6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas Changes since Pike 7.2: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson New/improved functionality: ---------------------------
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o New Hilfe
d4ce822002-09-26Johan Sundström  The interactive pike environment you get when running pike without giving a program name, has been thoroughly rewritten. Most notably it now supports more of the common pike constructs, and is more extendable and configurable. Start it and type help for more info.
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson o AutoDoc
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o pike -x
d4ce822002-09-26Johan Sundström  When starting pike with the -x parameter, the pike process will run the named script in Tools.Standalone, giving the rest of the arguments as command-line switches. This is a convenient way of running rsif (replace string in file) and pv (the image viewer you may be familiar with from Tools.PV).
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o unbug
d729172002-07-14Honza Petrous 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o Unicode 3.2.0
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  All charts have been updated to Unicode 3.2.0. This applies both to the Unicode module as well as to Pike-global functionality such as
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  upper_case/lower_case. unicode_to_string() also has support for surrogate and byteorder make handling.
d729172002-07-14Honza Petrous 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o Extended random()
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson  random() now works on floats, arrays, multisets, mappings and objects in addition to integers.
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  o delay()/sleep()
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson  sleep() no longer busywaits, which it previously did for small values. The old behaviour is available from the delay() function.
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson 
d4ce822002-09-26Johan Sundström o search(string, int) / has_value(string, int) Both of these methods now handle both looking for strings and
3787512002-09-27Johan Sundström  integers (the unicode number for a single character). Examples: search("hi, ho!", '!'), has_value("Nope.", ' ')
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  Language additions: -------------------
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o foreach(X; Y; Z) The foreach statement has been extended to allow iterations over mappings, multisets and any object that implements the iterator interface (see below). To make it possible to use this conveniently, a new syntax has been added to get both the index and the value in each iteration: foreach (something; index-expr; value-expr) ... This iterates over something, assigning in turn each index to index-expr and each value to value-expr. The index and value expressions can be declarations or lvalues, and they can also be left out if the index and/or value part isn't interesting. Note that it depends on the data type whether the iteration order is well defined or not; arrays and multisets are iterated over starting with the first element while mappings are visited in some arbitrary order (each element is still visited only once, though). o Iterators As noted above, an iterator interface has been added that is now used in various places to iterate over different data structures. Not only the built-in data types are supported, but actually any object that fulfills the interface for iterators: When iterating over an object o, o->_get_iterator() is called to
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  get an iterator object. An iterator object should at least have two functions, index() and value(), to get the index and value at the current position, a function `+=(int steps) to advance the current position the specified number of steps, and a `!() that returns zero if the position hasn't reached the end of the data set.
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm  Also, if the object o lacks a _get_iterator function, it's assumed to be an iterator itself. This makes it possible to pass an iterator explicitly to e.g. the foreach statement. The built-in data types also have iterator classes with this interface. They are found as Array.Iterator, Mapping.Iterator, etc and can be used to iterate over these data types in some custom fashion. This is especially useful for mappings and multisets, which cannot be iterated over directly in any other way. For example, to get some arbitrary index in a mapping m: mixed any_index = Mapping.Iterator(m)->index();
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Automap o Implicit lambda.
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o Access to hidden variables in surrounding scopes. Include the names of the surrounding classes themselves in the lookup for Foo::, to make it possible to adress hidden variables in the scopes of surrounding classes, e.g:
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm  class Foo { int i; void create (int i) {Foo::i = i;} }
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o global:: Added new keyword global to be able to access identifiers on the top level of the compilation unit using global::foo.
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström  o global. All top level modules (and other identifiers in that scope) can now
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm  be accessed with a "global." prefix. This is useful in cases where
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström  local identifiers overshadow the top level, for instance in the Image module, where the Image.Image class would occasionally block your view.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o this Added a magic identifier "this" that can be used instead of this_object(). Like this_program, it only exists when there's no
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm  other identifier with that name. The primary reason for adding this magic identifier is to make it possible to address the object of a surrounding class with Foo::this.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o The Local module
2ee5a42002-10-31Johan Sundström  All Pike modules and classes found in the directory hierarchies /usr/local/pike_modules, /opt/pike_modules, /opt/share/pike_modules, /usr/local/share/pike_modules, $HOME/pike_modules, and $PIKE_LOCAL_PATH (a :-separated list of directories) are available with the prefix "Local.". Local.add_path() and Local.remove_path() respectively adds and removes entries from the list of paths to inspect when resolving Local.* symbols.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o enum reserved o enum and typedef have implicit local binding
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o ::_indices(), ::_values(). There are now two "magic" functions ::_indices() and ::_values() that can be used by an object to list all identifiers and their values in itself. They are primarily intended when the _indices() and _values() lfuns have been defined, to get the default implementations. This is to complement the "magic" ::`->() and ::`->=() functions that exist in earlier releases.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o UNDEFINED
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o _m_delete
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson o :: includes current class class X { int i; void create (int i) {X::i = i;} }
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström  New modules / classes / methods added: --------------------------------------
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o ADT.History
2b873c2002-09-24Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  Leaking stack.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o ADT.Relation.Binary Handles binary relations.
