d2d9361997-08-24Peter Bortas /*
f4c3221998-07-20David Hedbor  * $Id: requeststatus.pike,v 1.4 1998/07/20 20:38:13 neotron Exp $
d2d9361997-08-24Peter Bortas  */ inherit "wizard"; constant name= "Status//Access / request status";
5137261997-11-19Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) constant doc = ("Shows the amount of data handled since last restart.");
d2d9361997-08-24Peter Bortas  constant more=0; mixed page_0(object id, object mc) {
f4c3221998-07-20David Hedbor  return sprintf("<h2>Server Overview</h2>"
5c22171998-07-20David Hedbor  "This is the summary status of all virtual servers. " "Click <b>[Next->]</b> to see the statistics for each " "indiviual server, or <b>[Cancel]</b> to return to the " "previous menu.<p>%s", roxen->full_status()); } mixed page_1(object id) { string res=""; foreach(Array.sort_array(roxen->configurations, lambda(object a, object b) { return lower_case(a->name) > lower_case(b->name); }), object o) res += sprintf("<h2>%s<br>%s</h2>\n", o->name, replace(o->status(), "<table>", "<table cellpadding=4>")); return res;
d2d9361997-08-24Peter Bortas } mixed handle(object id) { return wizard_for(id,0); }
5137261997-11-19Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)