12bfd42002-06-13H. William Welliver III /* KeySyms.pmod *
ecc6a22002-06-16Martin Nilsson  * $Id: KeySyms.pmod,v 1.2 2002/06/16 17:55:46 nilsson Exp $
12bfd42002-06-13H. William Welliver III  */ /* * Protocols.X, a Pike interface to the X Window System * * See COPYRIGHT for copyright information. * * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of * MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the * GNU General Public License for more details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA */ #pike __REAL_VERSION__ #include "keysyms.h" int alt_gr, num_lock, shift, control, caps_lock; int meta, alt, super, hyper; mapping attributes = ([]); mapping stringtokeysyms = ([ "XK_script_switch": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_dead_acute": 0xFE51, "XK_dead_circumflex": 0xFE52, "XK_dead_tilde": 0xFE53, "XK_dead_macron": 0xFE54, "XK_dead_breve": 0xFE55, "XK_dead_abovedot": 0xFE56, "XK_dead_diaeresis": 0xFE57, "XK_dead_abovering": 0xFE58, "XK_dead_doubleacute": 0xFE59, "XK_dead_caron": 0xFE5A, "XK_dead_cedilla": 0xFE5B, "XK_dead_ogonek": 0xFE5C, "XK_dead_iota": 0xFE5D, "XK_dead_voiced_sound": 0xFE5E, "XK_dead_semivoiced_sound": 0xFE5F, "XK_dead_belowdot": 0xFE60, "XK_First_Virtual_Screen": 0xFED0, "XK_Prev_Virtual_Screen": 0xFED1, "XK_Next_Virtual_Screen": 0xFED2, "XK_Last_Virtual_Screen": 0xFED4, "XK_Terminate_Server": 0xFED5, "XK_AccessX_Enable": 0xFE70, "XK_AccessX_Feedback_Enable": 0xFE71, "XK_RepeatKeys_Enable": 0xFE72, "XK_SlowKeys_Enable": 0xFE73, "XK_BounceKeys_Enable": 0xFE74, "XK_StickyKeys_Enable": 0xFE75, "XK_MouseKeys_Enable": 0xFE76, "XK_MouseKeys_Accel_Enable": 0xFE77, "XK_Overlay1_Enable": 0xFE78, "XK_Overlay2_Enable": 0xFE79, "XK_AudibleBell_Enable": 0xFE7A, "XK_Pointer_Left": 0xFEE0, "XK_Pointer_Right": 0xFEE1, "XK_Pointer_Up": 0xFEE2, "XK_Pointer_Down": 0xFEE3, "XK_Pointer_UpLeft": 0xFEE4, "XK_Pointer_UpRight": 0xFEE5, "XK_Pointer_DownLeft": 0xFEE6, "XK_Pointer_DownRight": 0xFEE7, "XK_Pointer_Button_Dflt": 0xFEE8, "XK_Pointer_Button1": 0xFEE9, "XK_Pointer_Button2": 0xFEEA, "XK_Pointer_Button3": 0xFEEB, "XK_Pointer_Button4": 0xFEEC, "XK_Pointer_Button5": 0xFEED, "XK_Pointer_DblClick_Dflt": 0xFEEE, "XK_Pointer_DblClick1": 0xFEEF, "XK_Pointer_DblClick2": 0xFEF0, "XK_Pointer_DblClick3": 0xFEF1, "XK_Pointer_DblClick4": 0xFEF2, "XK_Pointer_DblClick5": 0xFEF3, "XK_Pointer_Drag_Dflt": 