50b80a2000-07-21Andreas Lange <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <project name="roxen_start">
799fba2000-08-11Andreas Lange <baselang>eng</baselang> <xmlpath>../translations/%L/roxen_start.xml</xmlpath> <nocopy />
50b80a2000-07-21Andreas Lange <!-- * * The 'roxen_start' project is intended only for messages that are * printed to at least the event log during a normal server start. * It should be kept small to avoid overhead. * * Strings to report_debug() should not be translated. * Admin Interface-related messages belong in 'roxen_config' * Errormessages and messages caused by other events should * be in 'roxen_message'. * -->
35b67f2000-11-20Per Hedbor  <file>../base_server/configuration.pike</file> <file>../base_server/roxen.pike</file>
ddad052017-12-20Karl Gustav Sterneberg  <file>../base_server/roxenloader.pike</file>
35b67f2000-11-20Per Hedbor  <file>../modules/configuration/update.pike</file> </project>