a72ed82000-07-21Andreas Lange <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <locale version="1.0"/>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange <project>roxen_config</project>
799fba2000-08-11Andreas Lange <language>swe</language>
54ca962001-01-29Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/cv_startpage_tabs.pike</file>
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/dbs/backups.html</file>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/dbs/browser.pike</file>
31cfb12001-11-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <file>../config_interface/dbs/create_db.html</file> <file>../config_interface/dbs/create_group.html</file>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/dbs/db_matrix.pike</file>
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/dbs/edit_group.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/dbs/import_dbs.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/dbs/index.html</file> <file>../config_interface/dbs/new_db.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/dbs/new_group.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/dbs/restore_db.pike</file>
31cfb12001-11-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <file>../config_interface/dbs/status.html</file>
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/dbs/status.pike</file>
54ca962001-01-29Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/dbs/subtabs.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/event_log/clear_log.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/event_log/log.pike</file>
31cfb12001-11-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) <file>../config_interface/global_settings/index.html</file>
54ca962001-01-29Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/logutil.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/add_module.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/config_left_item.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/create_site.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/drop_module.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/drop_site.html</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/drop_site.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/index.html</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/log.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/new_site.html</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/site_content.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/sites/site_header.pike</file>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/sites/site.html</file>
54ca962001-01-29Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/statusinfo.pike</file>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/tasks/index.html</file>
54ca962001-01-29Martin Nilsson <file>../config_interface/template</file> <file>../config_interface/topmenu.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/user_delete.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/user_form.pike</file> <file>../config_interface/users.html</file>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson <file>../modules/configuration/config_filesystem.pike</file> <file>../modules/configuration/config_tags.pike</file>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Date.pike</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Email.pike</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Image.pike</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Mapping.pike</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/module.pmod</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Schedule.pike</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/Upload.pike</file> <file>../pike_modules/Variable.pmod/VerifiedString.pike</file>
d702ad2001-04-26Martin Nilsson <file>../site_templates/common.pike</file>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange  <str id="2">
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <o>Sent data</o> <t>Skickad data</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <str id="3"> <o>sec</o> <t>sek</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <str id="4"> <o>Sent headers</o> <t>Skickade headrar</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <str id="6"> <o>min</o> <t>min</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <str id="7"> <o>Received data</o> <t>Mottagen data</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <str id="10"> <o>FTP statistics:</o> <t>FTP-statistik:</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str> <str id="192"> <o>View Settings</o> <t>Visa inställningar</t> </str> <str id="194"> <o>Edit Global Variables</o> <t>Editera globala inställningar</t> </str> <str id="196"> <o>Tasks</o> <t>Funktioner</t> </str> <str id="197"> <o>Restart</o> <t>Starta om</t> </str> <str id="198"> <o>Shutdown</o> <t>Stänga ner</t> </str> <str id="199"> <o>Create Sites</o> <t>Skapa ny sajt</t> </str> <str id="200"> <o>Add Modules</o> <t>Lägg till moduler</t> </str> <str id="bA"> <o>Save</o> <t>Spara</t> </str> <str id="201"> <o>Ok</o> <t>Ok</t> </str> <str id="202"> <o>Cancel</o> <t>Avbryt</t> </str> <str id="203"> <o>Next</o> <t>Nästa</t> </str> <str id="204"> <o>Administration Interface</o> <t>Admingränssnittet</t> </str> <str id="206"> <o>User</o> <t>Användare</t> </str> <str id="212"> <o>Admin</o> <t>Admin</t> </str> <str id="213"> <o>Sites</o> <t>Sajter</t> </str> <str id="214"> <o>Globals</o> <t>Globala</t> </str> <str id="216"> <o>Events</o> <t>Loggbok</t> </str> <str id="217"> <o>Docs</o> <t>Manual</t> </str> <str id="220"> <o>Your Settings</o> <t>Inställningar</t> </str> <str id="221"> <o>Users</o> <t>Användare</t> </str> <str id="226"> <o>Permission denied</o> <t>Åtkomst nekad</t> </str> <str id="227"> <o>Delete</o> <t>Ta bort</t> </str> <str id="228"> <o>Status</o> <t>Status</t> </str> <str id="247"> <o>Clear Log</o> <t>Töm loggbok</t> </str> <str id="249"> <o>Drop old site</o> <t>Radera sajt</t> </str> <str id="250"> <o>Empty</o> <t>Tom</t> </str> <str id="255">
