78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) import "."; import Event; program|Event `[](string s) { return ::`[](s) || magic_event(s); } function `-> = `[]; Event|Namedays|Magic_Index magic_event(string s) { s=replace(s,"_"," "); Event e; if ( (e=made_events[s]) ) return e; array a=events[s]; if (a) return made_events[s]=a[0](@a[1..]); if (sizeof(glob(s+"/*",indices(events)))) return made_events[s]=Magic_Index(s); return ([])[0]; } mapping made_events=([]); class Magic_Index { string base; void create(string s) { base=s+"/"; } Event|Namedays|Magic_Index `[](string s) { return magic_event(base+s); } Event|Namedays|Magic_Index `->(string s) { return `[](s); } array(string) _indices() { return map(glob(base+"*",indices(events)), lambda(string s) { return array_sscanf(s,base+"%[^/]")[0]; }); } array(Event|Namedays|Magic_Index) _values() { return map(_indices(),`[]); } string _sprintf(int t) { return (t!='O')?0:sprintf("Event index(%O)",base); } } #if 1 mapping(string:SuperEvent) made_countries=([]); Event country(string name) { if (made_countries[name]) return made_countries[name]; array z=country_events[name]; if (!z) return 0; array(Event) ze=({}); mapping(Event:multiset(string)) zf=([]); // reuse those multisets mapping(string:multiset) flags=(["":0,"h":(<"h">),"f":(<"f">)]); flags->hf=flags->fh=(<"h","f">); foreach (z,string id) if (id[0]=='+') { Event e=country(id[1..]); if (!e) werror("internal error: Missing country %O, can't inherit\n", id[1..]); else ze=e->events|ze, zf=e->flags|zf; } else if (id[0]=='-') { Event e=magic_event(id[1..]); if (!zf[e]) werror("internal error: Missing event %O, can't remove\n",id[1..]); m_delete(zf,e); ze-=({e}); } else { string fs=""; sscanf(id,"%s|%s",id,fs); Event e=magic_event(id); if (!e) werror("internal error: Missing event %O\n",id); else ze|=({e}); if (fs!="") zf[e]=flags[fs]||mkmultiset( (array)fs ); } return made_countries[name]=SuperEvent(ze,zf); } #endif // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // event definitions // ---------------------------------------------------------------- #define FIXED(NAME,MD,MN) \ ({Gregorian_Fixed,NAME,MD,MN}) #define FIX_M(NAME,MD,MN,N) \ ({Gregorian_Fixed,NAME,MD,MN,N}) // relative week day (n: 1=first following, 2=2nd, -1=previous, -2=2nd prev) #define DWDR(NAME,MD,MN,WD,N) \ ({Monthday_Weekday_Relative,NAME,MD,MN,WD,N}) // relative week day, inclusive #define DWDRI(NAME,MD,MN,WD,N) \ ({Monthday_Weekday_Relative,NAME,MD,MN,WD,N,1}) #define EASTER_REL(NAME,OFFSET) \ ({Easter_Relative,NAME,OFFSET}) #define ORTH_EASTER_REL(NAME,OFFSET) \ ({Orthodox_Easter_Relative,NAME,OFFSET}) #define J_FIXED(NAME,MD,MN) \ ({Julian_Fixed,NAME,MD,MN}) #define J_FIX_M(NAME,MD,MN,N) \ ({Julian_Fixed,NAME,MD,MN,N}) constant events=([ // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // standard "monday": ({Weekday,1}), "tuesday": ({Weekday,2}), "wednesday": ({Weekday,3}), "thursday": ({Weekday,4}), "friday": ({Weekday,5}), "saturday": ({Weekday,6}), "sunday": ({Weekday,7}), // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // global events // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "new year": FIXED("New Year's Day", 1, 1), "unity": FIXED("Unity Day", 22, 2), "womens": FIXED("Int. Women's Day", 8, 3), "arab league": FIXED("Arab League Day", 22, 3), "anzac": FIXED("ANZAC Day", 25, 4), "labor": FIXED("Labor Day", 1, 5), "may day": FIXED("May Day", 1, 5), "africa": FIXED("Africa Day", 25, 5), "perseid meteor shower":FIXED("Perseid Meteor Shower",11,8), "columbus": FIXED("Columbus Day", 12,10), "un": FIXED("UN Day", 24,10), "halloween": FIXED("Halloween", 31,10), "armistice": FIXED("Armistice Day", 11,11), "family": FIXED("Family Day", 25,12), "kwanzaa": FIXED("Kwanzaa", 26,12), "new years eve": FIXED("New Year's Eve", 31,12), "mardi gras": EASTER_REL("Mardi Gras",-47), "mothers": DWDRI("Mother's Day", 1,5,7,2), "fathers": DWDRI("Father's Day", 1,6,7,3), // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // religious events // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // common (catholic) christianity "c/circumcision": FIXED("Feast of the Circumcision",1,1), "c/epiphany": FIXED("Epiphany", 6, 1), "c/presentation": FIXED("Presentation", 2, 2), "c/candlemas": FIXED("Candlemas", 2, 2), "c/annunciation": FIXED("Annunciation", 25, 3), "c/transfiguration": FIXED("Transfiguration", 6, 8), "c/assumption": FIXED("Assumption Day", 15, 8), "c/nativity of mary":FIXED("Nativity of Mary",8, 9), "c/all saints": FIXED("All Saints Day", 1,11), "c/all souls": FIXED("All Souls Day", 2,11), "c/immaculate conception":FIXED("Immaculate Conception",8,12), "c/christmas eve": FIXED("Christmas Eve", 24,12), "c/christmas": FIXED("Christmas Day", 25,12), "c/christmas2d": FIX_M("Christmas", 25,12,2), "c/boxing": FIXED("Boxing Day", 26,12), "c/childermas": FIXED("Childermas", 28,12), "c/shrove sunday": EASTER_REL("Shrove Sunday", -49), "c/shrove monday": EASTER_REL("Shrove Monday", -48), "c/rose monday": EASTER_REL("Rose Monday", -48), // aka "c/shrove tuesday": EASTER_REL("Shrove Tuesday", -47), "c/fat tuesday": EASTER_REL("Fat Tuesday", -47), // aka "c/ash wednesday": EASTER_REL("Ash wednesday", -46), "c/palm sunday": EASTER_REL("Palm Sunday", -7), "c/holy thursday": EASTER_REL("Holy Thursday", -3), "c/maundy thursday": EASTER_REL("Maundy Thursday", -3), // aka "c/holy friday": EASTER_REL("Holy Friday", -2), "c/good friday": EASTER_REL("Good Friday", -2), // aka "c/holy saturday": EASTER_REL("Holy Saturday", -1), "c/easter eve": EASTER_REL("Easter Eve", -1), // aka "c/easter": EASTER_REL("Easter", 0), "c/easter monday": EASTER_REL("Easter Monday", 1), "c/rogation sunday": EASTER_REL("Rogation Sunday", 35), "c/ascension": EASTER_REL("Ascension", 39), "c/pentecost eve": EASTER_REL("Pentecost Eve", 48), "c/pentecost": EASTER_REL("Pentecost", 49), "c/whitsunday": EASTER_REL("Whitsunday", 49), // aka "c/pentecost monday":EASTER_REL("Pentecost Monday",50), "c/whitmonday": EASTER_REL("Whitmonday", 50), // aka "c/trinity": EASTER_REL("Trinity", 56), "c/corpus christi": EASTER_REL("Corpus Christi", 60), "c/advent 1": DWDR ("Advent 1",24,12,7,-4), "c/advent 2": DWDR ("Advent 2",24,12,7,-3), "c/advent 3": DWDR ("Advent 3",24,12,7,-2), "c/advent 4": DWDR ("Advent 4",24,12,7,-1), // other "catholic church/baptism of christ": FIXED("Feast of the Baptism of Christ",13,1), "catholic church/christ the king": DWDRI("Feast of Christ the King",1,10,7,-1), "catholic church/gaurdian angles": FIXED("Feast of the Gaurdian Angles",2,10), "catholic church/transfiguration":FIXED("Transfiguration",6,8), // orthodox // I don't know which of these are/will be needed: "orhodox/circumcision": J_FIXED("Feast of the Circumcision",1,1), "orthodox/epiphany": J_FIXED("Epiphany", 6, 1), "orthodox/presentation": J_FIXED("Presentation", 2, 2), "orthodox/candlemas": J_FIXED("Candlemas", 2, 2), "orthodox/annunciation": J_FIXED("Annunciation", 25, 3), "orthodox/transfiguration": J_FIXED("Transfiguration", 6, 8), "orthodox/assumption": J_FIXED("Assumption Day", 15, 8), "orthodox/nativity of mary": J_FIXED("Nativity of Mary",8, 9), "orthodox/immaculate conception":J_FIXED("Immaculate Conception",8,12), "orthodox/christmas eve": J_FIXED("Christmas Eve", 24,12), "orthodox/christmas": J_FIXED("Christmas Day", 25,12), "orthodox/christmas2d": J_FIX_M("Christmas", 25,12,2), "orthodox/boxing": J_FIXED("Boxing Day", 26,12), "orthodox/childermas": J_FIXED("Childermas", 28,12), "orthodox/triodon": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Triodon",-70), "orthodox/sat. of souls": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Sat. of Souls",-57), "orthodox/meat fare": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Meat Fare",-56), "orthodox/2nd sat. of souls":ORTH_EASTER_REL("2nd Sat. of Souls",-50), "orthodox/lent begins": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Lent Begins",-48), "orthodox/saints/theodore": ORTH_EASTER_REL("St. Theodore",-43), "orthodox/orthodoxy": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Sunday of Orthodoxy",-42), "orthodox/lazarus": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Saturday of Lazarus",-8), "orthodox/palm sunday": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Palm Sunday",-7), "orthodox/good friday": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Good Friday",-2), "orthodox/holy saturday": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Holy Saturday",-1), "orthodox/easter": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Easter",0), "orthodox/easter monday": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Easter Monday",1), "orthodox/ascension": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Ascension",39), "orthodox/sat. of souls": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Sat. of Souls",48), "orthodox/pentecost": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Pentecost",49), "orthodox/pentecost monday": ORTH_EASTER_REL("Pentecost Monday",50), "orthodox/all saints": ORTH_EASTER_REL("All Saints",56), "bahai/ascension of abdul-baha":FIXED("Ascension of 'Abdu'l-Baha",28,11), "bahai/ascension of bahaullah":FIXED("Ascension of Baha'u'llah",29,5), "bahai/birth of bab": FIXED("Birth of Bab",20,10), "bahai/birth of bahaullah": FIXED("Birth of Baha'u'llah",12,11), "bahai/day of the covenant": FIXED("Day of the Covenant",27,11), "bahai/declaration of bab": FIXED("Declaration of B\341b",23,5), "bahai/festival of ridvan": FIXED("Festival of Ridv\341n",21,4), "bahai/martyrdom of bab": FIXED("Martyrdom of Bab",9,7), "bahai/naw-ruz": FIXED("Naw-R\372z",21,3), // temporary "saints/basil": FIXED("St. Basil",1,1), "saints/devote": FIXED("St. Devote",27,1), "saints/blaise": FIXED("St. Blaise",3,2), "saints/valentine": FIXED("St. Valentine",14,2), "saints/john the baptist": FIXED("St. John the Baptist",24,6), "saints/peter": FIXED("St. Peter",29,6), "saints/paul": FIXED("St. Paul",29,6), "saints/demetrios": FIXED("St. Demetrios",26,10), "saints/lucy": FIXED("St. Lucy",13,12), "saints/stephen": FIXED("St. Stephen",26,12), // aka boxing day "saints/patrick": FIXED("St. Patrick",17,3), "saints/david": FIXED("St. David",1,3), // --------------------------------------------------------------------- // historic and political // --------------------------------------------------------------------- #if 0 // this should be the julian dates... "roman festivals/agonalia": FIXED("Agonalia",9,1), "roman festivals/ambarvalia": FIXED("Ambarvalia",29,5), "roman festivals/carmentalia":FIX_M("Carmentalia",11,1,5), "roman festivals/cerealia": FIXED("Cerealia",19,4), "roman festivals/equiria": FIXED("Equiria",14,3), "roman festivals/faunalia": FIXED("Faunalia",13,2), "roman festivals/feralia": FIXED("Feralia",18,2), "roman festivals/festival of anna perenna": FIXED("festival of Anna Perenna",15,3), "roman festivals/festival of the lares pr\346stites": FIXED("festival of the Lares Pr\346stites",1,5), "roman festivals/floria": FIXED("Floria",28,4), "roman festivals/fools": FIXED("Feast of Fools",17,2), "roman festivals/fordicidia": FIXED("Fordicidia",15,4), // "roman festivals/fornicalia": February, "roman festivals/lemuria": FIX_M("Lemuria",9,5,5), "roman festivals/liberalia": FIXED("Liberalia",17,3), "roman festivals/ludi apollinares":FIXED("Ludi Apollinares",5,7), "roman festivals/ludi consualia":FIXED("Ludi Consualia",21,8), "roman festivals/ludi martiales":FIXED("Ludi Martiales",12,5), "roman festivals/ludi merceruy":FIXED("Ludi Merceruy",15,5), "roman festivals/lupercalia": FIXED("Lupercalia",15,2), "roman festivals/magalesia": FIX_M("Magalesia",4,4,7), "roman festivals/matralia": FIXED("Matralia",11,6), "roman festivals/matronalia": FIXED("Matronalia",1,3), "roman festivals/nemoralia": FIXED("Nemoralia",13,8), "roman festivals/neptunalia": FIXED("Neptunalia",23,7), "roman festivals/paganalia": FIX_M("Paganalia",24,1,3), "roman festivals/parentalia": FIX_M("Parentalia",13,2,9), "roman festivals/parilia": FIXED("Parilia",21,4), "roman festivals/portunalia": FIXED("Portunalia",17,8), "roman festivals/quinquatrus minusculoe": FIXED("Quinquatrus Minusculoe",13,6), "roman festivals/quinquatrus[quinquatria?]": FIX_M("Quinquatrus[Quinquatria?]",19,3,3), "roman festivals/quirinalia": FIXED("Quirinalia",17,2), "roman festivals/regifugium": FIXED("Regifugium",24,2), "roman festivals/robigalia": FIXED("Robigalia",25,4), // "roman festivals/semo sanctus":occurred in June, "roman festivals/terminalia": FIXED("Terminalia",23,2), "roman festivals/the vestalia":FIXED("The Vestalia",9,6), "roman festivals/tubilustrium":FIXED("Tubilustrium",23,3), "roman festivals/vinalia": FIXED("Vinalia",23,4), "roman festivals/vinalia rustica":FIXED("Vinalia Rustica",19,8), "roman festivals/volcanalia": FIXED("Volcanalia",23,8), #endif "british commonwealth/august bank holiday": DWDRI("August Bank Holiday",1,8,1,1), "british commonwealth/empire":FIXED("Empire Day",24,5), "british commonwealth/prince of wales": FIXED("Prince of Wales' Birthday",14,11), "british commonwealth/queens":FIXED("Queen's Birthday",4,6), "caribbean/caricom": DWDRI("CARICOM Day",1,7,1,1), "caribbean/emancipation": DWDRI("Emancipation Day",1,8,1,1), "caribbean/schoelcher": FIXED("Schoelcher Day",21,7), // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // verified // ---------------------------------------------------------------- "argentina/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Anniversary",25,5), "argentina/soberanys": FIXED("Soberany's Day",10,6), "argentina/flag": FIXED("Flag's Day",20,6), "argentina/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",9,7), "argentina/gral san martin": FIXED("Gral San Martín decease",17,8), "argentina/race": FIXED("Race's Day",12,10), "argentina/malvinas": FIXED("Malvinas Day",2,4), "sweden/kings birthday": FIXED("King's Birthday",30,4), "sweden/kings nameday 2": FIXED("King's Nameday",28,1), "sweden/crown princess nameday": FIXED("Crown Princess' Nameday",12,3), "sweden/crown princess birthtday":FIXED("Crown Princess' Birthday",14,7), "sweden/flag": FIXED("Sweden's Flag Day",6,6), "sweden/kings nameday": FIXED("King's Nameday",6,11), "sweden/nobel": FIXED("Nobel Day",10,12), "sweden/queens birthday": FIXED("Queen's Birthday",23,12), "sweden/queens nameday": FIXED("Queen's Nameday",8,8), "sweden/valborg eve": FIXED("Valborgsmässoafton",30,4), "sweden/waffle": FIXED("Waffle Day",25,3), "sweden/all saints": DWDRI("Alla helgons dag",1,11,6,1), "sweden/midsummers eve": DWDRI("Midsummer's Eve",20,6,5,1), "sweden/midsummer": DWDRI("Midsummer's Day",21,6,6,1), "sweden/mothers": DWDR ("Mother's Day", 1,6,7,-1), "sweden/fathers": DWDRI("Father's Day", 1,11,7,2), "russia/state sovereignity": FIXED("State Sovereignity Day",12,6), "russia/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,5), "russia/valpurgis": FIXED("Valpurgis Night",1,5), "russia/warriors": FIXED("Warriors Day",23,2), "russia/teachers": FIXED("Teachers Day",1,10), // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // not verified // ---------------------------------------------------------------- "afghanistan/afghan new year":FIXED("Afghan New Year",21,3), "afghanistan/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",30,8), "afghanistan/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",27,5), // "afghanistan/jeshyn-afghans": August [28-31?], "afghanistan/mothers": FIXED("Mother's Day",14,6), "afghanistan/national assembly":DWDRI("National Assembly Day",1,9,3,2), "afghanistan/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",27,4), "afghanistan/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "albania/army": FIXED("Army Day",10,7), "albania/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",28,11), "albania/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",29,11), "albania/proclamation of the republic": FIXED("Proclamation of the Republic Day",11,1), "algeria/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",3,7), "algeria/national": FIXED("National Day",19,6), "algeria/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",1,11), "american baptist/roger williams":FIXED("Roger Williams Day",5,2), "american samoa/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",17,4), "andorra/national feast": FIXED("National Feast Day",8,9), "anglican church/name of jesus":FIXED("Feast of the Name of Jesus",7,8), "angola/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",1,8), "angola/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",11,11), "angola/mpla foundation": FIXED("MPLA Foundation Day",10,12), "angola/national heros": FIXED("National Hero's Day",17,9), "angola/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",4,2), "angola/pioneers": FIXED("Pioneers' Day",1,12), "angola/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",27,3), "angola/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "angola/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",14,4), "anguilla/anguilla": FIXED("Anguilla Day",1,6), "antigua and barbuda/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",1,11), "armenia/christmas": FIXED("Christmas",6,1), "armenia/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",24,4), "armenia/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",28,5), "aruba/aruba flag": FIXED("Aruba Flag Day",18,3), "australia/australia": FIXED("Australia Day",26,1), "australia/eight hour": FIXED("Eight Hour Day",11,10), "australia/foundation": FIXED("Foundation Day",7,6), "australia/hobert regatta": FIXED("Hobert Regatta Day",9,2), "australia/proclamation": FIXED("Proclamation Day",28,12), "australia/recreation": FIXED("Recreation Day",1,11), "australia/second new years": FIXED("Second New Year's Day",2,1), "australia/show": DWDRI("Show Day",1,11,2,1), "australia/summer bank holiday":DWDRI("Bank Holiday",1,8,1,4), // ? "australia/spring bank holiday":DWDRI("Bank Holiday",1,3,1,4), // ? "austria/national": FIXED("National Day",15,5), "austria/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",26,10), "austria/national holiday of austria": FIXED("National Holiday of Austria",26,10), "austria/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",12,11), "austria/second republic": FIXED("Second Republic Day",27,4), "bahamas/fox hill": DWDRI("Fox Hill Day",1,8,2,2), "bahamas/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",10,7), "bahamas/labor": DWDRI("Labour Day",1,6,5,1), "bahrain/national of bahrain":FIXED("National Day of Bahrain",16,12), "bangladesh/bengali new year":FIXED("Bengali New Year",14,4), "bangladesh/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,3), "bangladesh/national mourning":FIXED("National Mourning Day",21,2), "bangladesh/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",7,11), "bangladesh/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",16,12), "barbados/errol barrow": FIXED("Errol Barrow Day",21,1), "barbados/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",30,11), "barbados/united nations": FIXED("United Nations Day",7,10), "belgium/dynasty": FIXED("Dynasty Day",15,11), "belgium/independence": FIX_M("Independence Day",21,7,2), "belgium/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",15,11), "belize/baron bliss": FIXED("Baron Bliss Day",9,3), "belize/commonwealth": FIXED("Commonwealth Day",24,5), "belize/garifuna": FIXED("Garifuna Day",19,11), "belize/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",21,9), "belize/national": FIXED("National Day",10,9), "belize/pan american": FIXED("Pan American Day",12,10), "belize/saint georges cay": FIXED("St. George's