78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) //! module Calendar //! submodule Timezone //! //! This module contains all the predefined timezones. //! Index it with whatever timezone you want to use. //! //! Example: //! <tt>Calendar.Calendar my_cal= //! Calendar.ISO->set_timezone(Calendar.Timezone["Europe/Stockholm"]); //! </tt> //! //! A simpler way of selecting timezones might be //! to just give the string to //! <ref to=Ruleset.set_timezone>set_timezone</ref>; //! <ref to=Ruleset.set_timezone>it</ref> indexes by itself: //! //! <tt>Calendar.Calendar my_cal= //! Calendar.ISO->set_timezone("Europe/Stockholm"); //! </tt> //! //! note //! Do not confuse this module with <ref>Ruleset.Timezone</ref>, //! which is the base class of a timezone object. //! //! <tt>"CET"</tt> and some other standard abbreviations work too, //! but not all of them (due to more then one country using them). //! //! Do not call <ref to=Calendar.Time.set_timezone>set_timezone</ref> //! too often, but remember the result if possible. It might take //! some time to initialize a timezone object. //! //! There are about 504 timezones with 127 different daylight //! saving rules. Most of them historic. //! //! The timezone information comes from //! <a href=ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/>ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/</a> //! and are not made up from scratch. Timezone bugs may be reported //! to the timezone mailing list, //! <a href=mailto:tz@elsie.nci.nih.gov>tz@elsie.nci.nih.gov</a>, //! preferable with a <tt>cc</tt> to //! <a href=mailto:mirar@mirar.org>mirar@mirar.org</a>. /Mirar //! //! see also: TZnames, Ruleset.Timezone //! constant Ruleset.Timezone locale //! This contains the local timezone, found from //! various parts of the system, if possible. //! constant Ruleset.Timezone localtime //! This is a special timezone, that uses <ref>localtime</ref>() //! and <ref>tzname</ref> //! to find out what current offset and timezone string to use. //! //! <ref>locale</ref> uses this if there is no other //! way of finding a better timezone to use. //! //! This timezone is limited by <ref>localtime</ref> and //! libc to the range of <tt>time_t</tt>, //! which is a MAXINT on most systems - 13 Dec 1901 20:45:52 //! to 19 Jan 2038 3:14:07, UTC. //! module Calendar //! submodule TZnames //! This module is a mapping of the names of //! all the geographical (political) //! based timezones. It looks mainly like //! <pre> //! (["Europe":({"Stockholm","Paris",...}), //! "America":({"Chicago","Panama",...}), //! ... //! ]) //! </pre> //! //! It is mainly there for easy and reliable ways //! of making user interfaces to select timezone. //! //! The Posix and standard timezones (like CET, PST8PDT, etc) //! are not listed. import "."; // ----------------------------------------------------------------
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland) // static
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland) Ruleset.Timezone UTC=Ruleset.Timezone(0,"UTC");
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // from the system
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland) Ruleset.Timezone locale=0;
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland) static function(:Ruleset.Timezone) _locale()
