3fb48d2000-02-01Leif Stensson /// The <roxendir>/server/etc/randomtext directory contains rule files /// for the Random Text Generator module. Using the module is a matter /// module /// /// Note: if you mean to make use of many rules files, perhaps it's /// better to use a different directory to store them, and leave the /// files in this directory unchanged, for reference and as a source /// of examples of what can be done. The Random Text Generator module /// has a configuration field selecting what directory to search for /// rule files. ///
0917d32013-03-04Anders Johansson /// $Id$
3fb48d2000-02-01Leif Stensson /// /// Below follows a minimal rule file, in case somebody tries to use /// this README file as rules: ***main There's no point in using this file as a random text generator rule file.