protocol (http, ftp, ssl, etc.)
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor object create_listen_socket(mixed port_no, object conf,
9f46de1997-04-08Per Hedbor  string|void ether, program requestprogram, array prt)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor { object port; #ifdef SOCKET_DEBUG perror(sprintf("SOCKETS: create_listen_socket(%d,CONF(%s),%s)\n", port_no, conf?conf->name:"Configuration port", ether)); #endif if(!requestprogram) error("No request handling module passed to create_listen_socket()\n"); if(!port_no) {
7ed1021998-01-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  port = Stdio.Port( "stdin", accept_callback );
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön  port->set_id(port);
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(port->errno()) { report_error(LOCALE->stdin_is_quiet(port->errno()));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } } else {
7ed1021998-01-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  port = Stdio.Port();
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön  port->set_id(port);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(!stringp(ether) || (lower_case(ether) == "any")) ether=0; if(ether) sscanf(ether, "addr:%s", ether);
9dcc101998-03-10David Hedbor #if defined(THREADS) && 0
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor  if(!port->bind(port_no, 0, ether)) #else
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(!port->bind(port_no, accept_callback, ether))
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  { #ifdef SOCKET_DEBUG
581bf11997-09-06Per Hedbor  perror("SOCKETS: -> Failed.\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_warning(LOCALE-> socket_already_bound_retry(ether, port_no, port->errno()));
4ba6fc1998-04-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  sleep(1); #if defined(THREADS) && 0 if(!port->bind(port_no, 0, ether)) #else if(!port->bind(port_no, accept_callback, ether)) #endif {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_warning(LOCALE-> socket_already_bound(ether, port_no, port->errno()));
4ba6fc1998-04-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return 0; }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  portno[port]=({ port_no, conf, ether||"Any", 0, requestprogram });
9dcc101998-03-10David Hedbor #if defined(THREADS) && 0
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  call_out(do_thread_create,0,"Accept thread ["+port_no+":"+(ether||"ANY]"), accept_thread, port,portno[port]);
06583f1997-09-03Per Hedbor #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #ifdef SOCKET_DEBUG perror("SOCKETS: -> Ok.\n"); #endif return port; } // The configuration interface is loaded dynamically for faster // startup-time, and easier coding in the configuration interface (the // Roxen environment is already finished when it is loaded) object configuration_interface_obj; int loading_config_interface; int enabling_configurations; object configuration_interface() { if(enabling_configurations) return 0; if(loading_config_interface) perror("Recursive calls to configuration_interface()\n" + describe_backtrace(backtrace())+"\n"); if(!configuration_interface_obj) { perror("Loading configuration interface.\n");
039ce41997-08-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  loading_config_interface = 1;
2740711997-08-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  array err = catch {
0f28da1997-08-13Per Hedbor  configuration_interface_obj=((program)"mainconfig")();
d24d291997-08-19Per Hedbor  root = configuration_interface_obj->root;
0f28da1997-08-13Per Hedbor  };
039ce41997-08-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  loading_config_interface = 0;
2740711997-08-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(!configuration_interface_obj) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE-> configuration_interface_failed(describe_backtrace(err)));
2740711997-08-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } return configuration_interface_obj; }
1668b21998-04-23Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Unload the configuration interface void unload_configuration_interface() {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->unload_configuration_interface());
1668b21998-04-23Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  configuration_interface_obj = 0; loading_config_interface = 0; enabling_configurations = 0; build_root = 0; catch{root->dest();}; root = 0; }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  // Create a new configuration from scratch. // 'type' is as in the form. 'none' for a empty configuration. int add_new_configuration(string name, string type) { return configuration_interface()->low_enable_configuration(name, type); } // Call the configuration interface function. This is more or less // equivalent to a virtual configuration with the configurationinterface // mounted on '/'. This will probably be the case in future versions
fb74971997-09-16Per Hedbor #ifdef THREADS object configuration_lock = Thread.Mutex(); #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor mixed configuration_parse(mixed ... args) {
fb74971997-09-16Per Hedbor #ifdef THREADS object key; catch(key = configuration_lock->lock()); #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(args) return configuration_interface()->configuration_parse(@args); }
025d221997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) mapping(string:array(int)) error_log=([]);
ec2fe11997-06-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) string last_error="";
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // Write a string to the configuration interface error log and to stderr.
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor void nwrite(string s, int|void perr, int|void type)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
ec2fe11997-06-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  last_error = s;
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  if (!error_log[type+","+s]) { error_log[type+","+s] = ({ time() });
025d221997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else {
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  error_log[type+","+s] += ({ time() });
025d221997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
17834a1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(type>=1) roxen_perror(s);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // When was Roxen started?
60ecef1998-06-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) int boot_time;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor int start_time; string version() {
71a11e1997-08-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return QUERY(default_ident)?real_version:QUERY(ident);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // The db for the nice '<if supports=..>' tag. mapping (string:array (array (object|multiset))) supports; private multiset default_supports = (< >); private static inline array positive_supports(array from) { array res = copy_value(from); int i; for(i=0; i<sizeof(res); i++) if(res[i][0] == '-') res[i] = 0; return res - ({ 0 }); } private inline array negative_supports(array from) { array res = copy_value(from); int i; for(i=0; i<sizeof(res); i++) if(res[i][0] != '-') res[i] = 0; else res[i] = res[i][1..]; return res - ({ 0 }); } private static mapping foo_defines = ([ ]); // '#define' in the 'supports' file. static private string current_section; // Used below. // '#section' in the 'supports' file. private void parse_supports_string(string what) { string foo; array lines; int i; lines=replace(what, "\\\n", " ")/"\n"-({""}); foreach(lines, foo) { array bar, gazonk; if(foo[0] == '#') { string file; string name, to; if(sscanf(foo, "#include <%s>", file)) {
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  if(foo=Stdio.read_bytes(file))
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  parse_supports_string(foo); else
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->supports_bad_include(file));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } else if(sscanf(foo, "#define %[^ ] %s", name, to)) { name -= "\t"; foo_defines[name] = to; // perror("#defining '"+name+"' to "+to+"\n"); } else if(sscanf(foo, "#section %[^ ] {", name)) { // perror("Entering section "+name+"\n"); current_section = name; if(!supports[name]) supports[name] = ({}); } else if((foo-" ") == "#}") { // perror("Leaving section "+current_section+"\n"); current_section = 0; } else { // perror("Comment: "+foo+"\n"); } } else { int rec = 10; string q=replace(foo,",", " "); foo=""; // Handle all defines. while((strlen(foo)!=strlen(q)) && --rec) { foo=q; q = replace(q, indices(foo_defines), values(foo_defines)); } foo=q; if(!rec) perror("Too deep recursion while replacing defines.\n"); // perror("Parsing supports line '"+foo+"'\n"); bar = replace(foo, ({"\t",","}), ({" "," "}))/" " -({ "" }); foo=""; if(sizeof(bar) < 2) continue; if(bar[0] == "default")
01d0811996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  default_supports = aggregate_multiset(@bar[1..]);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  else { gazonk = bar[1..];
bfbd4d1998-04-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  mixed err; if (err = catch { supports[current_section] += ({ ({ Regexp(bar[0])->match,
01d0811996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  aggregate_multiset(@positive_supports(gazonk)), aggregate_multiset(@negative_supports(gazonk)),
bfbd4d1998-04-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  })}); }) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->supports_bad_regexp(describe_backtrace(err)));
bfbd4d1998-04-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } } } } public void initiate_supports() { supports = ([ 0:({ }) ]); foo_defines = ([ ]); current_section = 0; parse_supports_string(QUERY(Supports)); foo_defines = 0; } array _new_supports = ({}); void done_with_roxen_com() { string new, old; new = _new_supports * "";
8942801997-11-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  new = (new/"\r\n\r\n")[1..]*"\r\n\r\n";
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  old = Stdio.read_bytes( "etc/supports" );
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(strlen(new) < strlen(old)-200) // Error in transfer? return; if(old != new) {
a60c4c1997-07-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  perror("Got new supports data from www.roxen.com\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  perror("Replacing old file with new data.\n");
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor // #ifndef THREADS // object privs=Privs(LOCALE->replacing_supports()); // #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  mv("etc/supports", "etc/supports~");
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  Stdio.write_file("etc/supports", new); old = Stdio.read_bytes( "etc/supports" );
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor // #if efun(chmod) // #if efun(geteuid) // if(geteuid() != getuid()) chmod("etc/supports",0660); // #endif // #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(old != new) { perror("FAILED to update the supports file.\n"); mv("etc/supports~", "etc/supports");
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor // #ifndef THREADS // privs = 0; // #endif
5c6bc51997-06-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else {
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor // #ifndef THREADS // privs = 0; // #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  initiate_supports();
5c6bc51997-06-04Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } #ifdef DEBUG else perror("No change to the supports file.\n"); #endif } void got_data_from_roxen_com(object this, string foo) { if(!foo) return; _new_supports += ({ foo }); } void connected_to_roxen_com(object port) { if(!port) { #ifdef DEBUG
a60c4c1997-07-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  perror("Failed to connect to www.roxen.com:80.\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif return 0; } #ifdef DEBUG
a60c4c1997-07-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  perror("Connected to www.roxen.com.:80\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif _new_supports = ({}); port->set_id(port);
47f2cf1997-11-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  string v = version(); if (v != real_version) { v = v + " (" + real_version + ")"; }
99864e1997-11-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  port->write("GET /supports HTTP/1.0\r\n"
47f2cf1997-11-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "User-Agent: " + v + "\r\n" "Host: www.roxen.com:80\r\n" "Pragma: no-cache\r\n"
99864e1997-11-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "\r\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  port->set_nonblocking(got_data_from_roxen_com, got_data_from_roxen_com, done_with_roxen_com); } public void update_supports_from_roxen_com() {
37ec6c1997-09-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // FIXME: // This code has a race-condition, but it only occurs once a week...
f6d62d1997-03-26Per Hedbor  if(QUERY(next_supports_update) <= time())
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  {
f6d62d1997-03-26Per Hedbor  if(QUERY(AutoUpdate)) {
bc42561997-06-12Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  async_connect("www.roxen.com.", 80, connected_to_roxen_com);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #ifdef DEBUG
bc42561997-06-12Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  perror("Connecting to www.roxen.com.:80\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif
f6d62d1997-03-26Per Hedbor  } remove_call_out( update_supports_from_roxen_com );
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  // Check again in one week.
f6d62d1997-03-26Per Hedbor  QUERY(next_supports_update)=3600*24*7 + time(); store("Variables", variables, 0, 0); } call_out(update_supports_from_roxen_com, QUERY(next_supports_update)-time());
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // Return a list of 'supports' values for the current connection.
