22c1ef2003-03-19Martin Nilsson PIKE 7.5 ANNOUNCEMENT $Id: ANNOUNCE,v 1.11 2003/03/19 20:22:56 nilsson Exp $
1975c91997-11-18Peter Nordgren 
166f1e2002-04-06Leif Stensson Pike is an interpreted, object-oriented programming language with a syntax reminiscent of C and Java, and freely available and distributable under the GNU General Public License (GPL).
192f621997-11-18Niels Möller  Pike is just as suitable for intricate and large applications as for creating use-once scripts. When needed, you can also write
1975c91997-11-18Peter Nordgren Pike modules in C, to gain better performance or access C
192f621997-11-18Niels Möller libraries. This is transparent to the module's users; the modules written in C and those written in Pike are accessed in exactly the same way.
166f1e2002-04-06Leif Stensson Some Pike highlights:
192f621997-11-18Niels Möller 
166f1e2002-04-06Leif Stensson  + Freely distributable under GPL + Interpreted - no compilation and linking needed to run code + Object Oriented - straightforward and powerful object
192f621997-11-18Niels Möller  orientation, including multiple inheritance
166f1e2002-04-06Leif Stensson  + Modular - extendible with modules written in C or Pike + Powerful - high-level language, concise code + Incremental - allows on-the-fly modifications and recompilations + Source Code Available - promoting sharing of useful code + Portable - Platform independent and available on most common flavors of Unix, as well as Windows. + Powerful, Flexible and Efficient Data Types + Automatic Memory Management + Scalable - as useful for small scripts as for powerful and
192f621997-11-18Niels Möller  complex applications.
166f1e2002-04-06Leif Stensson  + Text Processing - e.g. for filtering + Exception Handling + Multi-Threaded Application Development Possible + Easy-to-Learn C-like Syntax The standard Pike distribution comes with a number of modules for various useful purposes. Among these are: + Image processing with support for several graphic file formats (such as JPEG, PNM, PNG, TIFF and IFF), and numerous image manipulation functions + Cryptographic functions, including SSL support + Database interface to several common SQL databases, including MySQL and Oracle + Embedding interfaces for Java and Perl Some other modules include support for MIME, Gz, Gmp, Gdbm, GTK, XML, and regular expressions.