ffd9ed2002-12-05Martin Nilsson Changes since Pike 7.4:
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas ----------------------------------------------------------------------
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson New/improved functionality: ---------------------------
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
ffd9ed2002-12-05Martin Nilsson o rsif rsif can now work recursively in a file structure if given the flag -r or --recursive. Example: pike -x rsif -r 7.4 7.6
8a6b142002-11-29Martin Nilsson 
670abd2003-01-12Martin Stjernholm o The automatic garbage collection strategy is configurable The garbage collector can be configured to take both the amount of
60a3942003-04-28Martin Stjernholm  garbage and the cpu time spent in the gc into account. Automatic gc runs can also be disabled in critical regions. See the function Pike.gc_parameters. o sort() is stable Unlike previous releases, sort() will keep the original order between elements that are equal. This was not implemented as a separate function since it could be done with virtually no extra overhead.
670abd2003-01-12Martin Stjernholm 
a594a12003-07-23Martin Nilsson o sort() is portable Sort is now locale and platform independent. In other words, strings are now compared only according to the unicode value of every character. o Reworked codec The codec for serialization of Pike data types has been updated and has a significally improved successrate at encoding modules.
8d23b02003-09-30Martin Nilsson o Less magic hacks Several Pike modules has been cleaned up and old hacks and workarounds for which it now exists real solutions has been rewritten. This should increase size, performance, dumpability and readability of the affected code. In addition lots of internal types in Pike has been tightened up and several more files uses the strict types pragma, which has resulted in some bugfixes. o IPv6 o INT64
29147c2002-10-31Martin Nilsson 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson Language additions: -------------------
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas 
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
8a6b142002-11-29Martin Nilsson New modules / classes / methods added: --------------------------------------
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström 
6b6b1d2003-01-09Martin Stjernholm o trace() takes another argument to turn on tracing in all threads The configure option --without-thread-trace has been removed, but instead the trace() function has been extended to make it possible to set the trace level in all threads simultaneously.
8d23b02003-09-30Martin Nilsson o Regexp.PCRE added to give libpcre support. o _ADT o ADT.Struct o Crypto/Nettle o Debug.Wrapper o Geography RT38 o Int o Pike.Security o Protocols.HTTP.Session o Tools.Shoot/Standaone.benchmark o Standalone.cgrep o Standalone.dump o Image.NEO o Bz2
638b8d2002-09-22Martin Stjernholm 
cd683a2001-07-27Johan Sundström Optimizations: --------------
38a6742002-12-31Per Hedbor o Instantiation and destruction of pike-classes is now significantly faster.
770a0b2003-07-23Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) 
60a3942003-04-28Martin Stjernholm o Handling of bignums has been optimized, especially conversion to/from normal integers.
38a6742002-12-31Per Hedbor 
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  Compatibility changes: ----------------------
e2a7382002-11-24Peter Bortas  Compatibility changes without backward compatibility: -----------------------------------------------------
fc7f8d2002-11-24Martin Stjernholm 
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson C level/development changes: ----------------------------
6bf19a2002-09-15Peter Bortas  Bugs fixed: -----------
bf7e8e2002-09-26Martin Nilsson 
e2a7382002-11-24Peter Bortas Uncategorized misc changes: ---------------------------