f41b982009-05-07Martin Stjernholm // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 2000 - 2009, Roxen IS.
d69ba52001-09-03Martin Nilsson 
1a82e12000-08-01Johan Sundström inherit "module"; // All roxen modules must inherit module.pike
f41b982009-05-07Martin Stjernholm constant cvs_version = "$Id: last.pike,v 1.5 2009/05/07 14:15:54 mast Exp $";
1a82e12000-08-01Johan Sundström constant module_type = MODULE_LAST; constant module_name = "RefDoc for MODULE_LAST"; constant module_doc = "This module does nothing, but its inlined " "documentation gets imported into the roxen " "programmer manual. You hardly want to add " "this module to your virtual servers."; int seen_requests;
851b572000-08-19Per Hedbor mapping|int(0..1) last_resort(RequestID id)
1a82e12000-08-01Johan Sundström //! The <pi>last_resort()</pi> method is called when all previous //! modules have failed to return a response. //! //! The id argument is the request information object associated with //! the request. //! //! The returned value is either zero, if you didn't handle the //! request, a result mapping or the integer one, signifying that the //! request should be processed again from start (used only by the //! <ref>Path info support</ref> module). { seen_requests++; } string status() { return sprintf("<b>%d</b> requests have fallen through to this " "module.", seen_requests); }