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Audio.Codec and Audio.Codec Contains decoders and encoders for audio. Currently WAV and MP3.
02c81c2002-09-17Honza Petrous  Note: The API remains marked "unstable".
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o Calendar.verify o Debug.Tracer o Locale.Language
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Parser.Python
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  Splits Python source code into text tokens.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o Parser.RCS
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström  Extracts data from RCS or CVS repositories.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o XML.NSTree o HTTP.Server
c5bc252002-09-16Johan Sundström o Protocols.X.KeySyms
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o Standards.CIFF o Standards.FIPS10_4 o Standards.ID3
705f932002-09-23Honza Petrous  ID3 tags decoder/encoder. Supports versions: 1.0, 1.1,
d4ce822002-09-26Johan Sundström  2.2-2.4. Frequently used in MP3 files for encapsulating metadata.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o Standards.RDF
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o System.Time
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o System.Timer
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Stdio.FakeFile o Stdio.GZipFile
fa3acf2002-09-27Johan Sundström o Stdio.expand_symlinks(string path) Expands all symlinks along a path (returns 0 for broken links). (Only available on systems with readlink.)
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Tools.PV Convenience tool that sets up a canvas with GTK, presents a picture on it and delivers a number of image inspection and
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström  manipulation options.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  Also accessable via "pike -x pv"
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Image.Dims
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  Can extract the dimensions of an image with a minimal amount of data loading. Currently handles JPEG, GIF and PNG images.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o Image.Fonts High level API for font handling. Should be used instead of accessing the Freetype, TTF and *FIXME* modules directly. o Image.DWG
d4ce822002-09-26Johan Sundström  Decodes AutoCAD thumbnail images.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o Gmp.mpq and Gmp.mpf
c301e82002-09-27Johan Sundström  Multi precision fractions.
3dbeca2002-09-16Johan Sundström 
d107302002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o String.SplitIterator o Stdio.File.line_iterator o String.Replace, String.SingleReplace
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm 
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström Optimizations: --------------
d107302002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o Machine code used on some architectures.
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson o Computed goto o Better module dumping
d107302002-09-22Martin Stjernholm o Overall speed improvements.
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson  Function calls (new opcodes)
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  sprintf arrays replace
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  o Deferred backtraces.
d107302002-09-22Martin Stjernholm 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Improvement and bug tickets closed: 1499 Compatibility changes: ----------------------
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm The following changes are known to break compatibility. The old behaviour is emulated in the compatibility layer that is activated by adding the preprocessor directive "#pike 7.2" to your program or by giving the argument "-V7.2" to the pike executable. o "global" has become a reserved keyword. o Changed lookup rule for ::. Previously the identifier in front of :: was only looked up among the preceding inherits. Now the lookup additionally includes the names of the surrounding classes. The inherits inside a class still take precedence over the name of the class, though. o Using local:: on variables is an error. Previously the construct local::foo could be used to access the identifier "foo" in the class scope if it had been overridden by an argument or function variable. That is however only a side-effect of the real use for local::, namely to bind the identifier statically at that point only, to avoid getting an overridden version. In the case of variables this leads to questionable semantics, which is the reason it's been made an error in this version. Pike 7.2 didn't implement it correctly; there local:: on variables had only the effect to access the class scope. Now a proper way to access hidden identifiers has been added, so all such uses of local:: should be replaced with this_program::.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
1d89c52002-09-24Johan Sundström o Identifier lookup The search algorithm for finding identifiers from inherited classes has been changed to look for the most recent definition in the most recent inherit. In Pike 7.2 and prior, it looked up the last definition regardless of inherit depth, unless there was a definition in the current program. (This actually changed more than once during 7.3 - between 7.3.23 and 7.3.32, it looked up the most recent definition with the least inherit depth.) This example shows what the lookup strategies would find: class A { int foo() {} } class B { int foo() {} inherit A; } class C { inherit B; } class D { inherit B; inherit C; } Lookup of identifier "foo" in D(): D-+-B-+-foo Pike 7.3.23 --- Pike 7.3.32 | | | +-A---foo | +-C---B-+-foo Pike 7.3.33 --- (present day) | +-A---foo --- Pike 7.3.22 Lookup of identifier "foo" in C(): C---B-+-foo Pike 7.3.23 --- (present day) | +-A---foo --- Pike 7.3.22 Lookup of identifier "foo" in B(): B-+-foo All versions of Pike | +-A---foo
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson o Image.Layer modes modified Alpha channel handling for modes add, subtract, multiply, divide, modulo, invsubtract, invdivide, invmodulo, difference, max, min, bitwise_and, bitwise_or, bitwise_xor, screen and overlay modified so that the source layer alpha channel copied to the destination layer alpha channel rather then mixed with the current layer alpha channel: aD=aS rather then the behavior before: aD=(aL+(1-aL)*aS) (which is the behavior of the 'normal' mode.) Bug fixes in the above modes so that alpha r,g,b channels
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström  are handled properly (separately).