0xFEF4, "XK_Pointer_Drag1": 0xFEF5, "XK_Pointer_Drag2": 0xFEF6, "XK_Pointer_Drag3": 0xFEF7, "XK_Pointer_Drag4": 0xFEF8, "XK_Pointer_Drag5": 0xFEFD, "XK_Pointer_EnableKeys": 0xFEF9, "XK_Pointer_Accelerate": 0xFEFA, "XK_Pointer_DfltBtnNext": 0xFEFB, "XK_Pointer_DfltBtnPrev": 0xFEFC, "XK_3270_Duplicate": 0xFD01, "XK_3270_FieldMark": 0xFD02, "XK_3270_Right2": 0xFD03, "XK_3270_Left2": 0xFD04, "XK_3270_BackTab": 0xFD05, "XK_3270_EraseEOF": 0xFD06, "XK_3270_EraseInput": 0xFD07, "XK_3270_Reset": 0xFD08, "XK_3270_Quit": 0xFD09, "XK_3270_PA1": 0xFD0A, "XK_3270_PA2": 0xFD0B, "XK_3270_PA3": 0xFD0C, "XK_3270_Test": 0xFD0D, "XK_3270_Attn": 0xFD0E, "XK_3270_CursorBlink": 0xFD0F, "XK_3270_AltCursor": 0xFD10, "XK_3270_KeyClick": 0xFD11, "XK_3270_Jump": 0xFD12, "XK_3270_Ident": 0xFD13, "XK_3270_Rule": 0xFD14, "XK_3270_Copy": 0xFD15, "XK_3270_Play": 0xFD16, "XK_3270_Setup": 0xFD17, "XK_3270_Record": 0xFD18, "XK_3270_ChangeScreen": 0xFD19, "XK_3270_DeleteWord": 0xFD1A, "XK_3270_ExSelect": 0xFD1B, "XK_3270_CursorSelect": 0xFD1C, "XK_3270_PrintScreen": 0xFD1D, "XK_3270_Enter": 0xFD1E, "XK_space": 0x020, "XK_exclam": 0x021, "XK_quotedbl": 0x022, "XK_numbersign": 0x023, "XK_dollar": 0x024, "XK_percent": 0x025, "XK_ampersand": 0x026, "XK_apostrophe": 0x027, "XK_parenleft": 0x028, "XK_parenright": 0x029, "XK_asterisk": 0x02a, "XK_plus": 0x02b, "XK_comma": 0x02c, "XK_minus": 0x02d, "XK_period": 0x02e, "XK_slash": 0x02f, "XK_0": 0x030, "XK_1": 0x031, "XK_2": 0x032, "XK_3": 0x033, "XK_4": 0x034, "XK_5": 0x035, "XK_6": 0x036, "XK_7": 0x037, "XK_8": 0x038, "XK_9": 0x039, "XK_colon": 0x03a, "XK_semicolon": 0x03b, "XK_less": 0x03c, "XK_equal": 0x03d, "XK_greater": 0x03e, "XK_question": 0x03f, "XK_at": 0x040, "XK_A": 0x041, "XK_B": 0x042, "XK_C": 0x043, "XK_D": 0x044, "XK_E": 0x045, "XK_F": 0x046, "XK_G": 0x047, "XK_H": 0x048, "XK_I": 0x049, "XK_J": 0x04a, "XK_K": 0x04b, "XK_L": 0x04c, "XK_M": 0x04d, "XK_N": 0x04e, "XK_O": 0x04f, "XK_P": 0x050, "XK_Q": 0x051, "XK_R": 0x052, "XK_S": 0x053, "XK_T": 0x054, "XK_U": 0x055, "XK_V": 0x056, "XK_W": 0x057, "XK_X": 0x058, "XK_Y": 0x059, "XK_Z": 0x05a, "XK_bracketleft": 0x05b, "XK_backslash": 0x05c, "XK_bracketright": 0x05d, "XK_asciicircum": 0x05e, "XK_underscore": 0x05f, "XK_grave": 0x060, "XK_a": 0x061, "XK_b": 0x062, "XK_c": 0x063, "XK_d": 0x064, "XK_e": 0x065, "XK_f": 0x066, "XK_g": 0x067, "XK_h": 