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) { Ruleset.Timezone tz; // try to get the real local time settings #if 1 string s; if ( (s=getenv("TZ")) ) { tz=`[](s); if (tz) return tz; } // Linux RedHat if ( (s=Stdio.read_bytes("/etc/sysconfig/clock")) ) { sscanf(s,"%*sZONE=\"%s\"",s); tz=`[](s); // werror("=>%O\n",tz); if (tz) return tz; } #if constant(tzname) mapping l=predef::localtime(time()); array(string) tzn=tzname(); tz=::`[](tzn[0]); if (tz && l->timezone==tz->raw_utc_offset()) return tz; #endif #endif return localtime(); // default - use localtime }; class localtime { constant is_timezone=1; constant is_dst_timezone=1; #if constant(tzname) static array(string) names=tzname(); #endif string name="local"; // is (midnight) this julian day dst? array tz_jd(int jd) { return tz_ux((jd-2440588)*86400); } // is this unixtime (utc) dst? array tz_ux(int ux) { if (ux<-0x80000000 || ux>0x7fffffff) error("Time is out of range for Timezone.localtime()\n"); int z0=ux%86400; mapping ll=predef::localtime(ux); int zl=ll->hour*3600+ll->min*60+ll->sec; int tz=z0-zl; if (tz>86400/2) tz-=86400; else if (tz<-86400/2) tz+=86400; #if constant(tzname) return ({tz,names[ll->isdst]}); #else return ({tz,"local"}); #endif } string _sprintf(int t) { return (t=='O')?"Timezone.localtime()":0; } int raw_utc_offset(); // N/A but needed for interface } // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // magic timezones static private Ruleset.Timezone _make_new_timezone(string tz,float plusminus) { object(Ruleset.Timezone) z=`[](tz); if (!z) return ([])[0]; if (plusminus>14.0 || plusminus<-14.0) error("difference out of range -14..14 h\n"); if (plusminus==0.0) return z; return object_program(z)(z->offset_to_utc-((int)(3600*plusminus)), sprintf("%s%+g",z->name||"",plusminus)); } static private constant _military_tz= ([ "Y":"UTC-12", "X":"UTC-11", "W":"UTC-10", "V":"UTC-9", "U":"UTC-8", "T":"UTC-7", "S":"UTC-6", "R":"UTC-5", "Q":"UTC-4", "P":"UTC-3", "O":"UTC-2", "N":"UTC-1", "Z":"UTC", "A":"UTC+1", "B":"UTC+2", "C":"UTC+3", "D":"UTC+4", "E":"UTC+5", "F":"UTC+6", "G":"UTC+7", "H":"UTC+8", "I":"UTC+9", "K":"UTC+10", "L":"UTC+11", "M":"UTC+12", "J":"locale" ]);
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland) object runtime_timezone_compiler=0;
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) static private Ruleset.Timezone _magic_timezone(string tz) { float d; string z;
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (!runtime_timezone_compiler) runtime_timezone_compiler=Runtime_timezone_compiler(); object p=runtime_timezone_compiler->find_zone(tz); if (p) return p;
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sscanf(tz,"%s+%f",z,d)==2) return _make_new_timezone(z,d); if (sscanf(tz,"%s-%f",z,d)==2) return _make_new_timezone(z,-d); if ((z=_military_tz[tz])) return `[](z); return ::`[](replace(tz,"-/+"/1,"__p"/1)); } Ruleset.Timezone `[](string tz) { mixed p=::`[](tz);
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (!p && tz=="locale") return locale=_locale();
78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (!p) p=_magic_timezone(tz); if (programp(p) || functionp(p)) return p(); return p; }
