cb9bec2002-02-14Marcus Wellhardh  void run(object env) { write("\n Configuring port number for external access to the internal\n"
8750972002-03-05Fredrik Noring  " MySQL database (leave empty for no external access). External\n" " MySQL access is needed when creating an IntraWise site.\n" "\n"); return;
cb9bec2002-02-14Marcus Wellhardh  Stdio.File infd = Stdio.stdin, outfd = Stdio.stdout; Stdio.Terminfo.Termcap term = Stdio.Terminfo.getTerm(); Tools.Install.Readline rl = Tools.Install.Readline();
faa64f2002-03-04Fredrik Noring  string in = rl->edit(env->get("MYSQL_TCP_PORT") || "22299", "MySQL port number: ");
cb9bec2002-02-14Marcus Wellhardh  write("\n"); sscanf(in, "%d", int port); if(port) { if((string)port != env->get("MYSQL_TCP_PORT")) env->set("MYSQL_TCP_PORT", port); } else env->remove("MYSQL_TCP_PORT"); }