Cay Day",10,9), "benin/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",26,10), "benin/harvest": FIXED("Harvest Day",31,12), "benin/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",16,1), "benin/national": FIXED("National Day",30,11), "benin/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "benin/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",1,4), "bermuda/bermuda": FIXED("Bermuda Day",24,5), "bermuda/peppercorn": FIXED("Peppercorn Day",23,4), "bermuda/remembrance": FIXED("Remembrance Day",11,11), "bermuda/somers": FIXED("Somers Day",28,7), "bhutan/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",11,11), "bhutan/national of bhutan": FIXED("National Day of Bhutan",17,12), // "bolivia/alacitas": occurs in January, "bolivia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",6,8), "bolivia/la paz": FIXED("La Paz Day",16,7), "bolivia/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",21,7), "bolivia/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",23,3), "bolivia/national": FIXED("National Day",9,4), "bosnia and herzegovina/labors":FIX_M("Labor Days",1,5,2), "botswana/botswana": FIXED("Botswana Day",30,9), "botswana/presidents": FIXED("President's Day",24,5), "brazil/brasilia": FIXED("Brasilia Day",21,4), "brazil/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",22,4), "brazil/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",7,9), "brazil/proclamation of the republic": FIXED("Proclamation of the Republic Day",15,11), "brazil/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",15,11), "brazil/sao paulo": FIXED("Sao Paulo Anniversary",25,1), "brazil/tiradentes": FIXED("Tiradentes Day",21,4), // "british virgin islands/sovereigns observance":occurs in June, "british virgin islands/territory":FIXED("Territory Day",1,7), "brunei/national": FIXED("National Day",23,2), "brunei/royal brunei armed forces": FIXED("Royal Brunei Armed Forces Day",1,6), "brunei/sultans": FIXED("Sultan's Birthday",15,7), "bulgaria/babin den": FIXED("Babin Den",20,1), "bulgaria/botev": FIXED("Botev Day",20,5), "bulgaria/education": FIXED("Education Day",24,5), "bulgaria/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",3,3), "bulgaria/national": FIXED("National Day",3,3), "bulgaria/national holiday": FIX_M("National Holiday",9,9,2), "bulgaria/viticulturists": FIXED("Viticulturists' Day",14,2), "burkina faso/anniversary of 1966 coup": FIXED("Anniversary of 1966 Coup",3,1), "burkina faso/labor": FIXED("Labour Day",1,5), "burkina faso/national": FIXED("National Day",4,8), "burkina faso/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",11,12), "burkina faso/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",30,11), "burundi/anniversary of the revolution": FIXED("Anniversary of the Revolution",30,11), "burundi/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,7), "burundi/murder of the hero": FIXED("Murder of the Hero Day",13,10), "burundi/victory of uprona": FIXED("Victory of Uprona Day",18,9), "cambodia/ancestors": FIXED("Feast of the Ancestors",22,9), // "cambodia/chaul chhnam": occurs in April, "cambodia/day of hatred": FIXED("Day of Hatred",20,5), "cambodia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",17,4), "cambodia/khmer republic constitution": FIXED("Khmer Republic Constitution Day",12,5), "cambodia/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",28,6), "cambodia/national": FIXED("National Day",7,1), // "cambodia/visak bauchea": Vesak Day, "cameroon/commemoration of national institutions": FIXED("Commemoration of National Institutions Day",10,5), "cameroon/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",20,5), "cameroon/human rights": FIXED("Human Rights Day",10,12), "cameroon/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,1), "cameroon/unification": FIXED("Unification Day",1,10), "cameroon/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",11,2), "canada/civic holiday": DWDRI("Civic Holiday",1,8,1,1), "canada/discovery": DWDRI("Discovery Day",24,6,1,0), "canada/dominion": FIXED("Dominion Day",1,7), "canada/klondike gold discovery": DWDR("Klondike Gold Discovery Day",18,8,5,-1), "canada/labor": DWDRI("Labor Day",1,9,1,1), "canada/remembrance": FIXED("Remembrance Day",11,11), // "canada/thanksgiving": // usually in early October, and determined by annual proclamation, "canada/victoria": FIXED("Victoria Day",24,5), "cape verde/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",5,7), "cape verde/national": FIXED("National Day",12,9), "cape verde/national heroes": FIXED("National Heroes' Day",20,1), "caribbean/caricom": DWDRI("CARICOM Day",1,7,1,1), "caribbean/emancipation": DWDRI("Emancipation Day",1,8,1,1), "caribbean/schoelcher": FIXED("Schoelcher Day",21,7), "central african republic/first government": FIXED("anniversary of first government",15,5), "central african republic/republic": FIXED("Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic",1,12), "central african republic/day after republic": FIXED("Day after Republic Day",2,12), "central african republic/boganda":FIXED("Boganda Day",29,3), "central african republic/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",13,8), "central african republic/national holiday":FIXED("national holiday",11,11), "central african republic/the after republic": FIXED("the day after Republic Day",2,12), "central america/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",15,9), "chad/creation of the union of central african states": FIXED("Creation of the Union of Central African States Day",2,4), "chad/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",11,8), "chad/national": FIXED("National Day",11,1), "chad/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",28,11), "chad/traditional independence []": FIXED("Traditional Independence Day []",11,8), "chile/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",19,9), "chile/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",18,9), "chile/independence2": FIX_M("Independence Day",18,9,2), "chile/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",11,9), "chile/navy": FIXED("Navy Day",21,5), // "china/army": // or <i>National Liberation Army Festival,</i> August 1, 1927, "china/ccps": FIXED("The CCP's Birthday",1,7), "china/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",1,6), "china/national": FIXED("National Day",1,10), "china/teachers": FIXED("Teacher's Day",1,9), "china/tree planting": FIXED("Tree Planting Day",1,4), "china/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",4,5), "columbia/battle of boyaca": FIXED("Battle of Boyaca Day",7,8), "columbia/cartagena independence":FIXED("Cartagena Independence Day",11,11), "columbia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",20,7), "columbia/thanksgiving": FIXED("Thanksgiving Day",5,6), "comoros/anniversary of president abdallahs assassination": FIXED("Anniversary of President Abdallah's Assassination",27,11), "comoros/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",6,7), "congo/day before army": FIXED("day before Army Day",16,11), "congo/day before independence":FIXED("day before Independence Day",29,6), "congo/day before national": FIXED("day before national day",23,11), "congo/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,8), "congo/martyr of independence":FIXED("Martyr of Independence Day",4,1), "corsica/napoleons": FIXED("Napoleon's Day",15,8), "costa rica/battle of rivas": FIXED("Battle of Rivas Day",11,4), // "costa rica/guanacaste": , "costa rica/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9), "croatia/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",22,6), "croatia/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",30,5), // "cuba/beginning of independence wars":commemorates Fidel Castro's guerrilla, "cuba/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",20,5), "cuba/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",1,1), "cuba/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",26,7), "cuba/wars of independence": FIXED("Wars of Independence Day",10,10), "cyprus/green monday": EASTER_REL("Green Monday",-41), "cyprus/kataklysmos": FIXED("Kataklysmos",7,6), "cyprus/peace and freedom": FIXED("Peace and Freedom Day",20,7), "cyprus/submersion of the holy cross": FIXED("Feast of the Submersion of the Holy Cross",6,1), "cyprus/communal resistance": FIXED("Communal Resistance Day",1,8), "cyprus/greek national": FIXED("Greek National Day",28,10), "cyprus/name day": FIXED("Name Day",19,1), "czech republic/death of jan hus":FIXED("Death of Jan Hus",6,7), "czech republic/introduction of christianity": FIXED("Introduction of Christianity",5,7), "czechoslovakia/resistance movement":FIXED("Resistance Movement Day",11,4), // "czechoslovakia/teachers": , "denmark/birthday of queen margrethe ii": FIXED("Birthday of Queen Margrethe II",16,4), "denmark/common prayer": EASTER_REL("Common Prayer Day",26), "denmark/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",5,6), "denmark/fjortende februar": FIXED("Fjortende Februar",14,2), "denmark/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",5,5), // "denmark/public holidays": , "denmark/valdemars": FIXED("Valdemar's Day",15,6), "djibouti/independence feast":FIXED("Independence Feast Day",27,6), "djibouti/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "dominica/community service": FIXED("Community Service Day",4,11), "dominica/emancipation": DWDRI("Emancipation Day",1,8,1,1), "dominica/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",3,11), "ecuador/battle of pichincha ":FIXED("Battle of Pichincha Day",24,5), // "ecuador/cuenca independence": // commemorates the declaration of independence for, "ecuador/guayaquils independence": FIXED("Guayaquil's Independence Day",9,10), // "ecuador/independence": : August 10, 1809, "ecuador/simon bolivars": FIXED("Simon Bolivar's Birthday",24,7), "egypt/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",6,10), "egypt/evacuation": FIXED("Evacuation Day",18,6), "egypt/leylet en-nuktah": FIXED("Leylet en-Nuktah",17,6), "egypt/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",23,7), "egypt/sham al-naseem": FIXED("Sham al-Naseem",21,3), "egypt/sinai liberation": FIXED("Sinai Liberation Day",25,4), "egypt/suez": FIXED("Suez Day",24,10), "egypt/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",23,12), "el salvador/first call for independence": FIXED("First Call for Independence Day",5,11), "el salvador/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9), "el salvador/san salvador festival":FIX_M("San Salvador Festival",4,8,3), "el salvador/schoolteachers": FIXED("Schoolteachers Day",22,6), "equatorial guinea/armed forces":FIXED("Armed Forces Day",3,8), "equatorial guinea/constitution":FIXED("Constitution Day",15,8), "equatorial guinea/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",12,10), "equatorial guinea/oau": FIXED("OAU DAy",25,5), "equatorial guinea/presidents":FIXED("President's Birthday",5,6), "estonia/midsummer": FIXED("Midsummer Day",24,6), "estonia/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",23,6), "ethiopia/battle of aduwa": FIXED("Battle of Aduwa Day",2,3), "ethiopia/buhe": FIXED("Buhe",19,8), "ethiopia/epiphany": FIXED("Epiphany",19,1), "ethiopia/ethiopian new year":FIXED("Ethiopian New Year",11,9), "ethiopia/genna": FIXED("Genna",7,1), "ethiopia/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",5,5), "ethiopia/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",19,2), "ethiopia/meskel": FIXED("Meskel",28,9), "ethiopia/patriots victory": FIXED("Patriots' Victory Day",6,4), "ethiopia/popular revolution commemoration": FIXED("Popular Revolution Commemoration Day",12,9), "ethiopia/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",12,9), "ethiopia/victory of adowa": FIXED("Victory of Adowa",2,3), "falkland islands/anniversary of the battle of the falkland islands": FIXED("Anniversary of the Battle of the Falkland Islands",8,12), "falkland islands/liberation":FIXED("Liberation Day",14,6), "fiji/bank holiday": DWDRI("Bank Holiday",1,8,1,1), // "fiji/deed of cession": occurs near October 7, // "fiji/fiji2" on or near October 10, "fiji/fiji": DWDRI("Fiji Day",1,8,1,2), "fiji/prince charles": DWDRI("Prince Charles Day",1,11,1,3), "fiji/queens": DWDRI("Queen's Birthday",1,6,1,2), "finland/alexis kivi": FIXED("Alexis Kivi Day",10,10), "finland/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",4,6), "finland/flag of the army": FIXED("Flag Day of the Army",19,5), // "finland/helsinki": , "finland/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",6,12), "finland/kalevala": FIXED("Kalevala Day",28,2), // "finland/midsummers eve": WDREL("Midsummer's Eve","midsummers",5,-1), "finland/runebergs": FIXED("Runeberg's Day",5,2), "finland/snellman": FIXED("Snellman Day",12,5), "finland/vappu": FIXED("Vappu Day",1,5), "finland/all saints": DWDRI("All Saints Day",1,11,6,1), "finland/midsummers eve": DWDRI("Midsummer's Eve",24,6,5,0), "finland/midsummer": DWDRI("Midsummer's Day",25,6,6,0), "france/ascension": FIXED("Ascension Day",12,5), "france/bastille": FIXED("Bastille Day",14,7), "france/d-day observance": FIXED("D-Day Observance",6,6), "france/fathers": DWDRI("Father's Day",1,6,7,2), "france/fete des saintes-maries":FIXED("F\352te des Saintes-Maries",24,5), "france/fete nationale": FIXED("F\352te Nationale",22,9), "france/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",8,5), "france/marseillaise": FIXED("Marseillaise Day",30,7), "france/night watch": FIXED("Night Watch",13,7), "french polynesia/armistice": FIXED("Armistice Day",8,5), "french polynesia/chinese new year":FIXED("Chinese New Year",6,2), "french polynesia/missionaries arrival commemoration": FIXED("Missionaries Arrival Commemoration",5,3), "gabon/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",19,2), "gabon/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",17,8), "gabon/renovation": FIXED("Renovation Day",12,3), "germany/day of repentance": FIXED("Day of Repentance",18,11), "germany/day of the workers": FIXED("Day of the Workers",1,5), "germany/foundation": FIXED("Foundation Day",7,10), "germany/national": FIXED("National Day",23,5), // "germany/oktoberfest": occurs in Munich in September/October, "germany/unity": FIXED("Unity Day",3,10), "germany/waldchestag": EASTER_REL("Waldchestag",53), // "ghana/aboakyer": occurs in April or May, "ghana/homowo": FIXED("Homowo",1,8), "ghana/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",6,3), "ghana/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",24,2), "ghana/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",1,7), "ghana/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",31,12), "ghana/third republic": FIXED("Third Republic Day",24,9), "ghana/uprising": FIXED("Uprising Day",4,6), "gibraltar/commonwealth": FIXED("Commonwealth Day",13,3), // "gibraltar/late summer bank holiday":occurs in the end of August, "gibraltar/spring bank holiday":FIXED("Spring Bank Holiday",25,6), "greece/clean monday": EASTER_REL("Clean Monday",-41), // "greece/dumb week": the week preceding Holy Week, "greece/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,3), "greece/flower festival": FIXED("Flower Festival",1,5), "greece/midwifes": FIXED("Midwife's Day",8,1), "greece/ochi": FIXED("Ochi Day",28,10), "greece/saint basils": FIXED("Saint Basil's Day",1,1), "greece/dodecanese accession":FIXED("Dodecanese Accession Day",7,3), "greece/liberation of xanthi":FIXED("Liberation of Xanthi",4,10), "gregorian calendar /gregorian calendar": FIXED("Gregorian Calendar Day",24,2), "grenada/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",7,2), "grenada/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",13,3), "grenada/thanksgiving": FIXED("Thanksgiving Day",25,10), "guadeloupe/ascension": FIXED("Ascension Day",12,5), "guam/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",6,3), "guam/guam discovery": DWDRI("Guam Discovery Day",1,3,1,1), "guam/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",21,7), "guatemala/army": FIXED("Army Day",30,6), "guatemala/bank employees": FIXED("Bank Employees' Day",1,7), "guatemala/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9), "guatemala/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",30,6), "guinea/anniversary of cmrn": FIXED("Anniversary of CMRN",3,4), "guinea/anniversary of womens revolt": FIXED("Anniversary of Women's Revolt",27,8), "guinea/day of 1970 invasion":FIXED("Day of 1970 Invasion",22,11), "guinea/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",2,10), "guinea/referendum": FIXED("Referendum Day",28,9), "guinea-bissau/colonization martyrs":FIXED("Colonization Martyr's Day",3,8), "guinea-bissau/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",24,9), "guinea-bissau/mocidade": FIXED("Mocidade Day",1,12), "guinea-bissau/national": FIXED("National Day",12,9), "guinea-bissau/national heroes":FIXED("National Heroes Day",20,1), "guinea-bissau/readjustment movement": FIXED("Readjustment Movement Day",14,11), "guyana/freedom": FIXED("Freedom Day",1,8), "guyana/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,5), "guyana/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",23,2), "haiti/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",5,12), "haiti/vertieres": FIXED("Verti\350res Day",18,11), "honduras/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",21,10), "honduras/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9), "honduras/morazan": FIXED("Moraz\341n Day",3,10), "honduras/pan american": FIXED("Pan American Day",14,4), "honduras/thanksgiving": FIXED("Thanksgiving Day",15,3), "hong kong/birthday of confucious":FIXED("Birthday of Confucious",22,9), "hong kong/birthday of pak tai":FIXED("Birthday of Pak Tai",3,4), // "hong kong/chung yeung festival":[9th day of 9th month], "hong kong/half-year": FIXED("Half-Year Day",1,7), "hong kong/liberation": DWDR("Liberation Day",1,9,1,-1), "hungary/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",20,8), "hungary/revolution1848": FIXED("1848 Revolution Day",15,3), "hungary/revolution56": FIXED("'56 Revolution Day",23,10), "hungary/labor": FIXED("Holiday of Labor",1,5), "iceland/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",17,6), "india/indian independence": FIXED("Indian Independence Day",15,8), "india/mahatma gandhi jayanti":FIXED("Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti",2,10), "india/mahatma gandhi martyrdom":FIXED("Mahatma Gandhi Martyrdom Day",30,1), "india/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",26,1), // "indonesia/balinese new year":held every 210 days, "indonesia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",17,8), "indonesia/kartini": FIXED("Kartini Day",21,4), "iran/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",5,8), "iran/islamic republic": FIXED("Islamic Republic Day",1,4), "iran/martyrdom of imam ali": FIXED("Martyrdom of Imam Ali",14,7), "iran/no ruz": FIXED("No Ruz",21,3), "iran/oil nationalization": FIXED("Oil Nationalization Day",20,3), "iran/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",11,2), "iran/revolution2": FIXED("Revolution Day",2,4), "iraq/14 ramadan revolution": FIXED("14 Ramadan Revolution Day",8,2), "iraq/army": FIXED("Army Day",6,1), "iraq/july revolution": FIXED("July Revolution Day",17,7), "iraq/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",14,7), "ireland/sheelahs": FIXED("Sheelah's Day",18,3), "israel/balfour declaration": FIXED("Balfour Declaration Day",2,11), // "israel/hebrew university": occurs near April 1, // "israel/holocaust