628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson inherit "module"; #include <module.h> constant module_unique = 1; constant module_name = "Tags: Static Resource Server"; string module_doc = #" <p>This module can help you improve browser caching of semi-static resources (Javascript files, CSS, images etc. that may change every once in a while) by: <ol> <li>Setting a far-future Expires HTTP header, as described by <a href=\"http://developer.yahoo.com/performance/rules.html#expires\">Yahoo!</a></li> <li>Injecting a variable part in the resource URL that changes whenever the linked resource file changes</li> </ol> </p> <p>These two features combined will make sure that the resource files are browser-cached for as long as possible while avoiding overcaching.</p> "; constant module_type = MODULE_FILTER | MODULE_TAG; constant default_process_tags = ([ "link" : "href", "script" : "src" ]); void create(Configuration conf) { defvar("process_tags", Variable.Mapping(default_process_tags, 0, "Tags to process", "The tags to process and the corresponding " "attribute that refers an external resource.")); } class TagServeStaticResources { inherit RXML.Tag; constant name = "serve-static-resources"; string mangle_resource_urls(string s, RequestID id) { mapping process_tags = query("process_tags"); Parser.HTML parser = Parser.HTML();
17ccc12012-09-19Martin Jonsson  parser->xml_tag_syntax(0);
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson  function process_tag = lambda(Parser.HTML p, mapping args) { string tag_name = p->tag_name(); string attr_name = process_tags[tag_name]; string link = args[attr_name];
faef762015-10-21Martin Karlgren  if(link && has_prefix (link, "/") && !has_prefix (link, "//")) {
0df7262018-04-16Pontus Östlund  sscanf(link, "%s%*[?#]", string raw_link);
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson 
0df7262018-04-16Pontus Östlund  array(int)|Stdio.Stat st = id->conf->try_stat_file(raw_link, id);
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson 
0df7262018-04-16Pontus Östlund  if(st) { if(arrayp(st)) st = Stdio.Stat(st);
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson 
0df7262018-04-16Pontus Östlund  string varystr = sprintf("mtime=%d", st->mtime); args[attr_name] = Roxen.add_pre_state(link, (< "cache-forever", varystr >)); m_delete(args, "/"); return ({ Roxen.make_tag(tag_name, args, has_suffix (tag_name, "/"), 1) });
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson  } } return 0; };
17ccc12012-09-19Martin Jonsson  foreach(process_tags; string tag_name; string attr_name) {
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson  parser->add_tag(tag_name, process_tag);
17ccc12012-09-19Martin Jonsson  parser->add_tag(tag_name + "/", process_tag); }
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson 
8124722013-10-25Martin Jonsson  parser->ignore_unknown (1);
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson  string res = parser->finish(s)->read(); parser = 0; process_tag = 0; return res; }; class Frame { inherit RXML.Frame; array do_return(RequestID id) { result = mangle_resource_urls(content || "", id); } } } mapping|void filter(mapping res, RequestID id) { if (!res) return; if(id->prestate["cache-forever"]) { if (res->extra_heads) { m_delete(res->extra_heads, "cache-control"); m_delete(res->extra_heads, "Cache-Control"); m_delete(res->extra_heads, "expires"); m_delete(res->extra_heads, "Expires"); }
0c401e2021-05-05Jonas Walldén  CACHE_INDEFINITELY();
b961fb2016-04-07Jonas Walldén  PROTO_CACHE();
628b772010-02-09Martin Jonsson  id->misc->vary = (<>); return res; } } TAGDOCUMENTATION; #ifdef manual constant tagdoc = ([ "serve-static-resources":#"<desc type='tag'><p><short>Specifies a block of tags referring static resources.</short> Wrap this tag around your block of static resource referring tags.</p> <ex-box> <serve-static-resources> <link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"/index.css\"/> <script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"/index.js\"/> </serve-static-resources> </ex-box> <p>Note: Only local absolute paths will be processed, i.e. they have to begin with a '/'.</p> </desc>" ]);
b961fb2016-04-07Jonas Walldén #endif // manual