c0dbee2000-08-01Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  // ================================================================ // this is to runtime-compile timezones // it's not very nice; based on the one-time-compilation // utility I wrote first - but that method was too slow :/ // ================================================================ class Runtime_timezone_compiler { object cal=master()->resolv("Calendar")["ISO_UTC"]; function Year=cal->Year; object nleapy=Year(1999); int is_leap_year(int y) { return (!(((y)%4) || (!((y)%100) && ((y)%400)))); } #define FIXED(D) (yjd+((D)-1)) #define FIX_L(D) (yjd+leap+((D)-1)) #define LDAY(D,W) (yjd+((D)-1)-( (yjd+((D)+(8-W)-1)) % 7)) #define LDAYL(D,W) (yjd+((D)-1)+leap-( (yjd+leap+((D)+(8-W)-1)) % 7)) #define complain error #define FIXID(s) replace(s,"-+/"/1,"_minus_,_plus_,_slash_"/",") #define UNFIXID(s) replace(s,"_minus_,_plus_,_slash_"/",","-+/"/1) int parse_offset(string t) { int h,m,s; string res; if (t=="0") return 0; res=""; if (sscanf(t,"-%d:%d:%d%s",h,m,s,res)&&res=="") return -(h*3600+m*60+s); res=""; if (sscanf(t,"-%d:%d%s",h,m,res)&&res=="") return -(h*3600+m*60); res=""; if (sscanf(t,"%d:%d:%d%s",h,m,s,res)&&res=="") return h*3600+m*60+s; res=""; if (sscanf(t,"-%d:%d%s",h,m,res)&&res=="") return h*3600+m*60; complain("failed to parse offset %O\n",t); } array parse_tod(string t) { int h,m,s; string res; if (t=="0") return 0; if (sscanf(t,"%d:%d:%d%s",h,m,s,res)==4) return ({h*3600+m*60+s,res}); res=""; if (sscanf(t,"%d:%d%s",h,m,res)==3) return ({h*3600+m*60,res}); if (sscanf(t,"%d%s",h,res)==2) return ({h*3600,res}); complain("failed to parse time of day %O\n",t); } class Shift { string dayrule; int time; string timetype; int offset; string s; string comment; void create(array a) { switch (sizeof(a)) { case 5: dayrule=think_day(a[0],a[1]); comment=a[0]+" "+a[1]; [time,timetype]=parse_tod(a[2]); switch (timetype) { case "": timetype="w"; break; case "s": case "u": case "w": break; default: complain("unknown time of day type %O\n",timetype); } offset=parse_offset(a[3]); s=(a[4]=="-")?"":a[4]; break; case 6: [dayrule,comment,time,timetype,offset,s]=a; break; default: error("illegal size of a\n"); } } string _sprintf(int t) { return (t=='O')? sprintf("Shift(%s,%d%s,%+d,%O)", dayrule,time,timetype,offset,s): 0; } int `==(Shift other) { return ( dayrule==other->dayrule && time==other->time && timetype==other->timetype && offset==other->offset && s==other->s ); } function(Shift:int) __equal=`==; constant wday=(["Mon":1,"Tue":2,"Wed":3,"Thu":4,"Fri":5,"Sat":6,"Sun":7]); constant vmonth=(<"Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","Jun", "Jul","Aug","Sep","Nov","Dec">); string think_day(string mon,string rule) { int d; string ds; if (mon=="") return "0"; if (rule==(string)(d=(int)rule)) { if (mon=="Feb") return "FIXED("+(31+d)+")"; if (mon=="Jan") return "FIXED("+(d)+")"; return "FIX_L("+nleapy->month(mon)->day(d)->year_day()+")"; } else if (sscanf(rule,"last%s",ds)) { int wd=wday[ds]; if (!wd) complain("unknown weekday %O (last%s)\n",ds,ds); if (mon=="Jan") return "LDAY ("+31+","+wd+")"; return "LDAYL("+nleapy->month(mon)->day(-1)->year_day()+ ","+wd+")"; } else if (sscanf(rule,"%s>=%d",ds,d)) { int wd=wday[ds]; if (!wd) complain("unknown weekday %O (last%s)\n",ds,ds); if (d>24 && mon=="Feb") complain("can't handle Feb %d in a >= rule\n",d); if (mon=="Jan") return "LDAY ("+(nleapy->month(mon)->day(d)->year_day()+6)+ ","+wd+")"; return "LDAYL("+(nleapy->month(mon)->day(d)->year_day()+6)+ ","+wd+")"; } else if (sscanf(rule,"%s<=%d",ds,d)) { int wd=wday[ds]; if (!wd) complain("unknown weekday %O (last%s)\n",ds,ds); if (d>24 && mon=="Feb") complain("can't handle Feb %d in a <= rule\n",d); if (mon=="Jan" || mon=="Feb") return "LDAY ("+(nleapy->month(mon)->day(d)->year_day())+ ","+wd+")"; return "LDAYL("+(nleapy->month(mon)->day(d)->year_day())+ ","+wd+")"; } else complain("unknown rule method %O\n",rule); } Shift|array ``+(array|Shift s) { if (!s) return this_object(); if (!arrayp(s)) s=({s}); return s+({this_object()}); } int ldayl_is_fix_l(int d1,int wd,int d2,int yn1,int yn2) { return 0; // object y1=Year(yn1); // object y2=Year(yn2); // int yjd,leap; // yjd=y1->julian_day(); // leap=y1->leap_year(); // int d1=LDAYL(d1,wd); // yjd=y2->julian_day(); // leap=y2->leap_year(); // int d2=FIX_L(d2); // return d1==d2; } Shift try_promote(Shift t,int y0,int y1) { // this is year y0 // t is year y1 if (t==this_object()) return t; // same! if (t->time!