memorial": Nisan 27, // "israel/independence": Iyar 5, "israel/jerusalem reunification":FIXED("Jerusalem Reunification Day",12,5), // "israel/national": occurs in May, "italy/anniversary of the republic": FIXED("Anniversary of the Republic",2,6), "italy/befana": FIXED("Befana Day",6,1), "italy/day of conciliation": FIXED("Day of Conciliation",11,2), "italy/festa del redentore": DWDRI("Festa del Redentore",1,7,7,3), "italy/joust of the quintana":DWDRI("Joust of the Quintana",1,8,7,1), "italy/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",25,4), "italy/natale di roma": FIXED("Natale di Roma",21,4), "italy/palio del golfo": DWDRI("Palio Del Golfo",1,8,7,2), // "italy/saint marks": occurs in April, "italy/santo stefano": FIXED("Santo Stefano",26,12), "ivory coast/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",7,12), "ivory coast/national holiday of the ivory coast": FIXED("National Holiday of the Ivory Coast",7,12), // "jainism/jain payushan": began on 9/2/94 and 8/23/95, // "jainism/mahavir jayanti": Vaisakha 13, "jamaica/heroes": DWDRI("Heroes' Day",1,10,1,3), "jamaica/independence": DWDRI("Independence Day",1,8,1,1), "jamaica/labor": FIXED("Labour Day",23,5), "japan/adults": FIXED("Adults Day",15,1), // "japan/autumnal equinox": [sep 22nd or 23rd], "japan/bean-throwing festival":FIXED("Bean-Throwing Festival",4,2), // "japan/black ship": near July 15, // "japan/bon": occurs between July 13 and 15, "japan/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",5,5), "japan/childrens protection": FIXED("Children's Protection Day",17,4), "japan/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",3,5), "japan/culture": FIXED("Culture Day",3,11), "japan/emperors": FIXED("Emperor's Birthday",23,12), "japan/empire": FIXED("Empire Day",11,2), "japan/gion matsuri": FIX_M("Gion Matsuri",16,2,9), "japan/greenery": FIXED("Greenery Day",29,4), // "japan/health": <i>Sports Day,</i> October 10, "japan/hina matsuri": FIXED("Hina Matsuri",3,3), "japan/hiroshima peace festival":FIXED("Hiroshima Peace Festival",6,8), "japan/hollyhock festival": FIXED("Hollyhock Festival",15,5), "japan/jidai matsuri": FIXED("Jidai Matsuri",22,10), "japan/kakizome": FIXED("Kakizome",2,1), "japan/kambutsue": FIXED("Kambutsue",8,4), "japan/kite battles of hamamatsu":FIX_M("Kite Battles of Hamamatsu",3,5,3), "japan/labor thanksgiving": FIXED("Labor Thanksgiving Day",23,11), "japan/martyr": FIXED("Martyr Day",5,2), // "japan/memorial": , "japan/memorial to broken dolls":FIXED("Memorial to Broken Dolls Day",3,6), "japan/national foundation": FIXED("National Foundation Day",11,2), // "japan/peoples holiday": [near may 4?], "japan/respect for the aged": FIXED("Respect for the Aged Day",15,9), "japan/sanno matsuri": FIXED("Sanno Matsuri",15,6), // "japan/shichigosan": The name means "seven-five-three", "japan/shigoto hajime": FIXED("Shigoto Hajime",2,1), "japan/tanabata": FIXED("Tanabata",7,7), "japan/tango-no-sekku": FIXED("Tango-no-sekku",5,5), // "japan/vernal equinox": [mar 20 or mar 21st], "jordan/arbor": FIXED("Arbor Day",15,1), "jordan/coronation": FIXED("Coronation Day",11,8), "jordan/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,5), "jordan/king hussein": FIXED("King Hussein Day",14,11), "kenya/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",12,12), "kenya/kenyatta": FIXED("Kenyatta Day",20,10), "kenya/madaraka": FIXED("Madaraka Day",1,6), "kiribati/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",12,7), "kiribati/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",4,8), "korea/independence movement":FIXED("Independence Movement Day",1,3), "kuwait/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",19,6), "kuwait/national": FIXED("National Day",25,2), // "laos/army": occurs around March 24, "laos/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",11,5), "laos/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",19,7), "laos/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",15,8), "laos/pathet lao": FIXED("Pathet Lao Day",6,1), "laos/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",2,12), "latvia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",18,11), "latvia/midsummer festival": FIX_M("Midsummer Festival",23,6,2), "lebanon/evacuation": FIXED("Evacuation Day",31,12), "lebanon/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",22,11), "lebanon/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",6,5), "lebanon/saint maron": FIXED("Saint Maron Day",9,2), "lesotho/family": DWDRI("Family Day",1,7,1,1), "lesotho/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",4,10), "lesotho/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",2,5), "lesotho/moshoeshoes": FIXED("Moshoeshoe's Day",12,3), "lesotho/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",28,1), "lesotho/national sports": FIXED("National Sports Day",6,10), "lesotho/national tree planting":FIXED("National Tree Planting Day",21,3), "liberia/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",11,2), "liberia/decoration": FIXED("Decoration Day",13,3), "liberia/fast and prayer": FIXED("Fast and Prayer Day",11,4), "liberia/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",24,8), "liberia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,7), "liberia/j j roberts": FIXED("J. J. Robert's Birthday",15,3), "liberia/literacy": FIXED("Literacy Day",14,2), "liberia/matilda newport": FIXED("Matilda Newport Day",1,12), "liberia/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",12,11), "liberia/national redemption":FIXED("National Redemption Day",12,4), "liberia/pioneers": FIXED("Pioneers' Day",7,1), "liberia/president tubmans": FIXED("President Tubman's Birthday",29,11), "liberia/thanksgiving": DWDRI("Thanksgiving Day",1,11,4,1), "liberia/unification and integration": FIXED("Unification and Integration Day",14,5), "libya/evacuation": FIXED("Evacuation Day",28,3), "libya/expulsion of the fascist settlers": FIXED("Expulsion of the Fascist Settlers Day",7,10), "libya/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",12,3), "libya/national": FIXED("National Day",1,9), "libya/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",1,9), "libya/sanusi army": FIXED("Sanusi Army Day",9,8), // "libya/troop withdrawal": near June 30, "liechtenstein/birthday of prince franz-josef ii": FIXED("Birthday of Prince Franz-Josef II",16,8), "liechtenstein/national": FIXED("National Day",15,8), "lithuania/coronation": FIXED("Coronation Day",6,7), "lithuania/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",16,2), "lithuania/mourning": FIXED("Mourning",1,11), "luxembourg/burgsonndeg": FIXED("Burgsonndeg",28,2), "luxembourg/grand duchess": FIXED("Grand Duchess' Birthday",23,1), "luxembourg/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",9,9), "luxembourg/national": FIXED("National Day",23,6), "macao/anniversary of the portugese revolution": FIXED("Anniversary of the Portugese Revolution",25,4), "macao/battle of july 13": FIXED("Feast of the Battle of July 13",13,7), // "macao/hungry ghosts": occurs in August, "macao/procession of our lady of fatima": FIXED("Procession of Our Lady of Fatima",13,5), "macao/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",5,10), "madagascar/commemoration": FIXED("Commemoration Day",29,3), "madagascar/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,6), "madagascar/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",30,12), "malawi/august holiday": FIXED("August Holiday",6,8), "malawi/kamuzu": FIXED("Kamuzu Day",14,5), "malawi/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",3,3), "malawi/mothers": FIXED("Mother's Day",17,10), "malawi/national tree-planting":FIXED("National Tree-Planting Day",21,12), "malawi/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",6,7), // "malaysia/additional public holiday in kuala lumpur":City Day (Feb 1), "malaysia/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",3,6), "malaysia/malaysia": FIXED("Malaysia Day",31,8), "maldives/fisheries": FIXED("Fisheries Day",10,12), "maldives/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,7), "maldives/national": FIXED("National Day",7,1), "maldives/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",11,11), "maldives/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",3,11), "mali/army": FIXED("Army Day",20,1), "mali/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",22,9), "mali/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",19,11), "malta/freedom": FIXED("Freedom Day",31,3), "malta/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",21,9), "malta/memorial of 1919 riot":FIXED("Memorial of 1919 riot",7,6), "malta/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",13,12), "marshall islands/proclamation of the republic of marshall islands": FIXED("Proclamation of the Republic of Marshall Islands",1,5), "martinique/ascension": FIXED("Ascension Day",12,5), "mauritania/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",28,11), "mauritius/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",12,3), "mexico/birthday of benito juarez": FIXED("Birthday of Benito Ju\341rez",21,3), "mexico/cinco de mayo": FIXED("Cinco de Mayo",5,5), "mexico/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",5,2), "mexico/day of mourning": FIXED("Day of Mourning",17,7), "mexico/dia de la raza": FIXED("Dia de la Raza",12,10), "mexico/holy cross": FIXED("Holy Cross Day",3,5), "mexico/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",16,9), "mexico/night of the radishes":FIXED("Night of the Radishes",23,12), "mexico/our lady of guadalupe": FIXED("Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe",12,12), "mexico/posadass": FIX_M("Posadas Days",16,12,9), "mexico/presidential message":FIXED("Presidential Message Day",1,9), "mexico/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",20,11), "mexico/san marc\363s": FIXED("San Marc\363s Day",25,4), // "micronesia/national holiday":, "monaco/monaco national festival":FIXED("Monaco National Festival",19,11), "mongolia/national": FIXED("National Day",11,7), "mongolia/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",26,11), "montserrat/festival": FIXED("Festival Day",31,12), "montserrat/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",23,11), "mormonism/founding of the mormon church": FIXED("Founding of the Mormon Church",6,4), "morocco/green march": FIXED("Green March",6,11), "morocco/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",2,3), "morocco/oued ed-dahab": FIXED("Oued ed-Dahab Day",14,8), "morocco/throne": FIXED("Throne Day",3,3), "mozambique/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",25,9), "mozambique/heroes": FIXED("Heroes' Day",3,2), "mozambique/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,6), "mozambique/lusaka agreement":FIXED("Lusaka Agreement Day",7,9), "mozambique/universal fraternity":FIXED("Universal Fraternity Day",1,1), "mozambique/womens": FIXED("Women's Day",7,4), "mozambique/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "myanmar/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",27,3), // "myanmar/burmese new year": near April 17, "myanmar/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",4,1), "myanmar/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",19,7), "myanmar/national": FIXED("National Day",10,12), "myanmar/peasants": FIXED("Peasants' Day",2,3), "myanmar/resistance": FIXED("Resistance Day",27,3), "myanmar/union": FIXED("Union Day",12,2), "namibia/casinga": FIXED("Casinga Day",4,5), "namibia/day of goodwill": FIXED("Day of Goodwill",7,10), "namibia/family": FIXED("Family Day",26,12), "namibia/heroes": FIXED("Heroes' Day",26,8), "namibia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",21,3), "namibia/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "nauru/angam": FIXED("Angam Day",27,10), "nauru/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",31,1), "nepal/birthday of king birendra":FIXED("Birthday of King Birendra",28,12), // "nepal/buddha jayanti": occurs in May, "nepal/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",16,12), "nepal/democracy": FIXED("Democracy Day",18,2), "nepal/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",21,12), "nepal/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",28,12), "nepal/national unity": FIXED("National Unity Day",11,1), "nepal/queens": FIXED("Queen's Birthday",8,11), "nepal/tij": FIXED("Tij Day",8,8), "netherlands/beggars": FIXED("Beggar's Day",11,11), "netherlands/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,7), "netherlands/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",5,5), "netherlands/queens": FIXED("Queen's Day",30,4), "netherlands/sinterklaas": FIXED("Sinterklaas",6,12), "netherlands antilles/bonaire":FIXED("Bonaire Day",6,9), "netherlands antilles/cura\347ao":FIXED("Cura\347ao Day",2,7), "netherlands antilles/queens":FIXED("Queen's Birthday",30,4), "netherlands antilles/saba": FIXED("Saba Day",6,12), "netherlands antilles/saint eustatius":FIXED("St Eustatius Day",16,11), "netherlands antilles/saint maarten":FIXED("St Maarten Day",11,11), "new zealand/labor": DWDR("Labor Day",1,11,1,-1), "new zealand/queens": FIXED("Queen's Birthday",4,6), "new zealand/waitangi": FIXED("Waitangi Day",6,2), "nicaragua/air force": FIXED("Air Force Day",1,2), "nicaragua/army": FIXED("Army Day",27,5), "nicaragua/fiesta": FIXED("Fiesta Day",1,8), "nicaragua/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",15,9), "nicaragua/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",19,7), "nicaragua/san jacinto": FIXED("San Jacinto Day",14,9), "niger/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",3,8), "niger/national": FIXED("National Day",15,4), "niger/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",18,12), "nigeria/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",27,5), "nigeria/harvest festival": FIXED("Harvest Festival",12,10), "nigeria/national": FIXED("National Day",1,10), // "nigeria/odum titun": occurs in the winter, // "nigeria/odun kekere": occurs at the end of Ramadan, "northern mariana islands/commonwealth":FIXED("Commonwealth Day",3,1), "northern mariana islands/presidents":FIXED("Presidents Day",13,2), "norway/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",17,5), "norway/olsok eve festival": FIXED("Olsok Eve Festival",29,7), "norway/tyvendedagen": FIXED("Tyvendedagen",13,1), "oman/national": FIXED("National Day",23,7), "oman/national of oman": FIXED("National Day of Oman",18,11), "oman/national2": FIXED("National Day",18,11), "oman/sultans": FIXED("Sultan's Birthday",19,11), "pakistan/birthday of quaid-i-azam":FIXED("Birthday of Quaid-i-Azam",25,12), "pakistan/defense": FIXED("Defense Day",6,9), "pakistan/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",14,8), "pakistan/iqbal": FIXED("Iqbal Day",9,11), "pakistan/jinnah": FIXED("Jinnah Day",11,9), "pakistan/pakistan": FIXED("Pakistan Day",23,3), "panama/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",1,3), "panama/day of mourning": FIXED("Day of Mourning",9,1), "panama/festival of the black christ": FIXED("Festival of the Black Christ",21,10), "panama/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",4,11), "panama/foundation of panama city":FIXED("Foundation of Panama City",15,8), "panama/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",3,11), "panama/independence from spain":FIXED("Independence from Spain",28,11), "panama/mothers": FIXED("Mothers' Day",8,12), "panama/national anthem": FIXED("National Anthem Day",1,11), "panama/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Anniversary Day",11,10), "panama/uprising of los santos":FIXED("Uprising of Los Santos",10,11), "papua new guinea/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",16,9), "papua new guinea/remembrance":FIXED("Remembrance Day",23,7), "paraguay/battle of boquer\363n":FIXED("Battle of Boquer\363n Day",29,9), "paraguay/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",25,8), "paraguay/day of the race": FIXED("Day of the Race",12,10), "paraguay/founding of the city of asunci\363n": FIXED("Founding of the City of Asunci\363n",15,8), "paraguay/heroes": FIXED("Heroes' Day",1,3), "paraguay/independence": FIX_M("Independence Day",14,5,2), "paraguay/peace of chaco": FIXED("Peace of Chaco Day",12,6), "paraguay/virgin of caacupe": FIXED("Virgin of Caacupe",8,12), "peru/combat of angamos": FIXED("Combat of Angamos",8,10), "peru/independence": FIX_M("Independence Day",28,7,2), "peru/inti raymi fiesta": FIXED("Inti Raymi Fiesta",24,6), "peru/santa rosa de lima": FIXED("Santa Rosa de Lima",30,8), "philippines/araw ng kagitingan":FIXED("Araw ng Kagitingan",6,5), "philippines/barangay": FIXED("Barangay Day",11,9), "philippines/bataan": FIXED("Bataan Day",9,4), "philippines/bonifacio": FIXED("Bonifacio Day",30,11), "philippines/christ the king":FIXED("Feast of Christ the King",24,10), "philippines/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",17,1), "philippines/freedom": FIXED("Freedom Day",25,2), "philippines/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",12,6), "philippines/misa de gallo": FIX_M("Misa de Gallo",16,12,9), "philippines/national heroes":FIXED("National Heroes' Day",27,8), "philippines/philippine-american friendship": FIXED("Philippine-American Friendship Day",4,7), "philippines/rizal": FIXED("Rizal Day",30,12), "philippines/thanksgiving": FIXED("Thanksgiving Day",21,9), "portugal/cam\365es memorial":FIXED("Cam\365es Memorial Day",10,6), "portugal/christmas lisbon also observes the st anthony": FIXED("Christmas. Lisbon also observes the feast of St Anthony",13,6), "portugal/day of the dead": FIXED("Day of the Dead",2,11), "portugal/liberty": FIXED("Liberty Day",25,4), "portugal/portugal": FIXED("Portugal Day",10,6), "portugal/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",5,10), "portugal/restoration of the independence": FIXED("Restoration of the Independence",1,12), "puerto rico/barbosa": FIXED("Barbosa Day",27,7), "puerto rico/birthday of eugenio maria de hostos": FIXED("Birthday of Eugenio Maria de Hostos",11,1), "puerto rico/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",25,7), "puerto rico/de diego": FIXED("De Diego Day",16,4), "puerto rico/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",19,11), "puerto rico/emancipation": FIXED("Emancipation Day",22,3), "puerto rico/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",28,5), "puerto rico/mu\361oz rivera":FIXED("Mu\361oz Rivera Day",17,7), "puerto rico/ponce de leon": FIXED("Ponce de Leon Day",12,8), "puerto rico/saint johns": FIXED("St John's Day",24,6), "puerto rico/san juan": FIXED("San Juan Day",24,6), "qatar/anniversary of the amirs accession": FIXED("Anniversary of the Amir's Accession",22,2), "qatar/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",3,9), "romania/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",23,8), "romania/national": FIXED("National Day",1,12), "romania/public holiday": FIX_M("Public Holiday",23,8,2), "rwanda/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",26,10), "rwanda/democracy": FIXED("Democracy Day",28,1), "rwanda/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,7), "rwanda/kamarampaka": FIXED("Kamarampaka Day",25,9), "rwanda/peace and unity": FIXED("Peace and Unity Day",5,7), "saint kitts and nevis/carnival":FIXED("Carnival",31,12), "saint kitts and nevis/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",19,9), "saint kitts and nevis/prince of wales": FIXED("Prince of Wales' Birthday",14,11), "saint lucia/discovery": FIXED("Discovery Day",13,12), "saint