43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall #ifdef WEBSOCKET_DEBUG #define WS_DEBUG werror #else #define WS_DEBUG(X...) #endif /* WEBSOCKET_DEBUG */ inherit Protocols.WebSocket.Connection; //! Callout for the keepalive we run automatically. mixed ws_keepalive; //! Set the number of seconds between pings we should send across the //! wire. Set to 0 to disable. int(0..) ws_ping_interval = 30; //! The WebSocket close reason Protocols.WebSocket.CLOSE_STATUS ws_close_reason; //! Queue of messages to be processed in sequence by the handler threads. Thread.Queue ws_msg_queue; //! Track if we are scheduled to be handled or not. int ws_in_handler_queue = 0; Thread.Mutex ws_handler_mutex; protected constant WS_OPEN_MSG = "WEBSOCKET_OPEN"; protected constant WS_CLOSE_MSG = "WEBSOCKET_CLOSE"; //! Reference to the @[RequestID] object that was upgraded to this //! websocket. RequestID id;
e10f432018-09-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) //! Object to handle websocket requests. WebSocketAPI api;
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall //! Indicate that we should die. int is_ended = 0;
285d882018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void create(RequestID id, WebSocketAPI api, string|void data) {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  this_program::id = id;
e10f432018-09-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  this_program::api = api;
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  ws_msg_queue = Thread.Queue(); ws_handler_mutex = Thread.Mutex(); onclose = ws_onclose; onmessage = ws_onmessage;
285d882018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  #if constant(Protocols.WebSocket.Extension) ::create(id->my_fd, id->file->parsed_websocket_extensions); #else ::create(id->my_fd); #endif // Disconnect the fd from the RequestID. id->my_fd = 0; if (data) { websocket_in(id, data); } // Inform the application that the WebSocket is now ready for use... ws_onopen(this);
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall }
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void destroy() {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  if (ws_keepalive) { remove_call_out(ws_keepalive); } if (id) { id->end(); } id = 0;
434cec2018-10-01Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  ws_msg_queue = UNDEFINED;
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall } //! Called to end a socket instead of destructing it. This method will //! ensure that there are no outstanding handler requests before //! destructing it.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) void end() {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  is_ended = 1; object key = ws_handler_mutex->lock(); if (!ws_in_handler_queue) { destruct(this); } key = 0; } //! Handler that processes the msg queue. This method should only be //! executed by one handler at the time (per request object ofc) or //! messages may arrive out-of-order to the application.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_handle_queue() {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  if (!ws_msg_queue->size()) return;
e10f432018-09-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  string|Protocols.WebSocket.Frame msg = ws_msg_queue->read(); if (api) { if (objectp(msg)) { // This is a WebSocket frame so let's process it. id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_BEGIN", "callback": "websocket_message", ])); api->websocket_message(this, msg); id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_END", "callback": "websocket_message", ])); } else if (msg == WS_OPEN_MSG) { // This is the first message so let's call the open callback id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_BEGIN", "callback": "websocket_ready", ])); api->websocket_ready(this); id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_END", "callback": "websocket_ready", ])); } else if (msg == WS_CLOSE_MSG) { id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_BEGIN", "callback": "websocket_close", ])); api->websocket_close(this, ws_close_reason); id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_END", "callback": "websocket_close", ])); id->end(); return; } } else if (!is_ended) { id->json_logger->log(([ "event": "WEBSOCKET_API_HANDLER_GONE", ]));
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  id->end();
e10f432018-09-28Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  is_ended++;
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  } ws_in_handler_queue--; if (!is_ended && ws_msg_queue->size()) { ws_schedule_handling(); } else if (is_ended) { destruct(this); } } //! Reschedule this request object for handling websocket messages in //! queue.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_schedule_handling() {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  if (this && !is_ended && !ws_in_handler_queue) { object key = ws_handler_mutex->lock(); if (!ws_in_handler_queue) { roxen.handle(ws_handle_queue); ws_in_handler_queue++; } key = 0; } } //! Runs the keep-alive ping over the websocket and reschedules //! another one.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_do_keepalive() {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  // Only send the ping iff we have a ws_ping_interval set and a // valid, open connection. if (ws_ping_interval && state == Protocols.WebSocket.Connection.OPEN) { ping(); } if (ws_keepalive) ws_reschedule_keepalive(); } //! Reschedule the keep-alive ping for a new time.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_reschedule_keepalive() {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  if (ws_keepalive) { remove_call_out(ws_keepalive); } // We always reschedule, even if ws_ping_interval is 0 so that if // the application changes the ping interval, we pick up on that // automagically. ws_keepalive = roxen.background_run(ws_ping_interval || 1, ws_do_keepalive); } //! Callback called when we receive a websocket message.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_onmessage(Protocols.WebSocket.Frame frame, mixed id) {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  ws_reschedule_keepalive(); ws_msg_queue->write(frame); ws_schedule_handling(); this_program::id->json_logger->log(([ "event" : "WEBSOCKET_MESSAGE_QUEUED", ])); } //! Callback called when a CLOSE frame is received.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_onclose(Protocols.WebSocket.CLOSE_STATUS reason, mixed id) {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  WS_DEBUG("Connection closed.\n"); ws_close_reason = reason; ws_msg_queue->write(WS_CLOSE_MSG); ws_schedule_handling(); this_program::id->json_logger->log(([ "event" : "WEBSOCKET_CLOSED_QUEUED", ])); }
60a10f2018-10-03Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) //! Overloaded to call @[ws_reschedule_keepalive()]. void send(Protocols.WebSocket.Frame frame) { ws_reschedule_keepalive(); ::send(frame); }
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall //! Callback which is called after we've setup the WebSocket //! connection to tell the application that the connection is ready //! for use. //! @note //! This isn't registered as a callback in the WebSocket Connection //! object as that doesn't really work. Instead, it is simply called //! after the WebSocket connection object has been set up. This means //! that this method will be called in the same handler thread as the //! one that returned the upgrade_connection mapping.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) protected void ws_onopen(this_program id) {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  WS_DEBUG("WebSocket connection open and ready.\n"); ws_msg_queue->write(WS_OPEN_MSG); this_program::id->json_logger->log(([ "event" : "WEBSOCKET_OPEN_QUEUED", ])); ws_schedule_handling(); } //! Close the websocket from our end. Once the connection is closed, //! the @[websocket_close] callback will be triggered. //! //! @returns 1 if this isn't an open websocket connection.
93f1182018-10-02Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) public int websocket_close(void|Protocols.WebSocket.CLOSE_STATUS reason) {
43958f2017-08-28Marcus Agehall  if (state != Protocols.WebSocket.Connection.OPEN) { return 1; } id->json_logger->log(([ "event" : "WEBSOCKET_CLOSE_INITIATED", ])); close(reason); return 0; }