0x068, "XK_i": 0x069, "XK_j": 0x06a, "XK_k": 0x06b, "XK_l": 0x06c, "XK_m": 0x06d, "XK_n": 0x06e, "XK_o": 0x06f, "XK_p": 0x070, "XK_q": 0x071, "XK_r": 0x072, "XK_s": 0x073, "XK_t": 0x074, "XK_u": 0x075, "XK_v": 0x076, "XK_w": 0x077, "XK_x": 0x078, "XK_y": 0x079, "XK_z": 0x07a, "XK_braceleft": 0x07b, "XK_bar": 0x07c, "XK_braceright": 0x07d, "XK_asciitilde": 0x07e, "XK_nobreakspace": 0x0a0, "XK_exclamdown": 0x0a1, "XK_sterling": 0x0a3, "XK_currency": 0x0a4, "XK_yen": 0x0a5, "XK_brokenbar": 0x0a6, "XK_section": 0x0a7, "XK_diaeresis": 0x0a8, "XK_copyright": 0x0a9, "XK_ordfeminine": 0x0aa, "XK_notsign": 0x0ac, "XK_hyphen": 0x0ad, "XK_registered": 0x0ae, "XK_macron": 0x0af, "XK_degree": 0x0b0, "XK_plusminus": 0x0b1, "XK_twosuperior": 0x0b2, "XK_threesuperior": 0x0b3, "XK_acute": 0x0b4, "XK_mu": 0x0b5, "XK_paragraph": 0x0b6, "XK_periodcentered": 0x0b7, "XK_cedilla": 0x0b8, "XK_onesuperior": 0x0b9, "XK_masculine": 0x0ba, "XK_onequarter": 0x0bc, "XK_onehalf": 0x0bd, "XK_threequarters": 0x0be, "XK_questiondown": 0x0bf, "XK_Agrave": 0x0c0, "XK_Aacute": 0x0c1, "XK_Acircumflex": 0x0c2, "XK_Atilde": 0x0c3, "XK_Adiaeresis": 0x0c4, "XK_Aring": 0x0c5, "XK_AE": 0x0c6, "XK_Ccedilla": 0x0c7, "XK_Egrave": 0x0c8, "XK_Eacute": 0x0c9, "XK_Ecircumflex": 0x0ca, "XK_Ediaeresis": 0x0cb, "XK_Igrave": 0x0cc, "XK_Iacute": 0x0cd, "XK_Icircumflex": 0x0ce, "XK_Idiaeresis": 0x0cf, "XK_ETH": 0x0d0, "XK_Ntilde": 0x0d1, "XK_Ograve": 0x0d2, "XK_Oacute": 0x0d3, "XK_Ocircumflex": 0x0d4, "XK_Otilde": 0x0d5, "XK_Odiaeresis": 0x0d6, "XK_multiply": 0x0d7, "XK_Ooblique": 0x0d8, "XK_Ugrave": 0x0d9, "XK_Uacute": 0x0da, "XK_Ucircumflex": 0x0db, "XK_Udiaeresis": 0x0dc, "XK_Yacute": 0x0dd, "XK_THORN": 0x0de, "XK_ssharp": 0x0df, "XK_agrave": 0x0e0, "XK_aacute": 0x0e1, "XK_acircumflex": 0x0e2, "XK_atilde": 0x0e3, "XK_adiaeresis": 0x0e4, "XK_aring": 0x0e5, "XK_ae": 0x0e6, "XK_ccedilla": 0x0e7, "XK_egrave": 0x0e8, "XK_eacute": 0x0e9, "XK_ecircumflex": 0x0ea, "XK_ediaeresis": 0x0eb, "XK_igrave": 0x0ec, "XK_iacute": 0x0ed, "XK_icircumflex": 0x0ee, "XK_idiaeresis": 0x0ef, "XK_eth": 0x0f0, "XK_ntilde": 0x0f1, "XK_ograve": 0x0f2, "XK_oacute": 0x0f3, "XK_ocircumflex": 0x0f4, "XK_otilde": 0x0f5, "XK_odiaeresis": 0x0f6, "XK_division": 0x0f7, "XK_oslash": 0x0f8, "XK_ugrave": 0x0f9, "XK_uacute": 0x0fa, "XK_ucircumflex": 0x0fb, "XK_udiaeresis": 0x0fc, "XK_yacute": 0x0fd, "XK_thorn": 