1c29c51996-11-20David Kågedal /* -*- Pike -*-
8c75fa1998-04-26Per Hedbor  * $Id: config.h,v 1.14 1998/04/26 17:18:54 per Exp $
141a0a1998-03-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  *
1c29c51996-11-20David Kågedal  * User configurable things not accessible from the normal
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  * configuration interface. Not much, but there are some things.. */
d007ec1997-09-22Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
8c75fa1998-04-26Per Hedbor #include <extra_config.h>
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor #ifndef _ROXEN_CONFIG_H_ #define _ROXEN_CONFIG_H_
f772f51997-01-27Per Hedbor 
14179b1997-01-29Per Hedbor #if efun(thread_create)
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // Some OS's (eg Linux) can get severe problems (PANIC) // if threads are enabled. // // If it works, good for you. If it doesn't, too bad.
895d401998-01-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifndef DISABLE_THREADS
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #ifdef ENABLE_THREADS
dd824e1997-09-01Per Hedbor # define THREADS
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* ENABLE_THREADS */
895d401998-01-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* !DISABLE_THREADS */
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* efun(thread_create) */
f772f51997-01-27Per Hedbor 
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor /* Reply 'PONG\r\n' to the query 'PING\r\n'. * For performance tests... */ #define SUPPORT_PING_METHOD #define SUPPORT_HTACCESS /* Lev What Same as defining *---------------------------------------------------- * 1 Module MODULE_DEBUG * 2 HTTP HTTP_DEBUG * 8 Hostname HOST_NAME_DEBUG * 9 Cache CACHE_DEBUG * 10 Configuration file handling DEBUG_CONFIG * 20 Socket opening/closing SOCKET_DEBUG * 21 Module: Filesystem FILESYSTEM_DEBUG * 22 Module: Proxy PROXY_DEBUG * 23 Module: Gopher proxy GOPHER_DEBUG * 40 _More_ cache debug - * >40 Probably even more debug * * Each higher level also include the debug of the lower levels. * Use the defines in the rightmost column if you want to enable * specific debug features. * * You can also start roxen with any debug enabled like this:
3c2f221996-11-19David Kågedal  * bin/pike -DMODULE_DEBUG -m etc/master.pike roxenloader
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  * * Some other debug thingies: * HTACCESS_DEBUG * SSL_DEBUG
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  * NEIGH_DEBUG
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  */
22aeb61998-01-17Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // #define MIRRORSERVER_DEBUG
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) // #define HTACCESS_DEBUG
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor /* #undef DEBUG_LEVEL */ #ifndef DEBUG_LEVEL #define DEBUG_LEVEL DEBUG #endif #if DEBUG_LEVEL > 19 #ifndef SOCKET_DEBUG #define SOCKET_DEBUG #endif #endif
16ab651998-03-25David Hedbor #ifdef DEBUG // Make it easier to track what FD's are doing, to be able to find FD leaks. #define FD_DEBUG #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor  /* Do we want module level deny/allow security (IP-numbers and usernames). * 1% speed loss, as an average. (That is, if your CPU is used to the max. * it probably isn't..) */
df8d711998-02-27Per Hedbor #ifndef NO_MODULE_LEVEL_SECURITY # define MODULE_LEVEL_SECURITY #endif
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor 
cb2f961997-10-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* Roxen neighbourhood * * Experimental. Currently does not work on all Operating Systems. */ // #define ENABLE_NEIGHBOURHOOD
b1fca01996-11-12Per Hedbor /* If set, the maximum, minimum and average time used to serve * requests is logged. * This (rusage()) is broken on some systems, and the server will be * somewhat ( < 5% ) slower with this enabled. * * CURRENTLY NOT SUPPORTED, WORK IN PROGRESS, It _did_ work in 1.0b4 :-) */ #undef USE_RUSAGE /* Define this if you don't want Roxen to use DNS. Note: This * doesn't make the server itself faster. It only reduces the netload * some. This option turns off ALL ip -> hostname and hostname -> ip * conversion. Thus you can't use if if you want to run a proxy. */ #undef NO_DNS /* This option turns of all ip->hostname lookups. However the * hostname->ip lookups are still functional. This _is_ usable * if you run a proxy.. :-) */ #undef NO_REVERSE_LOOKUP /* Should we use sete?id instead of set?id?. * There _might_ be security problems with the sete?id functions. */ #define SET_EFFECTIVE /*---------------- End of configurable options. */ #endif /* if _ROXEN_CONFIG_H_ */ /* Should we be compatible with level b9 and below configuration files? */ #undef COMPAT /* * Should support for URL modules be included? * I am trying to phase them out, but.. */ #define URL_MODULES /* Basically, should it be o.k. to return "string" as a member of * the result mapping? This is only for compability. * Normally: ([ "data":long_string, "type":"text/html" ]), was * ([ "string":long_string, "type":"text/html" ]), please ignore.. * Do not use this, unless you _really_ want to make your * modules unportable :-) */ #undef API_COMPAT