=time || t->timetype!=timetype || t->offset!=offset || t->s!=s) return 0; // no chance int a,b,c; if (sscanf(dayrule,"LDAYL(%d,%d)",a,b)==2 && sscanf(t->dayrule,"FIX_L(%d)",c)==1) if (ldayl_is_fix_l(a,b,c,y0,y1)) return this_object(); // ldayl else return 0; // no if (sscanf(t->dayrule,"LDAYL(%d,%d)",a,b)==2 && sscanf(dayrule,"FIX_L(%d)",c)==1) if (ldayl_is_fix_l(a,b,c,y1,y0)) return t; // ldayl else return 0; // no return 0; } string dump(int lastoffset,multiset ys) { string t; array z=(array)ys; int l=is_leap_year(z[0]); foreach (z[1..],int y) if (is_leap_year(y)!=l) { l=2; break; } switch (timetype) { case "s": t=sprintf("UO%+d",time); break; case "u": t=""+time; break; case "w": t=sprintf("UO%+d",(time-lastoffset)); break; default: error("illegal state\n"); } string r=dayrule; if (l!=2) { int d,w; if (sscanf(r,"FIX_L(%d)",d)) r=sprintf("FIXED(%d)",d+l); else if (sscanf(r,"LDAYL(%d,%d)",d,w)==2) r=sprintf("LDAY (%d,%d)",d+l,w); } return sprintf("({%-12s,%-10s,%-5d,%-6O}), %s", r,t,offset,s,comment!=""?"// "+comment:""); } } class Rule { string id; mapping rules=([]); int amt=0; void create(string _id) { id=_id; } void add(string line) { array a= array_sscanf(line, replace("%s %s %s %s %s %s %s %[^\t ]", " ","%*[ \t]")); if (sizeof(a)<8) complain("illegal rule line format\n"); if (!(int)a[0] && a[0]!="min") complain("unknown year %O\n",a[0]); // --- #define INF_YEAR 2050 #define NUL_YEAR 1850 int y1=(int)a[0] || NUL_YEAR; int y2; if (a[1]=="max") y2=INF_YEAR; else if (a[1]=="only") y2=y1; else if (!(y2=(int)a[1])) complain("unknown year %O\n",a[1]); else if (y2>=INF_YEAR) complain("big year\n"); Shift sh=Shift(a[3..]); switch (a[2]) { case "-": for (;y1<=y2;y1++) rules[y1]+=sh; break; case "odd": if (!(y1&1)) y1++; for (;y1<=y2;y1+=2) rules[y1]+=sh; break; case "even": if ((y1&1)) y1++; for (;y1<=y2;y1+=2) rules[y1]+=sh; break; default: complain("unknown year type %O\n",a[2]); } } string dump() { mapping r2=([]); Shift last=Shift(({"0","?",0,"u",0,"?"})); Shift first=last; string res=""; if (!r2[NUL_YEAR]) r2[NUL_YEAR]=({last}); int y=min(@indices(rules)); for (;y<=INF_YEAR; y++) [r2[y],last]=mkperiods(rules[y],last,first); res+= TZrules_init+ "import __Calendar_mkzone;\n" " inherit TZRules;\n" " static array(array(string|int)) jd_year_periods(int jd)\n" " {\n" " [int y,int yjd,int leap]=gregorian_yjd(jd);\n" " switch (y)\n" " {\n"; string s="",t; int y,mn=min(@indices(rules-(<NUL_YEAR>))); for (y=INF_YEAR;sizeof(r2);y--) if (r2[y]) { array z=r2[y]; multiset my=(<y>); foreach (indices(r2),int y2) if (join_periods(z,r2[y2],y,y2)) my[y2]=1; foreach ((array)my,int y2) m_delete(r2,y2); string t=""; int y0=min(@(array)my); int y2=max(@(array)my); for (; y0<=y2; y0++) if (my[y0]) { int y1=y0; while (my[++y1]); y1--; if (y0==NUL_YEAR) { if (my[INF_YEAR]) t+=" default: // .."+max(y1,mn-1)+ " and ½½½..\n"; else t+=" default: // .."+max(y1,mn-1)+":\n"; } else if (y0==y1) t+=" case "+y0+":\n"; else if (y1==2050) { if (!my[NUL_YEAR]) t+=" case "+y0+"..:\n"; else t=replace(t,"½½½",(string)y0); } else t+=" case "+y0+".."