e996782004-05-02Martin Nilsson Changes since Pike 7.6:
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas ----------------------------------------------------------------------
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
d863e62004-09-03David Gourdelier o Stdio.* Stdio.cp can now works recursively in a directory tree Stdio.cp now keep permissions when copying Added Stdio.recursive_mv which work on every OS and when destination isn't on the same filesystem as the source
7b31f72004-05-10Martin Nilsson o Process.popen Process.popen is now able to run in nonblocking mode. If a second argument is provided a file object will be opened witht that mode and return, enabling for two way communication with the new process.
6de0ec2004-05-11Henrik Grubbström (Grubba)  o PIKE_PORTABLE_BYTECODE --with-portable-bytecode is now the default. Pike programs that have been dumped on one architecture now can be decoded on another.