c28ec32000-09-19Andreas Lange <o>Disabling old configuration %s</o> <t>Tar bort server %s</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str>
a72ed82000-07-21Andreas Lange 
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange <str id="256"> <o>Settings</o> <t>Inställningar</t> </str>
a72ed82000-07-21Andreas Lange 
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange <str id="258"> <o>Add module</o> <t>Lägg till modul</t> </str>
e3aab72000-07-25Andreas Lange 
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange <str id="259"> <o>Drop module</o> <t>Ta bort modul</t> </str>
e3aab72000-07-25Andreas Lange 
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange <str id="251"> <o>Add Module</o> <t>Lägg till modul</t> </str> <str id="252"> <o>Drop Module</o> <t>Ta bort modul</t> </str> <str id="253"> <o>Reload</o> <t>Ladda om</t> </str> <str id="254"> <o>Module homepage</o>
06ee982000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Modulens hemsida</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str> <str id="260"> <o>Request status</o> <t>Trafik</t> </str> <str id="261"> <o>Inherit tree</o> <t>Struktur</t> </str> <str id="dt">
c28ec32000-09-19Andreas Lange <o>Administrator logged on as %s from %s.</o> <t>Administratör loggade in som %s från %s.</t>
987aef2000-08-03Andreas Lange </str> <str id="264"> <o>Mountpoint</o> <t>Monteringspunkt</t> </str> <str id="265"> <o>Usually / is a good idea</o> <t>Vanligtvis /</t> </str> <str id="266"> <o>Will be loaded from: </o> <t>Laddas från: </t> </str> <str id="267"> <o>View</o> <t>Visa</t> </str> <str id="272"> <o>Reload module list</o> <t>Skapa om modullistan</t> </str> <str id="273"> <o>Select one or several modules to add.</o> <t>Markera en eller flera moduler som ska läggas till.</t> </str>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange  <str id="290"> <o>Module event log for '%s' cleared by %s (%s) from %s</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Modulloggen för '%s' rensad av %s (%s) från %s</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="292"> <o>Cache status</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Cachestatus</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="293"> <o>Hits</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Träffar</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="294"> <o>Misses</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Missar</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="295"> <o>Entries</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Poster</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="297"> <o>New row</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Ny rad</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="yes"> <o>Yes</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Ja</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="no"> <o>No</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Nej</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="298"> <o>Event log cleared by %s from %s</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Loggen rensad av %s från %s</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="300"> <o>This port was requested, but binding it failed.</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Den här porten efterfrågades, men kunde inte bindas.</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="1"> <o>Initial variables for </o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Begynnelseinställningar för</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str> <str id="190"> <o>Initial variables for the site</o>
11799a2000-09-09Martin Nilsson <t>Begynnelseinställningar för sajten</t>
9ff27a2000-09-09Andreas Lange </str>
c28ec32000-09-19Andreas Lange  <str id="234">
8777bd2001-01-01Martin Nilsson <o>Requests</o> <t>Anrop</t>
c28ec32000-09-19Andreas Lange </str> <str id="235"> <o>Are you sure you want to disable the site %s?</o> <t>Är du säker på att du vill ta bort konfigurationen för %s?</t> </str>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson  <str id="311"> <o>Site event log for '%s' cleared by %s (%s) from %s</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Sajtloggen för '%s' blev rensad av %s (%s) från %s</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="313"> <o>An email address must contain "@".</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>En emailadress måste innehålla ett "@".</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="314"> <o>The email address domain contains forbidden characters.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Email-adressens domän innehåller förbjudna tecken.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="315"> <o>The email address user contains forbidden characters.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Email-adressens användare innehåller förbjudna tecken.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="316"> <o>The email address does not contain a user.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Email-adressen saknar användare.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="317"> <o>The email address does not contain a domain.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Email-adressen saknar domän.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="318"> <o>The email address begins with an character that is not legal in that position.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Email-adressen börjar med ett tecken som inte är tillåtet där.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="319"> <o>The domain %s could not be found.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Domänen %s kunde inte hittas.