95aaa82003-12-03Martin Nilsson #pike __REAL_VERSION__
af10832003-12-03Martin Nilsson //! BLOWFISH is a block cipher designed by Bruce Schneier. It uses a //! block size of 64 bits (8 octets), and a variable key size, up to //! 448 bits. It has some weak keys.
a164de2003-12-03Martin Nilsson #if constant(Nettle.BLOWFISH_Info)
95aaa82003-12-03Martin Nilsson // NOTE: Depends on the order of INIT invocations. inherit Nettle.BLOWFISH_Info; inherit .Cipher; .CipherState `()() { return Nettle.BLOWFISH_State(); }
a164de2003-12-03Martin Nilsson  #endif