lucia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",22,2), "saint lucia/thanksgiving": DWDRI("Thanksgiving Day",1,10,1,1), "saint vincent and the grenadines/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",27,10), "saint vincent and the grenadines/saint vincent and the grenadines": FIXED("Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Day",22,1), "san marino/anniversary of the arengo": FIXED("Anniversary of the Arengo",25,3), "san marino/fall of fascism": FIXED("Fall of Fascism Day",28,7), "san marino/investiture of the new captains regent": FIXED("Investiture of the New Captains Regent",1,4), "san marino/investiture of the new captains-regent": FIXED("Investiture of the New Captains-Regent",1,10), "san marino/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",5,2), "san marino/national": FIXED("National Day",1,4), "san marino/san marino": FIXED("San Marino Day",3,9), "sao tome and principe/farmers":FIXED("Farmers' Day",30,9), "sao tome and principe/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",12,7), "sao tome and principe/martyrs":FIXED("Martyrs' Day",4,2), "sao tome and principe/transitional government": FIXED("Transitional Government Day",21,12), "saudi arabia/national": FIXED("National Day",12,9), "saudi arabia/national of saudi arabia": FIXED("National Day of Saudi Arabia",23,9), "senegal/african community": FIXED("African Community Day",14,7), "senegal/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",4,4), "seychelles/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",29,6), "seychelles/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",5,6), "sierra leone/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",27,4), "sierra leone/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",19,4), // "singapore/birthday of the monkey god": // occurs in February and September/October, // "singapore/birthday of the saint of the poor":occurs in March, "singapore/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",16,9), "singapore/labor": FIXED("Labour Day",1,5), // "singapore/mooncake festival":occurs in September, "singapore/national holiday": FIXED("National Holiday",9,8), // "singapore/vesak": occurs in May, "slovakia/day of the slav apostles":FIXED("Day of the Slav Apostles",5,7), "slovakia/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",8,5), "slovakia/reconciliation": FIXED("Reconciliation Day",1,11), "slovakia/slovak national uprising": FIXED("Slovak National Uprising Day",29,8), "solomon islands/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",7,7), "somalia/foundation of the republic": FIXED("Foundation of the Republic Day",1,7), "somalia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",26,6), "somalia/revolution": FIX_M("Revolution Anniversary",21,10,2), "south africa/day of the vow":FIXED("Day of the Vow",16,12), "south africa/family": DWDRI("Family Day",1,7,1,2), "south africa/kruger": FIXED("Kruger Day",10,10), "south africa/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",31,5), "south africa/settlers": DWDRI("Settlers' Day",1,9,1,1), "south africa/van riebeeck": FIXED("Van Riebeeck Day",6,4), "south africa/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), "soviet union/anniversary of the october socialist revolution": FIX_M("Anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution",7,11,2), "soviet union/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,5), "spain/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",6,12), "spain/fiesta de san fermin": FIXED("Fiesta de San Fermin",7,7), "spain/fiesta del arbol": FIXED("Fiesta del Arbol",26,3), "spain/grenada": FIXED("Grenada Day",2,1), "spain/hispanidad": FIXED("Hispanidad Day",12,10), "spain/king juan carlos saints":FIXED("King Juan Carlos' Saint's Day",24,6), "spain/labor": FIXED("Labor Day",18,7), "spain/national": FIXED("National Day",12,10), "spain/national holiday of spain":FIXED("National Holiday of Spain",12,10), "spain/queen isabella": FIXED("Queen Isabella Day",22,4), "spain/saint james": FIXED("St James Day",25,7), "spain/saint joseph the workman":FIXED("St Joseph the Workman",1,5), // "spain/tomatina": late August, // "sri lanka/bandaranaike memorial":[9/26/96], // "sri lanka/hadji festival": [4/29/96], "sri lanka/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",4,2), // "sri lanka/kandy perahera": occurs on a new moon in July, "sri lanka/national heroes": FIXED("National Heroes Day",22,5), "sri lanka/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",22,5), "sri lanka/sinhala and tamil new year": FIXED("Sinhala and Tamil New Year",14,4), // "sri lanka/thai pongal": occurs in January, // "sri lanka/vesak festival": occurs in May, "sudan/decentralization": FIXED("Decentralization Day",1,7), "sudan/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,1), "sudan/national": FIXED("National Day",25,5), "sudan/unity": FIXED("Unity Day",3,3), "sudan/uprising": FIXED("Uprising Day",6,4), "suriname/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,11), "suriname/national union": FIXED("National Union Day",1,7), "suriname/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",25,2), "swaziland/commonwealth": DWDRI("Commonwealth Day",1,3,1,2), "swaziland/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",25,4), // "swaziland/incwala": December or January, "swaziland/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",22,7), "swaziland/reed dance": DWDRI("Reed Dance Day",1,7,1,2), "swaziland/somhlolo": FIXED("Somhlolo Day",6,9), "switzerland/berchtolds": FIXED("Berchtold's Day",2,1), "switzerland/glarus festival":DWDRI("Glarus Festival",1,4,4,1), "switzerland/homstrom": DWDRI("Homstrom",1,2,7,1), "switzerland/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",1,8), "switzerland/may eve": FIXED("May Day Eve",30,4), "syria/beginning of october war":FIXED("Beginning of October War",6,10), "syria/evacuation": FIXED("Evacuation Day",17,4), "syria/national": FIXED("National Day",16,11), "syria/revolution": FIXED("Revolution Day",8,3), "syria/union": FIXED("Union Day",1,9), "taiwan/birthday of confucious":FIXED("Birthday of Confucious",28,9), // "taiwan/birthday of matsu": occurs in April or May, "taiwan/buddha bathing festival":FIXED("Buddha Bathing Festival",8,4), "taiwan/chiang kai-shek": FIXED("Chiang Kai-shek Day",1,11), "taiwan/childrens": FIXED("Children's Day",4,4), "taiwan/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",25,12), "taiwan/dragon boat festival":FIXED("Dragon Boat Festival",8,6), "taiwan/founding of the republic of china": FIX_M("Founding of the Republic of China",1,1,2), // "taiwan/lantern festival": occurs on the fifteenth day of the first moon, "taiwan/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",29,3), "taiwan/national": FIXED("National Day",10,10), "taiwan/restoration": FIXED("Restoration Day",25,10), "taiwan/sun yat-sen": FIXED("Sun Yat-sen Day",12,11), "taiwan/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",29,3), "tanzania/chama cha mapinduzi":FIXED("Chama Cha Mapinduzi Day",5,2), "tanzania/heroes": FIXED("Heroes' Day",1,9), "tanzania/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",9,12), "tanzania/naming": FIXED("Naming Day",29,10), "tanzania/saba saba": FIXED("Saba Saba Day",7,7), "tanzania/sultans": FIXED("Sultan's Birthday",26,8), "tanzania/union": FIXED("Union Day",26,4), "tanzania/zanzibar revolution":FIXED("Zanzibar Revolution Day",12,1), "thailand/asalapha bupha": FIXED("Asalapha Bupha Day",28,7), "thailand/chakri": FIXED("Chakri Day",6,4), "thailand/chulalongkorn": FIXED("Chulalongkorn Day",23,10), "thailand/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",10,12), "thailand/coronation": FIXED("Coronation Day",5,5), "thailand/harvest festival": FIXED("Harvest Festival Day",11,5), "thailand/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",5,12), // "thailand/loy krathong festival":occurs in November, // "thailand/makha bucha": full moon in first lunar month, "thailand/queens": FIXED("Queen's Birthday",12,8), "thailand/songkran": FIX_M("Songkran",13,4,3), // "thailand/state ploughing ceremony":occurs in May [7th?], // "thailand/visakha bucha": full moon of the sixth lunar month, "gambia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",18,2), "gambia/moslem new year": FIXED("Moslem New Year",7,10), "togo/anniversary of the failed attack on lome": FIXED("Anniversary of the failed attack on Lom\351",24,9), "togo/economic liberation": FIXED("Economic Liberation Day",24,1), "togo/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",27,4), "togo/liberation": FIXED("Liberation Day",13,1), "togo/martyrs of pya": FIXED("Martyrs of Pya",21,6), "togo/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",24,4), "tonga/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",4,11), "tonga/emancipation": FIXED("Emancipation Day",4,6), "tonga/king tupou": FIXED("King Tupou Day",4,12), "tonga/kings": FIXED("King's Birthday",4,7), "tonga/princes": FIXED("Prince's Birthday",4,5), "trinidad and tobago/discovery":FIXED("Discovery Day",1,8), "trinidad and tobago/emancipation":FIXED("Emancipation Day",1,8), "trinidad and tobago/independence":FIXED("Independence Day",31,8), "trinidad and tobago/labor": FIXED("Labor Day",19,6), "trinidad and tobago/republic":FIXED("Republic Day",24,9), "tunisia/accession": FIXED("Accession Day",7,11), "tunisia/bourguibas": FIXED("Bourguiba's Day",3,8), "tunisia/evacuation": FIXED("Evacuation Day",15,10), "tunisia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",20,3), "tunisia/independence recognition": FIXED("Independence Recognition Day",20,7), "tunisia/martyrs": FIXED("Martyrs' Day",9,4), "tunisia/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",3,9), "tunisia/national holiday of tunisia": FIXED("National Holiday of Tunisia",1,6), "tunisia/national revolution":FIXED("National Revolution Day",18,1), "tunisia/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",25,7), "tunisia/tree festival": FIXED("Tree Festival Day",9,11), "tunisia/womens": FIXED("Women's Day",13,8), "tunisia/youth": FIXED("Youth Day",21,3), "turkey/freedom and constitution": FIXED("Freedom and Constitution Day",27,5), "turkey/hidrellez": FIXED("Hidrellez",6,5), "turkey/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",29,10), "turkey/youth and sports": FIXED("Youth and Sports Day",19,5), "turkey/ataturk commemoration": FIXED("Atatürk Commemoration",19,5), // ? "turkey/national sovereignty":FIXED("National Sovereignty",23,4), "turkey/childrens": FIXED("Children's day",23,4), "turkey/navy and merchant marine":FIXED("Navy and Merchant Marine Day",1,7), "turkey/rumis": FIXED("Rumi's Birthday",17,12), "turkey/spring": FIXED("Spring Day",1,5), "turkey/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",30,8), "turks and caicos islands/columbus":FIXED("Columbus Day",10,10), "turks and caicos islands/emancipation":FIXED("Emancipation Day",1,8), "turks and caicos islands/human rights": FIXED("International Human Rights Day",24,10), "turks and caicos islands/jags mccartney memorial": FIXED("J.A.G.S. McCartney Memorial Day",6,6), "tuvalu/tuvalu": FIX_M("Tuvalu Day",1,10,2), "uganda/heroes": FIXED("Heroes Day",9,6), "uganda/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",9,10), "uganda/martyrs": FIXED("Martyr's Day",3,6), "uganda/nrm/nra victorys": FIXED("NRM/NRA Victory Celebrations",26,1), "uganda/republic": FIXED("Republic Day",8,9), "ukraine/taras shevchenko": FIXED("Taras Shevchenko Day",9,3), "ukraine/ukrainian": FIXED("Ukrainian Day",22,1), "ukraine/ukrainian independence":FIXED("Ukrainian Independence Day",24,8), "ukraine/victory": FIXED("Victory Day",9,3), "united arab emirates/accession of the ruler of abu dhabi": FIXED("Accession of the Ruler of Abu Dhabi",6,8), "united arab emirates/national":FIXED("National Day",2,12), "uruguay/artigas": FIXED("Artigas Day",19,6), "uruguay/battle of las piedras":FIXED("Battle of Las Piedras",18,5), "uruguay/blessing of the waters":FIXED("Blessing of the Waters",8,12), "uruguay/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",18,7), "uruguay/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",25,8), "uruguay/landing of the 33 patriots": FIXED("Landing of the 33 Patriots Day",19,4), "united kingdom/bannockburn": FIXED("Bannockburn Day",24,6), "united kingdom/battle of britain":FIXED("Battle of Britain Day",15,9), "united kingdom/burns": FIXED("Burns Day",25,1), "united kingdom/day after": FIXED("The Day After",2,1), "united kingdom/guy fawkes": FIXED("Guy Fawkes Day",5,11), "united kingdom/handsel monday":DWDRI("Handsel Monday",1,1,1,1), "united kingdom/highland games":DWDR("Highland Games",1,10,6,-1), "united kingdom/lammas": FIXED("Lammas Day",1,8), "united kingdom/lord mayors": FIXED("Lord Mayor's Day",9,11), "united kingdom/mothering sunday":EASTER_REL("Mothering Sunday",-21), // ? "united kingdom/new year": FIX_M("New Year's Day",1,1,2), "united kingdom/oak apple": FIXED("Oak Apple Day",29,5), "united kingdom/orangemans": FIXED("Orangeman's Day",12,7), "united kingdom/pancake tuesday": EASTER_REL("Fat Tuesday",-47), "united kingdom/queens": DWDRI("Queen's Birthday",1,6,4,2), "united kingdom/woman peerage":FIXED("Woman Peerage Day",30,1), "united kingdom/spring bank holiday":DWDRI("Spring Bank Holiday",1,5,1,4), "united kingdom/late summer bank holiday": DWDRI("Late Summer Bank Holiday",1,8,1,4), "united kingdom/orangeman": FIXED("Orangeman's Day",12,7), "united kingdom/scottish new year":FIXED("Scottish New Year",2,1), "united kingdom/victoria":DWDRI("Victoria Day",1,5,1,3), "united kingdom/autumn holiday":DWDRI("Autumn Holiday",1,9,1,3), "us/appomattox": FIXED("Appomattox Day",9,4), "us/armed forces": DWDRI("Armed Forces Day",1,5,6,3), "us/bill of rights": FIXED("Bill of Rights Day",15,12), "us/carnation": FIXED("Carnation Day",29,1), "us/citizenship": FIXED("Citizenship Day",17,9), "us/columbus": DWDRI("Columbus Day",1,10,1,2), "us/election": DWDRI("Election Day",1,11,1,1), "us/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",14,6), "us/forefathers": FIXED("Forefathers' Day",21,12), "us/inauguration": FIXED("Inauguration Day",20,1), "us/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",4,7), "us/iwo jima": FIXED("Iwo Jima Day",23,2), "us/jefferson davis": FIXED("Jefferson Davis Day",3,6), "us/kosciuszko": FIXED("Kosciuszko Day",4,2), "us/labor": DWDRI("Labor Day",1,9,1,1), "us/lincolns": FIXED("Lincoln's Birthday",12,2), "us/martin luther king": FIXED("Martin Luther King Day",15,1), "us/memorial": DWDRI("Memorial Day",30,5,1,-1), "us/national freedom": FIXED("National Freedom Day",1,2), "us/navy": FIXED("Navy Day",27,10), "us/patriots": DWDRI("Patriot's Day",1,4,1,3), "us/robert e lee": FIXED("Robert E. Lee Day",19,1), "us/thomas jeffersons": FIXED("Thomas Jefferson's Birthday",13,4), "us/veterans": FIXED("Veteran's Day",11,11), "us/vietnam": FIXED("Vietnam Day",27,1), "us/washingtons": DWDRI("Washington's Birthday",1,2,1,3), "us/washington": DWDRI("Washington Day",1,2,1,3), "us/washington-lincoln": DWDRI("Washington-Lincoln Day",1,2,1,3), "us/presidents": DWDRI("Presidents Day",1,2,1,3), "us/womens equality": FIXED("Women's Equality Day",26,8), "us/thanksgiving": DWDRI("Thanksgiving Day",1,11,4,4), "us/day after thanksgiving": DWDRI("Day after Thanksgiving Day",2,11,5,4), "us/alabama/alabama admission": FIXED("Alabama Admission Day",14,12), "us/alabama/confederate memorial":DWDR("Confederate Memorial Day",1,5,1,-1), "us/alabama/jefferson davis": DWDRI("Jefferson Davis Day",1,6,1,1), "us/alabama/robert e lee": DWDRI("Robert E. Lee Day",1,1,1,3), "us/alaska/alaska": DWDRI("Alaska Day",1,10,1,3), "us/alaska/alaska admission": FIXED("Alaska Admission Day",3,1), "us/alaska/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",4,7), "us/alaska/sewards": FIXED("Seward's Day",30,3), "us/arizona/american family": DWDRI("American Family Day",1,8,7,1), "us/arizona/arborn": FIXED("Arbor Day (northern Arizona)",1,1), "us/arizona/arbors": DWDR ("Arbor Day (southern Arizona)",1,2,5,1), "us/arizona/arizona admission": FIXED("Arizona Admission Day",14,2), "us/arizona/lincoln": DWDRI("Lincoln Day",1,2,1,2), "us/arkansas/arkansas admission":FIXED("Arkansas Admission Day",15,6), "us/arkansas/general douglas macarthur": FIXED("General Douglas MacArthur Day",26,1), // "us/arkansas/jefferson davis": , "us/arkansas/world war ii memorial":FIXED("World War II Memorial Day",14,8), "us/california/arbor": FIXED("Arbor Day",7,3), "us/california/california admission":FIXED("California Admission Day",9,9), "us/colorado/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,4,5,3), "us/colorado/colorado": DWDRI("Colorado Day",1,8,1,1), "us/connecticut/connecticut ratification": FIXED("Connecticut Ratification Day",9,1), "us/delaware/arbor": FIXED("Arbor Day",22,4), "us/delaware/delaware": FIXED("Delaware Day",7,12), "us/delaware/lincolns": DWDRI("Lincoln's Birthday",1,2,1,1), "us/delaware/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",30,5), "us/delaware/separation": FIXED("Separation Day",15,6), "us/delaware/swedish colonial": FIXED("Swedish Colonial Day",29,3), "us/florida/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,1,5,3), "us/florida/confederate memorial":FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",26,4), "us/florida/farmers": DWDRI("Farmer's Day",1,10,1,2), "us/florida/florida admission": FIXED("Florida Admission Day",3,3), "us/florida/pascua florida": FIXED("Pascua Florida Day",2,4), "us/florida/susan b anthony": FIXED("Susan B. Anthony Day",15,2), "us/georgia/confederate memorial":FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",26,4), "us/georgia/georgia": FIXED("Georgia Day",12,2), "us/hawaii/flag": FIXED("Flag Day",4,7), "us/hawaii/hawaii statehood": DWDRI("Hawaii Statehood Day",1,8,5,3), "us/hawaii/kamehameha": FIXED("Kamehameha Day",11,6), "us/hawaii/kuhio": FIXED("Kuhio Day",26,3), "us/hawaii/lei": FIXED("Lei Day",1,5), "us/hawaii/wesak flower festival":DWDRI("Wesak Flower Festival",1,4,7,1), "us/idaho/idaho admission": FIXED("Idaho Admission Day",3,7), "us/idaho/idaho pioneer": FIXED("Idaho Pioneer Day",15,6), "us/illinois/illinois admission":FIXED("Illinois Admission Day",3,12), "us/illinois/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",30,5), "us/indiana/indiana admission": FIXED("Indiana Admission Day",11,12), "us/indiana/primary election": DWDRI("Primary Election Day",2,5,2,1), "us/indiana/vincennes": FIXED("Vincennes Day",24,2), "us/iowa/bird": FIXED("Bird Day",21,3), "us/iowa/independence sunday": DWDR ("Independence Sunday",4,7,7,-1), "us/iowa/iowa admission": FIXED("Iowa Admission Day",28,12), "us/kansas/kansas": FIXED("Kansas Day",29,1), "us/kentucky/franklin d roosevelt":FIXED("Franklin D. Roosevelt Day",30,1), "us/kentucky/kentucky statehood":FIXED("Kentucky Statehood Day",1,6), "us/louisiana/huey p long": FIXED("Huey P. Long Day",30,8), "us/louisiana/jackson": FIXED("Jackson Day",8,1), "us/louisiana/louisiana admission":FIXED("Louisiana Admission Day",30,4), "us/maine/battleship": FIXED("Battleship Day",15,2), "us/maine/maine admission": FIXED("Maine Admission Day",3,3), "us/maryland/defenders": FIXED("Defenders' Day",12,9), "us/maryland/john hanson": FIXED("John Hanson Day",14,4), "us/maryland/maryland": FIXED("Maryland Day",25,3), "us/maryland/maryland admission":FIXED("Maryland Admission Day",28,4), "us/maryland/maryland ratification":FIXED("Maryland Ratification Day",14,1), "us/maryland/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",30,5), "us/maryland/national anthem": FIXED("National