1e3e932002-04-20Martin Nilsson The files in this directory: export.pike Creates a Pike source distribution. extract.pike Locale extraction utility for the locate system implemented in the Locale module. fake_dynamic_load.pike Used by build process. [FIXME: Better documentation] fixdepends.sh Used by make depend. hilfe Alias for pike without arguments, which starts Hilfe, the incremental Pike frontend. httpd.pike A very small httpd capable of fetching files only. [FIXME: Should be removed since there is a better server within Pike] install_module Installs a Pike module into a pike module directory. [FIXME: Doesn't appear to be fully functional] install.pike The Pike installation script, which is run when a Pike is installed. It is also run by when a binary export is made, to assemble the package it later will install. make_ci.pike Creates the file case_info.h during Pike build. The case_info.h file is an optimized version of the case information in the ../src/UnicodeData.txt file. make_interpret_functions.pike Creates the file interpret_functions_fixed.h during Pike build. metatest Utility that permutates over a number of configure flags and compiles and verifies all the produced Pikes. [FIXME: Update with more interesting flags?] mkpackage.pike Utility for creating executable installation scripts based on Pike. [FIXME: Better description.] mkpeep.pike Creates the file peep_engine.c during Pike build. mktestsuite Generates testsuite files from testsuite.in files during "make verify". mktreeopt.pike Creates the file mktreeopt.h during Pike build. nobinary_dummy A simple script that fakes success for all configure tests when --disable-binary is set. parse_install_log [FIXME: What does this do? Doesn't appear to be called from any Makefile.] pike This file is generated from the file pike.in when make all is built from the top level make file. This script is a wrapper for the latest built Pike binary that adds the posibility to start pike with the optional argument --gdb to run the Pike in gdb. Usage example: bin/pike --gdb program_that_crash.pike --arg arg2 pike.in The file from which the script pike is generated. precompile.pike Creates .c files from .cmod files during Pike build. rsif The extremly handy "replace string in file" utility. rsqld.pike An SQL proxy daemon. smartlink [FIXME: What does this do?] tarfilter.pike Filters a tar file applying root/root ownership on its contents. test_pike.pike The program that performs the test suite when make verify is run. unbug A GDB frontend for debugging pike code.
6b44772002-08-07Martin Nilsson  xenofarm_gdb_cmd GDB commands that the Xenofarm client will run on any resulting core files once its build and verification is done.