64b0501998-04-02David Hedbor public multiset find_supports(string from, void|multiset existing_sup)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
64b0501998-04-02David Hedbor  multiset (string) sup = existing_sup || (< >);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  multiset (string) nsup = (< >); array (function|multiset) s; string v; array f;
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(!(< "unknown", "" >)[from])
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  { foreach(indices(supports), v) { if(!v || !search(from, v)) { // perror("Section "+v+" match "+from+"\n"); f = supports[v]; foreach(f, s) if(s[0](from)) { sup |= s[1]; nsup |= s[2]; } } } if(!sizeof(sup)) { sup = default_supports; #ifdef DEBUG
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  perror("Unknown client: \""+from+"\"\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif } } else { sup = default_supports; } return sup - nsup; } public void log(mapping file, object request_id) {
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  if(!request_id->conf) return; request_id->conf->log(file, request_id);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // Support for unique user id's private object current_user_id_file; private int current_user_id_number, current_user_id_file_last_mod; private void restore_current_user_id_number() { if(!current_user_id_file) current_user_id_file = open(configuration_dir + "LASTUSER~", "rwc"); if(!current_user_id_file) { call_out(restore_current_user_id_number, 2); return; } current_user_id_number = (int)current_user_id_file->read(100); current_user_id_file_last_mod = current_user_id_file->stat()[2]; perror("Restoring unique user ID information. (" + current_user_id_number + ")\n");
3235691998-03-26Per Hedbor #ifdef FD_DEBUG
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  mark_fd(current_user_id_file->query_fd(), LOCALE->unique_uid_logfile());
3235691998-03-26Per Hedbor #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
f6d62d1997-03-26Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor int increase_id() { if(!current_user_id_file) { restore_current_user_id_number(); return current_user_id_number+time(); } if(current_user_id_file->stat()[2] != current_user_id_file_last_mod) restore_current_user_id_number(); current_user_id_number++; //perror("New unique id: "+current_user_id_number+"\n"); current_user_id_file->seek(0); current_user_id_file->write((string)current_user_id_number); current_user_id_file_last_mod = current_user_id_file->stat()[2]; return current_user_id_number; } public string full_status() { int tmp; string res=""; array foo = ({0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0}); if(!sizeof(configurations))
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return LOCALE->no_servers_enabled();
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
5281751997-11-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  foreach(configurations, object conf)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  {
88e1cb1996-12-07David Hedbor  if(!conf->sent ||!conf->received ||!conf->hsent) continue;
5281751997-11-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  foo[0] += conf->sent->mb()/(float)(time(1)-start_time+1); foo[1] += conf->sent->mb(); foo[2] += conf->hsent->mb(); foo[3] += conf->received->mb(); foo[4] += conf->requests;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  }
5281751997-11-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  for(tmp = 1; tmp < 4; tmp ++) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // FIXME: LOCALE?
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(foo[tmp] < 1024.0)
27b0e11996-11-26Per Hedbor  foo[tmp] = sprintf("%.2f MB", foo[tmp]);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  else
27b0e11996-11-26Per Hedbor  foo[tmp] = sprintf("%.2f GB", foo[tmp]/1024.0);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  }
60ecef1998-06-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  int uptime = time()-start_time; int days = uptime/(24*60*60); int hrs = uptime/(60*60); int min = uptime/60 - hrs*60; hrs -= days*24;
053e9a1998-08-20Per Hedbor  tmp=(int)((foo[4]*600.0)/(uptime+1));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return(LOCALE->full_status(real_version, boot_time, start_time-boot_time, days, hrs, min, uptime%60, foo[1], foo[0] * 8192.0, foo[2], foo[4], (float)tmp/(float)10, foo[3]));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor int config_ports_changed = 0;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
1c30601998-07-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) static string MKPORTKEY(array(string) p) { if (sizeof(p[3])) { return(sprintf("%s://%s:%s/(%s)", p[1], p[2], (string)p[0], replace(p[3], ({"\n", "\r"}), ({ " ", " " })))); } else { return(sprintf("%s://%s:%s/", p[1], p[2], (string)p[0])); } }
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Is this only used to hold the config-ports? // Seems like it. Changed to a mapping. private mapping(string:object) configuration_ports = ([]);
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
add03d1998-11-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Used by config_actions/openports.pike
efa11c1998-04-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) array(object) get_configuration_ports() { return(values(configuration_ports)); }
602f7e1998-04-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) string docurl;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor // I will remove this in a future version of roxen. private program __p;
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor mapping my_loaded = ([]);
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor program last_loaded() { return __p; }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
68a0a21997-06-12Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) string last_module_name;
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor string filename(object|program o)
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor {
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor  if(objectp(o)) o = object_program(o); return my_loaded[(program)o]||last_module_name;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
34447f1998-03-20Per Hedbor program my_compile_file(string file) { return compile_file( file ); }
add03d1998-11-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) array compile_module( string file ) { array foo; object o; program p; MD_PERROR(("Compiling " + file + "...\n")); if (catch(p = my_compile_file(file)) || (!p)) { MD_PERROR((" compilation failed")); throw("MODULE: Compilation failed.\n"); } // Set the module-filename, so that create in the // new object can get it. last_module_name = file; array err = catch(o = p()); last_module_name = 0; if (err) { MD_PERROR((" load failed\n")); throw(err); } else if (!o) { MD_PERROR((" load failed\n")); throw("Failed to initialize module.\n"); } else { MD_PERROR((" load ok - ")); if (!o->register_module) { MD_PERROR(("register_module missing")); throw("No registration function in module.\n"); } } foo = o->register_module(); if (!foo) { MD_PERROR(("registration failed.\n")); return 0; } else { MD_PERROR(("registered.")); } return({ foo[1], foo[2]+"<p><i>"+ replace(o->file_name_and_stuff(), "0<br>", file+"<br>") +"</i>", foo[0] }); }
e382ed1997-07-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // ([ filename:stat_array ]) mapping(string:array) module_stat_cache = ([]);
8c62221997-08-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) object load(string s, object conf) // Should perhaps be renamed to 'reload'.
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor {
08065d1997-05-27Per Hedbor  string cvs;
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  array st;
08065d1997-05-27Per Hedbor  sscanf(s, "/cvs:%s", cvs);
82f5191997-03-02Per Hedbor // perror("Module is "+s+"?");
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  if(st=file_stat(s+".pike"))
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  {
82f5191997-03-02Per Hedbor // perror("Yes, compile "+s+"?");
08065d1997-05-27Per Hedbor  if((cvs?(__p=master()->cvs_load_file( cvs+".pike" ))
34447f1998-03-20Per Hedbor  :(__p=my_compile_file(s+".pike"))))
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  {
82f5191997-03-02Per Hedbor // perror("Yes.");
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  my_loaded[__p]=s+".pike";
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  module_stat_cache[s-dirname(s)]=st;
8c62221997-08-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return __p(conf);
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  } else perror(s+".pike exists, but compilation failed.\n"); }
7a0e6b1998-11-13Marcus Comstedt #if 0
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  if(st=file_stat(s+".module"))
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  if(__p=load_module(s+".so"))
2a2a5b1996-12-01Per Hedbor  {
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  my_loaded[__p]=s+".so";
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  module_stat_cache[s-dirname(s)]=st;
8c62221997-08-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return __p(conf);
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  } else perror(s+".so exists, but compilation failed.\n");
7a0e6b1998-11-13Marcus Comstedt #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  return 0; // FAILED.. }
ab2f671996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) array(string) expand_dir(string d)
5e4ede1996-11-12Per Hedbor { string nd;
ab2f671996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  array(string) dirs=({d});
5e4ede1996-11-12Per Hedbor 
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor //perror("Expand dir "+d+"\n");
82f5191997-03-02Per Hedbor  catch { foreach((get_dir(d) || ({})) - ({"CVS"}) , nd) if(file_stat(d+nd)[1]==-2) dirs+=expand_dir(d+nd+"/"); }; // This catch is needed....
ab2f671996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  return dirs;
5e4ede1996-11-12Per Hedbor }
ab2f671996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) array(string) last_dirs=0,last_dirs_expand;
8c62221997-08-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) object load_from_dirs(array dirs, string f, object conf)
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor { string dir; object o;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  if (dirs!=last_dirs) {
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  last_dirs_expand=({}); foreach(dirs, dir) last_dirs_expand+=expand_dir(dir);
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  foreach (last_dirs_expand,dir)
8c62221997-08-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if ( (o=load(dir+f, conf)) ) return o;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  return 0; }
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor 
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor static int abs_started;
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  void restart_if_stuck (int force) {
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  remove_call_out(restart_if_stuck); if (!(QUERY(abs_engage) || force))
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  return;
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  if(!abs_started) {
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  abs_started = 1;
dca5dc1998-09-12Per Hedbor  roxen_perror("Anti-Block System Enabled.\n");
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  } call_out (restart_if_stuck,10);
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  signal(signum("SIGALRM"), lambda( int n ) { roxen_perror(master()->describe_backtrace( ({ sprintf("**** %s: ABS engaged! Trying to dump backlog: \n", ctime(time()) - "\n"), backtrace() }) ) ); _exit(1); // It might now quit correctly otherwise, if it's // locked up });
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  alarm (60*QUERY(abs_timeout)+10);
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor }
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor void post_create () {
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  if (QUERY(abs_engage)) call_out (restart_if_stuck,10);
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  if (QUERY(suicide_engage))
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  call_out (restart,60*60*24*QUERY(suicide_timeout));
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor void create()
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor // SET_LOCALE(default_locale);
59912f1998-10-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  catch { module_stat_cache = decode_value(Stdio.read_bytes(".module_stat_cache")); allmodules = decode_value(Stdio.read_bytes(".allmodules")); };
0f8b2f1999-03-27Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifndef __NT__ if(!getuid()) { add_constant("Privs", Privs); } else #endif /* !__NT__ */ add_constant("Privs", class{});
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  add_constant("roxen", this_object());
7c92b91998-11-19Per Hedbor  add_constant("RequestID", RequestID);
aaef2a1997-03-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  add_constant("load", load);
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  // compatibility add_constant("hsv_to_rgb", Colors.hsv_to_rgb ); add_constant("rgb_to_hsv", Colors.rgb_to_hsv ); add_constant("parse_color", Colors.parse_color ); add_constant("color_name", Colors.color_name ); add_constant("colors", Colors );
fb7ef91998-11-02Per Hedbor  fonts = (object)"fonts.pike";
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  Configuration = (program)"configuration";
7c92b91998-11-19Per Hedbor  add_constant("Configuration", Configuration);
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  call_out(post_create,1); //we just want to delay some things a little
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // Get the current domain. This is not as easy as one could think.