+y1+":\n"; y0=y1; } int lastoffset=0; string res=" "*12+"return ({"; foreach (z,Shift s) { res+=s->dump(lastoffset,my)+("\n"+" "*21); lastoffset=s->offset; } array resa=res/"\n"; resa[-2]=replace(resa[-2],", ","});"); t+=resa[..sizeof(resa)-2]*"\n"+"\n"; s=t+s; } res+=(s+ " }\n" " }\n"); return res; } int join_periods(array s,array t,int y0,int y1) { if (equal(s,t)) return 1; if (sizeof(s)!=sizeof(t)) return 0; if (s[0]!=t[0]) return 0; // try promote array q=s[..0]; int i; for (i=1; i<sizeof(s); i++) { Shift u=s[i]->try_promote(t[i],y0,y1); if (!u) return 0; q+=({u}); } for (i=1; i<sizeof(s); i++) s[i]=q[i]; // destructive return 1; } array(array(Shift)|Shift) mkperiods(array|Shift s,Shift last,Shift first) { if (!s) s=({}); if (!arrayp(s)) s=({s}); sort(map(s,lambda(Shift s) { return array_sscanf(s->dayrule,"%*[^(](%d")[0]; }),s); if (first->s=="?") foreach (s,Shift d) if (!d->offset) first->s=d->s; s=({last,@s}); last=Shift( ({"0","",0,"u", s[-1]->offset,s[-1]->s}) ); return ({s, last}); } } class Zone { string id; array rules=({}); void create(string _id) { id=_id; } void add(string line) { array a= array_sscanf(line, replace("%s %s %s %s", " ","%*[ \t]")); if (sizeof(a)<4) complain("parse error\n"); array a=({parse_offset(a[0]), // offset a[1], // rule or added offset a[2], // string a[3], 0, 0, "tz", 0}); // until a[5]=rule_shift(a); a[4]=clone_rule(a); rules+=({a}); } string clone_rule(array a) { int h,m,s,roff=-17; if (a[1]=="-") roff=0; else if (sscanf(a[1],"-%d:%d:%d",h,m,s)==3) roff=h*3600+m*60+s; else if (sscanf(a[1],"%d:%d:%d",h,m,s)==3) roff=h*3600+m*60+s; else if (sscanf(a[1],"-%d:%d",h,m)==2) roff=h*3600+m*60; else if (sscanf(a[1],"%d:%d",h,m)==2) roff=h*3600+m*60; if (roff==-17) // based on DST rule return sprintf( "TZrules.%s(%d,%O)", FIXID(a[1]),-a[0],a[2]); else // simple timezone return sprintf( "Ruleset.Timezone(%d,%O)", -(roff+a[0]),a[2]); } string rule_shift(array a) { if (a[3]=="" || a[3][0]=='#') return "forever"; string in=a[3]; sscanf(in,"until %s",in); sscanf(in,"%s#",in); // werror("%O\n",in); int y,d=1,t=0; string mn="Jan",ty="w"; if (sscanf(in,"%d%*[ \t]%s%*[ \t]%d%*[ \t]%[^# \t]", y,mn,d,string tod)==7 && tod!="") [t,ty]=parse_tod(tod); else if (!(sscanf(in,"%d%*[ \t]%[A-Za-z]%*[ \t]%d",y,mn,d)==5 || (sscanf(in,"%d%*[ \t]%[A-Za-z]",y,mn)==3 && mn!="") || (mn="Jan",sscanf(in,"%d",y)))) { // werror("%O\n",array_sscanf(in,"%d%*[ \t]%[A-Za-z]")); complain("failed to understand UNTIL %O\n",in); y=2000; } int utc0=Year(y)->month(mn)->day(d)->unix_time(); switch (ty) { case "u": // utc time // a[3]=sprintf("[%d+%d=%d] %s\n",utc0,t,utc0+t,a[3]); return (string)(utc0+t); break; case "s": // local standard time // a[3]=sprintf("[%d+%d-%d=%d] %s\n",utc0,t,a[0],utc0+t-a[0],a[3]); return (string)(utc0+t-a[0]); break; case "w": case "": // with rule; check rule int h,m,s,roff=-17; if (a[1]=="-") roff=0; else if (sscanf(a[1],"-%d:%d:%d",h,m,s)==3) roff=h*3600+m*60+s; else if (sscanf(a[1],"%d:%d:%d",h,m,s)==3) roff=h*3600+m*60+s; else if (sscanf(a[1],"-%d:%d",h,m)==2) roff=h*3600+m*60; else if (sscanf(a[1],"%d:%d",h,m)==2) roff=h*3600+m*60; if (roff==-17) // based on DST rule { program rulesp=find_rule(a[1]); if (!rulesp) error("ERROR: Missing rule %O (used in Zone %O)\n",a[1],id); object rules=rulesp(-a[0],"-"); roff=rules->tz_jd(Year(y)->month(mn)->day(d)->julian_day())[0]; // werror("Using %O:%O\n",rules,roff); return (string)(utc0+t-roff); } return (string)(utc0+t-a[0]-roff); default: complain("unknown time of day modifier %O\n",ty); } } string dump() { string res=""; if (!sizeof(rules)) { res+=("// skipped %O due to errors\n",id); return res; } res+="import __Calendar_mkzone;\n"; if (sizeof(rules)==1) // simple zone { res+=("object thezone="+rules[0][4]+";\n"); return res; } mapping rname=([]); int n=1; foreach (rules,array a) if (rname[a[4]]) a[6]=rname[a[4]]; else a[6]=rname[a[4]]="tz"+n++; res+=( "inherit TZHistory;\n" "Ruleset.Timezone "+ sort(values(rname))*","+";\n" "Ruleset.Timezone whatrule(int ux)\n" "{\n" ); foreach (rules,array a) { if (!a[5]) a[5]=rule_shift(a); string s=""; sscanf(a[3],"%s#%*[ \t]%s",a[3],s); a[3]="from "+reverse(array_sscanf(reverse(a[3]),"%*[ \t]%s")[0]); a[7]=s; } array last=rules[-1]; int n=sizeof(rules); foreach (reverse(rules)[1..],array a) { res+=sprintf(" if (ux>=%s) // %s %s\n" " return %s || (%s=%s);\n", a[5],a[3],last[7],last[6],last[6],last[4]); n--; last=a; } if (last[7]!="") res+=sprintf(" // %s\n",last[7]); res+=sprintf(" return %s || (%s=%s);\n", last[6],last[6],last[4]); res+=("}\n"); return res; } } string base_path=combine_path(__FILE__,"../tzdata/"); array files= ({ "africa", "antarctica", "asia", "australasia", "backward", "etcetera", "europe", "northamerica", "pacificnew", "systemv", }); mapping zone_cache=([]); mapping rule_cache=([]); string all_rules=0; string get_all_rules() { return map(files, lambda(string fn) { return Stdio.read_bytes(base_path+fn) || error("Failed to open file %O\n",base_path+fn); })*"\n"; } class Dummymodule { function(string:mixed) f; mixed `[](string s) { return f(s); } void create(function(string:mixed) _f) { f=_f; } } mapping mkzonemod= (["TZrules":Dummymodule(find_rule), "TZRules":TZRules, "TZHistory":TZHistory, "Ruleset":Ruleset]); object find_zone(string s) { #ifdef RTTZC_DEBUG werror("Searching for zone %O\n",s); #endif if (zone_cache[s]) return zone_cache[s]; if (!all_rules) all_rules=get_all_rules(); Zone z=Zone(s); int n=0; for (;;) { n=search(all_rules,s,n); #ifdef RTTZC_DEBUG werror("hit at: %O\n",n); #endif if (n==-1) return ([])[0]; int i=max(n-100,0)-1,j; do i=search(all_rules,"\nZone",(j=i)+1); while (i<n && i!=-1); if (j<n && i!=-1 && sscanf(all_rules[j..j+8000],"\nZone%*[ \t]%[^ \t]%*[ \t]%s\n%s", string a,string b,string q)==5 && a==s) { z->add(b); foreach (q/"\n",string line) if (sscanf(line,"%*[ \t]%[-0-9]%s",a,b)==3 && strlen(a)) z->add(a+b); else break; // end of zone break; } i=max(n-100,0)-1; do i=search(all_rules,"\nLink",(j=i)+1); while (i<n && i!=-1); if (j<n && i!=-1 && sscanf(all_rules[j..j+100],"\nLink%*[ \t]%[^ \t]%*[ \t]%[^ \t\n]", string a,string b)==4 && b==s) return find_zone(a); n++; } string c=z->dump(); #ifdef RTTZC_DEBUG werror("%s\n",c); #endif add_constant("__Calendar_mkzone",mkzonemod); program p=compile_string(c); object zo=p(); if (zo->thezone) zo=zo->thezone; return zone_cache[s]=zo; } program find_rule(string s) { s=UNFIXID(s); if (rule_cache[s]) return rule_cache[s]; #ifdef RTTZC_DEBUG werror("Searching for rule %O\n",s); #endif if (!all_rules) all_rules=get_all_rules(); Rule r=Rule(s); int n=0; for (;;) { n=search(all_rules,s,n); #ifdef RTTZC_DEBUG werror("hit at: %O\n",n); #endif if (n==-1) return ([])[0]; string t=all_rules[n-20..n+8000]; // dummy limit to speed up if (sscanf(t,"%*s\nRule%*[ \t]%[^ \t]%*[ \t]%s\n%s", string a,string b,t)==6 && a==s) { r->add(b); foreach (t/"\n",string line) if (sscanf(line,"Rule%*[ \t]%[^ \t]%*[ \t]%s",a,b)==4 && a==s) r->add(b); else