5267b71995-08-09Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) NAME rusage - return resource usage SYNTAX int *rusage(); DESCRIPTION This function returns an array of ints describing how much resources the intepreter process has used so far. This array will have at least 29 elements, of which those values not available on this system will be zero. The elements are as follows: 0: user time 1: system time 2: maxrss 3: idrss 4: isrss 5: minflt 6: minor pagefaults 7: major pagefaults 8: swaps 9: block input op. 10: block output op. 11: messages sent 12: messages received 13: signals received 14: voluntary context switches 15: involuntary context switches 16: sysc 17: ioch 18: rtime 19: ttime 20: tftime 21: dftime 22: kftime 23: ltime 24: slptime 25: wtime 26: stoptime 27: brksize 28: stksize Don't ask me to explain these values, read your system manuals for more information. (Note that all values may not be present though) SEE ALSO time