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson  Bug fixes in equal, not_equal, less, more, less_or_equal, more_or_equal modes so that the alpha channel is handled as documented (which is, in fact, as above; aD=aS).
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström 
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson  Bug fix in divide, invdivide to actually do what the modes are supposed to do (rather then just black the layer).
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström 
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson  And while on it, adding some modes:
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström 
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson  'imultiply' - D=(1-L)*S 'idivide' - D=S/(1-L) 'invidivide' - D=L/(1-S)
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström 
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson  'value_mul' - multiplying the source layer value
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström  (as in h,s,v) with the current layer value to the destination layer ("true burn").
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson  NOTE: There is no backward compatibility functions added for use with #pike. o Thread.Condition()->wait
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas o Protocols.LDAP.client The return code from all methods was changed to follow Pike's logic better. 0 is now a failure. The old behaviour is emulated in
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  a compatibility layer.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o dirname Now correctly returns a directory instead of just stripping the
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  part after the nearest directory separator.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  o LR LR has been moved to Parser.LR and the API has been chnged. FIXME: More about this?
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson o wmml documentation removed Use the documentation in the refdoc directory instead. o .build_lobotomize_crypto removed Use the Makefile target lobotomize_crypto to lobotomize Pike.
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  Should preferably be executed in an unused tree straight from CVS.
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  C level/development changes: ----------------------------
99b2a62002-09-26Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) o Some global symbols have been renamed to avoid name clashes.
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  sp -> Pike_sp fp -> Pike_fp fatal -> Pike_fatal empty_string -> empty_pike_string o --with-internal-profiling o Module symbols not available from other modules.
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  Bugs fixed: ----------- o Reworked trampolines to cause less circular references. (solves 1937)
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm (To browse bug tickets, either visit http://community.roxen.com/crunch/ - or append the ticket id to "http://bugs.roxen.com/" for an address directly to the ticket itself.)
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson  Uncategorized: -------------- o --with-new-multisets o PIKE_RUN_UNLOCKED o Works with Autoconf 2.50 o Saved 8 bytes per object for objects not using their parent scope o constant objects (Gmp.Bignum, Math.Matrix, Image.Color)
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson o basetype() o it is possible to change predefines without forking a new pike o dynamic loading o #pragma save_parent
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström o #pragma dont_save_parent (overrides constant __pragma_save_parent__)
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson o dont_dump_module o modules can no longer call functions in other modules directly o it is possible to inherit pike programs from C programs.
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström o separate weak flags for indices and values in mappings
bd8a482002-10-27Martin Nilsson  Math.inf Math.nan
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson Gmp.mpf Gmp.mpq (Rational numbers) Gz._file Image.Image()->blur Image.Image()->grey_blur Image.PVR: VQ compression/decompression added MIME.Message: guess mode added Math.Transforms (FFT iFFT) Math.Matrix()->sum,max,min Math.Matrix.convolve Math.Matrix.dot_product Oracle: CLOB and BLOB support Charset: Shift_JS, UTF-7.5, EUC, Big5, CP950, UTF-16, UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE Crypto.MD4 Crypto.crypt_md5 _Ffmpeg Image.JPEG: transforms Stdio.File->sync Stdio.get_all_active_fd (from spider) system.normalize_path system.gettimeofday system.get_netinfo_property (Max OS X) system.usleep/nanosleep system.Memory (a class to read/write from mmap'ed or allocated memory) SDL
03360f2002-10-31Johan Sundström Shuffler
7ab1002002-10-31Martin Nilsson Image.SVG