Anthem Day",14,9), "us/maryland/repudiation": FIXED("Repudiation Day",23,11), "us/massachusetts/bunker hill": FIXED("Bunker Hill Day",17,6), "us/massachusetts/childrens": DWDRI("Children's Day",1,6,7,2), "us/massachusetts/evacuation": FIXED("Evacuation Day",17,3), "us/massachusetts/john f kennedy":DWDR("John F. Kennedy Day",1,12,7,-1), "us/massachusetts/lafayette": FIXED("Lafayette Day",20,5), "us/massachusetts/liberty tree": FIXED("Liberty Tree Day",14,8), "us/massachusetts/massachusetts ratification": FIXED("Massachusetts Ratification Day",6,2), "us/massachusetts/spanish-american war memorial": FIXED("Spanish-American War Memorial Day",15,2), "us/massachusetts/student government":DWDRI("Student Government Day",1,4,5,1), "us/massachusetts/susan b anthony":FIXED("Susan B. Anthony Day",26,8), "us/massachusetts/teachers": DWDRI("Teacher's Day",1,6,7,1), "us/michigan/memorial": DWDRI("Memorial Day",1,5,1,3), "us/michigan/michigan": FIXED("Michigan Day",26,1), "us/minnesota/american family": DWDRI("American Family Day",1,8,7,1), "us/minnesota/minnesota": FIXED("Minnesota Day",11,5), "us/mississippi/confederate memorial": DWDRI("Confederate Memorial Day",30,4,1,-1), "us/mississippi/jefferson davis":DWDRI("Jefferson Davis Day",1,6,1,1), "us/mississippi/robert elee": DWDRI("Robert E.Lee Day",1,1,1,3), "us/missouri/missouri admission":FIXED("Missouri Admission Day",10,8), "us/missouri/truman": FIXED("Truman Day",8,5), "us/montana/election": DWDRI("Election Day",1,11,2,1), "us/nebraska/arbor": FIXED("Arbor Day",22,4), "us/nebraska/nebraska state": FIXED("Nebraska State Day",1,3), "us/nevada/nevada": FIXED("Nevada Day",31,10), "us/new hampshire/fast": DWDRI("Fast Day",1,4,1,4), "us/new hampshire/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",30,5), "us/new hampshire/new hampshire admission": FIXED("New Hampshire Admission Day",21,6), "us/new jersey/new jersey admission": FIXED("New Jersey Admission Day",18,12), "us/new mexico/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,3,5,2), "us/new mexico/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",25,5), "us/new york/audubon": DWDRI("Audubon Day",1,4,5,2), "us/new york/flag": DWDRI("Flag Day",1,6,7,2), "us/new york/martin luther king":DWDRI("Martin Luther King Day",1,1,7,3), "us/new york/new york ratification":FIXED("New York Ratification Day",26,7), "us/new york/verrazano": FIXED("Verrazano Day",17,4), "us/north carolina/confederate memorial": FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",10,5), "us/north carolina/halifax resolutions": FIXED("Halifax Resolutions Day",12,4), "us/north carolina/mecklenburg": FIXED("Mecklenburg Day",20,5), "us/north dakota/north dakota admission": FIXED("North Dakota Admission Day",2,11), "us/ohio/martin luther king": DWDRI("Martin Luther King Day",1,1,1,3), "us/ohio/ohio admission": FIXED("Ohio Admission Day",1,3), "us/oklahoma/bird": FIXED("Bird Day",1,5), "us/oklahoma/cherokee strip": FIXED("Cherokee Strip Day",16,9), "us/oklahoma/indian": FIXED("Indian Day",12,8), "us/oklahoma/oklahoma": FIXED("Oklahoma Day",22,4), // "oklahoma/oklahoma heritage week":week of November 16, "us/oklahoma/oklahoma historical":FIXED("Oklahoma Historical Day",10,10), "us/oklahoma/oklahoma statehood":FIXED("Oklahoma Statehood Day",16,11), "us/oklahoma/senior citizens": FIXED("Senior Citizens Day",9,6), "us/oklahoma/will rogers": FIXED("Will Rogers Day",4,11), // "oklahoma/youth": on first day of Spring, "us/oregon/lincolns": DWDRI("Lincoln's Birthday",1,2,1,1), "us/oregon/oregon statehood": FIXED("Oregon Statehood Day",14,2), "us/pennsylvania/barry": FIXED("Barry Day",13,9), "us/pennsylvania/charter": FIXED("Charter Day",4,3), "us/pennsylvania/pennsylvania admission": FIXED("Pennsylvania Admission Day",12,12), "us/rhode island/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,5,5,2), "us/rhode island/rhode island admission": FIXED("Rhode Island Admission Day",29,5), "us/rhode island/rhode island independence": FIXED("Rhode Island Independence Day",4,5), "us/rhode island/victory": DWDRI("Victory Day",1,8,1,2), "us/south carolina/confederate memorial": FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",10,5), "us/south carolina/south carolina admission": FIXED("South Carolina Admission Day",23,5), "us/south dakota/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",30,5), "us/south dakota/pioneers": DWDRI("Pioneers' Day",1,10,1,2), "us/south dakota/south dakota admission": FIXED("South Dakota Admission Day",2,11), "us/tennessee/confederate memorial":FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",3,6), "us/tennessee/tennesse statehood":FIXED("Tennesse Statehood Day",1,6), "us/texas/alamo": FIXED("Alamo Day",6,3), "us/texas/austin": FIXED("Austin Day",3,11), "us/texas/confederate heroes": FIXED("Confederate Heroes Day",19,1), "us/texas/juneteenth": FIXED("Juneteenth",19,6), "us/texas/lyndon b johnsons": FIXED("Lyndon B. Johnson's Birthday",27,8), "us/texas/san jacinto": FIXED("San Jacinto Day",21,4), "us/texas/texas admission": FIXED("Texas Admission Day",29,12), "us/texas/texas independence": FIXED("Texas Independence Day",2,3), "us/texas/texas pioneers": FIXED("Texas Pioneers' Day",12,8), "us/utah/arbor": DWDR("Arbor Day",1,5,5,-1), "us/utah/pioneer": FIXED("Pioneer Day",24,7), "us/utah/utah admission": FIXED("Utah Admission Day",4,1), "us/vermont/bennington battle": FIXED("Bennington Battle Day",16,8), "us/vermont/memorial": FIXED("Memorial Day",30,5), "us/vermont/town meeting": DWDRI("Town Meeting Day",1,3,2,1), "us/vermont/vermont": FIXED("Vermont Day",4,3), "us/virginia/cape henry": FIXED("Cape Henry Day",26,4), "us/virginia/confederate memorial":FIXED("Confederate Memorial Day",30,5), "us/virginia/crater": FIXED("Crater Day",30,7), // "virginia/jack jouett": occurs in June, "us/virginia/jamestown": FIXED("Jamestown Day",13,5), "us/virginia/lee-jackson": DWDRI("Lee-Jackson Day",1,1,1,3), "us/virginia/royalist fast": FIXED("Royalist Fast Day",30,1), "us/virginia/virginia ratification":FIXED("Virginia Ratification Day",25,6), "us/washington/washington admission":FIXED("Washington Admission Day",11,11), "us/washington dc/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,4,5,3), "us/west virginia/west virginia":FIXED("West Virginia Day",20,6), "us/wisconsin/primary election": DWDRI("Primary Election Day",1,9,2,1), "us/wisconsin/wisconsin": FIXED("Wisconsin Day",29,5), "us/wyoming/arbor": DWDR("Arbor Day",1,5,1,-1), "us/wyoming/primary election": DWDRI("Primary Election Day",1,9,2,2), "us/wyoming/wyoming": FIXED("Wyoming Day",10,12), "us/wyoming/wyoming statehood": FIXED("Wyoming Statehood Day",10,7), "vanuatu/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",5,10), "vanuatu/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",30,7), "vatican city/anniversary of the beginning of the john paul ii pontificate": FIXED("Anniversary of the Beginning of the John Paul II Pontificate",22,10), "vatican city/john paul ii namesday":FIXED("John Paul II Namesday",4,11), "venezuela/battle of carabobo":FIXED("Battle of Carabobo Day",24,6), "venezuela/bolivars": FIXED("Bolivar's Birthday",24,7), "venezuela/civil servants": FIXED("Civil Servants' Day",4,9), "venezuela/declaration of independence": FIXED("Declaration of Independence",19,4), "venezuela/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",5,7), "venezuela/teachers": FIXED("Teacher's Day",15,1), "vietnam/day of the nation": FIXED("Day of the Nation",2,9), "vietnam/emperor-founder hung vuongs": FIXED("Emperor-Founder Hung Vuong's Day",7,4), "vietnam/founding of the communist party": FIXED("Founding of the Communist Party",3,2), "vietnam/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",14,6), "vietnam/liberation of saigon":FIXED("Liberation of Saigon",30,4), // "vietnam/tet nguyen dan": occurs in January of February, // "vietnam/thanh minh": between April 5 and 20, "virgin islands/danish west indies emancipation": FIXED("Danish West Indies Emancipation Day",3,7), "virgin islands/hurricane supplication": DWDRI("Hurricane Supplication Day",1,7,1,4), "virgin islands/hurricane thanksgiving": DWDRI("Hurricane Thanksgiving Day",1,10,1,3), "virgin islands/liberty": DWDRI("Liberty Day",1,11,1,1), "virgin islands/nicole robin":FIXED("Nicole Robin Day",4,8), "virgin islands/organic act": DWDRI("Organic Act Day",1,6,1,3), "virgin islands/transfer": DWDR("Transfer Day",1,4,1,-1), "western samoa/arbor": DWDRI("Arbor Day",1,11,5,1), "western samoa/independence": FIXED("Independence Celebration Day",1,6), "western samoa/independence2":FIX_M("Independence Celebration",1,6,3), "western samoa/white sunday": DWDRI("White Sunday",1,10,7,2), "yemen/corrective movement": FIXED("Corrective Movement Anniversary",13,6), "yemen/national": FIXED("National Day",14,10), "zaire/armed forces": FIXED("Armed Forces Day",17,11), "zaire/constitution": FIXED("Constitution Day",24,6), "zaire/day of the martyrs for independence": FIXED("Day of the Martyrs for Independence",4,1), "zaire/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",30,6), "zaire/mpr": FIXED("MPR Day",20,5), "zaire/naming": FIXED("Naming Day",27,10), "zaire/new regime": FIXED("New Regime Day",24,11), "zaire/parents": FIXED("Parent's Day",1,8), "zaire/presidents": FIXED("President's Day",14,10), "zaire/youth/presidents": FIXED("Youth Day/President's Birthday",14,10), "zambia/farmers": DWDRI("Farmers' Day",1,8,1,1), "zambia/heroes": DWDRI("Heroes' Day",1,7,1,1), "zambia/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",24,10), "zambia/unity": DWDRI("Unity Day",1,7,2,1), "zambia/youth": DWDRI("Youth Day",1,8,1,2), "zambia/youth2": DWDRI("Youth Day",1,3,6,2), "zimbabwe/heroess": FIX_M("Heroes' Days",11,8,2), "zimbabwe/independence": FIXED("Independence Day",18,4), "zimbabwe/workers": FIXED("Workers' Day",1,5), // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // namedays // ---------------------------------------------------------------- "namedays/sweden":({.Namedays.Sweden}), "namedays/hungary":({.Namedays.Hungary}), ]); // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // country information // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- mapping country_events= ([ // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // verified // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "sweden": ({ "halloween", "labor|hf", "new years eve", "new year|hf", "un|f", "womens", "c/all saints", "c/annunciation", "c/ascension|h", "c/christmas eve", "c/christmas|hf", "c/easter monday|h", "c/easter eve", "c/easter|hf", "c/epiphany|h", "c/fat tuesday", "c/good friday|h", "c/palm sunday|h", "c/pentecost monday|h", "c/pentecost eve", "c/pentecost|hf", "c/candlemas", "c/advent 1|h", "c/advent 2|h", "c/advent 3|h", "c/advent 4|h", "saints/stephen|h", // annandag jul "saints/john the baptist", "saints/lucy", "saints/valentine", "sweden/all saints|h", "sweden/crown princess birthtday|f", "sweden/crown princess nameday|f", "sweden/flag|f", "sweden/nobel|f", "sweden/kings birthday|f", "sweden/kings nameday 2|f", "sweden/kings nameday|f", "sweden/midsummers eve", "sweden/midsummer|hf", "sweden/queens birthday|f", "sweden/queens nameday|f", "sweden/valborg eve", "sweden/waffle", "sweden/mothers", "sweden/fathers", "namedays/sweden", "sunday|h", }), // argentina // source: Julio César Gázquez "argentina": // "argentina/race" ? // "carnival [shrove tuesday?]" ? // "death of general san martin" ? ({ "new year|h", "labor|h", "argentina/revolution|h", "argentina/soberanys|h", "argentina/flag|h", "argentina/independence|h", "argentina/gral san martin|h", "argentina/race|h", "argentina/malvinas|h", // ? "c/epiphany", "c/good friday|h", "c/easter|h", "c/christmas|h", "c/immaculate conception|h", "c/assumption", "c/all saints", "c/corpus christi", "c/holy thursday", "c/holy saturday", "sunday|h", }), // hungary // source: Csongor Fagyal <concept@conceptonline.hu> "hungary": ({ "new year|h", "hungary/revolution1848|h", "hungary/labor|h", "hungary/constitution|h", "hungary/revolution56|h", "c/christmas2d|h", "c/easter|h", "c/easter monday|h", "c/pentecost|h", "c/pentecost monday|h", "sunday|h", "namedays/hungary", }), // russia // source: Michael Schvryev "russia": ({ "orthodox/christmas|h", "labor|h", "new year|h", "orthodox/easter|h", "russia/state sovereignity|h", "russia/victory|h", "russia/valpurgis|h", "russia/warriors|h", "russia/teachers|h", "womens|h" }), // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- // not verified // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- "afghanistan": // "afghanistan/jeshyn-afghans" ? // "deliverance" ? // "eid al-qorban" ? // "first of ramadan the sabbath is on friday" ? // "independence festival" ? // "national holidays are eid al-fetr" ? // "prophets" ? // "pushtunistan" ? // "sunday are normal works" ? // "with work ceasing on noon thursday saturday" ? // "yom ashura" ? ({ "afghanistan/afghan new year", "afghanistan/childrens", "afghanistan/independence", "afghanistan/mothers", "afghanistan/national assembly", "afghanistan/revolution", "afghanistan/workers" }), "albania": ({ "albania/army", "albania/independence", "albania/liberation", "albania/proclamation of the republic", "new year", "womens" }), "algeria": // "ashora" ? // "first of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "algeria/independence", "algeria/national", "algeria/revolution", "labor", "new year" }), "american baptist": ({ "american baptist/roger williams" }), "american samoa": ({ "+us", "american samoa/flag", "c/christmas", "labor", "new year" }), "andorra": ({ "andorra/national feast", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year" }), "anglican church": ({ "anglican church/name of jesus" }), "angola": // "yet are generally treated as public holidays these are youth" ? ({ "angola/armed forces", "angola/independence", "angola/mpla foundation", "angola/national heros", "angola/national holiday", "angola/pioneers", "angola/victory", "angola/workers", "angola/youth", "family", "new year" }), "anguilla": // "august monday" ? // "august thursday" ? // "constitution" ? // "queens official" ? // "separation" ? // "spring bank holiday" ? ({ "anguilla/anguilla", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year" }), "antigua and barbuda": // "carnival" ? ({ "antigua and barbuda/independence", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "caribbean/caricom", "labor", "new year" }), "armenia": // "armenia/Easter (Orthodox)" ? ({ "armenia/christmas", "armenia/martyrs", "armenia/republic" }), "aruba": // "lenten carnival" ? ({ "aruba/aruba flag", "british commonwealth/queens", "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year" }), "australia": ({ "australia/australia|h", "australia/eight hour", "new year|h", "c/good friday|h", "c/easter monday|h", "c/easter|h", "anzac|h", "united kingdom/queens|h", "c/christmas|h", "c/boxing|h" }), "australia/new south wales": ({ "+australia", "australia/summer bank holiday|h"}), "australia/northern territory": ({ "+australia", "labor|h" }), "australia/queensland": ({ "+australia", // "australia/labor_oct|h", "australia/summer bank holiday|h"}), "australia/south australia": ({ "+australia", "australia/proclamation|h", "labor|h", }), "australia/tasmania": ({ "+australia", "australia/recreation", "australia/hobert regatta|h", // "australia/labor_mar|h", "australia/spring bank holiday|h" }), "australia/victoria": ({ "+australia", "australia/show|h", "australia/second new years", // "australia/labor_mar|h", // "australia/cup|h", "australia/spring bank holiday|h"}), "australia/western australia": ({ "+australia", "australia/foundation|h", "australia/show|h", // "australia/labor_mar|h", "australia/spring bank holiday|h" }), "austria": ({ "c/all saints", "austria/national", "austria/national holiday", "austria/national holiday of austria", "austria/republic", "austria/second republic", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter monday", "c/immaculate conception", "c/whitmonday", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year" }), "bahamas": ({ "bahamas/fox hill", "bahamas/independence", "bahamas/labor", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "caribbean/emancipation", "columbus", "labor", "new year" }), "bahrain": // "ashoura" ? // "first of muharram" ? // "first of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? // "national" ? ({ "bahrain/national of bahrain", "new year" }), "bangladesh": // "buddha purnima" ? // "durga puja" ? // "eid-ul-azha" ? // "eid-ul-fitr" ? // "jamaat-ul-bida" ? // "janmastami" ? // "martyrs" ? // "shab-e-barat" ? // "shab-e-qudr" ? // "yom ashura" ? ({ "bangladesh/bengali new year", "bangladesh/independence", "bangladesh/national mourning", "bangladesh/revolution", "bangladesh/victory", "c/christmas", "may day" }), "barbados": // "kadooment" ? ({ "barbados/errol barrow", "barbados/independence", "barbados/united nations", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year" }), "belgium": ({ "c/all saints", "armistice", "belgium/dynasty", "belgium/independence", "belgium/kings", "c/all souls", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year" }), "belize": ({ "belize/baron bliss", "belize/commonwealth", "belize/garifuna", "belize/independence", "belize/national", "belize/pan american", "belize/saint georges cay", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/holy saturday", "labor", "new year" }), "benin": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? ({ "c/all saints", "benin/armed forces", "benin/harvest", "benin/martyrs", "benin/national", "benin/workers", "benin/youth", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "new year" }), "bermuda": // "bermuda/Labor Day (Sep)" ? // "cup match" ? // "queens official" ? ({ "bermuda/bermuda", "bermuda/peppercorn", "bermuda/remembrance", "bermuda/somers", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "new year" }), "bhutan": // "buddhist holidays" ? // "dussehra" ? ({ "bhutan/kings", "bhutan/national of bhutan" }), "bolivia": // "also regional public holidays" ? // "bolivia/alacitas" ? // "bolivia/la paz" ? // "carnival " ? // "christmas there" ? // "shrove tue)" ? ({ "bolivia/independence", "bolivia/martyrs", "bolivia/memorial", "bolivia/national", "c/all souls", "c/corpus christi", "c/good friday", "labor", "new year" }), "bosnia and herzegovina": // "july 27" ? // "november 25" ? ({ "bosnia and herzegovina/labors", "new year" }), "botswana": // "christmas multiples" ? // "given for most of these holidays" ? // "national holidays" ? ({ "botswana/botswana", "botswana/presidents", "c/ascension", "c/easter", "new year" }), "brazil": // "carnival" ? // "christmas sao paulo has the additional regional public holiday sao paulo" ? // "national holidays" ? // "saint sebastians feast" ? ({ "brazil/brasilia", "brazil/discovery", "brazil/independence", "brazil/proclamation of the republic", "brazil/republic", "brazil/sao paulo", "brazil/tiradentes", "c/all souls", "c/corpus christi", "c/good friday", "labor", "new year" }), "british virgin islands": // "august holiday " ? // "british virgin islands/sovereigns observance" ? // "commonwealth" ? // "queens official" ? // "saint ursulas" ? // "tue" ? // "wed)" ? ({ "british commonwealth/prince of wales", "british virgin islands/territory", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "new year" }), "brunei": // "beginning of ramadan" ? // "brunei/Hari Raya Haji (Feast of the Sacrifice)" ? // "brunei/Hari Raya Puasa (end of Ramadan)" ? // "brunei/Hizrah (Islamic New Year)" ? // "brunei/Isra