2674801998-04-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) string get_domain(int|void l)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor { array f; string t, s; // ConfigurationURL is set by the 'install' script. if(!(!l && sscanf(QUERY(ConfigurationURL), "http://%s:%*s", s))) {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor #if constant(gethostbyname) && constant(gethostname)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  f = gethostbyname(gethostname()); // First try.. if(f)
ea9a311997-03-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  foreach(f, f) if (arrayp(f)) { foreach(f, t) if(search(t, ".") != -1 && !(int)t) if(!s || strlen(s) < strlen(t)) s=t; }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif if(!s) {
e5bad21998-02-10Per Hedbor  t = Stdio.read_bytes("/etc/resolv.conf");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(t) { if(!sscanf(t, "domain %s\n", s)) if(!sscanf(t, "search %s%*[ \t\n]", s)) s="nowhere"; } else { s="nowhere"; } s = "host."+s; } } sscanf(s, "%*s.%s", s); if(s && strlen(s)) { if(s[-1] == '.') s=s[..strlen(s)-2]; if(s[0] == '.') s=s[1..]; } else { s="unknown"; } return s; } // This is the most likely URL for a virtual server. Again, this // should move into the actual 'configuration' object. It is not all // that nice to have all this code lying around in here. private string get_my_url() { string s;
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor #if constant(gethostname)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  s = (gethostname()/".")[0] + "." + query("Domain");
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #else s = "localhost"; #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  s -= "\n"; return "http://" + s + "/"; }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor // Set the uid and gid to the ones requested by the user. If the sete* // functions are available, and the define SET_EFFECTIVE is enabled, // the euid and egid is set. This might be a minor security hole, but // it will enable roxen to start CGI scripts with the correct // permissions (the ones the owner of that script have).
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor int set_u_and_gid()
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #ifndef __NT__
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  string u, g;
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  int uid, gid;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  array pw;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  u=QUERY(User);
8662771997-08-12Per Hedbor  sscanf(u, "%s:%s", u, g); if(strlen(u))
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  { if(getuid()) {
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  report_error ("It is only possible to change uid and gid if the server " "is running as root.\n");
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  } else {
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  if (g) { #if constant(getgrnam) pw = getgrnam (g); if (!pw) if (sscanf (g, "%d", gid)) pw = getgrgid (gid), g = (string) gid; else report_error ("Couldn't resolve group " + g + ".\n"), g = 0; if (pw) g = pw[0], gid = pw[2]; #else if (!sscanf (g, "%d", gid)) report_warning ("Can't resolve " + g + " to gid on this system; " "numeric gid required.\n"); #endif } pw = getpwnam (u); if (!pw) if (sscanf (u, "%d", uid)) pw = getpwuid (uid), u = (string) uid; else { report_error ("Couldn't resolve user " + u + ".\n"); return 0; } if (pw) { u = pw[0], uid = pw[2]; if (!g) gid = pw[3]; }
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor #if constant(initgroups)
d0da251997-09-08David Hedbor  catch {
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  initgroups(pw[0], gid);
d0da251997-09-08David Hedbor  // Doesn't always work - David. };
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  #ifdef THREADS
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm  object mutex_key;
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  catch { mutex_key = euid_egid_lock->lock(); };
d3a71c1999-04-20Martin Stjernholm  object threads_disabled = _disable_threads();
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor #endif
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  #if constant(seteuid) if (geteuid() != getuid()) seteuid (getuid());
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor #endif
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  if (QUERY(permanent_uid)) { #if constant(setuid) if (g) { # if constant(setgid) setgid(gid); if (getgid() != gid) report_error ("Failed to set gid.\n"), g = 0; # else report_warning ("Setting gid not supported on this system.\n"); g = 0; # endif } setuid(uid); if (getuid() != uid) report_error ("Failed to set uid.\n"), u = 0; if (u) report_notice(LOCALE->setting_uid_gid_permanently (uid, gid, u, g));
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #else
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  report_warning ("Setting uid not supported on this system.\n"); u = g = 0;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #endif
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  } else {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor #if constant(seteuid)
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  if (g) { # if constant(setegid) setegid(gid); if (getegid() != gid) report_error ("Failed to set effective gid.\n"), g = 0; # else report_warning ("Setting effective gid not supported on this system.\n"); g = 0; # endif } seteuid(uid); if (geteuid() != uid) report_error ("Failed to set effective uid.\n"), u = 0; if (u) report_notice(LOCALE->setting_uid_gid (uid, gid, u, g));
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #else
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  report_warning ("Setting effective uid not supported on this system.\n"); u = g = 0;
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor #endif }
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  return !!u;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  } }
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #endif
93ebdd1999-03-11Martin Stjernholm  return 0;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor static mapping __vars = ([ ]);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor // These two should be documented somewhere. They are to be used to // set global, but non-persistent, variables in Roxen. By using // these functions modules can "communicate" with one-another. This is // not really possible otherwise. mixed set_var(string var, mixed to) {
29527f1998-05-04Marcus Comstedt  return __vars[var] = to;
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor }
ba73a21996-12-10Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor mixed query_var(string var) { return __vars[var]; }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor void reload_all_configurations() { object conf; array (object) new_confs = ({}); mapping config_cache = ([]);
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  // werror(sprintf("%O\n", config_stat_cache));
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  int modified;
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->reloading_config_interface());
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  configs = ([]); setvars(retrieve("Variables", 0)); initiate_configuration_port( 0 );
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor 
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  foreach(list_all_configurations(), string config)
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  { array err, st;
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  foreach(configurations, conf)
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  { if(lower_case(conf->name) == lower_case(config)) { break; } else conf = 0; }
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  if(!(st = config_is_modified(config))) {
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  if(conf) {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  config_cache[config] = config_stat_cache[config];
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  new_confs += ({ conf }); } continue; } modified = 1; config_cache[config] = st; if(conf) { // Closing ports... if (conf->server_ports) { // Roxen 1.2.26 or later
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  Array.map(values(conf->server_ports), destruct);
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  } else {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  Array.map(indices(conf->open_ports), destruct);
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  } conf->stop(); conf->invalidate_cache(); conf->modules = ([]); conf->create(conf->name); } else { if(err = catch {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  conf = enable_configuration(config);
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  }) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE-> error_enabling_configuration(config, describe_backtrace(err)));
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  continue; } } if(err = catch { conf->start(); conf->enable_all_modules(); }) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE-> error_enabling_configuration(config, describe_backtrace(err)));
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  continue; } new_confs += ({ conf }); }
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  foreach(configurations - new_confs, conf)
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  { modified = 1;
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->disabling_configuration(conf->name));
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  if (conf->server_ports) { // Roxen 1.2.26 or later
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  Array.map(values(conf->server_ports), destruct);
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  } else {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  Array.map(indices(conf->open_ports), destruct);
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  } conf->stop(); destruct(conf); } if(modified) {
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  configurations = new_confs; config_stat_cache = config_cache; unload_configuration_interface();
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  } }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor object enable_configuration(string name) { object cf = Configuration(name); configurations += ({ cf });
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->enabled_server(name));
ce4ac81997-09-08David Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  return cf;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // Enable all configurations
8662771997-08-12Per Hedbor void enable_configurations()
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  array err;
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  enabling_configurations = 1;
48fa361997-04-05Per Hedbor  configurations = ({}); foreach(list_all_configurations(), string config) { if(err=catch { enable_configuration(config)->start(); })
ce4ac81997-09-08David Hedbor  perror("Error while loading configuration "+config+":\n"+ describe_backtrace(err)+"\n"); };
acd9e71999-05-12Per Hedbor  enabling_configurations = 0; } void enable_configurations_modules() {
ce4ac81997-09-08David Hedbor  foreach(configurations, object config) {
acd9e71999-05-12Per Hedbor  array err;
ce4ac81997-09-08David Hedbor  if(err=catch { config->enable_all_modules(); }) perror("Error while loading modules in configuration "+config->name+":\n"+
48fa361997-04-05Per Hedbor  describe_backtrace(err)+"\n");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  }; } // return the URL of the configuration interface. This is not as easy // as it sounds, unless the administrator has entered it somewhere. public string config_url() { if(strlen(QUERY(ConfigurationURL)-" ")) return QUERY(ConfigurationURL)-" "; array ports = QUERY(ConfigPorts), port, tmp; if(!sizeof(ports)) return "CONFIG"; int p; string prot; string host; foreach(ports, tmp)
9f46de1997-04-08Per Hedbor  if(tmp[1][0..2]=="ssl")
