d580371997-12-04Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) #!/usr/local/bin/pike string basename(string s) { return (s/"/")[-1]; } mapping install_from=([]); mapping fake_dirs=([]); void install(string from, string to) { if(search(from,"/CVS/")!=-1) return; install_from[combine_path(".",to)]=combine_path(".",from); } int main(int argc, string *argv) { string srcdir=argv[1]; string prefix=argv[2]; string *lines=Stdio.stdin->read(0x7fffffff)/"\n"; foreach(lines, string line) { string *args=line/" "; args[0]=basename(args[0]); Getopt.find_all_options(args, ({ ({"ignore",Getopt.NO_ARG,"-cvf"}), }), 0, 0); args=Getopt.get_args(args,0,0); switch(args[0]) { case "mkdir": for(int e=1;e<sizeof(args);e++) fake_dirs[args]=1; break; case "install": case "cp": mixed s=file_stat(args[-1]); if((s && s[1]==-2) || sizeof(args)>3 || fake_dirs[s]) { for(int e=1;e<sizeof(args)-1;e++) install(args[e], combine_path(args[-1],basename(args[e]))); }else{ install(args[1], args[2]); } } } string dirname=replace(version()," ","-"); #if constant(uname) mixed u=uname();
655cc21997-12-04Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe)  if(u->sysname=="AIX") dirname+="-"+u->sysname+"-"+u->version+"."+u->release; else dirname+="-"+u->sysname+"-"+u->release+"-"+u->machine; dirname=replace(dirname,"/","-");
d580371997-12-04Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) #endif Process.system("rm -rf "+dirname); mkdir(dirname); chmod(dirname,0755); mkdir(dirname+"/files"); chmod(dirname+"/files",0755); Process.system("cp "+srcdir+"/install-sh "+srcdir+"/../ANNOUNCE "+dirname); chmod(dirname+"/install-sh",0755); mapping new_install_from=([]); int fileno; foreach(sort(indices(install_from)), mixed i) { Process.system("cp "+install_from[i]+" "+dirname+"/files/"+fileno); new_install_from[i]="files/"+fileno; fileno++; } string script="#!/bin/sh\n"; script+="cat <<\EOF\n"; script+= "This script will install "+version()+" on this machine.\n" "The following directories will be created if they do not\n" "already exist:\n" "\n" " "+prefix+"/bin/\n" " "+prefix+"/lib/pike/\n" " "+prefix+"/include/pike/\n" "\n" "Do you wish to continue? \n" "EOF\n" "if read answer ; then\n" " case x$answer in\n" " xy* | xY*) ;;\n" " *) echo See you later. ; exit 0\n" " esac\n" "else\n" " :\n" "fi\n" ; foreach(sort(indices(new_install_from)), mixed i) { script+= sprintf("echo installing %s\n",i)+ sprintf("if test -f %s ; then mv -f %s %s.old ; else : ; fi\n",i,i,i)+ sprintf("./install-sh %s %s\n",new_install_from[i],i); } rm(dirname+"/install"); Stdio.write_file(dirname+"/install",script); chmod(dirname+"/install",0755); Process.system("tar cvf - "+dirname+" | gzip -9 >"+dirname+".tar.gz"); }