Mera (Leilat al-Meiraj)" ? // "brunei/Memperingati Nuzul Al-Quran (Revelation of the Koran)" ? // "chinese new year" ? // "hari mouloud" ? ({ "brunei/national", "brunei/royal brunei armed forces", "brunei/sultans", "c/christmas", "new year" }), "bulgaria": // "national holidays" ? ({ "bulgaria/babin den", "bulgaria/botev", "bulgaria/education", "bulgaria/liberation", "bulgaria/national", "bulgaria/national holiday", "bulgaria/viticulturists", "c/christmas", "labor", "new year" }), "burkina faso": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/all saints", "burkina faso/anniversary of 1966 coup", "burkina faso/labor", "burkina faso/national", "burkina faso/republic", "burkina faso/youth", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/whitmonday", "new year" }), "burundi": // "umugamuro" ? ({ "c/all saints", "burundi/anniversary of the revolution", "burundi/independence", "burundi/murder of the hero", "burundi/victory of uprona", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "labor", "new year" }), "cambodia": // "cambodia/chaul chhnam" ? // "cambodia/visak bauchea" ? // "chaul chhnam" ? ({ "cambodia/ancestors", "cambodia/day of hatred", "cambodia/independence", "cambodia/khmer republic constitution", "cambodia/memorial", "cambodia/national", "labor" }), "cameroon": ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/pentecost monday", "cameroon/commemoration of national institutions", "cameroon/constitution", "cameroon/human rights", "cameroon/independence", "cameroon/unification", "cameroon/youth", "labor" }), "canada": // "also public holidays specific to each province" ? // "canada/Labor Day (Sep.)" ? // "canada/discovery" ? // "canada/thanksgiving" ? // "christmas there" ? // "thanksgiving" ? ({ "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "canada/civic holiday", "canada/dominion", "canada/klondike gold discovery", "canada/labor", "canada/remembrance", "canada/victoria", "new year" }), "cape verde": ({ "c/all saints", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "cape verde/independence", "cape verde/national", "cape verde/national heroes", "labor", "new year" }), "caribbean": ({ "caribbean/caricom", "caribbean/emancipation", "caribbean/schoelcher" }), "cayman islands": // "constitution" ? // "discovery" ? // "queens official" ? // "remembrance" ? ({ "c/ash wednesday", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year" }), "central african republic": // "national holidays" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/pentecost", "central african republic/first government", "central african republic/republic", "central african republic/boganda", "central african republic/day after republic", "central african republic/independence", "central african republic/national holiday", "labor", "new year" }), "central america": ({ "central america/independence" }), "chad": // "aid el kebir" ? // "aid el sequir" ? // "mouloud el nebi" ? ({ "africa", "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/pentecost", "chad/creation of the union of central african states", "chad/independence", "chad/national", "chad/republic", "chad/traditional independence []", "labor", "new year" }), "chile": ({ "saints/paul", "saints/peter", "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/good friday", "c/immaculate conception", "chile/armed forces", "chile/independence", "chile/independence2", "chile/national holiday", "chile/navy", "columbus", "labor", "new year" }), "china": // "army" ? // "china/army" ? // "chinese new year" ? // "dragon boat festival" ? // "lantern festival" ? // "mid-autumn festival" ? // "qing ming" ? // "seventh eve" ? ({ "china/ccps", "china/childrens", "china/national", "china/teachers", "china/tree planting", "china/youth", "labor", "new year", "womens" }), "columbia": // "battle of boyacaday" ? // "national holidays" ? // "sacred heart" ? // "saint josephs" ? ({ "saints/paul", "saints/peter", "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/good friday", "c/holy thursday", "c/immaculate conception", "columbia/battle of boyaca", "columbia/cartagena independence", "columbia/independence", "columbia/thanksgiving", "columbus", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year" }), "comoros": // "ashoura" ? // "beginning of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "comoros/anniversary of president abdallahs assassination", "comoros/independence" }), "congo": // "national holidays" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/pentecost", "congo/day before army", "congo/day before independence", "congo/day before national", "congo/independence", "congo/martyr of independence", "new year" }), "corsica": ({ "corsica/napoleons" }), "costa rica": // "costa rica/guanacaste" ? ({ "costa rica/battle of rivas", "costa rica/independence" }), "croatia": ({ "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "croatia/national holiday", "croatia/republic", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year" }), "cuba": // "cuba/beginning of independence wars" ? ({ "cuba/independence", "cuba/liberation", "cuba/revolution", "cuba/wars of independence", "labor" }), "cyprus/greece": ({ "new year", "c/epiphany", "cyprus/name day", "cyprus/green monday", "greece/independence", "c/good friday", "c/holy saturday", "c/easter monday", "cyprus/greek national", "c/christmas", "c/boxing", "cyprus/kataklysmos", "cyprus/submersion of the holy cross" }), "cyprus/turkey": // "id al-fitr" // "id al-adha" // "birth of the prophet" ({ "new year", "turkey/national sovereignty", "turkey/childrens", "labor", "turkey/youth and sports", "cyprus/communal resistance", "turkey/victory", "turkey/independence", "cyprus/kataklysmos", "cyprus/peace and freedom", "cyprus/submersion of the holy cross" }), "czech republic": ({ "c/christmas", "saints/stephen", "c/christmas eve", "c/easter monday", "czech republic/death of jan hus", "czech republic/introduction of christianity", "labor", "new year" }), "czechoslovakia": // "czechoslovakia/teachers" ? ({ "czechoslovakia/resistance movement" }), "denmark": // "denmark/public holidays" ? ({ "denmark/birthday of queen margrethe ii", "denmark/common prayer", "denmark/constitution", "denmark/fjortende februar", "denmark/liberation", "denmark/valdemars" }), "djibouti": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "independence" ? // "mawloud" ? // "muharram" ? ({ "c/christmas", "djibouti/independence feast", "djibouti/workers", "new year" }), "dominica": // "carnival" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "dominica/community service", "dominica/emancipation", "dominica/independence", "labor", "new year" }), "ecuador": // "battle of pichincha" ? // "carnival" ? // "cuenca independence" ? // "ecuador/cuenca independence" ? // "ecuador/independence" ? // "founding of quito" ? // "guayaquil independence" ? // "independence" ? // "simsn bolmvars" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/all souls", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "c/holy thursday", "columbus", "ecuador/battle of pichincha ", "ecuador/guayaquils independence", "ecuador/simon bolivars", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year" }), "egypt": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouled al nabi" ? ({ "egypt/armed forces", "egypt/evacuation", "egypt/leylet en-nuktah", "egypt/revolution", "egypt/sham al-naseem", "egypt/sinai liberation", "egypt/suez", "egypt/victory", "labor", "new year", "unity" }), "el salvador": // "el salvador/Discovery of America (Columbus Day)" ? ({ "c/all souls", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter", "el salvador/first call for independence", "el salvador/independence", "el salvador/san salvador festival", "el salvador/schoolteachers", "labor", "new year" }), "equatorial guinea": ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/good friday", "equatorial guinea/armed forces", "equatorial guinea/constitution", "equatorial guinea/independence", "equatorial guinea/oau", "equatorial guinea/presidents", "labor", "new year" }), "estonia": // "independence" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "estonia/midsummer", "estonia/victory", "labor", "new year" }), "ethiopia": // "birthday of mohammed" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? ({ "c/good friday", "ethiopia/battle of aduwa", "ethiopia/buhe", "ethiopia/epiphany", "ethiopia/ethiopian new year", "ethiopia/genna", "ethiopia/liberation", "ethiopia/martyrs", "ethiopia/meskel", "ethiopia/patriots victory", "ethiopia/popular revolution commemoration", "ethiopia/revolution", "ethiopia/victory of adowa", "labor" }), "falkland islands": // "bank holiday" ? ({ "british commonwealth/queens", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "falkland islands/anniversary of the battle of the falkland islands", "falkland islands/liberation", "new year" }), "fiji": // "diwali" ? // "fiji/deed of cession" ? // "fiji/fiji2" ? // "prophets" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/easter eve", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "fiji/bank holiday", "fiji/fiji", "fiji/prince charles", "fiji/queens", "new year" }), "finland": // "finland/helsinki" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/christmas eve", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/epiphany", "c/pentecost eve", "finland/alexis kivi", "finland/flag", "finland/flag of the army", "finland/independence", "finland/kalevala", "finland/midsummers eve", "finland/runebergs", "finland/snellman", "finland/vappu", "finland/all saints", "finland/midsummer", "may day", "new year" }), "france": ({ "c/all saints", "armistice", "c/all souls", "c/ash wednesday", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/pentecost", "france/ascension", "france/bastille", "france/d-day observance", "france/fathers", "france/fete des saintes-maries", "france/fete nationale", "france/liberation", "france/marseillaise", "france/night watch", "new year" }), "french guiana": // "bastille" ? ({ "c/all saints", "armistice", "c/all souls", "c/ascension", "c/ash wednesday", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/pentecost", "new year" }), "french polynesia": ({ "french polynesia/armistice", "french polynesia/chinese new year", "french polynesia/missionaries arrival commemoration", "may day" }), "gabon": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/whitmonday", "gabon/constitution", "gabon/independence", "gabon/renovation", "labor", "new year" }), "gambia": // "id al-fitr" ? // "id al-kabir" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "gambia/independence", "gambia/moslem new year", "labor", "new year" }), "germany": // "christmas the following religious holidays" ? // "germany/oktoberfest" ? // "observed in certain l\344nder only epiphany" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "germany/day of repentance", "germany/day of the workers", "germany/foundation", "germany/national", "germany/unity", "germany/waldchestag", "labor", "new year", "unity" }), "ghana": // "ghana/aboakyer" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/easter eve", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "ghana/homowo", "ghana/independence", "ghana/liberation", "ghana/republic", "ghana/revolution", "ghana/third republic", "ghana/uprising", "labor", "new year" }), "gibraltar": // "gibraltar/late summer bank holiday" ? // "late summer bank holiday" ? // "queens official" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "gibraltar/commonwealth", "gibraltar/spring bank holiday", "may day", "new year" }), "greece": // "greece/dumb week" ? ({ "orthodox/assumption", "orthodox/easter", "orthodox/easter monday", "orthodox/good friday", "orthodox/holy saturday", "orthodox/epiphany", "orthodox/christmas", "greece/clean monday", "greece/independence", "greece/flower festival", "greece/midwifes", "greece/ochi", "greece/dodecanese accession", // rhodes "saints/demetrios", // thessaloniki "greece/liberation of xanthi", // xanthi "saints/basil", "labor", "new year" }), "gregorian calendar ": ({ "gregorian calendar /gregorian calendar" }), "grenada": ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "caribbean/emancipation", "grenada/independence", "grenada/national holiday", "grenada/thanksgiving", "labor", "new year" }), "guadeloupe": // "bastille" ? // "schoelcher" ? ({ "c/all saints", "armistice", "c/all souls", "c/ash wednesday", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/pentecost", "caribbean/schoelcher", "guadeloupe/ascension", "new year" }), "guam": // "george washingtons" ? // "memorial" ? // "thanksgiving" ? // "us independence" ? ({ "c/christmas", "guam/discovery", "guam/guam discovery", "guam/liberation", "labor", "new year" }), "guatemala": ({ "c/all saints", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/holy friday", "c/holy saturday", "c/holy thursday", "guatemala/army", "guatemala/bank employees", "guatemala/independence", "guatemala/revolution", "labor", "new year" }), "guinea": // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "guinea/anniversary of cmrn", "guinea/anniversary of womens revolt", "guinea/day of 1970 invasion", "guinea/independence", "guinea/referendum", "labor", "new year" }), "guinea-bissau": // "guinea-bissau/Korit\351(Id al-Fitr)" ? // "guinea-bissau/Tabaski (Id al-Adha)" ? ({ "c/christmas", "guinea-bissau/colonization martyrs", "guinea-bissau/independence", "guinea-bissau/mocidade", "guinea-bissau/national", "guinea-bissau/national heroes", "guinea-bissau/readjustment movement", "labor", "new year" }), "guyana": // "diwali" ? // "guyana/Carribean Day (June)" ? // "guyana/Indian Heritage Day (May)" ? // "guyana/Youman Nabi (Mouloud)" ? // "holi" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "guyana/freedom", "guyana/independence", "guyana/republic", "labor", "new year" }), "haiti": ({ "haiti/discovery", "haiti/vertieres" }), "honduras": ({ "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "c/holy thursday", "columbus", "honduras/armed forces", "honduras/independence", "honduras/morazan", "honduras/thanksgiving", "labor", "new year", "honduras/pan american" }), "hong kong": // "hong kong/chung yeung festival" ? ({ "hong kong/birthday of confucious", "hong kong/birthday of pak tai", "hong kong/half-year", "hong kong/liberation" }), "iceland": ({ "iceland/independence" }), "india": ({ "india/indian independence", "india/mahatma gandhi jayanti", "india/mahatma gandhi martyrdom", "india/republic" }), "indonesia": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "indonesia/balinese new year" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "indonesia/independence", "indonesia/kartini", "new year" }), "iran": // "ashoura" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "iran/constitution", "iran/islamic republic", "iran/martyrdom of imam ali", "iran/no ruz", "iran/oil nationalization", "iran/revolution", "iran/revolution2" }), "iraq": // "ashoura" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "iraq/14 ramadan revolution", "iraq/army", "iraq/july revolution", "iraq/republic", "new year" }), "ireland": // "august" ? // "bank holidays on mondays in june" ? // "october" ? // "saint patricks" ? ({ "c/christmas", "saints/stephen", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "ireland/sheelahs", "new year" }), "israel": // "holocaust memorial" ? // "independence" ? // "israel/hebrew university" ? // "israel/holocaust memorial" ? // "israel/independence" ? // "israel/national" ? // "lasts)" ? // "passover " ? // "rosh hashanah" ? // "shavuot" ? // "simhat torah" ? // "succot" ? // "yom kippur" ? ({ "israel/balfour declaration", "israel/jerusalem reunification" }), "italy": // "italy/saint marks" ? ({ "c/christmas", "italy/anniversary of the republic", "italy/befana", "italy/day of conciliation", "italy/festa del redentore", "italy/joust of the quintana", "italy/liberation", "italy/natale di roma", "italy/palio del golfo", "italy/santo stefano" }), "ivory coast": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "ivory coast/independence", "ivory coast/national holiday of the ivory coast", "labor", "new year" }), "jamaica": ({ "c/ash wednesday", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "jamaica/heroes", "jamaica/independence", "jamaica/labor", "labor", "new year" }), "japan": // "autumn equinox" ? // "health sports" ? // "japan/autumnal equinox" ? // "japan/black ship" ? // "japan/bon" ? // "japan/health" ? // "japan/memorial" ? // "japan/peoples holiday" ? // "japan/shichigosan" ? // "japan/vernal equinox" ? // "vernal equinox" ? ({ "japan/adults", "japan/bean-throwing festival", "japan/childrens", "japan/childrens protection", "japan/constitution", "japan/culture", "japan/emperors", "japan/empire", "japan/gion matsuri", "japan/greenery", "japan/hina matsuri", "japan/hiroshima peace festival", "japan/hollyhock festival", "japan/jidai matsuri", "japan/kakizome", "japan/kambutsue", "japan/kite battles of hamamatsu", "japan/labor thanksgiving", "japan/martyr", "japan/memorial to broken dolls", "japan/national foundation", "japan/respect for the aged", "japan/sanno matsuri", "japan/shigoto hajime", "japan/tanabata", "japan/tango-no-sekku", "new year" }), "jordan": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "arab league", "jordan/arbor", "jordan/coronation", "jordan/independence", "jordan/king hussein" }), "kenya": // "id al-fitr" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "kenya/independence", "kenya/kenyatta", "kenya/madaraka", "labor", "new year" }), "kiribati": ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter", "kiribati/independence", "kiribati/youth", "new year" }), "korea": ({ "korea/independence movement" }), "kuwait": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? // "start of ramadan" ? ({ "kuwait/independence", "kuwait/national", "new year" }), "laos": // "chinese new year" ? // "laos/army" ? ({ "labor", "laos/constitution", "laos/independence", "laos/memorial", "laos/pathet lao", "laos/republic" }), "latvia": // "indpendence" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "latvia/independence", "latvia/midsummer festival", "new year", "new years eve" }), "lebanon": // "ashoura" ? // "chrismas" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? // "orthodox easter" ? ({ "c/all saints", "arab league", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/easter", "lebanon/evacuation", "lebanon/independence", "lebanon/martyrs", "lebanon/saint maron", "new year" }), "lesotho": ({ "c/ascension", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "family", "lesotho/family", "lesotho/independence", "lesotho/kings", "lesotho/moshoeshoes", "lesotho/national holiday", "lesotho/national sports", "lesotho/national tree planting", "new year" }), "liberia": // "fast" ? // "integration" ? // "prayer" ? // "unification" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "liberia/armed forces", "liberia/decoration", "liberia/fast and prayer", "liberia/flag", "liberia/independence", "liberia/j j roberts", "liberia/literacy", "liberia/matilda newport", "liberia/memorial", "liberia/national redemption", "liberia/pioneers", "liberia/president tubmans", "liberia/thanksgiving", "liberia/unification and integration", "new year" }), "libya": // "ashoura" ? // "expulsion of fascist settlers" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "libya/troop withdrawal" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "libya/evacuation", "libya/expulsion of the fascist