50ad7f2017-12-06Martin Nilsson #pike __REAL_VERSION__ #pragma strict_types #require constant(Nettle.ARCFOUR) //! RC4 is a stream cipher, sometimes refered to as Arcfour, and while //! very fast isn't considered secure anymore. //! @note //! The key setup of RC4 is quite weak, so you should never use keys //! with structure, such as ordinary passwords. If you have keys that //! don't look like random bit strings, and you want to use RC4, //! always hash the key before feeding it to RC4. //! //! The first few thousand bits have a slight bias, so it is not //! uncommon for applications to encrypt a few kilobytes of dummy data //! before actual encryption. inherit Nettle.ARCFOUR : pre; string(7bit) name() { return "RC4"; } class State { inherit pre::State; string(7bit) name() { return "RC4"; } }