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  { port=tmp; break; } if(!port) foreach(ports, tmp) if(tmp[1]=="http") { port=tmp; break; } if(!port) port=ports[0]; if(port[2] == "ANY") // host = quick_ip_to_host( port[2] ); // else { #if efun(gethostname) host = gethostname(); #else host = ""; #endif }
4ba6fc1998-04-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  switch(port[1][..2]) { case "ssl": prot = "https"; break; case "ftp": prot = "ftp"; break; default: prot = port[1]; break; }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  p = port[0]; return (prot+"://"+host+":"+p+"/"); } // The following three functions are used to hide variables when they // are not used. This makes the user-interface clearer and quite a lot // less clobbered. int cache_disabled_p() { return !QUERY(cache); } int syslog_disabled() { return QUERY(LogA)!="syslog"; }
71a11e1997-08-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) private int ident_disabled_p() { return QUERY(default_ident); }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  private void define_global_variables( int argc, array (string) argv ) { int p;
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  globvar("set_cookie", 0, "Set unique user id cookies", TYPE_FLAG,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  #"If set to Yes, all users of your server whose clients support cookies will get a unique 'user-id-cookie', this can then be used in the log and in scripts to track individual users."); deflocaledoc( "svenska", "set_cookie", "Sätt en unik cookie för alla användare", #"Om du sätter den här variabeln till 'ja', så kommer alla användare att få en unik kaka (cookie) med namnet 'RoxenUserID' satt. Den här kakan kan användas i skript för att spåra individuella användare. Det är inte rekommenderat att använda den här variabeln, många användare tycker illa om cookies");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  globvar("set_cookie_only_once",1,"Set ID cookies only once",TYPE_FLAG,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  #"If set to Yes, Roxen will attempt to set unique user ID cookies only upon receiving the first request (and again after some minutes). Thus, if the user doesn't allow the cookie to be set, she won't be bothered with multiple requests.",0,
a773c61997-07-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  lambda() {return !QUERY(set_cookie);});
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "set_cookie_only_once", "Sätt bara kakan en gång per användare", #"Om den här variablen är satt till 'ja' så kommer roxen bara försöka sätta den unika användarkakan en gång. Det gör att om användaren inte tillåter att kakan sätts, så slipper hon eller han iallafall nya frågor under några minuter");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("show_internals", 1, "Show the internals", TYPE_FLAG,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor #"Show 'Internal server error' messages to the user. This is very useful if you are debugging your own modules or writing Pike scripts.");
1e5ee81997-08-21Per Hedbor 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "show_internals", "Visa interna fel", #"Visa interna server fel för användaren av servern. Det är väldigt användbart när du utvecklar egna moduler eller pikeskript.");
1e5ee81997-08-21Per Hedbor 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  globvar("default_font_size", 32, 0, TYPE_INT, 0, 0, 1);
8e727d1997-03-11Per Hedbor  globvar("default_font", "lucida", "Fonts: Default font", TYPE_FONT, "The default font to use when modules request a font.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "default_font", "Typsnitt: Normaltypsnitt", #"När moduler ber om en typsnitt som inte finns, eller skriver grafisk text utan att ange ett typsnitt, så används det här typsnittet.");
8e727d1997-03-11Per Hedbor 
06f6b01997-09-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  globvar("font_dirs", ({"../local/nfonts/", "nfonts/" }),
85a2e51997-06-23Per Hedbor  "Fonts: Font directories", TYPE_DIR_LIST,
8e727d1997-03-11Per Hedbor  "This is where the fonts are located.");
e4bc531996-11-15Per Hedbor 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "font_dirs", "Typsnitt: Typsnittssökväg", "Sökväg för typsnitt.");
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  globvar("logdirprefix", "../logs/", "Log directory prefix", TYPE_DIR|VAR_MORE,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  #"This is the default file path that will be prepended to the log file path in all the default modules and the virtual server.");
e4bc531996-11-15Per Hedbor 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "logdirprefix", "Loggningsmappprefix", "Alla nya loggar som skapas får det här prefixet.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  // Cache variables. The actual code recides in the file // 'disk_cache.pike'
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("cache", 0, "Proxy disk cache: Enabled", TYPE_FLAG,
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "If set to Yes, caching will be enabled.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "cache", "Proxydiskcache: På", "Om ja, använd cache i alla proxymoduler som hanterar det.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("garb_min_garb", 1, "Proxy disk cache: Clean size", TYPE_INT,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  "Minimum number of Megabytes removed when a garbage collect is done.",
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "garb_min_garb", "Proxydiskcache: Minimal rensningsmängd", "Det minsta antalet Mb som tas bort vid en cacherensning.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("cache_minimum_left", 5, "Proxy disk cache: Minimum "
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  "available free space and inodes (in %)", TYPE_INT,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor #"If less than this amount of disk space or inodes (in %) is left, the cache will remove a few files. This check may work half-hearted if the diskcache is spread over several filesystems.",
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler  0,
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor #if constant(filesystem_stat)
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler  cache_disabled_p #else 1 #endif /* filesystem_stat */ );
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "cache_minimum_free", "Proxydiskcache: Minimal fri disk", "Om det är mindre plats (i %) ledigt på disken än vad som " "anges i den här variabeln så kommer en cacherensning ske.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("cache_size", 25, "Proxy disk cache: Size", TYPE_INT,
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  "How many MB may the cache grow to before a garbage collect is done?",
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "cache_size", "Proxydiskcache: Storlek", "Cachens maximala storlek, i Mb.");
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  globvar("cache_max_num_files", 0, "Proxy disk cache: Maximum number " "of files", TYPE_INT, "How many cache files (inodes) may " "be on disk before a garbage collect is done ? May be left " "zero to disable this check.", 0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "cache_max_num_files", "Proxydiskcache: Maximalt antal filer", "Om det finns fler än så här många filer i cachen " "kommer en cacherensning ske. Sätt den här variabeln till " "noll för att hoppa över det här testet.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("bytes_per_second", 50, "Proxy disk cache: Bytes per second", TYPE_INT, "How file size should be treated during garbage collect. " " Each X bytes counts as a second, so that larger files will" " be removed first.", 0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "bytes_per_second", "Proxydiskcache: Bytes per sekund", "Normalt sätt så tas de äldsta filerna bort, men filens " "storlek modifierar dess 'ålder' i cacherensarens ögon. " "Den här variabeln anger hur många bytes som ska motsvara " "en sekund.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
88e1cb1996-12-07David Hedbor  globvar("cachedir", "/tmp/roxen_cache/", "Proxy disk cache: Base Cache Dir",
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  TYPE_DIR, "This is the base directory where cached files will reside. " "To avoid mishaps, 'roxen_cache/' is always prepended to this " "variable.", 0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "cachedir", "Proxydiskcache: Cachedirectory", "Den här variabeln anger vad cachen ska sparas. " "För att undvika fatala misstag så adderas alltid " "'roxen_cache/' till den här variabeln när den sätts om.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
e4bc531996-11-15Per Hedbor  globvar("hash_num_dirs", 500, "Proxy disk cache: Number of hash directories", TYPE_INT, "This is the number of directories to hash the contents of the disk " "cache into. Changing this value currently invalidates the whole " "cache, since the cache cannot find the old files. In the future, "
88e1cb1996-12-07David Hedbor  " the cache will be recalculated when this value is changed.", 0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "hash_num_dirs", "Proxydiskcache: Antalet cachesubdirectoryn", "Disk cachen lagrar datan i flera directoryn, den här " "variabeln anger i hur många olika directoryn som datan ska " "lagras. Om du ändrar på den här variabeln så blir hela den " "gamla cachen invaliderad.");
e4bc531996-11-15Per Hedbor 
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  globvar("cache_keep_without_content_length", 1, "Proxy disk cache: " "Keep without Content-Length", TYPE_FLAG, "Keep files "
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "without Content-Length header information in the cache?",
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "cache_keep_without_content_length", "Proxydiskcache: Behåll filer utan angiven fillängd", "Spara filer även om de inte har någon fillängd. " "Cachen kan innehålla trasiga filer om den här " "variabeln är satt, men fler filer kan sparas");
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  globvar("cache_check_last_modified", 0, "Proxy disk cache: "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "Refresh on Last-Modified", TYPE_FLAG, "If set, refreshes files without Expire header information " "when they have reached double the age they had when they got " "cached. This may be useful for some regularly updated docs as " "online newspapers.",
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "cache_check_last_modified", "Proxydiskcache: Kontrollera värdet at Last-Modifed headern", #"Om den här variabeln är satt så kommer även filer utan Expire header att tas bort ur cachen när de blir dubbelt så gamla som de var när de hämtades från källservern om de har en last-modified header som anger när de senast ändrades");
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler 
a0b4fd1997-08-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  globvar("cache_last_resort", 0, "Proxy disk cache: "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "Last resort (in days)", TYPE_INT, "How many days shall files without Expires and without "
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "Last-Modified header information be kept?",
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  0, cache_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "cache_last_resort", "Proxydiskcache: Spara filer utan datum", "Hur många dagar ska en fil utan både Expire och " "Last-Modified behållas i cachen? Om du sätter den " "här variabeln till noll kommer de inte att sparas alls.");
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler  globvar("cache_gc_logfile", "", "Proxy disk cache: " "Garbage collector logfile", TYPE_FILE, "Information about garbage collector runs, removed and refreshed " "files, cache and disk status goes here.",
48fa361997-04-05Per Hedbor  0, cache_disabled_p);
f8978c1997-03-20Wilhelm Köhler 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "cache_gc_logfile", "Proxydiskcache: Loggfil", "Information om cacherensningskörningar sparas i den här filen" ".");
e4bc531996-11-15Per Hedbor  /// End of cache variables..