settlers", "libya/kings", "libya/national", "libya/revolution", "libya/sanusi army" }), "liechtenstein": // "saint josephs" ? ({ "c/all saints", "saints/stephen", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter", "c/good friday", "c/immaculate conception", "c/nativity of mary", "c/whitmonday", "c/epiphany", "labor", "liechtenstein/birthday of prince franz-josef ii", "liechtenstein/national", "new year" }), "lithuania": // "national of hope" ? ({ "c/christmas", "lithuania/coronation", "lithuania/independence", "lithuania/mourning", "new year" }), "luxembourg": ({ "c/all saints", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "luxembourg/burgsonndeg", "luxembourg/grand duchess", "luxembourg/liberation", "luxembourg/national", "new year" }), "macao": // "chinese mid-autumn festival" ? // "chinese new year" ? // "ching ming" ? // "dragon boat festival" ? // "festival of ancestors" ? // "macao/hungry ghosts" ? // "national of china" ? // "portugal" ? // "portuguese republic" ? // "restoration of the independence" ? // "saint johns" ? // "winter solstice" ? ({ "c/all souls", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "c/immaculate conception", "labor", "macao/anniversary of the portugese revolution", "macao/battle of july 13", "macao/procession of our lady of fatima", "macao/republic", "new year" }), "madagascar": ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitsunday", "labor", "madagascar/commemoration", "madagascar/independence", "madagascar/republic", "new year" }), "malawi": // "but usually jul 5-7)" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "malawi/august holiday", "malawi/kamuzu", "malawi/martyrs", "malawi/mothers", "malawi/national tree-planting", "malawi/republic", "mothers", "new year" }), "malaysia": // "chinese new year" ? // "diwali " ? // "each state has its own public holidays" ? // "malaysia/Hari Raya Haji (Id al-Adha)" ? // "malaysia/Hari Raya Puasa (Id al-Fitr)" ? // "malaysia/additional public holiday in kuala lumpur" ? // "mouloud in addition" ? // "sarawak)" ? // "vesak" ? ({ "c/christmas", "labor", "malaysia/kings", "malaysia/malaysia" }), "maldives": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "maldives/fisheries", "maldives/independence", "maldives/national", "maldives/republic", "maldives/victory" }), "mali": // "mali/Korit\351(Id al-Fitr)" ? // "mali/Tabaski (Id al-Adha)" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "africa", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "labor", "mali/army", "mali/independence", "mali/liberation", "new year" }), "malta": // "malta/Feast of Our Lady of Victories (Nativity of Mary)" ? // "saint josephs" ? // "saint pauls shipwreck" ? ({ "saints/paul", "saints/peter", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "c/immaculate conception", "labor", "malta/freedom", "malta/independence", "malta/memorial of 1919 riot", "malta/republic", "new year" }), "marshall islands": ({ "marshall islands/proclamation of the republic of marshall islands" }), "martinique": // "bastille" ? // "lundi-gras" ? // "mardi-gras" ? ({ "c/all saints", "armistice", "c/all souls", "c/ash wednesday", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/pentecost", "martinique/ascension", "new year" }), "mauritania": // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mauritania/Korit\351(Id al-Fitr)" ? // "mauritania/Tabaski (Id al-Adha)" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "africa", "labor", "mauritania/independence", "new year" }), "mauritius": // "diwali" ? // "ganesh chaturi" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "maha shivaratree" ? // "mauritius/Chinese Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)" ? // "mauritius/Ougadi (Hindu)" ? // "thaipusam" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "labor", "mauritius/independence", "new year" }), "mexico": // "birthday of benito juarez easter" ? // "but not public holidays" ? // "christmas in addition" ? // "mexico/Day of the Dead (All Souls' Day)" ? // "widely celebrated" ? ({ "c/christmas", "labor", "mexico/birthday of benito juarez", "mexico/cinco de mayo", "mexico/constitution", "mexico/day of mourning", "mexico/dia de la raza", "mexico/holy cross", "mexico/independence", "mexico/night of the radishes", "mexico/our lady of guadalupe", "mexico/posadass", "mexico/presidential message", "mexico/revolution", "mexico/san marc\363s", "new year" }), "micronesia": // "micronesia/national holiday" ? ({ }), "monaco": // "monaco/F\352te du Travail (Labor Day)" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/immaculate conception", "c/whitmonday", "monaco/monaco national festival", "new year", "saints/devote" }), "mongolia": // "mongolia/Tsagaan Sar (lunar new year)" ? ({ "mongolia/national", "mongolia/republic", "new year", "womens" }), "montserrat": // "august monday" ? // "queens official" ? // "saint patricks" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "montserrat/festival", "montserrat/liberation", "new year" }), "mormonism": ({ "mormonism/founding of the mormon church" }), "morocco": // "ashoura" ? // "first of ramadan" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "morocco/Eid el Kebir (Id al-Adha)" ? // "morocco/Eid el Seghir (Id al-Fitr)" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "labor", "morocco/green march", "morocco/independence", "morocco/oued ed-dahab", "morocco/throne", "new year" }), "mozambique": ({ "family", "mozambique/armed forces", "mozambique/heroes", "mozambique/independence", "mozambique/lusaka agreement", "mozambique/universal fraternity", "mozambique/womens", "mozambique/workers", "new year" }), "myanmar": // "burmese new year" ? // "diwali" ? // "full moon of kason" ? // "full moon of tabaung" ? // "full moon of thadingyut" ? // "full moon of waso" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "karen new year" ? // "myanmar/Water Festival (Maha Thingyan)" ? // "myanmar/burmese new year" ? // "tazaundaing festival" ? ({ "c/christmas", "labor", "myanmar/armed forces", "myanmar/independence", "myanmar/martyrs", "myanmar/national", "myanmar/peasants", "myanmar/resistance", "myanmar/union" }), "namibia": // "human rights" ? ({ "africa", "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "family", "namibia/casinga", "namibia/day of goodwill", "namibia/family", "namibia/heroes", "namibia/independence", "namibia/workers", "new year" }), "nauru": ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter", "nauru/angam", "nauru/independence", "new year" }), "nepal": // "diwali" ? // "holi" ? // "indra jatra" ? // "nepal/Baishakh Purnima (Buddha's birthday)" ? // "nepal/Dasain (Durga Puja)" ? // "nepal/Martyrs' Day (near Jan 30)" ? // "nepal/Navabarsha (Baisakhi)" ? // "nepal/buddha jayanti" ? // "ramnavami" ? // "shiva ratri" ? // "united nations" ? ({ "nepal/birthday of king birendra", "nepal/constitution", "nepal/democracy", "nepal/independence", "nepal/kings", "nepal/national unity", "nepal/queens", "nepal/tij", "womens" }), "netherlands": ({ "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "netherlands/beggars", "netherlands/independence", "netherlands/liberation", "netherlands/queens", "netherlands/sinterklaas", "new year" }), "netherlands antilles": // "christmas additional public holidays: lenten carnival in cura\347ao" ? // "whitmonday in st maarten" ? ({ "c/ascension", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "labor", "netherlands antilles/bonaire", "netherlands antilles/cura\347ao", "netherlands antilles/queens", "netherlands antilles/saba", "netherlands antilles/saint eustatius", "netherlands antilles/saint maarten", "new year" }), "new caledonia": // "bastille" ? // "liberation" ? ({ "armistice", "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year" }), "new zealand": ({ "anzac", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "labor", "new year", "new zealand/labor", "new zealand/queens", "new zealand/waitangi" }), "nicaragua": ({ "c/all souls", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/holy friday", "c/holy thursday", "labor", "new year", "nicaragua/air force", "nicaragua/army", "nicaragua/fiesta", "nicaragua/independence", "nicaragua/revolution", "nicaragua/san jacinto" }), "niger": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "labor", "new year", "niger/independence", "niger/national", "niger/republic" }), "nigeria": // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? // "nigeria/Id al-Kabir (Id al-Adha)" ? // "nigeria/odum titun" ? // "nigeria/odun kekere" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "nigeria/childrens", "nigeria/harvest festival", "nigeria/national" }), "northern mariana islands": // "memorial" ? // "thanksgiving" ? // "us independence" ? ({ "c/christmas", "labor", "new year", "northern mariana islands/commonwealth", "northern mariana islands/presidents" }), "norway": ({ "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/holy thursday", "c/whitmonday", "may day", "new year", "norway/constitution", "norway/olsok eve festival", "norway/tyvendedagen" }), "oman": // "ashoura" ? // "first of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? // "prophets" ? ({ "oman/national", "oman/national of oman", "oman/national2", "oman/sultans" }), "pakistan": // "ashoura" ? // "first of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha optional holidays for christians" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "pakistan/Eid-i-Milad-un-Nabi (Mouloud)" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "labor", "pakistan/birthday of quaid-i-azam", "pakistan/defense", "pakistan/independence", "pakistan/iqbal", "pakistan/jinnah", "pakistan/pakistan" }), "panama": // "christmas in panama city" ? // "panama/Carnival (Shrove Tuesday)" ? ({ "c/all souls", "c/good friday", "labor", "mothers", "new year", "panama/constitution", "panama/day of mourning", "panama/festival of the black christ", "panama/flag", "panama/foundation of panama city", "panama/independence", "panama/independence from spain", "panama/mothers", "panama/national anthem", "panama/revolution", "panama/uprising of los santos" }), "papua new guinea": ({ "british commonwealth/queens", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "papua new guinea/independence", "papua new guinea/remembrance" }), "paraguay": ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/good friday", "c/holy thursday", "labor", "new year", "paraguay/battle of boquer\363n", "paraguay/constitution", "paraguay/day of the race", "paraguay/founding of the city of asunci\363n", "paraguay/heroes", "paraguay/independence", "paraguay/peace of chaco", "paraguay/virgin of caacupe", "saints/blaise" }), "peru": // "peasants" ? ({ "saints/paul", "saints/peter", "c/all saints", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "c/holy thursday", "c/immaculate conception", "labor", "new year", "peru/combat of angamos", "peru/independence", "peru/inti raymi fiesta", "peru/santa rosa de lima" }), "philippines": ({ "c/all saints", "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "c/maundy thursday", "labor", "new year", "new years eve", "philippines/araw ng kagitingan", "philippines/barangay", "philippines/bataan", "philippines/bonifacio", "philippines/christ the king", "philippines/constitution", "philippines/freedom", "philippines/independence", "philippines/misa de gallo", "philippines/national heroes", "philippines/philippine-american friendship", "philippines/rizal", "philippines/thanksgiving" }), "portugal": // "porto observes the st john the baptist" ? // "portugal/Carnival (Shrove Tuesday)" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/assumption", "c/corpus christi", "c/good friday", "c/immaculate conception", "labor", "new year", "portugal/cam\365es memorial", "portugal/christmas lisbon also observes the st anthony", "portugal/day of the dead", "portugal/liberty", "portugal/portugal", "portugal/republic", "portugal/restoration of the independence" }), "puerto rico": // "martin luther king" ? // "us independence" ? // "us thanksgiving" ? // "veterans" ? // "washington-lincoln" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "columbus", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year", "puerto rico/barbosa", "puerto rico/birthday of eugenio maria de hostos", "puerto rico/constitution", "puerto rico/de diego", "puerto rico/discovery", "puerto rico/emancipation", "puerto rico/memorial", "puerto rico/mu\361oz rivera", "puerto rico/ponce de leon", "puerto rico/saint johns", "puerto rico/san juan" }), "qatar": // "first of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? ({ "qatar/anniversary of the amirs accession", "qatar/independence" }), "romania": ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "labor", "new year", "romania/liberation", "romania/national", "romania/public holiday" }), "rwanda": // "peace" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year", "rwanda/armed forces", "rwanda/democracy", "rwanda/independence", "rwanda/kamarampaka", "rwanda/peace and unity", "unity" }), "saint kitts and nevis": // "august monday" ? ({ "british commonwealth/queens", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "saint kitts and nevis/carnival", "saint kitts and nevis/independence", "saint kitts and nevis/prince of wales" }), "saint lucia": // "carnival" ? ({ "british commonwealth/august bank holiday", "british commonwealth/queens", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year", "saint lucia/discovery", "saint lucia/independence", "saint lucia/thanksgiving" }), "saint vincent and the grenadines": // "carnival" ? // "grenadines" ? // "saint vincent" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "caribbean/caricom", "caribbean/emancipation", "labor", "new year", "saint vincent and the grenadines/independence", "saint vincent and the grenadines/saint vincent and the grenadines" }), "san marino": ({ "c/all saints", "saints/stephen", "c/all souls", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter monday", "c/immaculate conception", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year", "san marino/anniversary of the arengo", "san marino/fall of fascism", "san marino/investiture of the new captains regent", "san marino/investiture of the new captains-regent", "san marino/liberation", "san marino/national", "san marino/san marino" }), "sao tome and principe": // "sao tomeand principe/Armed Forces Day (1st week in Sep)" ? ({ "family", "sao tome and principe/farmers", "sao tome and principe/independence", "sao tome and principe/martyrs", "sao tome and principe/transitional government" }), "saudi arabia": // "ashoura" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meirag" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "saudi arabia/national", "saudi arabia/national of saudi arabia" }), "senegal": // "mouloud" ? // "senegal/Korit\351 (Id al-Fitr)" ? // "senegal/Tabaski (Id al-Adha)" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year", "senegal/african community", "senegal/independence" }), "seychelles": ({ "c/all saints", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter", "c/immaculate conception", "labor", "new year", "seychelles/independence", "seychelles/liberation" }), "sierra leone": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "sierra leone/independence", "sierra leone/republic" }), "singapore": // "chinese new year" ? // "singapore/Deepavali (Diwali)" ? // "singapore/Hari Raya Haji (Id al-Adha)" ? // "singapore/Hari Raya Puasa (Id al-Fitr)" ? // "singapore/birthday of the monkey god" ? // "singapore/birthday of the saint of the poor" ? // "singapore/mooncake festival" ? // "singapore/vesak" ? // "vesak" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/good friday", "new year", "singapore/independence", "singapore/labor", "singapore/national holiday" }), "slovakia": ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "may day", "new year", "slovakia/day of the slav apostles", "slovakia/liberation", "slovakia/reconciliation", "slovakia/slovak national uprising" }), "slovenia": ({ }), "solomon islands": ({ "british commonwealth/queens", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/holy saturday", "c/whitmonday", "new year", "solomon islands/independence" }), "somalia": // "ashoura" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "labor", "new year", "somalia/foundation of the republic", "somalia/independence", "somalia/revolution" }), "south africa": ({ "c/ascension", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "south africa/day of the vow", "south africa/family", "south africa/kruger", "south africa/republic", "south africa/settlers", "south africa/van riebeeck", "south africa/workers" }), "soviet union": ({ "soviet union/anniversary of the october socialist revolution", "soviet union/victory" }), "spain": // "also observed" ? // "madrid only)" ? // "palma de mallorca)" ? // "palma de mallorca) local holidays" ? // "saint isidros " ? // "spain/tomatina" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/assumption", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/immaculate conception", "c/maundy thursday", "c/epiphany", "new year", "spain/constitution", "spain/fiesta de san fermin", "spain/fiesta del arbol", "spain/grenada", "spain/hispanidad", "spain/king juan carlos saints", "spain/labor", "spain/national", "spain/national holiday of spain", "spain/queen isabella", "spain/saint james", "spain/saint joseph the workman" }), "sri lanka": // "there is a monthy full moon" ? // "diwali" ? // "holy prophets" ? // "sinhala" ? // "sri lanka/bandaranaike memorial" ? // "sri lanka/hadji festival" ? // "sri lanka/kandy perahera" ? // "sri lanka/thai pongal" ? // "sri lanka/vesak festival" ? // "tamil new year" ? // "tamil thai pongal" ? ({ "c/good friday", "c/christmas", "may day", "new year", "sri lanka/independence", "sri lanka/national heroes", "sri lanka/republic", "sri lanka/sinhala and tamil new year" }), "sudan": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "mououd" ? // "sudan/Sham an-Nassim (Coptic Easter Monday)" ? ({ "c/christmas", "new year", "sudan/decentralization", "sudan/independence", "sudan/national", "sudan/unity", "sudan/uprising" }), "suriname": // "id al-fitr" ? // "suriname/Phagwa (Holi)" ? ({ "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "labor", "new year", "suriname/independence", "suriname/national union", "suriname/revolution" }), "swaziland": // "incwala" ? // "national flag" ? // "swaziland/incwala" ? // "united nations" ? ({ "c/ascension", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "swaziland/commonwealth", "swaziland/flag", "swaziland/kings", "swaziland/reed dance", "swaziland/somhlolo" }), "switzerland": ({ "c/ascension", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year", "switzerland/berchtolds", "switzerland/glarus festival", "switzerland/homstrom", "switzerland/independence", "switzerland/may eve" }), "syria": // "egypts revolution" ? // "greek orthodox easter" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? ({ "c/christmas", "new year", "syria/beginning of october war", "syria/evacuation", "syria/national", "syria/revolution", "syria/union", "unity" }), "taiwan": // "chinese new year" ? // "ching ming festival" ? // "taiwan/birthday of matsu" ? // "taiwan/lantern festival" ? ({ "taiwan/birthday of confucious", "taiwan/buddha bathing festival", "taiwan/chiang kai-shek", "taiwan/childrens", "taiwan/constitution", "taiwan/dragon boat festival", "taiwan/founding of the republic of china", "taiwan/martyrs", "taiwan/national", "taiwan/restoration", "taiwan/sun