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="326"> <o>unnamed</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>utan namn</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="328"> <o>Value is bigger than %s, adjusted</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Värdet är större än %s. Ändrat</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="329"> <o>Value is less than %s, adjusted</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Värdet är mindre än %s. Ändrat</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="330"> <o>You most likely want an ending '/' on this variable</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Du vill troligtvis ha ett avslutande '/' efter den här variabeln</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="331"> <o>%s is not a directory</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>%s är inte en katalog</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="332"> <o>(keep stale value %s)</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>(behåller det gamla värdet %s)</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="333"> <o>Assuming http://*:%[0]d/ for %[0]d</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Antar http://*:%[0]d/ för %[0]d</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="334"> <o>Empty URL field</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Tomt URL-fält</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="335"> <o>%s does not conform to URL syntax</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>%s följer inte URL-syntaxen</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="338"> <o>Changed %s to %s</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Ändrade %s till %s</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="339"> <o>SSL support not available in this Pike version.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>SSL-support finns inte tillgängligt i denna version av Pike.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="340"> <o>Please use %s instead.</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Var god, använd %s istället.</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="341"> <o>Removed the default port number (%d) from %s</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Tog bort default-porten (%d) from %s</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="342"> <o>Warning: The protocol %s is not known by roxen</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Varning: Roxen känner inte till protokollet %s</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="344"> <o>Uploaded file: %s</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Laddade upp fil: %s</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="345"> <o>Cannot decode this file as an image</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Kan inte avkoda filen som en bild</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="346"> <o>Error while decoding image</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Fel vid avkodning av bilden</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="347"> <o>Valid image set (no cimg module available, cannot show it)</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Korrekt bild vald (kan inte visas; ingen cimg-modul laddad)</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="348"> <o>No image set</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>Ingen bild vald</t>
4cf55b2000-11-24Martin Nilsson </str>
e05d532000-11-27Martin Nilsson <str id="152"> <o>%O is not an integer</o>
a2b3f02000-11-27Martin Nilsson <t>%O är inte ett heltal</t>
e05d532000-11-27Martin Nilsson </str>
e245c82000-11-27Martin Nilsson  <str id="222"> <o>Create new user</o> <t>Skapa ny användare</t> </str> <str id="223"> <o>Delete old user</o> <t>Ta bort användare</t> </str> <str id="224"> <o>Create User</o> <t>Skapa användare</t> </str> <str id="225"> <o>User ID</o> <t>Användar-ID</t> </str>
ad9dc32000-11-30Martin Nilsson  <str id="248"> <o>Create new site</o> <t>Skapa ny sajt</t> </str> <str id="269"> <o>Site name:</o> <t>Sajtnamn:</t> </str> <str id="270"> <o> The name of the configuration must contain characters other than space and tab, it should not end with ~, and it must not be 'CVS', 'Global Variables' or 'global variables', nor the name of an existing configuration, and the character '/' cannot be used. This name will show up in the sites menu, a lowercased, filesystem-friendly version will become the virtual server's configuration file name as well as the name of its log file directory. </o> <t>Namnet på konfigurationen måste innehålla tecken utöver mellanslag eller tab, det får inte sluta med ~ och får inte vara 'CVS', 'Global Variables' eller 'global variables', inte heller en redan existerande konfiguration eller innehålla tecknet '/'. Namnet kommer att visas i sajtmenyn. En gemen, filsystemsvänlig konfigurationsfil och loggbibliotek kommer också att namnges utifrån detta namn.</t> </str> <str id="271"> <o>with template</o> <t>med mall</t> </str> <str id="296"> <o>Illegal site name</o> <t>Otillåtet sajtnamn</t> </str>
593a122000-12-30Martin Nilsson <str id="358"> <o>Changed</o> <t>Ändrad</t> </str> <str id="359"> <o>Unchanged</o> <t>Oförändrad</t> </str> <str id="360"> <o>Home</o> <t>Hem</t> </str>
8777bd2001-01-01Martin Nilsson  <str id="218"> <o>DBs</o> <t>DB:er</t> </str> <str id="372"> <o>MySQL status</o> <t>MySQL-status</t> </str>
f4ca6e2001-01-29Martin Nilsson <str id="164"> <o>Databases</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Databaser</t>
f4ca6e2001-01-29Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="165"> <o>Configuration Filesystem</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Konfigurationsfilsystem</t>