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
953ca31997-08-18Per Hedbor  globvar("docurl2", "http://www.roxen.com/documentation/context.pike?page=", "Documentation URL", TYPE_STRING|VAR_MORE,
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  "The URL to prepend to all documentation urls throughout the " "server. This URL should _not_ end with a '/'.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "docurl2", "DokumentationsURL", "DokumentationsURLen används för att få kontextkänslig hjälp");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  globvar("pidfile", "/tmp/roxen_pid_$uid", "PID file",
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  TYPE_FILE|VAR_MORE,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "In this file, the server will write out it's PID, and the PID " "of the start script. $pid will be replaced with the pid, and " "$uid with the uid of the user running the process.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "pidfile", "ProcessIDfil", "I den här filen sparas roxen processid och processidt " "for roxens start-skript. $uid byts ut mot användaridt hos " "den användare som kör roxen");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
71a11e1997-08-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  globvar("default_ident", 1, "Identify: Use default identification string", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "Setting this variable to No will display the \"Identify as\" node " "where you can state what Roxen should call itself when talking " "to clients, otherwise it will present it self as \""+ real_version +"\".<br>" "It is possible to disable this so that you can enter an "
71a11e1997-08-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "identification-string that does not include the actual version of " "Roxen, as recommended by the HTTP/1.0 draft 03:<p><blockquote><i>"
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "Note: Revealing the specific software version of the server " "may allow the server machine to become more vulnerable to " "attacks against software that is known to contain security " "holes. Server implementors are encouraged to make this field " "a configurable option.</i></blockquote>");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "default_ident", "Identitet: Använd roxens normala" " identitetssträng", "Ska roxen använda sitt normala namn ("+real_version+")." "Om du sätter den här variabeln till 'nej' så kommer du att " "få välja vad roxen ska kalla sig.");
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas 
71a11e1997-08-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  globvar("ident", replace(real_version," ","·"), "Identify: Identify as", TYPE_STRING /* |VAR_MORE */,
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "Enter the name that Roxen should use when talking to clients. ",
71a11e1997-08-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  0, ident_disabled_p);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "ident", "Identitet: Roxens identitet", "Det här är det namn som roxen kommer att använda sig av.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  globvar("DOC", 1, "Configuration interface: Help texts", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "Do you want documentation? (this is an example of documentation)");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "DOC", "Konfigurationsinterfacet: Hjälptexter", "Vill du ha hjälptexter (den här texten är en typisk " " hjälptext)");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  globvar("NumAccept", 1, "Number of accepts to attempt", TYPE_INT_LIST|VAR_MORE, "You can here state the maximum number of accepts to attempt for " "each read callback from the main socket. <p> Increasing this value "
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  "will make the server faster for users making many simultaneous " "connections to it, or if you have a very busy server. The higher " "you set this value, the less load balancing between virtual " "servers. (If there are 256 more or less simultaneous "
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "requests to server 1, and one to server 2, and this variable is "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "set to 256, the 256 accesses to the first server might very well " "be handled before the one to the second server.)",
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  ({ 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 }));
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "NumAccept", "Uppkopplingsmottagningsförsök per varv i huvudloopen", "Antalet uppkopplingsmottagningsförsök per varv i huvudlopen. " "Om du ökar det här värdet så kan server svara snabbare om " "väldigt många använder den, men lastbalanseringen mellan dina " "virtuella servrar kommer att bli mycket sämre (tänk dig att " "det ligger 255 uppkopplingar och väntar i kön för en server" ", och en uppkoppling i kön till din andra server, och du " " har satt den här variabeln till 256. Alla de 255 " "uppkopplingarna mot den första servern kan då komma " "att hanteras <b>före</b> den ensamma uppkopplingen till " "den andra server.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("ConfigPorts", ({ ({ 22202, "http", "ANY", "" }) }), "Configuration interface: Ports", TYPE_PORTS,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor #"These are the ports through which you can configure the server.<br> Note that you should at least have one open port, since otherwise you won't be able to configure your server."); deflocaledoc("svenska", "ConfigPorts", "Konfigurationsinterfacet: Portar", #"Det här är de portar som du kan använda för att konfigurera servern. <br> Notera att du alltid bör ha <b>minst</b> en port öppen, så om du t.ex. ska flytta konfigurationsinterfacet från en http port till en ssl3 port, ta inte bort den gamla porten innan du har verifierat att den nya verkligen fungerar. Det är rätt svårt att konfigurera roxen utan dess konfigurationsinterface, även om det går.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("ConfigurationURL", "", "Configuration interface: URL", TYPE_STRING, "The URL of the configuration interface. This is used to " "generate redirects now and then (when you press save, when " "a module is added, etc.).");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "ConfigurationURL", "Konfigurationsinterfacet: URL", #"Konfigurationsinterfacets URL. Normalt sätt så behöver du inte ställa in den här variabeln, eftersom den automatiskt genereras från portvariablen, men ibland kan det vara bra att kunna ställa in den.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("ConfigurationPassword", "", "Configuration interface: Password",
8662771997-08-12Per Hedbor  TYPE_PASSWORD|VAR_EXPERT,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "The password you will have to enter to use the configuration " "interface. Please note that changing this password in the " "configuration interface will _not_ require an additional entry " "of the password, so it is easy to make a typo. It is recommended " "that you use the <a href=/(changepass)/Globals/>form instead</a>.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "ConfigurationPassword", "Konfigurationsinterface: Lösenord", #"Den här variablen bör du inte pilla på. Men det är lösenordet för användaren som ska få konfigurera roxen, krypterat med crypt(3)");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("ConfigurationUser", "", "Configuration interface: User",
8662771997-08-12Per Hedbor  TYPE_STRING|VAR_EXPERT,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "The username you will have to enter to use the configuration " "interface");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "ConfigurationUser", "Konfigurationsinterface: Användare", #"Den här variablen bör du inte pilla på. Men det är användaren som ska få konfigurera roxen");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
8662771997-08-12Per Hedbor  globvar("ConfigurationIPpattern","*", "Configuration interface: IP-Pattern",
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  TYPE_STRING|VAR_MORE,
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "Only clients running on computers with IP numbers matching " "this pattern will be able to use the configuration "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "interface.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "ConfigurationIPpattern", "Konfigurationsinterfacet: IPnummermönster", #"Bara klienters vars datorers IP-nummer matchar det här mönstret kan ansluta till konfigurationsinterfacet. Ett normalt mönster är ditt lokala C-nät, t.ex. 194.52.182.*.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("User", "", "Change uid and gid to", TYPE_STRING, "When roxen is run as root, to be able to open port 80 "
8662771997-08-12Per Hedbor  "for listening, change to this user-id and group-id when the port "
1e5ee81997-08-21Per Hedbor  " has been opened. If you specify a symbolic username, the " "default group of that user will be used. " "The syntax is user[:group].");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "User", "Byt UID till", #"När roxen startas som root, för att kunna öppna port 80 och köra CGI skript samt pike skript som den användare som äger dem, så kan du om du vill specifiera ett användarnamn här. Roxen kommer om du gör det att byta till den användaren när så fort den har öppnat sina portar. Roxen kan dock fortfarande byta tillbaka till root för att köra skript som rätt användare om du inte sätter variabeln 'Byt UID och GID permanent' till ja. Användaren kan specifieras antingen som ett symbolisk användarnamn (t.ex. 'www') eller som ett numeriskt användarID. Om du vill kan du specifera vilken grupp som ska användas genom att skriva användare:grupp. Normalt sätt så används användarens normal grupper.");
70f2771997-12-15Per Hedbor 
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor  globvar("permanent_uid", 0, "Change uid and gid permanently", TYPE_FLAG, "If this variable is set, roxen will set it's uid and gid " "permanently. This disables the 'exec script as user' fetures " "for CGI, and also access files as user in the filesystems, but " "it gives better security.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "permanent_uid", "Byt UID och GID permanent", #"Om roxen byter UID och GID permament kommer det inte gå att konfigurera nya portar under 1024, det kommer inte heller gå att köra CGI och pike skript som den användare som äger skriptet. Däremot så kommer säkerheten att vara högre, eftersom ingen kan få roxen att göra något som administratöranvändaren root");
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor 
06f6b01997-09-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  globvar("ModuleDirs", ({ "../local/modules/", "modules/" }),
bbff021997-08-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "Module directories", TYPE_DIR_LIST,
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "This is a list of directories where Roxen should look for " "modules. Can be relative paths, from the "
01d0811996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "directory you started roxen, " + getcwd() + " this time."