yat-sen", "taiwan/youth" }), "tanzania": // "id al-fitr" ? // "mouloud" ? // "tanzania/Id al-Hajj (Id al-Adha)" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "labor", "tanzania/chama cha mapinduzi", "tanzania/heroes", "tanzania/independence", "tanzania/naming", "tanzania/saba saba", "tanzania/sultans", "tanzania/union", "tanzania/zanzibar revolution" }), "thailand": // "buddhist lent" ? // "makha bucha" ? // "thailand/loy krathong festival" ? // "thailand/makha bucha" ? // "thailand/state ploughing ceremony" ? // "thailand/visakha bucha" ? // "visakha bucha" ? ({ "new year", "new years eve", "thailand/asalapha bupha", "thailand/chakri", "thailand/chulalongkorn", "thailand/constitution", "thailand/coronation", "thailand/harvest festival", "thailand/kings", "thailand/queens", "thailand/songkran" }), "togo": // "id al-fitr" ? // "national liberation" ? // "togo/Tabaski (Id al-Adha)" ? ({ "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/whitmonday", "labor", "new year", "togo/anniversary of the failed attack on lome", "togo/economic liberation", "togo/independence", "togo/liberation", "togo/martyrs of pya", "togo/victory" }), "tonga": ({ "anzac", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "tonga/constitution", "tonga/emancipation", "tonga/king tupou", "tonga/kings", "tonga/princes" }), "trinidad and tobago": // "carnival" ? // "diwali" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/corpus christi", "c/easter", "c/whitmonday", "new year", "trinidad and tobago/discovery", "trinidad and tobago/emancipation", "trinidad and tobago/independence", "trinidad and tobago/labor", "trinidad and tobago/republic" }), "tunisia": // "evacuaton" ? // "tunisia/Aid El Kebir (Id al-Adha)" ? // "tunisia/Aid El Seghir (Id al-Fitr)" ? ({ "labor", "new year", "tunisia/accession", "tunisia/bourguibas", "tunisia/evacuation", "tunisia/independence", "tunisia/independence recognition", "tunisia/martyrs", "tunisia/memorial", "tunisia/national holiday of tunisia", "tunisia/national revolution", "tunisia/republic", "tunisia/tree festival", "tunisia/womens", "tunisia/youth", "womens" }), "turkey": // "ataturk memorial" ? // "childrens" ? // "national sovereignty" ? // "turkey/Kurban Bayram (Id al-Adha)" ? // "turkey/Seker Bayram (Id al-Fitr)" ? // "youth & sports" ? ({ "new year", "turkey/ataturk commemoration", "turkey/youth and sports", "turkey/freedom and constitution", "turkey/hidrellez", "turkey/independence", "turkey/childrens", "turkey/national sovereignty", "turkey/navy and merchant marine", "turkey/rumis", "turkey/spring", "turkey/victory" }), "turks and caicos islands": // "commonwealth" ? // "national heroes" ? // "national youth" ? // "queens official" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter monday", "c/good friday", "new year", "turks and caicos islands/columbus", "turks and caicos islands/emancipation", "turks and caicos islands/human rights", "turks and caicos islands/jags mccartney memorial" }), "tuvalu": // "commonwealth" ? // "national childrens" ? ({ "british commonwealth/prince of wales", "british commonwealth/queens", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "new year", "tuvalu/tuvalu" }), "uganda": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/good friday", "labor", "new year", "uganda/heroes", "uganda/independence", "uganda/martyrs", "uganda/nrm/nra victorys", "uganda/republic" }), "ukraine": ({ "c/christmas", "labor", "new year", "orthodox/christmas", "ukraine/taras shevchenko", "ukraine/ukrainian", "ukraine/ukrainian independence", "ukraine/victory", "womens" }), "united arab emirates": // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "islamic new year" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? // "ramadan 1" ? ({ "c/christmas", "new year", "united arab emirates/accession of the ruler of abu dhabi", "united arab emirates/national" }), "uruguay": ({ "c/all souls", "c/christmas", "columbus", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year", "uruguay/artigas", "uruguay/battle of las piedras", "uruguay/blessing of the waters", "uruguay/constitution", "uruguay/independence", "uruguay/landing of the 33 patriots" }), "united kingdom": ({ "new year|h", "c/good friday|h", "c/easter monday|h", "c/christmas|h", "c/boxing|h", "may day|h", "united kingdom/spring bank holiday|h", "united kingdom/late summer bank holiday|h", "united kingdom/lammas", "united kingdom/queens", "united kingdom/burns", }), "united kingdom/england": ({ "+united kingdom", "united kingdom/guy fawkes", "united kingdom/oak apple", "united kingdom/battle of britain", "united kingdom/lord mayors", "united kingdom/mothering sunday", "united kingdom/woman peerage", "united kingdom/pancake tuesday" }), "united kingdom/scotland": ({ "+united kingdom", "united kingdom/bannockburn", "united kingdom/day after", "united kingdom/handsel monday", "united kingdom/highland games", "united kingdom/scottish new year|h", "united kingdom/victoria|h", "united kingdom/autumn holiday|h" }), "united kingdom/wales": ({ "+united kingdom", "saints/david|h" }), "united kingdom/northern ireland": ({ "+united kingdom", "united kingdom/orangeman|h", "saints/patrick" }), "us": ({ "new year|h", "c/christmas", "us/columbus|h", "mardi gras", "us/appomattox", "us/armed forces", "us/bill of rights", "us/carnation", "us/citizenship", "us/election", "us/flag|f", "us/forefathers", "us/inauguration", "us/independence|h", "us/iwo jima", "us/jefferson davis", "us/kosciuszko", "us/labor|h", "us/lincolns", "us/martin luther king", "us/memorial", "us/national freedom", "us/navy", "us/patriots", "us/robert e lee", "us/thanksgiving", "us/thomas jeffersons", "us/veterans|h", "us/vietnam", "us/washingtons|h", "us/womens equality" }), "us/alabama": ({ "+us", "us/alabama/alabama admission|h", "us/alabama/confederate memorial|h", "us/alabama/jefferson davis|h", "us/alabama/robert e lee|h", "columbus|h", "mardi gras|h", "us/thomas jeffersons|h" }), "us/alaska": ({ "+us", "us/alaska/alaska|h", "us/alaska/alaska admission|h", "-us/independence", "us/alaska/flag|fh", "us/alaska/sewards|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/arizona": ({ "+us", "us/arizona/american family|h", "us/arizona/arbors|h", "us/arizona/arborn|h", "us/arizona/arizona admission|h", "us/arizona/lincoln|h", "us/columbus|h", "fathers|h", "mothers|h", "us/memorial|h", "-us/washingtons", "us/washington|h" }), "us/arkansas": ({ "+us", "us/arkansas/arkansas admission|h", "us/arkansas/general douglas macarthur|h", "us/arkansas/world war ii memorial|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/jefferson davis|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/robert e lee|h" }), "us/california": ({ "+us", "us/california/california admission|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/california/arbor|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h", }), "us/colorado": ({ "+us", "us/colorado/arbor|h", "us/colorado/colorado|h", "columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h", }), "us/connecticut": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/connecticut/connecticut ratification|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h", }), "us/delaware": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/delaware/arbor|h", "us/delaware/delaware|h", "us/delaware/lincolns|h", "us/delaware/memorial|h", "us/delaware/separation|h", "us/delaware/swedish colonial|h", "us/election|h" }), "us/florida": ({ "+us", "c/christmas|h", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/florida/arbor|h", "us/florida/confederate memorial|h", "us/florida/farmers|h", "us/florida/florida admission|h", "us/florida/pascua florida|h", "us/florida/susan b anthony|h", "us/election|h", "us/jefferson davis|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/robert e lee|h",}), "us/georgia": // "us/robert elee" ? ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/georgia/confederate memorial|h", "us/georgia/georgia|h", "us/jefferson davis|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/hawaii": // "us/hawaii/Discoverers' Day (Us/Columbus Day)" ? ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/hawaii/flag|fh", "us/hawaii/hawaii statehood|h", "us/hawaii/kamehameha|h", "us/hawaii/kuhio|h", "us/hawaii/lei|h", "us/hawaii/wesak flower festival|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/presidents|h" }), "us/idaho": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/idaho/idaho admission|h", "us/idaho/idaho pioneer|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/illinois": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/day after thanksgiving|h", "us/illinois/illinois admission|h", "us/illinois/memorial|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/martin luther king|h" }), "us/indiana": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/indiana/indiana admission|h", "us/indiana/primary election|h", "us/indiana/vincennes|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/iowa": ({ "+us", "us/iowa/bird|h", "us/iowa/independence sunday|h", "us/iowa/iowa admission|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/kansas": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/kansas/kansas|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/kentucky": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/kentucky/franklin d roosevelt|h", "us/kentucky/kentucky statehood|h", "us/election|h", "us/jefferson davis|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/robert e lee|h" }), "us/louisiana": ({ "+us", "c/all saints|h", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/louisiana/huey p long|h", "us/louisiana/jackson|h", "us/louisiana/louisiana admission|h", "mardi gras|h", "new year|h", "us/election|h", "us/jefferson davis|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/robert e lee|h" }), "us/maine": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/maine/battleship|h", "us/maine/maine admission|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/patriots|h" }), "us/maryland": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/maryland/defenders|h", "us/maryland/john hanson|h", "us/maryland/maryland|h", "us/maryland/maryland admission|h", "us/maryland/maryland ratification|h", "us/maryland/memorial|h", "us/maryland/national anthem|h", "us/maryland/repudiation|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/martin luther king|h" }), "us/massachusetts": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/massachusetts/bunker hill|h", "us/massachusetts/childrens|h", "us/massachusetts/evacuation|h", "us/massachusetts/john f kennedy|h", "us/massachusetts/lafayette|h", "us/massachusetts/liberty tree|h", "us/massachusetts/massachusetts ratification|h", "us/massachusetts/spanish-american war memorial|h", "us/massachusetts/student government|h", "us/massachusetts/susan b anthony|h", "us/massachusetts/teachers|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/patriots|h" }), "us/michigan": ({ "+us", "us/michigan/memorial|h", "us/michigan/michigan|h", "us/martin luther king|h" }), "us/minnesota": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/minnesota/american family|h", "us/minnesota/minnesota|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/mississippi": ({ "+us", "us/mississippi/confederate memorial|h", "us/mississippi/jefferson davis|h", "us/mississippi/robert elee|h" }), "us/missouri": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/missouri/missouri admission|h", "us/missouri/truman|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/montana": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/montana/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/nebraska": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/day after thanksgiving|h", "us/nebraska/arbor|h", "us/nebraska/nebraska state|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/presidents|h" }), "us/nevada": ({ "+us", "us/nevada/nevada|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/new hampshire": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/day after thanksgiving|h", "us/new hampshire/fast|h", "us/new hampshire/memorial|h", "us/new hampshire/new hampshire admission|h", "us/election|h" }), "us/new jersey": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/new jersey/new jersey admission|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/new mexico": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/new mexico/arbor|h", "us/new mexico/memorial|h", "us/lincolns|h" }), "us/new york": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/new york/audubon|h", "us/new york/flag|fh", "us/new york/martin luther king|h", "us/new york/new york ratification|h", "us/new york/verrazano|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/north carolina": ({ "+us", "c/easter monday|h", "us/north carolina/confederate memorial|h", "us/north carolina/halifax resolutions|h", "us/north carolina/mecklenburg|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/robert e lee|h" }), "us/north dakota": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/north dakota/north dakota admission|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/ohio": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/ohio/martin luther king|h", "us/ohio/ohio admission|h", "us/memorial|h", "-us/washingtons", "us/washington-lincoln|h" }), "us/oklahoma": // "us/oklahoma/oklahoma heritage week" ? // "us/oklahoma/youth" ? ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "mothers|h", "us/oklahoma/bird|h", "us/oklahoma/cherokee strip|h", "us/oklahoma/indian|h", "us/oklahoma/oklahoma|h", "us/oklahoma/oklahoma historical|h", "us/oklahoma/oklahoma statehood|h", "us/oklahoma/senior citizens|h", "us/oklahoma/will rogers|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/thomas jeffersons|h" }), "us/oregon": ({ "+us", "us/oregon/lincolns|h", "us/oregon/oregon statehood|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/pennsylvania": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/pennsylvania/barry|h", "us/pennsylvania/charter|h", "us/pennsylvania/pennsylvania admission|h", "us/election|h", "us/flag|fh", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/presidents|h" }), "us/rhode island": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/rhode island/arbor|h", "us/rhode island/rhode island admission|h", "us/rhode island/rhode island independence|h", "us/rhode island/victory|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/south carolina": ({ "+us", "us/south carolina/confederate memorial|h", "us/south carolina/south carolina admission|h", "us/election|h", "us/jefferson davis|h", "us/martin luther king|h", "us/robert e lee|h" }), "us/south dakota": ({ "+us", "us/south dakota/memorial|h", "us/south dakota/pioneers|h", "us/south dakota/south dakota admission|h", "us/presidents|h" }), "us/tennessee": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/tennessee/confederate memorial|h", "us/tennessee/tennesse statehood|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/texas": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/texas/alamo|h", "us/texas/austin|h", "us/texas/confederate heroes|h", "us/texas/juneteenth|h", "us/texas/lyndon b johnsons|h", "us/texas/san jacinto|h", "us/texas/texas admission|h", "us/texas/texas independence|h", "us/texas/texas pioneers|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h" }), "us/utah": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/utah/arbor|h", "us/utah/pioneer|h", "us/utah/utah admission|h" }), "us/vermont": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/vermont/bennington battle|h", "us/vermont/memorial|h", "us/vermont/town meeting|h", "us/vermont/vermont|h" }), "us/virginia": // "us/virginia/jack jouett" ? ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/virginia/cape henry|h", "us/virginia/confederate memorial|h", "us/virginia/crater|h", "us/virginia/jamestown|h", "us/virginia/lee-jackson|h", "us/virginia/royalist fast|h", "us/virginia/virginia ratification|h" }), "us/washington": ({ "+us", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/washington/washington admission|h" }), // ? "us/washington dc": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h", "us/washington dc/arbor|h" }), "us/west virginia": ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/lincolns|h", "us/memorial|h", "-us/washingtons", "us/washington|h", "us/west virginia/west virginia|h" }), "us/wisconsin": ({ "+us", "c/good friday|h", "us/columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h", "-us/washingtons", "us/washington-lincoln|h", "us/wisconsin/primary election|h", "us/wisconsin/wisconsin|h" }), "us/wyoming": // "us/nellie tayloe ross" ? ({ "+us", "us/columbus|h", "us/election|h", "us/memorial|h", "-us/washingtons", "us/washington-lincoln|h", "us/wyoming/arbor|h", "us/wyoming/primary election|h", "us/wyoming/wyoming|h", "us/wyoming/wyoming statehood" }), "vanuatu": ({ "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "labor", "new year", "unity", "vanuatu/constitution", "vanuatu/independence" }), "vatican city": ({ "vatican city/anniversary of the beginning of the john paul ii pontificate", "vatican city/john paul ii namesday" }), "venezuela": // "carnival" ? // "additional bank holidays" ? // "saint josephs" ? ({ "saints/paul", "saints/peter", "c/all saints", "c/ascension", "c/assumption", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/immaculate conception", "columbus", "c/epiphany", "labor", "new year", "new years eve", "venezuela/battle of carabobo", "venezuela/bolivars", "venezuela/civil servants", "venezuela/declaration of independence", "venezuela/independence", "venezuela/teachers" }), "vietnam": // "tet nguyen dan" ? // "vietnam/tet nguyen dan" ? // "vietnam/thanh minh" ? ({ "labor", "new year", "vietnam/day of the nation", "vietnam/emperor-founder hung vuongs", "vietnam/founding of the communist party", "vietnam/independence", "vietnam/liberation of saigon" }), "virgin islands": // "martin luther king" ? // "memorial" ? // "presidents" ? // "three kings" ? // "us independence" ? // "us thanksgiving" ? // "veterans" ? ({ "c/christmas", "c/easter", "columbus", "labor", "new year", "virgin islands/danish west indies emancipation", "virgin islands/hurricane supplication", "virgin islands/hurricane thanksgiving", "virgin islands/liberty", "virgin islands/nicole robin", "virgin islands/organic act", "virgin islands/transfer" }), "western samoa": // "national womens" ? ({ "anzac", "c/boxing", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "c/whitmonday", "new year", "western samoa/arbor", "western samoa/independence", "western samoa/independence2", "western samoa/white sunday" }), "yemen": // "ashoura" ? // "first of ramadan" ? // "id al-adha" ? // "id al-fitr" ? // "leilat al-meiraj" ? // "mouloud" ? // "muharram" ? ({ "labor", "new year", "womens", "yemen/corrective movement", "yemen/national" }), "zaire": ({ "c/christmas", "labor", "new year", "zaire/armed forces", "zaire/constitution", "zaire/day of the martyrs for independence", "zaire/independence", "zaire/mpr", "zaire/naming", "zaire/new regime", "zaire/parents", "zaire/presidents", "zaire/youth/presidents" }), "zambia": ({ "africa", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "labor", "new year", "unity", "zambia/farmers", "zambia/heroes", "zambia/independence", "zambia/unity", "zambia/youth", "zambia/youth2" }), "zimbabwe": ({ "africa", "c/christmas", "c/easter", "new year", "zimbabwe/heroess", "zimbabwe/independence", "zimbabwe/workers" }), ]);