8424b42013-11-27Arne Goedeke #pike __REAL_VERSION__ #pragma strict_types //! SHA384 is another hash function specified by NIST, intended as a //! replacement for @[SHA1], generating larger digests. It outputs hash //! values of 384 bits, or 48 octets. #if constant(Nettle) && constant(Nettle.SHA384_Info) // NOTE: Depends on the order of INIT invocations. inherit Nettle.SHA384_Info; inherit .Hash; .HashState `()() { return Nettle.SHA384_State(); } // Standards.ASN1.Types.Identifier(2,16,840,1,101,3,4,2,2)->get_der(); string asn1_id() { return "`\206H\1e\3\4\2\2"; } #else constant this_program_does_not_exist=1; #endif