84af181997-11-14Per Hedbor /* This is a Roxen Challenger(r) module. Copyright (c) Idonex 1997. * Released under GPL * made by Per Hedbor */
b956721998-02-03Per Hedbor constant cvs_version = "$Id: wizard_tag.pike,v 1.3 1998/02/03 22:51:08 per Exp $";
84af181997-11-14Per Hedbor constant thread_safe=1; #include <module.h> inherit "module"; inherit "wizard"; mixed *register_module() {
276a371997-11-14Per Hedbor  return ({MODULE_PARSER,"Wizard generator", ("Generates wizards<p>\n" "Syntax:<br>\n" "<br>" "&lt;wizard name=\"A Name\" done=\"url to go to when ok or cancel is pressed\"&gt;<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;page&gt;<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;A page (RXML code, with two extra tags, &lt;var&gt; and &lt;cvar&gt;, see below)<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;/page&gt;<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;page&gt;<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Another page...<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp;&lt;/page&gt;<br>" "&lt;/wizard&gt;<br>" "<br>" "&lt;var <br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp; <nobr>type=\"string|password|list|text|radio|checkbox|int|float|color|font|toggle|select|select_multiple\"</nobr><br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp; name=\"var_name\"<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp; options=\"foo,bar,gazonk\" -- (for select and select_multiple) --<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp; default=\"default value\"<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp; rows=num and cols=num -- (for text) --<br>" "&nbsp;&nbsp; size=chars -- (for most) --&gt;<br>" "&lt;cvar -- same as var,but the default value is the contents of the container --&gt;<br>" "&lt;/cvar&gt;<br>"),({}),1,});
84af181997-11-14Per Hedbor } string internal_page(string t, mapping args, string contents, mapping f) { f->pages += ({contents}); } string tag_wizard(string t, mapping args, string contents, object id) { mapping f = ([ "pages":({}) ]); string pike = ("inherit \"wizard\";\n" "string name=\""+(args->name||"unnamed")+"\";\n"); int p; parse_html(contents, ([]), (["page":internal_page]),f); foreach(f->pages, string d) { pike += ("string page_"+p+"(object id) {" + "return \""+replace(d, ({"\"","\n","\r", "\\"}), ({"\\\"", "\\n", "\\r", "\\\\"}))+"\";}\n"); p++; } mixed res = compile_string(pike)()->wizard_for(id,args->done); if(mappingp(res)) { id->misc->defines[" _error"] = res->error; id->misc->defines[" _extra_heads"] = res->extra_heads; return ""; } return res; } mapping query_container_callers() { return ([ "wizard" : tag_wizard ]); }
b956721998-02-03Per Hedbor void start() { }