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  " The directories are searched in order for modules.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "ModuleDirs", "Modulsökväg", #"En lista av directoryn som kommer att sökas igenom när en modul ska laddas. Directorynamnen kan vara relativa från "+getcwd()+ ", och de kommer att sökas igenom i den ordning som de står i listan.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("Supports", "#include <etc/supports>\n",
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  "Client supports regexps", TYPE_TEXT_FIELD|VAR_MORE,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "What do the different clients support?\n<br>" "The default information is normally fetched from the file "+
01d0811996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  getcwd()+"etc/supports, and the format is:<pre>"
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "<a href=$docurl/configuration/regexp.html>regular-expression</a>" " feature, -feature, ...\n" "</pre>" "If '-' is prepended to the name of the feature, it will be removed" " from the list of features of that client. All patterns that match" " each given client-name are combined to form the final feature list" ". See the file etc/supports for examples.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "Supports", "Bläddrarfunktionalitetsdatabas", #"En databas över vilka funktioner de olika bläddrarna som används klarar av. Normalt sätt så hämtas den här databasen från filen server/etc/supports, men du kan om du vill specifiera fler mönster i den här variabeln. Formatet ser ur så här:<pre> reguljärt uttryck som matchar bäddrarens namn funktion, funktion, ... </pre>Se filen server/etc/supports för en mer utförlig dokumentation");
ba73a21996-12-10Per Hedbor  globvar("audit", 0, "Audit trail", TYPE_FLAG,
52dc091998-02-28Johan Schön  "If Audit trail is set to Yes, all changes of uid will be "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "logged in the Event log.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "audit", "Logga alla användaridväxlingar", #"Om du slår på den är funktionen så kommer roxen logga i debugloggen (eller systemloggen om den funktionen används) så fort användaridt byts av någon anlending."); #if efun(syslog)
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  globvar("LogA", "file", "Logging method", TYPE_STRING_LIST|VAR_MORE,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "What method to use for logging, default is file, but " "syslog is also available. When using file, the output is really" " sent to stdout and stderr, but this is handled by the "
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "start script.",
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  ({ "file", "syslog" }));
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "LogA", "Loggningsmetod", #"Hur ska roxens debug, fel, informations och varningsmeddelanden loggas? Normalt sätt så loggas de tilldebugloggen (logs/debug/defaul.1 etc), men de kan även skickas till systemloggen kan om du vill.", ([ "file":"loggfil", "syslog":"systemloggen"]));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("LogSP", 1, "Syslog: Log PID", TYPE_FLAG,
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "If set, the PID will be included in the syslog.", 0,
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  syslog_disabled);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "LogSP", "Systemlogg: Logga roxens processid", "Ska roxens processid loggas i systemloggen?");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("LogCO", 0, "Syslog: Log to system console", TYPE_FLAG, "If set and syslog is used, the error/debug message will be printed"
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  " to the system console as well as to the system log.",
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  0, syslog_disabled);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "LogCO", "Systemlogg: Logga till konsolen", "Ska roxen logga till konsolen? Om den här variabeln är satt " "kommer alla meddelanden som går till systemloggen att även " "skickas till datorns konsol.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("LogST", "Daemon", "Syslog: Log type", TYPE_STRING_LIST,
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "When using SYSLOG, which log type should be used.",
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  ({ "Daemon", "Local 0", "Local 1", "Local 2", "Local 3", "Local 4", "Local 5", "Local 6", "Local 7", "User" }), syslog_disabled);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc( "svenska", "LogST", "Systemlogg: Loggningstyp", "När systemloggen används, vilken loggningstyp ska " "roxen använda?");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("LogWH", "Errors", "Syslog: Log what", TYPE_STRING_LIST, "When syslog is used, how much should be sent to it?<br><hr>" "Fatal: Only messages about fatal errors<br>"+ "Errors: Only error or fatal messages<br>"+ "Warning: Warning messages as well<br>"+ "Debug: Debug messager as well<br>"+ "All: Everything<br>", ({ "Fatal", "Errors", "Warnings", "Debug", "All" }), syslog_disabled);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "LogWH", "Systemlogg: Logga vad", "När systemlogen används, vad ska skickas till den?<br><hr>" "Fatala: Bara felmeddelenaden som är uppmärkta som fatala<br>"+ "Fel: Bara felmeddelanden och fatala fel<br>"+ "Varningar: Samma som ovan, men även alla varningsmeddelanden<br>"+ "Debug: Samma som ovan, men även alla felmeddelanden<br>"+ "Allt: Allt<br>", ([ "Fatal":"Fatala", "Errors":"Fel", "Warnings":"Varningar", "Debug":"Debug", "All":"Allt" ])); globvar("LogNA", "Roxen", "Syslog: Log as", TYPE_STRING,
b2d16e1998-09-17Martin Stjernholm  "When syslog is used, this will be the identification of the "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "Roxen daemon. The entered value will be appended to all logs.", 0, syslog_disabled);
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "LogNA", "Systemlogg: Logga som", #"När systemloggen används så kommer värdet av den här variabeln användas för att identifiera den här roxenservern i loggarna.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #endif
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #ifdef THREADS globvar("numthreads", 5, "Number of threads to run", TYPE_INT, "The number of simultaneous threads roxen will use.\n" "<p>Please note that even if this is one, Roxen will still "
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler  "be able to serve multiple requests, using a select loop based " "system.\n"
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "<i>This is quite useful if you have more than one CPU in " "your machine, or if you have a lot of slow NFS accesses.</i>");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "numthreads", "Antal trådar", #"Roxen har en så kallad trådpool. Varje förfrågan som kommer in till roxen hanteras av en tråd, om alla trådar är upptagna så ställs frågan i en kö. Det är bara själva hittandet av rätt fil att skicka som använder de här trådarna, skickandet av svaret till klienten sker i bakgrunden, så du behöver bara ta hänsyn till evenetuella processorintensiva saker (som &lt;gtext&gt;) när då ställer in den här variabeln. Skönskvärdet 5 räcker för de allra flesta servrar");
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("AutoUpdate", 1, "Update the supports database automatically", TYPE_FLAG,
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "If set to Yes, the etc/supports file will be updated automatically "
a60c4c1997-07-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  "from www.roxen.com now and then. This is recomended, since "
89786e1997-10-09Peter Bortas  "you will then automatically get supports information for new "
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  "clients, and new versions of old ones.");
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "AutoUpdate", "Uppdatera 'supports' databasen automatiskt", #"Ska supportsdatabasen uppdateras automatiskt från www.roxen.com en gång per vecka? Om den här optionen är påslagen så kommer roxen att försöka ladda ner en ny version av filen etc/supports från http://www.roxen.com/supports en gång per vecka. Det är rekommenderat att du låter den vara på, eftersom det kommer nya versioner av bläddrare hela tiden, som kan hantera nya saker.");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  globvar("next_supports_update", time()+3600, "", TYPE_INT,"",0,1);
892c1c1997-10-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  globvar("abs_engage", 0, "Anti-Block-System: Enable", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE,
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor #"If set, the anti-block-system will be enabled. This will restart the server after a configurable number of minutes if it locks up. If you are running in a single threaded environment heavy calculations will also halt the server. In multi-threaded mode bugs such as eternal loops will not cause the server to reboot, since only one thread is blocked. In general there is no harm in having this option enabled. "); deflocaledoc("svenska", "abs_engage", "AntiBlockSystem: Slå på AntiBlockSystemet", #"Ska antilåssystemet vara igång? Om det är det så kommer roxen automatiskt att starta om om den har hängt sig mer än några minuter. Oftast så beror hängningar på buggar i antingen operativsystemet eller i en modul. Den senare typen av hängningar påverkar inte en trådad roxen, medans den första typen gör det."); globvar("abs_timeout", 5, "Anti-Block-System: Timeout", TYPE_INT_LIST|VAR_MORE, #"If the server is unable to accept connection for this many minutes, it will be restarted. You need to find a balance: if set too low, the server will be restarted even if it's doing legal things (like generating many images), if set too high you might get a long downtime if the server for some reason locks up.", ({1,2,3,4,5,10,15}), lambda() {return !QUERY(abs_engage);}); deflocaledoc("svenska", "abs_timeout", "AntiBlockSystem: Tidsbegränsning", #"Om servern inte svarar på några frågor under så här många minuter så kommer roxen startas om automatiskt. Om du har en väldigt långsam dator kan en minut vara för kort tid för en del saker, t.ex. diagramritning kan ta ett bra tag."); globvar("locale", "standard", "Language", TYPE_STRING_LIST, "Locale, used to localise all messages in roxen" #"Standard means using the default locale, which varies according to the value of the 'LANG' environment variable.", sort(indices(Locale.Roxen))); deflocaledoc("svenska", "locale", "Språk", "Den här variablen anger vilket språk roxen ska använda. " "'standard' betyder att språket sätts automatiskt från " "värdet av omgivningsvariabeln LANG."); globvar("suicide_engage", 0, "Automatic Restart: Enable", TYPE_FLAG|VAR_MORE, #"If set, Roxen will automatically restart after a configurable number of days. Since Roxen uses a monolith, non-forking server model the process tends to grow in size over time. This is mainly due to heap fragmentation but also because of memory leaks."
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  );
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  deflocaledoc("svenska", "suicide_engage", "Automatisk omstart: Starta om automatiskt", #"Roxen har stöd för att starta automatiskt då ock då. Eftersom roxen är en monolitisk icke-forkande server (en enda långlivad process) så tenderar processen att växa med tiden. Det beror mest på minnesfragmentation, men även på att en del minnesläckor fortfarande finns kvar. Ett sätt att återvinna minne är att starta om servern lite då och då, vilket roxen kommer att göra om du slår på den här funktionen. Notera att det tar ett litet tag att starta om servern."); globvar("suicide_timeout",
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  7, "Automatic Restart: Timeout",
ffa4a81998-07-21David Hedbor  TYPE_INT_LIST|VAR_MORE,
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  "Automatically restart the server after this many days.", ({1,2,3,4,5,6,7,14,30}),
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  lambda(){return !QUERY(suicide_engage);}); deflocaledoc("svenska", "suicide_timeout", "Automatisk omstart: Tidsbegränsning (i dagar)", #"Om roxen är inställd till att starta om automatiskt, starta om så här ofta. Tiden är angiven i dagar");
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  setvars(retrieve("Variables", 0)); for(p = 1; p < argc; p++) { string c, v; if(sscanf(argv[p],"%s=%s", c, v) == 2)
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  { sscanf(c, "%*[-]%s", c);
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  if(variables[c])
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  { if(catch{ mixed res = compile_string( "mixed f(){ return "+v+";}")()->f(); if(sprintf("%t", res) != sprintf("%t", variables[c][VAR_VALUE]) && res != 0 && variables[c][VAR_VALUE] != 0) werror("Warning: Setting variable "+c+"\n" "to a value of a different type than the default value.\n" "Default was "+sprintf("%t", variables[c][VAR_VALUE])+ " new is "+sprintf("%t", res)+"\n"); variables[c][VAR_VALUE]=res; }) { werror("Warning: Asuming '"+v+"' should be taken " "as a string value.\n"); if(!stringp(variables[c][VAR_VALUE])) werror("Warning: Old value was not a string.\n"); variables[c][VAR_VALUE]=v; } }
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  else perror("Unknown variable: "+c+"\n");
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  }
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  } docurl=QUERY(docurl2);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
88ba641997-12-04Per Hedbor // return all available fonts. Taken from the font_dirs list.
291a801997-07-10Per Hedbor array font_cache; array available_fonts(int cache) {
fb7ef91998-11-02Per Hedbor  if(cache && font_cache) return font_cache; return font_cache = fonts->available_fonts();
291a801997-07-10Per Hedbor }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
add03d1998-11-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // Somewhat misnamed, since there can be more then one // configuration-interface port nowdays. But, anyway, this function // opens and listens to all configuration interface ports. void initiate_configuration_port( int|void first ) { object o; array port;
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  // Hm. if(!first && !config_ports_changed ) return 0; config_ports_changed = 0;
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // First find out if we have any new ports. mapping(string:array(string)) new_ports = ([]); foreach(QUERY(ConfigPorts), port) {
add03d1998-11-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if ((< "ssl", "ssleay", "ssl3" >)[port[1]]) {
72022f1998-07-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Obsolete versions of the SSL protocol.
