95aaa82003-12-03Martin Nilsson #pike __REAL_VERSION__
59bfa12005-01-23Martin Nilsson #pragma strict_types
e1fb092014-02-14Martin Nilsson #require constant(Nettle.IDEA)
95aaa82003-12-03Martin Nilsson 
a164de2003-12-03Martin Nilsson //! The IDEA(tm) block cipher is covered by patents held by ETH and a //! Swiss company called Ascom-Tech AG. The Swiss patent number is //! PCT/CH91/00117, the European patent number is EP 0 482 154 B1, and //! the U.S. patent number is US005214703. IDEA(tm) is a trademark of //! Ascom-Tech AG. There is no license fee required for noncommercial //! use.
4d65952013-10-21Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) inherit Nettle.IDEA;