9284272000-03-17Martin Nilsson // This is a roxen module. Copyright © 1999 - 2000, Roxen IS.
e658201999-09-29Francesco Chemolli #include <module.h> inherit "module"; inherit "roxenlib"; constant thread_safe=1;
9284272000-03-17Martin Nilsson constant cvs_version="$Id: throttletags.pike,v 1.5 2000/03/17 14:13:27 nilsson Exp $";
e658201999-09-29Francesco Chemolli  #ifdef THROTTLING_DEBUG #undef THROTTLING_DEBUG
b3ef2d1999-12-18Martin Nilsson #define THROTTLING_DEBUG(X) werror("throttletags: "+X+"\n")
e658201999-09-29Francesco Chemolli #else #define THROTTLING_DEBUG(X) #endif #define THROW(X) throw( X+"\n" )
ad959c2000-02-12Martin Nilsson constant module_type = MODULE_PARSER; constant module_name = "Throttling control tags"; constant module_doc = "This module provides a <tt>&lt;THROTTLE&gt;</tt> tag " "that you can use to determine a request's allocated bandwidth";
e658201999-09-29Francesco Chemolli 
920dcc1999-12-18Martin Nilsson TAGDOCUMENTATION; #ifdef manual constant tagdoc=(["throttle":"<desc tag></desc>"]); #endif
e658201999-09-29Francesco Chemolli 
920dcc1999-12-18Martin Nilsson string|int tag_throttle(string tag, mapping args, RequestID id) {
e658201999-09-29Francesco Chemolli  mapping t=id->throttle; string tmp; if (t->fixed) { THROTTLING_DEBUG("Fixed. returning"); return 0; } if (args->not) { THROTTLING_DEBUG("Don't want to throttle."); t->doit=0; t->fixed=1; return 0; } if (tmp=args->add) { t->rate+=(int)tmp; t->doit=1; THROTTLING_DEBUG("added "+tmp); } if (tmp=args->subtract) { t->rate-=(int)tmp; t->doit=1; THROTTLING_DEBUG("subtracted "+tmp); } if (tmp=args->multiply) { t->rate=(int)(t->rate*(float)tmp); t->doit=1; THROTTLING_DEBUG("multiplied by "+tmp); } if (tmp=args->divide) { t->rate=(int)(t->rate/(float)tmp); t->doit=1; THROTTLING_DEBUG("divided by "+tmp); } if (tmp=args->rate) { t->rate=(int)tmp; t->doit=1; THROTTLING_DEBUG("rate set to "+tmp); } if (args["final"]) { t->fixed=1; t->doit=1; THROTTLING_DEBUG("finalized setting"); } return ""; }