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_warning(LOCALE->obsolete_ssl(port[1]));
add03d1998-11-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  port[1] = "https";
86a7891999-05-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else if ((< "ftp2" >)[port[1]]) {
108b9f1999-05-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // ftp2.pike has replaced ftp.pike entirely.
0ad6061999-05-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_warning(LOCALE->obsolete_ftp(port[1]));
86a7891999-05-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  port[1] = "ftp";
72022f1998-07-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
1c30601998-07-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  string key = MKPORTKEY(port);
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (!configuration_ports[key]) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->new_config_port(key));
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  new_ports[key] = port; } else { // This is needed not to delete old unchanged ports. new_ports[key] = 0; } } // Then disable the old ones that are no more. foreach(indices(configuration_ports), string key) { if (zero_type(new_ports[key])) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->disable_config_port(key));
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  object o = configuration_ports[key]; if (main_configuration_port == o) { main_configuration_port = 0; } m_delete(configuration_ports, key); mixed err; if (err = catch{ destruct(o); }) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_warning(LOCALE-> error_disabling_config_port(key, describe_backtrace(err)));
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } o = 0; // Be sure that there are no references left... } } // Now we can create the new ports. foreach(indices(new_ports), string key)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  {
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  port = new_ports[key]; if (port) {
39edcd1997-08-25Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  array old = port; mixed erro; erro = catch { program requestprogram = (program)(getcwd()+"/protocols/"+port[1]); function rp; array tmp; if(!requestprogram) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->no_request_program(port[1]));
39edcd1997-08-25Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  continue; } if(rp = requestprogram()->real_port) if(tmp = rp(port, 0)) port = tmp;
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // FIXME: For SSL3 we might need to be root to read our // secret files.
39edcd1997-08-25Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  object privs; if(port[0] < 1024)
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  privs = Privs(LOCALE->opening_low_port());
39edcd1997-08-25Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(o=create_listen_socket(port[0],0,port[2],requestprogram,port)) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->opening_config_port(key));
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (!main_configuration_port) { main_configuration_port = o; } configuration_ports[key] = o;
39edcd1997-08-25Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->could_not_open_config_port(key));
39edcd1997-08-25Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } }; if (erro) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->open_config_port_failed(key,
23620b1998-04-09Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  (stringp(erro)?erro:describe_backtrace(erro))));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } }
727f701998-06-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } if(!main_configuration_port) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->no_config_port());
727f701998-06-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(first) exit( -1 ); // Restart.
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } }
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor #include <stat.h>
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // Find all modules, so a list of them can be presented to the // user. This is not needed when the server is started. void scan_module_dir(string d) {
6ad3161997-08-20Per Hedbor  if(sscanf(d, "%*s.pmod")!=0) return;
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  MD_PERROR(("\n\nLooking for modules in "+d+" "));
01d0811996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  string file,path=d; mixed err;
990b441997-07-18Per Hedbor  array q = (get_dir( d )||({})) - ({".","..","CVS","RCS" }); if(!sizeof(q)) {
3912ec1997-09-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  MD_PERROR(("No modules in here. Continuing elsewhere\n"));
990b441997-07-18Per Hedbor  return; }
3bba751997-08-20Per Hedbor  if(search(q, ".no_modules")!=-1) {
3912ec1997-09-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  MD_PERROR(("No modules in here. Continuing elsewhere\n"));
3bba751997-08-20Per Hedbor  return; }
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  MD_PERROR(("There are "+language("en","number")(sizeof(q))+" files.\n"));
01d0811996-11-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  foreach( q, file )
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  {
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  object e = ErrorContainer(); master()->set_inhibit_compile_errors(e->got_error);
fd0b6f1996-12-02Per Hedbor  if ( file[0]!='.' && !backup_extension(file) && (file[-1]!='z'))
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  {
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  array stat = file_stat(path+file); if(!stat || (stat[ST_SIZE] < 0))
5e4ede1996-11-12Per Hedbor  {
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  if(err = catch ( scan_module_dir(path+file+"/") )) MD_PERROR((sprintf("Error in module rescanning directory code:" " %s\n",describe_backtrace(err))));
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else {
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  MD_PERROR(("Considering "+file+" - ")); if((module_stat_cache[path+file] && module_stat_cache[path+file][ST_MTIME])==stat[ST_MTIME]) { MD_PERROR(("Already tried this one.\n")); continue; } module_stat_cache[path+file]=stat;
28d38d1997-03-12Per Hedbor  switch(extension(file)) {
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  case "pike": case "lpc":
dd47911997-04-12Per Hedbor  if(catch{
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if((open(path+file,"r")->read(4))=="#!NO") {
e382ed1997-07-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  MD_PERROR(("Not a module\n"));
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  file=0;
28d38d1997-03-12Per Hedbor  }
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }) {
f1cee51997-06-06Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  MD_PERROR(("Couldn't open file\n"));
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  file=0;
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
e493e81997-07-11Per Hedbor  if(!file) break;
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  case "mod": case "so":
28d38d1997-03-12Per Hedbor  string *module_info;
add03d1998-11-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (!(err = catch( module_info = compile_module(path + file)))) {
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Load OK
566fdf1998-08-18Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (module_info) { // Module load OK. allmodules[ file-("."+extension(file)) ] = module_info; } else { // Disabled module.
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->disabled_module(path+file));
566fdf1998-08-18Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
28d38d1997-03-12Per Hedbor  } else {
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Load failed.
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  module_stat_cache[path+file]=0;
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  e->errors += "\n"; // if (arrayp(err)) { // e->errors += path + file + ":" +describe_backtrace(err) + "\n"; // } else { // _master->errors += path + file + ": " + err; // }
28d38d1997-03-12Per Hedbor  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  }
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  MD_PERROR(("\n"));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } }
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  master()->set_inhibit_compile_errors(0); if(strlen(e->get())) { report_debug(LOCALE->module_compilation_errors(d, e->get()));
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  } } void rescan_modules() { string file, path; mixed err;
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->scanning_for_modules());
e382ed1997-07-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if (!allmodules) { allmodules=copy_value(somemodules); }
0f8c871997-06-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  foreach(QUERY(ModuleDirs), path) {
dd47911997-04-12Per Hedbor  array err; err = catch(scan_module_dir( path ));
6193221997-05-31Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(err) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_error(LOCALE->module_scan_error(path, describe_backtrace(err)));
6193221997-05-31Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } }
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  catch { rm(".module_stat_cache"); rm(".allmodules"); Stdio.write_file(".module_stat_cache", encode_value(module_stat_cache)); Stdio.write_file(".allmodules", encode_value(allmodules)); };
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->module_scan_done(sizeof(allmodules)));
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } // do the chroot() call. This is not currently recommended, since // roxen dynamically loads modules, all module files must be // available at the new location. private void fix_root(string to) {
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #ifndef __NT__
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(getuid()) { perror("It is impossible to chroot() if the server is not run as root.\n"); return; } if(!chroot(to)) { perror("Roxen: Cannot chroot to "+to+": "); #if efun(real_perror) real_perror(); #endif return; } perror("Root is now "+to+".\n");
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } void create_pid_file(string where) {
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #ifndef __NT__
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(!where) return; where = replace(where, ({ "$pid", "$uid" }), ({ (string)getpid(), (string)getuid() })); rm(where);
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  if(catch(Stdio.write_file(where, sprintf("%d\n%d", getpid(), getppid()))))
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  perror("I cannot create the pid file ("+where+").\n");
c79b261998-02-05Johan Schön #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor 
ccffe71999-03-05Wilhelm Köhler object shuffle(object from, object to, object|void to2, function(:void)|void callback)
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor {
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor #if efun(spider.shuffle) if(!to2)
5bc1991997-01-29Per Hedbor  {
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor  object p = pipe(); p->input(from);
95e2b41997-05-25Wilhelm Köhler  p->set_done_callback(callback);
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor  p->output(to);
ccffe71999-03-05Wilhelm Köhler  return p;
a60c4c1997-07-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  } else {
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor #endif // 'smartpipe' does not support multiple outputs. object p = Pipe.pipe(); if (callback) p->set_done_callback(callback); p->output(to);
33b7701998-03-20Johan Schön  if(to2) p->output(to2);
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor  p->input(from);
ccffe71999-03-05Wilhelm Köhler  return p;
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor #if efun(spider.shuffle)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  }
beaca01998-02-20Per Hedbor #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler 
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor static private int _recurse;
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // FIXME: Ought to use the shutdown code.
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor void exit_when_done() { object o; int i;
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  roxen_perror("Interrupt request received. Exiting,\n");
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  die_die_die=1; // trace(9);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  if(++_recurse > 4)
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  {
dca5dc1998-09-12Per Hedbor  roxen_perror("Exiting roxen (spurious signals received).\n");
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  stop_all_modules();
1f79ba1998-09-01Marcus Comstedt #ifdef THREADS stop_handler_threads(); #endif /* THREADS */
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  exit(-1); // Restart.
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  }
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  // First kill off all listening sockets..
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  foreach(indices(portno)||({}), o) { #ifdef THREADS
bfbd4d1998-04-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  object fd = Stdio.File();
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  fd->connect( portno[o][2]!="Any"?portno[o][2]:"", portno[o][0] ); destruct(fd); #endif
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  destruct(o);
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  // Then wait for all sockets, but maximum 10 minutes.. call_out(lambda() {
aaef2a1997-03-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  call_out(Simulate.this_function(), 5);
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  if(!_pipe_debug()[0]) {
dca5dc1998-09-12Per Hedbor  roxen_perror("Exiting roxen (all connections closed).\n");
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  stop_all_modules();
1f79ba1998-09-01Marcus Comstedt #ifdef THREADS stop_handler_threads(); #endif /* THREADS */
f6f0921998-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  add_constant("roxen", 0); // Paranoia...
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  exit(-1); // Restart.
