5267b71995-08-09Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) NAME allocate - allocate an array SYNTAX mixed *allocate(int size, [ string type ]); DESCRIPTION Allocate an array of size elements. Optionally, write what type you want to store in the array in the second argument as a string. Note that the type given in this string should be simple, instead of writing "int ***" just write "array". EXAMPLES mixed *a=allocate(17); int *b=allocate(17, "int"); int **c=allocate(17, "array"); mapping *c=allocate(17, "mapping"); array (list (int)) c=allocate(17, "list"); array (string) c=allocate(17, "string"); NOTA BENE Arrays are dynamically allocated there is no need to declare them like int a[10]=allocate(10); (and it isn't possible either) like in C, just int *a=allocate(10); will do. SEE ALSO sizeof, aggregate, arrayp