eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren #include <module.h> inherit "module"; constant module_type = MODULE_LOCATION;
eefa612016-09-27Anders Johansson //<locale-token project="mod_fs_proxy">LOCALE</locale-token> //<locale-token project="mod_fs_proxy">DLOCALE</locale-token> #define LOCALE(X,Y) _STR_LOCALE("mod_fs_proxy",X,Y)
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren #define DLOCALE(X,Y) _DEF_LOCALE("mod_fs_proxy",X,Y) LocaleString module_name = DLOCALE(0, "File systems: Proxy File System"); LocaleString module_doc =
eefa612016-09-27Anders Johansson  DLOCALE(0, "This module can be used to proxy requests to a path in a site to" " a filesystem module in another site. Can be useful if a module " "needs to handle the root path for a port, but that module needs to " "be loaded in a configuration where it cannot be mounted on the " "root path.");
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren  class LocationModuleChoice { inherit Variable.StringChoice; array(string) get_choice_list() { return Array.flatten (map (roxen->configurations, lambda (Configuration conf) { return map (conf->location_modules(), lambda (array entry) { string loc = entry[0]; function ff = entry[1]; RoxenModule mod = Roxen.get_owning_module (ff); return conf->name + ": " + mod->module_local_id(); }); })); } protected void create(string default_value, void|int flags, void|LocaleString std_name, void|LocaleString std_doc) { ::create(default_value, ({}), flags, std_name, std_doc); } } protected void create (Configuration conf) { defvar ("location", Variable.Location ("/", 0, "Location", "The virtual mountpoint for the module.")); defvar ("location_module", LocationModuleChoice ("", 0, "Destination Module", "The module to forward requests to.")); } protected Configuration get_conf (string conf_name) { mapping(string:Configuration) configurations = mkmapping (map (roxen->configurations->name, lower_case), roxen->configurations); return configurations[lower_case (conf_name)]; } protected RoxenModule get_mod() { array(string) segments = query ("location_module") / ":";
d809712016-05-31Martin Karlgren  if (sizeof (segments) != 2) return 0;
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren  string conf_name = String.trim_all_whites (segments[0]); string mod_id = String.trim_all_whites (segments[1]); Configuration conf = get_conf (conf_name);
d809712016-05-31Martin Karlgren  return conf && conf->find_module (mod_id);
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren } mapping(string:mixed)|int(-1..0)|Stdio.File find_file(string path, RequestID id) {
d809712016-05-31Martin Karlgren  RoxenModule mod = get_mod(); return mod && mod->find_file (path, id);
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren } Stat stat_file(string f, RequestID id) {
d809712016-05-31Martin Karlgren  RoxenModule mod = get_mod(); return mod && mod->stat_file (f, id);
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren } array(string) find_dir (string f, RequestID id) {
d809712016-05-31Martin Karlgren  RoxenModule mod = get_mod(); return mod && mod->find_dir (f, id);
eaaea52016-05-31Martin Karlgren }