f4ca6e2001-01-29Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="166"> <o>This filesystem serves the administration interface</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Det här filsystemet tillhandahåller konfigurationsinterfacets sidor</t>
f4ca6e2001-01-29Martin Nilsson </str>
6150972001-01-29Per Hedbor <str id="168"> <o>Hide</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Gömm</t>
6150972001-01-29Per Hedbor </str>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson <str id="169"> <o>Login attempt from %s</o>
5705092001-12-04Jonas Wallden <t>Inloggningsförsök från %s</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="233">
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson <changed from="Binary data"/> <o>bytecode data</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Binärdata</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="374"> <o>rows</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>rader</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="375"> <o>KiB</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>KiB</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="376"> <o>Name</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Namn</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="377"> <o>Size</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Storlek</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="378"> <o>Clear query</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Töm frågan</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="379"> <o>Run query</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Kör fråga</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="380"> <o>While running %s: %s</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Under tiden som %s kördes: %s</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="381"> <o>Failed to connect</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Misslyckades koppla upp</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="382"> <o>Failed to enable %s</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Misslyckades med att öppna %s</t>
f8688d2001-03-05Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="383"> <o>Documentation</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Dokumentation</t>
8777bd2001-01-01Martin Nilsson </str>
d702ad2001-04-26Martin Nilsson  <str id="323"> <o>Shared with </o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Delad med</t>
d702ad2001-04-26Martin Nilsson </str>
f2e3482001-05-20Martin Nilsson <str id="219"> <o>Authentication method</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Authentifierings metod</t>
f2e3482001-05-20Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="291"> <o>The method to use to authenticate configuration interface users.</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>Metoden som ska användas för att authentifiera konfigurationsgränssnittsanvändare</t>
f2e3482001-05-20Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="301"> <o>HTTP Basic passwords</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>HTTP Basic lösenord</t>
f2e3482001-05-20Martin Nilsson </str> <str id="325"> <o>HTTP Cookies</o>
11a4a02001-08-05Per Hedbor <t>HTTP Kakor</t>
f2e3482001-05-20Martin Nilsson </str>
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson  <str id="401"> <new/> <o>Copy or move database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="402"> <new/> <o>Delete this database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="403"> <new/> <o>Delete all tables</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="404"> <new/> <o>Make a backup</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="405"> <new/> <o>Directory</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="406"> <new/> <o>Please specify an URL to define an external database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="407"> <new/> <o>It is not possible to connect to %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="408"> <new/> <o>Please specify a name for the database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="409"> <new/> <o>%s is an internal database, used by roxen.Please select another name</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="410"> <new/> <o>%s is a mysql keyword, used by mysql.Please select another name</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="411"> <new/> <o>While copying %s.%s: The source database does not support %s. The copy will not contain all metadata</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="412"> <new/> <o>The source database used the string %s as a fieldname. This is reserved in newer MySQL versions. Substituting with %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="413"> <new/> <o>Failed to copy data from source table. </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="414"> <new/> <o>Move or copy this database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="415"> <new/> <o>Action</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="416"> <new/> <o>Copy the data to a new database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="417"> <new/> <o>Move database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="418"> <new/> <o>New name</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="419"> <new/> <o>Type</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="420"> <new/> <o>The new name of the database. You do not have to change the name if you change the database type from internal to external, or change the URL of an external database. To make it easy on your users, use all lowercaps characters, and avoid hard to type characters</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="421"> <new/> <o>The database type. Internal means that it will be stored in the Roxen MySQL database, and the permissions of the database will be automatically manged by Roxen. External means that the database resides in another database.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="422"> <new/> <o>This URL is only used for &lt;/i&gt;External&lt;i&gt; databases, it is totally ignored for databases defined internally in Roxen </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="424"> <new/>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson <o>The database %s was deleted by %s</o>
