d69ba52001-09-03Martin Nilsson // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 2000 - 2001, Roxen IS.
d4e9742000-02-24Martin Nilsson 
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson // This is a small sample module intended to show how a newstyle tag // is written. Note that this is only a very brief overview and that // the new parser is still under development and incompatible changes // might be done in the future. // See fnord.pike for more information of what this tag does. // This variable is shown in the configinterface as the version of the module.
7139152002-07-10Martin Nilsson constant cvs_version = "$Id: newstyle_fnord.pike,v 1.14 2002/07/10 15:38:24 nilsson Exp $";
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson  // Tell Roxen that this module is threadsafe.
6aae862000-07-02Martin Nilsson constant thread_safe=1;
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson 
681f722000-08-01Johan Sundström // Inherit code that is needed in every module.
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson inherit "module"; // Define the fnord tag class. It must begin with "Tag". class TagFnord { inherit RXML.Tag; // This constant tells the parser that the tag should be called "fnord". constant name = "fnord"; // Declare the type of the attribute, which happens to be optional. // Since we declare it to be text, we really don't need this line to // get things to work.
89034d2000-07-17Martin Nilsson  mapping(string:RXML.Type) opt_arg_types = ([ "alt" : RXML.t_text(RXML.PEnt) ]);
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson  // This class is where all the action are. class Frame { inherit RXML.Frame; // When the parser starts to parse the tag it calls // do_enter. We get a normal request object as argument. // We also have an args mapping at our disposal, containing // the attributes given to the tag. // When do_enter has been called the function do_iterate // will be called. If do_iterate is a number, as in this case, // the contents will be iterated that number of times. // Finally we want to set the return value if the attribute // alt is set. We do this by modifying the result string. array do_enter(RequestID id) { if(id->prestate->fnord)
867cee2000-03-31Martin Nilsson  do_iterate=0;
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson  else { if(args->alt) result=args->alt;
867cee2000-03-31Martin Nilsson  do_iterate=-1;
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson  } return 0; } int do_iterate; } } // Some constants to register the module in the RXML parser.
b3281f2000-09-10Martin Nilsson constant module_type = MODULE_TAG;
7139152002-07-10Martin Nilsson constant module_name = "Newstyle Fnord!"; constant module_doc = ("Adds an extra container tag, &lt;fnord&gt; that's supposed " "to make things invisible unless the \"fnord\" prestate is present." "<p>This module is here as an example of how to write a " "very simple newstyle RXML-parsing module.</p>");
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson  // Last, but not least, we want a documentation that can be integrated in the // online manual. The mapping tagdoc maps from container names to it's description.
681f722000-08-01Johan Sundström // Include this is if you use the TAGDOC system. #include <module.h>
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson TAGDOCUMENTATION; #ifdef manual
ce8fb02001-09-21Johan Sundström constant tagdoc=(["fnord":#"<desc type='cont'>The fnord container tag hides its "
d674712000-01-26Martin Nilsson  "contents for the user, unless the fnord prestate is used.</desc>" "<attr name=alt value=string>An alternate text that should be written " "in place of the hidden text.</attr>"]); #endif