6e9bc92017-11-26Martin Nilsson Pike by Fredrik Hübinette 1994-2001 and the Pike team 2001-2017
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson 
3a26752002-02-15Johan Sundström Permission to copy, modify, and distribute this source for any legal
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson purpose granted as long as my name is still attached to it. More
e7c0d02002-11-16Johan Sundström specifically, the GPL, LGPL and MPL licenses apply to this software.
8bf3fc1995-11-01David Hedbor 
4a87222016-11-05Martin Nilsson New releases can be found on http://pike.lysator.liu.se/download/ Report bugs at http://bugs.roxen.com/
cbaaa42002-02-27Martin Nilsson There is also a mailing list, to subscribe to it mail: pike-request@roxen.com
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson  HOW TO BUILD PIKE
5a96212013-06-20Martin Nilsson If you are building Pike from git, read README-GIT instead.
b4739d2004-02-29Martin Nilsson 
3a26752002-02-15Johan Sundström The top-level makefile (in this directory, not the src directory) has
b4739d2004-02-29Martin Nilsson all the magic you need to build Pike. Just type 'make'.
51d60e2009-06-05Martin Bähr To install type "make install" or "make install_interactive".
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson 
9afaf22014-10-20Martin Nilsson You will need a C compiler and libgmp. You probably also want to have
fd2b662014-10-19Martin Nilsson GNU make and libnettle.
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson 
5a96212013-06-20Martin Nilsson If that doesn't work, refer to README-GIT, in particular the sections
51d60e2009-06-05Martin Bähr on additional "DEPENDENCIES", on "CONFIGURE OPTIONS AND BUILD VARIABLES", on "MANUAL BUILDING" and, if needed, the section "IF IT DOESN'T WORK".
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson  BUGS
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson If you find a bug in the interpreter, the first thing to do is to make sure the interpreter is compiled with PIKE_DEBUG defined. If not, recompile with PIKE_DEBUG and see if you get another error. When
3a26752002-02-15Johan Sundström you've done this, please report the bug to us at
4a87222016-11-05Martin Nilsson http://bugs.roxen.com/ and include as much as you can muster of the following:
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson 
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson  o The version of the driver. (Try pike --version or look in src/version.h)
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson  o What kind of system hardware/software you use (OS, compiler, etc.)
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson  o The piece of code that crashes or bugs, preferably in a very
58ad4e2003-11-05Martin Nilsson  small Pike-script with the bug isolated. Please send a complete
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson  running example of something that makes the interpreter bug.
ef3d962001-10-16Martin Nilsson  o A description of what it is that bugs and when.
3a26752002-02-15Johan Sundström  o If you know how, then also give us a backtrace and dump of vital
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson  variables at the point of crash.
3a26752002-02-15Johan Sundström  o Or, if you found the error and corrected it, just send us the
73c4fb2001-11-05Martin Nilsson  bugfix along with a description of what you did and why.