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson <t></t> </str> <str id="425"> <new/> <o>Are you sure you want to delete all tables in %s?</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="426"> <new/> <o>Query took %[0].3fs, %[1]d rows in the reply</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="427"> <new/> <o>the deleted module %s from %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="428"> <new/> <o>Defined by %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="429"> <new/> <o>The table is known as '%s' in the module</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="430"> <new/> <o>The table is an anymous table defined by the module</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="431"> <new/> <o>N</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="432"> <new/> <o>R</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="433"> <new/> <o>W</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="434"> <new/> <o>Databases in the group %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="435"> <new/> <o>When the group is created, the checked databases will be imported as well</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="436"> <new/>
3b3eac2001-09-03Martin Nilsson <o>The &lt;i&gt;local&lt;/i&gt; database contains data that should not
9fa11d2001-08-24Martin Nilsson  be shared. The &lt;i&gt;docs&lt;/i&gt; database contains all documentation. </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="437"> <new/> <o>Create new database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="438"> <new/> <o>Create new group</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="439"> <new/> <o>Create a new database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="440"> <new/> <o>Internal</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="441"> <new/> <o>External</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="442"> <new/> <o>The name of the database. To make it easy on your users, use all lowercaps characters, and avoid 'odd' characters </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="443"> <new/> <o>The database type. Internal means that it will be created in the roxen mysql database, and the permissions of the database will be automatically manged by roxen. External means that the database resides in another database.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="444"> <new/> <o>URL</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="446"> <new/> <o>This URL is only used for &lt;/i&gt;External&lt;i&gt; databases, it is totally ignored for databases defined internally in Roxen</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="447"> <new/> <o>This group is used to group the databses. For internal databases, the group can also be used to select which MySQL server the database should be created in</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="448"> <new/> <o>Comment</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="449"> <new/> <o>automatic</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="450"> <new/> <o>Create a new database group</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="451"> <new/> <o>The groups are used mainly to group the databases in the Administration interface, but also to indicate the default MySQL server internal databases will be created in. &lt;p&gt; If a group has a URL set, it will be used to select the database server in which the database will be created, please note that this server must be a MySQL server, nothing else will work. </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="452"> <new/> <o>ID</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="453"> <new/> <o>The identifier of the group. This is used internally in Roxen, and must be unique. If you leave it as automatic, a ID will be selected automatically.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="454"> <new/> <o>The name of the database group. This is what is shown in the configuration interface</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="455"> <new/> <o>This URL is only used when &lt;/i&gt;Internal&lt;i&gt; databases is created in this group, and it specified which MySQL server the datbase should be created in. As an example, if you want all databases created in the group to end up in the MySQL running on the host &lt;/i&gt;wyrm&lt;i&gt;, using the account with the username &lt;/i&gt;foo&lt;i&gt; and password &lt;/i&gt;bar&lt;i&gt;, set this URL to &lt;/i&gt;foo:bar@wyrm&lt;i&gt;</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="456"> <new/> <o>Cannot connect to %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="457"> <new/> <o>A database group named %s already exists</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="458"> <new/> <o>%s is a MySQL keyword, used by MySQL.Please select another name</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="459"> <new/> <o>Date</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="460"> <new/> <o>Restore</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="461"> <new/> <o>Restore the following tables from the backup</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="462"> <new/> <o>Restore the tables to the following database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="463"> <new/> <o>Database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="464"> <new/> <o>Connections</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="465"> <new/> <o>Database Backups</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="467"> <new/> <o>%d entries skipped. Present in log on disk</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="468"> <new/> <o>This site listens to the following ports:</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="469"> <new/> <o>Databases that will no longer be used</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="470"> <new/> <o>If you do not want to delete this database, uncheck the checkmark in front of it</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="471"> <new/> <o>If you do not want to delete one or more of these databases, uncheck the checkmark in front of the ones you want to keep</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="472"> <new/> <o>%d entries skipped. Present in log on disk.