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  roxen_perror("Odd. I am not dead yet.\n");
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  } }, 0.1); call_out(lambda(){
dca5dc1998-09-12Per Hedbor  roxen_perror("Exiting roxen (timeout).\n");
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  stop_all_modules();
1f79ba1998-09-01Marcus Comstedt #ifdef THREADS stop_handler_threads(); #endif /* THREADS */
f6f0921998-05-08Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  add_constant("roxen", 0); // Paranoia...
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  exit(-1); // Restart.
38dca81996-12-10Per Hedbor  }, 600, 0); // Slow buggers..
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor } void exit_it() { perror("Recursive signals.\n");
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  exit(-1); // Restart.
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor }
7c92b91998-11-19Per Hedbor void set_locale( string to ) { if( to == "standard" ) SET_LOCALE( default_locale ); SET_LOCALE( Locale.Roxen[ to ] || default_locale ); }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // And then we have the main function, this is the oldest function in // Roxen :) It has not changed all that much since Spider 2.0.
c856841998-01-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) int main(int|void argc, array (string)|void argv)
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor {
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  if(getenv("LANG")=="sv") default_locale = ( Locale.Roxen.svenska ); // else // SET_LOCALE( Locale.Roxen.standard );
59912f1998-10-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  SET_LOCALE(default_locale);
c245691997-10-25Per Hedbor  initiate_languages();
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  mixed tmp;
60ecef1998-06-13Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  start_time = boot_time = time();
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
5e89211997-02-13Per Hedbor  add_constant("write", perror);
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  mark_fd(0, "Stdin"); mark_fd(1, "Stdout"); mark_fd(2, "Stderr");
51643e1997-08-21Per Hedbor  configuration_dir =
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  Getopt.find_option(argv, "d",({"config-dir","configuration-directory" }),
51643e1997-08-21Per Hedbor  ({ "ROXEN_CONFIGDIR", "CONFIGURATIONS" }), "../configurations");
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
a92b951997-08-05Martin Stjernholm  if(configuration_dir[-1] != '/')
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  configuration_dir += "/";
0978ee1997-09-08David Hedbor  startpid = getppid();
e145221997-10-10David Hedbor  roxenpid = getpid();
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  // Dangerous...
6ca8f61998-10-13Per Hedbor  if(tmp = Getopt.find_option(argv, "r", "root")) fix_root(tmp);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  argv -= ({ 0 });
51643e1997-08-21Per Hedbor  argc = sizeof(argv);
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  roxen_perror("Restart initiated at "+ctime(time()));
af97431997-08-21Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  define_global_variables(argc, argv);
6483bc1999-04-07Peter Bortas  create_pid_file(Getopt.find_option(argv, "p", "pid-file", "ROXEN_PID_FILE") || QUERY(pidfile));
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  object o; if(QUERY(locale) != "standard" && (o = Locale.Roxen[QUERY(locale)])) { default_locale = o; SET_LOCALE(default_locale); } report_notice(LOCALE->starting_roxen());
6420831997-08-21Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #if efun(syslog) init_logger(); #endif init_garber(); initiate_supports();
0f28da1997-08-13Per Hedbor  initiate_configuration_port( 1 );
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  enable_configurations();
acd9e71999-05-12Per Hedbor  if(set_u_and_gid()) roxen_perror("Setting UID and GID ...\n"); enable_configurations_modules();
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor // Rebuild the configuration interface tree if the interface was // loaded before the configurations was enabled (a configuration is a // virtual server, perhaps the name should be changed internally as // well.. :-)
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  if(root) { destruct(configuration_interface());
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  configuration_interface()->build_root(root);
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor  }
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  call_out(update_supports_from_roxen_com, QUERY(next_supports_update)-time());
48fa361997-04-05Per Hedbor #ifdef THREADS start_handler_threads();
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor  catch( this_thread()->set_name("Backend") );
34d3fa1999-04-22Per Hedbor  backend_thread = this_thread();
3aaaa71997-06-12Wilhelm Köhler #if efun(thread_set_concurrency)
41d0f91998-02-20Per Hedbor  thread_set_concurrency(QUERY(numthreads)+1);
48fa361997-04-05Per Hedbor #endif
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor 
34fbbc1998-02-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* THREADS */
990cbb1997-08-12David Hedbor 
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Signals which cause a restart (exitcode != 0)
59912f1998-10-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  foreach( ({ "SIGUSR1", "SIGUSR2", "SIGTERM" }), string sig) {
9b9f701997-08-12Per Hedbor  catch { signal(signum(sig), exit_when_done); };
b399651997-07-22Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
65924d1998-07-24David Hedbor  catch { signal(signum("SIGHUP"), reload_all_configurations); };
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // Signals which cause a shutdown (exitcode == 0)
59912f1998-10-15Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  foreach( ({ "SIGINT" }), string sig) {
a9d8111998-09-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  catch { signal(signum(sig), shutdown); };
3835ca1998-01-16Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  }
0f28da1997-08-13Per Hedbor 
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  report_notice(LOCALE->roxen_started(time()-start_time));
4f4bc11998-02-04Per Hedbor #ifdef __RUN_TRACE trace(1); #endif
08152b1998-04-24Per Hedbor  start_time=time(); // Used by the "uptime" info later on.
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  return -1; }
7a61de1998-03-26Per Hedbor  string diagnose_error(array from) { }
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  // Called from the configuration interface.
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor string check_variable(string name, mixed value)
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor { switch(name) { case "ConfigPorts":
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  config_ports_changed = 1; break;
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  case "cachedir": if(!sscanf(value, "%*s/roxen_cache")) {
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  // FIXME: LOCALE?
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  object node; node = (configuration_interface()->root->descend("Globals", 1)-> descend("Proxy disk cache: Base Cache Dir", 1)); if(node && !node->changed) node->change(1); mkdirhier(value+"roxen_cache/foo"); call_out(set, 0, "cachedir", value+"roxen_cache/"); } break; case "ConfigurationURL": case "MyWorldLocation": if(strlen(value)<7 || value[-1] != '/' || !(sscanf(value,"%*s://%*s/")==2))
c31f7b1998-10-10Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  return(LOCALE->url_format());
ee8b201998-07-13David Hedbor  break; case "abs_engage": if (value) restart_if_stuck(1); else remove_call_out(restart_if_stuck); break; case "suicide_engage": if (value) call_out(restart,60*60*24*QUERY(suicide_timeout)); else remove_call_out(restart); break;
b796b51998-11-18Per Hedbor  case "locale": object o; if(value != "standard" && (o = Locale.Roxen[value])) { default_locale = o; SET_LOCALE(default_locale); if(root) { // destruct(root); // configuration_interface()->root = configuration_interface()->Node(); configuration_interface()-> build_root(configuration_interface()->root); } } break;
edc9af1998-07-11David Hedbor  } }
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  mapping config_cache = ([ ]); mapping host_accuracy_cache = ([]); int is_ip(string s) { return(replace(s, ({ "0", "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7", "8", "9", "." }), ({ "","","","","","","","","","","" })) == ""); }
57e9621999-03-01Marcus Comstedt object find_server_for(object id, string host, string|void port)
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor { object old_conf = id->conf;
57e9621999-03-01Marcus Comstedt  int portno = ((int)port);
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef REQUEST_DEBUG werror(sprintf("ROXEN: find_server_for(%O, %O, %O)\n", id, host, port)); #endif /* REQUEST_DEBUG */
57e9621999-03-01Marcus Comstedt  if(portno!=0 && portno!=21 && portno!=80 && portno!=443) // Not likely to be anything else than the current virtual server. return id->conf;
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  host = lower_case(host); if(config_cache[host]) { id->conf=config_cache[host]; } else { if (is_ip(host)) { // Not likely to be anything else than the current virtual server. config_cache[host] = id->conf; return (id->conf); } int best; object c; string hn;
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #if !constant(String.fuzzymatch) && constant(Array.diff_longest_sequence)
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  array a = host/"";
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* !String.fuzzymatch && Array.diff_longest_sequence */
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  foreach(configurations, object s) { string h = lower_case(s->query("MyWorldLocation")); // Remove http:// et al here... // Would get interresting correlation problems with the "http" otherwise. int i = search(h, "://"); if (i != -1) { h = h[i+3..]; }
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if ((i = search(h, "/")) != -1) { h = h[..i-1]; }
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor 
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #if constant(String.fuzzymatch) int corr = String.fuzzymatch(host, h); #elif constant(Array.diff_longest_sequence) int corr = sizeof(Array.diff_longest_sequence(a, h/"")); #endif /* constant(Array.diff_longest_sequence) */ /* The idea of the algorithm is to find the server-url with the longest * common sequence of characters with the host-string, and among those * with the same correlation take the one which is shortest (ie least * amount to throw away). */
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  if ((corr > best) || ((corr == best) && hn && (sizeof(hn) > sizeof(h)))) { /* Either better correlation, * or the same, but a shorter hostname. */ best = corr; c = s; hn = h; } }
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  #if !constant(String.fuzzymatch) && constant(Array.diff_longest_sequence)
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  // Minmatch should be counted in percent best=best*100/strlen(host);
75cdcb1999-03-29Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* !String.fuzzymatch && Array.diff_longest_sequence */
6000961999-04-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  if(best >= 50 /* QUERY(minmatch) */)
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  id->conf = config_cache[host] = (c || id->conf); else config_cache[host] = id->conf; host_accuracy_cache[host] = best; } if (id->conf != old_conf) { /* Need to re-authenticate with the new server */ if (id->rawauth) { array(string) y = id->rawauth / " "; id->realauth = 0; id->auth = 0; if (sizeof(y) >= 2) { y[1] = MIME.decode_base64(y[1]); id->realauth = y[1]; if (id->conf && id->conf->auth_module) { y = id->conf->auth_module->auth(y, id); } id->auth = y; } } } return id->conf; } object find_site_for( object id ) { if(id->misc->host)
57e9621999-03-01Marcus Comstedt  return find_server_for(id,@lower_case(id->misc->host)/":");
9fd61c1999-02-16Per Hedbor  return id->conf; }