0a345d1998-10-21Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) #! /bin/sh # # $Id: install-sh,v 1.1 1998/10/21 19:42:35 hubbe Exp $ # # install - install a program, script, or datafile # This comes from X11R5. # # Calling this script install-sh is preferred over install.sh, to prevent # `make' implicit rules from creating a file called install from it # when there is no Makefile. # # This script is compatible with the BSD install script, but was written # from scratch. # # set DOITPROG to echo to test this script # Don't use :- since 4.3BSD and earlier shells don't like it. doit="${DOITPROG-}" # put in absolute paths if you don't have them in your path; or use env. vars. mvprog="${MVPROG-mv}" cpprog="${CPPROG-cp}" chmodprog="${CHMODPROG-chmod}" chownprog="${CHOWNPROG-chown}" chgrpprog="${CHGRPPROG-chgrp}" stripprog="${STRIPPROG-strip}" rmprog="${RMPROG-rm}" mkdirprog="${MKDIRPROG-mkdir}" transformbasename="" transform_arg="" instcmd="$mvprog" chmodcmd="$chmodprog 0755" chowncmd="" chgrpcmd="" stripcmd="" rmcmd="$rmprog -f" mvcmd="$mvprog" src="" dst="" dir_arg="" while [ x"$1" != x ]; do case $1 in -c) instcmd="$cpprog" shift continue;; -d) dir_arg=true shift continue;; -m) chmodcmd="$chmodprog $2" shift shift continue;; -o) chowncmd="$chownprog $2" shift shift continue;; -g) chgrpcmd="$chgrpprog $2" shift shift continue;; -s) stripcmd="$stripprog" shift continue;; -t=*) transformarg=`echo $1 | sed 's/-t=//'` shift continue;; -b=*) transformbasename=`echo $1 | sed 's/-b=//'` shift continue;; *) if [ x"$src" = x ] then src=$1 else # this colon is to work around a 386BSD /bin/sh bug : dst=$1 fi shift continue;; esac done if [ x"$src" = x ] then echo "install: no input file specified" exit 1 else true fi if [ x"$dir_arg" != x ]; then dst=$src src="" if [ -d $dst ]; then instcmd=: else instcmd=mkdir fi else # Waiting for this to be detected by the "$instcmd $src $dsttmp" command # might cause directories to be created, which would be especially bad # if $src (and thus $dsttmp) contains '*'. if [ -f $src -o -d $src ] then true else echo "install: $src does not exist" exit 1 fi if [ x"$dst" = x ] then echo "install: no destination specified" exit 1 else true fi # If destination is a directory, append the input filename; if your system # does not like double slashes in filenames, you may need to add some logic if [ -d $dst ] then dst="$dst"/`basename $src` else true fi fi ## this sed command emulates the dirname command dstdir=`echo $dst | sed -e 's,[^/]*$,,;s,/$,,;s,^$,.,'` # Make sure that the destination directory exists. # this part is taken from Noah Friedman's mkinstalldirs script # Skip lots of stat calls in the usual case. if [ ! -d "$dstdir" ]; then defaultIFS=' ' IFS="${IFS-${defaultIFS}}" oIFS="${IFS}" # Some sh's can't handle IFS=/ for some reason. IFS='%' set - `echo ${dstdir} | sed -e 's@/@%@g' -e 's@^%@/@'` IFS="${oIFS}" pathcomp='' while [ $# -ne 0 ] ; do pathcomp="${pathcomp}${1}" shift if [ ! -d "${pathcomp}" ] ; then $mkdirprog "${pathcomp}" else true fi pathcomp="${pathcomp}/" done fi if [ x"$dir_arg" != x ] then $doit $instcmd $dst && if [ x"$chowncmd" != x ]; then $doit $chowncmd $dst; else true ; fi && if [ x"$chgrpcmd" != x ]; then $doit $chgrpcmd $dst; else true ; fi && if [ x"$stripcmd" != x ]; then $doit $stripcmd $dst; else true ; fi && if [ x"$chmodcmd" != x ]; then $doit $chmodcmd $dst; else true ; fi else # If we're going to rename the final executable, determine the name now. if [ x"$transformarg" = x ] then dstfile=`basename $dst` else dstfile=`basename $dst $transformbasename | sed $transformarg`$transformbasename fi # don't allow the sed command to completely eliminate the filename if [ x"$dstfile" = x ] then dstfile=`basename $dst` else true fi # Make a temp file name in the proper directory. dsttmp=$dstdir/#inst.$$# # Move or copy the file name to the temp name $doit $instcmd $src $dsttmp && trap "rm -f ${dsttmp}" 0 && # and set any options; do chmod last to preserve setuid bits # If any of these fail, we abort the whole thing. If we want to # ignore errors from any of these, just make sure not to ignore # errors from the above "$doit $instcmd $src $dsttmp" command. if [ x"$chowncmd" != x ]; then $doit $chowncmd $dsttmp; else true;fi && if [ x"$chgrpcmd" != x ]; then $doit $chgrpcmd $dsttmp; else true;fi && if [ x"$stripcmd" != x ]; then $doit $stripcmd $dsttmp; else true;fi && if [ x"$chmodcmd" != x ]; then $doit $chmodcmd $dsttmp; else true;fi && # Now rename the file to the real destination. $doit $rmcmd -f $dstdir/$dstfile && $doit $mvcmd $dsttmp $dstdir/$dstfile fi && exit 0