03f1571996-11-25Fredrik Hübinette (Hubbe) NAME /precompiled/stack - generic stack DESCRIPTION /precompiled/stack is a Pike program that implements a generic stack. The stack can hold any amount of values. Only three methods are available: push(), pop() and reset() ============================================================================ NAME push - push a value on the stack SYNTAX #include <stack.h> void stack->push(mixed value) DESCRIPTION This function pushes a value on top of the stack. There is always room for more values on the stack. (Until you run out of memory.) ============================================================================ NAME pop - pop a value off the stack SYNTAX #include <stack.h> mixed stack->pop() DESCRIPTION This function pops the topmost value off the stack. If there are no values left on the stack a 'stack underflow' error is generated. ============================================================================ NAME reset - remove all values from the stack SYNTAX #include <stack.h> void stack->reset() DESCRIPTION This function simply returns the stack to it's original state: empty. ============================================================================