break; // end of zone break; } n++; } string c=r->dump(); #ifdef RTTZC_DEBUG werror("%s\n",c); #endif add_constant("__Calendar_mkzone",mkzonemod); program p=compile_string(c); return rule_cache[s]=p; } int main(int ac,array(string) am) { map(am[1..],find_zone); return 0; } // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // Base class for daylight savings and war time rules // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // Base "Timezone with rules" class // ---------------------------------------------------------------- class TZRules { constant is_timezone=1; constant is_dst_timezone=1; static int offset_to_utc; string name; static function(string:string) tzformat; static array names; // ---------------------------------------------------------------- // all rules are based on the gregorian calendar, so // this is the needed gregorian rule: // ---------------------------------------------------------------- static array gregorian_yjd(int jd) { int d=jd-1721426; int century=(4*d+3)/146097; int century_jd=(century*146097)/4; int century_day=d-century_jd; int century_year=(100*century_day+75)/36525; int y=century*100+century_year+1; return ({ y, 1721426+century_year*365+century_year/4+century_jd, (!(((y)%4) || (!((y)%100) && ((y)%400)))) }); } static void create(int offset,string _name) { offset_to_utc=offset; name=_name; if (search(name,"/")!=-1) { names=name/"/"; tzformat=lambda(string s) { if (s=="") return names[0]; else return names[1]; }; } else tzformat=lambda(string s) { return sprintf(name,s); }; } // the Rule: // which julian day does dst start and end this year? static array(array(string|int)) jd_year_periods(int jd); // is (midnight) this julian day dst? array tz_jd(int jd) { array(array(string|int)) a=jd_year_periods(jd); int i=0,n=sizeof(a)-1; while (i<n) { array b=a[i+1]; if (jd<b[0]) break; if (jd==b[0] && -offset_to_utc+b[1]>=0) break; i++; } return ({offset_to_utc-a[i][2],tzformat(a[i][3])}); } // is this unixtime (utc) dst? array tz_ux(int ux) { int jd=2440588+ux/86400; array(array(string|int)) a=jd_year_periods(jd); int i=0,n=sizeof(a)-1; while (i<n) { array b=a[i+1]; if (jd<b[0]-1) break; if (jd<b[0]+1 && ux<(b[0]-2440588)*86400+b[1]) break; i++; } return ({offset_to_utc-a[i][2],tzformat(a[i][3])}); } string _sprintf(int t) { return (t=='O')?"Timezone("+name+")":0; } int raw_utc_offset() { return offset_to_utc; } } class TZHistory { constant is_timezone=1; constant is_dst_timezone=1; // figure out what timezone to use Ruleset.Timezone whatrule(int ux); string name=sprintf("%O",object_program(this_object())); array(int) tz_ux(int ux) { // werror("tz_ux %O\n",ux); // object z=whatrule(ux); // werror("%O %O\n",z->offset_to_utc,z->name); // return z->tz_ux(ux); return whatrule(ux)->tz_ux(ux); } array(int) tz_jd(int jd) { // werror("tz_jd %O\n",jd); // object z=whatrule((jd-2440588)*86400-86400/2); // werror("%O %O\n",z->offset_to_utc,z->name); // return z->tz_jd(jd); return whatrule((jd-2440588)*86400-86400/2)->tz_jd(jd); } string _sprintf(int t) { return (t=='O')?"Timezone("+name+")":0; } int raw_utc_offset(); } // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- string TZrules_init= #" // useful macros #define FIXED(D) (yjd+((D)-1)) #define FIX_L(D) (yjd+leap+((D)-1)) #define LDAY(D,W) (yjd+((D)-1)-( (yjd+((D)+(8-W)-1)) % 7)) #define LDAYL(D,W) (yjd+((D)-1)+leap-( (yjd+leap+((D)+(8-W)-1)) % 7)) #define UO offset_to_utc "; // ---------------------------------------------------------------------- }