1bdff32000-09-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) The file named 'rbf' (File) that is distributed with the Roxen WebServer
a221a52000-09-21Johan Schön 2.X and higher (Roxen WebServer) includes font technology from Bitstream Inc., Massachutes, USA, which owns the full proprietary rights to the File. Accordingly this particluar File is not released under the GPL. Roxen Internet Software AB, Sweden, has licensed this font technology from BitStream Inc. and the File is for internal Roxen WebServer use only. You are free to use Roxen WebServer including the File and to
1bdff32000-09-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) redistribute the Roxen WebServer including the File as long as the
a221a52000-09-21Johan Schön File resides unmodified in the same location and is used internally in Roxen WebServer only. You are under no circumstances allowed to use or copy the File outside the Roxen WebServer, or even try to decrypt, reverse engineer the File or similar.