78fd532000-07-12Mirar (Pontus Hagland) // This file is for the user or installer of pike // to modify after the local setup. // Note that you should modify this file // in pike's source location // (.../lib/modules/Calendar.pmod/localization.pmod) // and reinstall, so the byte-compiling gets correct. // This should be the default calendar. Americans // use the Gregorian calendar as default - the big // difference is that the Gregorian calendar starts // the weeks on sundays, ISO on mondays. // Programs will probably get confused if this isn't // a year-month-day calendar, so don't put "Stardate" here. string default_calendar="ISO"; // string default_calendar="Gregorian"; // The timezone name is strings like "Europe/Stockholm" or "UTC". // There are two magic timezones, "locale", which // tries to do the best of the situation, and // "localtime" which uses localtime for rules (slow!). // // Check the TZs.h or TZnames.pmod for correct timezone names. // // Also note that "CET" or stuff like that shouldn't be // used unless you mean it - that summer time ruleset // might not be what you want. string default_timezone="locale"; // string default_timezone="Europe/Stockholm"; // The default language to use. This should probably // not be modified, since more then one program will // assume the language is english (=ISO). string default_language="ISO";