3a2e422001-07-27Johan Sundström (to browse bug crunch tickets noted at the end of these notes, either visit http://community.roxen.com/crunch/ - or append the ticket id to "http://bugs.roxen.com/" for a address directly to the ticket itself) Changes since 2001-07-26 / Pike 7.0.350 (released with Roxen 2.1.262): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes since 2001-04-19 / Pike 7.0.332 (released with Roxen 2.1.247): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes: o Fix for bug where setting the weak flag on an empty array or multiset caused multisets created later to also be weak. o Fix for replace_many function. o Fix for combine_path function with wide-strings. o Fix for cpp. o Added JRE1.3 support for NT. o Fixed a bug causing coredump when a parse is finished inside an HTML tag under certain conditions. o Fixed bug which caused quote_tags to dump core when one of the registered quote tags had "" as end string. o Fixed leaks in parse_html and parse_html_lines when callback functions throw errors. o Fix for sscanf character sets and wide strings. o Fix for a few bugs in decode_truecolor. o Fix for equal. o Fixed compilation problem with the gauge function. o Fixed compatibility problem with Gcc 3.0. o Fixed type mixup between classes. o Fixed problem with compile_string and threads. Improvement and bug tickets closed: 1304, 1648, 1728, 1739, 1793, 1839, 1859, 1879 Changes since 2001-02-21 / Pike 7.0.312 (released with Roxen 2.1.231): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Improvements: o Poll now default on Linux and MacOSX too. o Improved support for HPUX cc. o Added some support for AIX 5L. o Improved test for memcmp. o Raised the default fd limits. o Make rm more unix-like on NT: It now tries to chmod a file if it can't be removed due to lack of write permission on the file itself. Bug Fixes: o Fixed some DNS problems. o Fixed callback problem with non-blocking i/o. o Various fixes for BSD/OS. o Fixed detection of FreeBSD 4.0 and later. o Fixed disabling of Perl. o Various SCO fixes. o Fix for bignum formatting bug, added workaround and fixed speedup in Oracle module. o Renamed Image.WBF to Image.WBMP. o Fixed missing encoding of + in http_encode_url(). Improvement and bug tickets closed: 761, 1203, 1261, 1373 Changes since 2001-01-26 / Pike 7.0.304 (released with Roxen 2.1.221): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes since 2000-12-10 / Pike 7.0.288 (released with Roxen 2.1.199): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes: o Various fixes in the gc to prevent too deep recursion when destroying large number of objects. Changes since 2000-11-08 / Pike 7.0.268 (released with Roxen 2.1.185): ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes: o Removed recursion bug that occurred if there was no _Image_GIF module. o A few Oracle compatibility fixes. o A few fixes in the Photoshop image decoder.