7edc3d2000-05-14Francesco Chemolli /* * By Francesco Chemolli
f41b982009-05-07Martin Stjernholm  * This is a Roxen module. Copyright © 2000 - 2009, Roxen IS.
7edc3d2000-05-14Francesco Chemolli  * * This module was developed while traveling by plane, while returning * from Sweden. * It can be probably assumed that my development server is * the fastetst Roxen server up to date, and that this module is the * fastest-developed module. */
0917d32013-03-04Anders Johansson constant cvs_version="$Id$";
7edc3d2000-05-14Francesco Chemolli  #include <module.h> inherit "throttlelib"; string filter_type="(by user)"; string rules_doc= #"Throttling rules. One rule per line, whose format is:<br> <tt>username modifier [fix]</tt><br> If <tt>username</tt> matches (exactly), the assocuated rule will be applied.<br> Special usernames: <tt>any</tt> means any authenticated user. <tt>noauth</tt> means unidentified user (the opposite of <tt>any</tt>).<br> A failed authentication challenge will be handled as if no authentication had taken place at all.<br> The search will be stopped at the first match."; #ifdef THROTTLING_DEBUG #undef THROTTLING_DEBUG #define THROTTLING_DEBUG(X) werror("Throttling by user: "+X+"\n") #else #define THROTTLING_DEBUG(X) #endif constant module_type = MODULE_FILTER; constant module_name = "Throttling: throttle by user"; constant module_doc = #"This module will alter a request's bandwidth by user name. It will <b>not</b> require any user authentication, which is to be requested by other modules. However, if authentication info is present, it will be matched against this module's rules";
64dd112000-05-15Francesco Chemolli constant module_unique=1;
7edc3d2000-05-14Francesco Chemolli  array find_rule (mapping res, object id, array(string) rulenames, mapping rules) { if (!res) return 0; //This request is likely to end up as a 404 not found. THROTTLING_DEBUG(sprintf("id->auth is %O",id->auth)); string user=(id->auth&&arrayp(id->auth)&&id->auth[0]? ((id->auth[1])/":")[0]:"noauth"); THROTTLING_DEBUG("Got user "+user); foreach(rulenames,string rule) { THROTTLING_DEBUG("examining: "+rule); if (rule==user || rule=="any") { THROTTLING_DEBUG("!!matched!!"); return(rules[rule]); break; } } }