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="473"> <new/> <o>Value</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="474"> <new/> <o>Show changes</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="475"> <new/> <o>Restore default value</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="476"> <new/> <o>Change in content</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="477"> <new/> <o>1 line added.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="478"> <new/> <o>%d lines added.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="479"> <new/> <o>1 line deleted.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="480"> <new/> <o>%d lines deleted.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="481"> <new/> <o>No difference </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="482"> <new/> <o>Never</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="483"> <new/> <o>Every %s hour(s).</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="484"> <new/> <o>Day</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="485"> <new/> <o>Sunday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="486"> <new/> <o>Monday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="487"> <new/> <o>Tuesday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="488"> <new/> <o>Wednesday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="489"> <new/> <o>Thursday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="490"> <new/> <o>Friday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="491"> <new/> <o>Saturday</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="492"> <new/> <o>Every %s %s at %s o'clock.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="493"> <new/> <o>Every %d hour.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="494"> <new/> <o>Every %d %s at %02d:00</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="495"> <new/> <o>Error in stored value.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="496"> <new/> <o>Value %s does not match the regexp %s.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="497"> <new/> <o>Value %s does not match the glob %s.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="498"> <new/> <o>Value %s must be at least %d characters long. (%d character short)</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="499"> <new/> <o>Value %s must not be more than %d characters long. (%d character too long)</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="500"> <new/> <o>Value %s is not uppercased.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="501"> <new/> <o>Value %s is not lowercased.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="502"> <new/> <o>Diff</o> <t></t> </str>
adb66f2001-08-24Martin Nilsson  <str id="78"> <new/> <o>All database backups currently available</o> <t></t> </str>
b339292001-08-28Martin Nilsson  <str id="79"> <new/> <o>&lt;p&gt;No backups are currently available. To make a backup of a database, focus on it in the Databases tab, and click on the make backup button. Please note that you can only make backups of databases managed by Roxen.&lt;/p&gt;</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="80"> <new/> <o>No data entered. </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="81"> <new/> <o>Data is not a float. </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="82"> <new/> <o>Found the string %O trailing after the float. </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="83"> <new/> <o>Data is not an integer </o> <t></t> </str> <str id="84"> <new/> <o>Found the string %O trailing after the integer. </o> <t></t> </str>
3b3eac2001-09-03Martin Nilsson  <str id="361"> <new/> <o>Are you sure you want to delete the database %s and the data?</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="362"> <new/> <o>Are you sure you want to delete the database %s? No data will be deleted from the remote datbase.</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="503"> <new/> <o>Group</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="299"> <new/> <o>URLs</o> <t></t> </str>
1128652001-09-03Martin Nilsson  <str id="324"> <new/> <o>Change group for this database</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="423"> <new/> <o>Changing group for %s</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="445"> <new/> <o>Old group</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="504"> <new/> <o>New group</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="505"> <new/> <o>%d bytes</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="506"> <new/> <o>Member of the %s database group</o> <t></t> </str>
3079b82001-10-03Martin Nilsson  <str id="507"> <new/> <o>Cannot list fields in %s databases</o> <t></t> </str>
31cfb12001-11-07Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  <str id="508"> <new/> <o>Ports</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="509"> <new/> <o>Select site</o> <t></t> </str> <str id="510"> <new/> <o>Bind this port: </o> <t></t> </str>
e4202b2002-06-14Martin Nilsson  <str id="1008"> <new/> <o>Refresh</o> <t></t> </str>