0x0fe, "XK_ydiaeresis": 0x0ff, "XK_Aogonek": 0x1a1, "XK_breve": 0x1a2, "XK_Lstroke": 0x1a3, "XK_Lcaron": 0x1a5, "XK_Sacute": 0x1a6, "XK_Scaron": 0x1a9, "XK_Scedilla": 0x1aa, "XK_Tcaron": 0x1ab, "XK_Zacute": 0x1ac, "XK_Zcaron": 0x1ae, "XK_Zabovedot": 0x1af, "XK_aogonek": 0x1b1, "XK_ogonek": 0x1b2, "XK_lstroke": 0x1b3, "XK_lcaron": 0x1b5, "XK_sacute": 0x1b6, "XK_caron": 0x1b7, "XK_scaron": 0x1b9, "XK_scedilla": 0x1ba, "XK_tcaron": 0x1bb, "XK_zacute": 0x1bc, "XK_doubleacute": 0x1bd, "XK_zcaron": 0x1be, "XK_zabovedot": 0x1bf, "XK_Racute": 0x1c0, "XK_Abreve": 0x1c3, "XK_Lacute": 0x1c5, "XK_Cacute": 0x1c6, "XK_Ccaron": 0x1c8, "XK_Eogonek": 0x1ca, "XK_Ecaron": 0x1cc, "XK_Dcaron": 0x1cf, "XK_Dstroke": 0x1d0, "XK_Nacute": 0x1d1, "XK_Ncaron": 0x1d2, "XK_Odoubleacute": 0x1d5, "XK_Rcaron": 0x1d8, "XK_Uring": 0x1d9, "XK_Udoubleacute": 0x1db, "XK_Tcedilla": 0x1de, "XK_racute": 0x1e0, "XK_abreve": 0x1e3, "XK_lacute": 0x1e5, "XK_cacute": 0x1e6, "XK_ccaron": 0x1e8, "XK_eogonek": 0x1ea, "XK_ecaron": 0x1ec, "XK_dcaron": 0x1ef, "XK_dstroke": 0x1f0, "XK_nacute": 0x1f1, "XK_ncaron": 0x1f2, "XK_odoubleacute": 0x1f5, "XK_udoubleacute": 0x1fb, "XK_rcaron": 0x1f8, "XK_uring": 0x1f9, "XK_tcedilla": 0x1fe, "XK_abovedot": 0x1ff, "XK_Hstroke": 0x2a1, "XK_Hcircumflex": 0x2a6, "XK_Iabovedot": 0x2a9, "XK_Gbreve": 0x2ab, "XK_Jcircumflex": 0x2ac, "XK_hstroke": 0x2b1, "XK_hcircumflex": 0x2b6, "XK_idotless": 0x2b9, "XK_gbreve": 0x2bb, "XK_jcircumflex": 0x2bc, "XK_Cabovedot": 0x2c5, "XK_Ccircumflex": 0x2c6, "XK_Gabovedot": 0x2d5, "XK_Gcircumflex": 0x2d8, "XK_Ubreve": 0x2dd, "XK_Scircumflex": 0x2de, "XK_cabovedot": 0x2e5, "XK_ccircumflex": 0x2e6, "XK_gabovedot": 0x2f5, "XK_gcircumflex": 0x2f8, "XK_ubreve": 0x2fd, "XK_scircumflex": 0x2fe, "XK_kra": 0x3a2, "XK_Rcedilla": 0x3a3, "XK_Itilde": 0x3a5, "XK_Lcedilla": 0x3a6, "XK_Emacron": 0x3aa, "XK_Gcedilla": 0x3ab, "XK_Tslash": 0x3ac, "XK_rcedilla": 0x3b3, "XK_itilde": 0x3b5, "XK_lcedilla": 0x3b6, "XK_emacron": 0x3ba, "XK_gcedilla": 0x3bb, "XK_tslash": 0x3bc, "XK_ENG": 0x3bd, "XK_eng": 0x3bf, "XK_Amacron": 0x3c0, "XK_Iogonek": 0x3c7, "XK_Eabovedot": 0x3cc, "XK_Imacron": 0x3cf, "XK_Ncedilla": 0x3d1, "XK_Omacron": 0x3d2, "XK_Kcedilla": 0x3d3, "XK_Uogonek": 0x3d9, "XK_Utilde": 0x3dd, "XK_Umacron": 0x3de, "XK_amacron": 0x3e0, "XK_iogonek": 0x3e7, "XK_eabovedot": 0x3ec, "XK_imacron": 0x3ef, "XK_ncedilla": 0x3f1, "XK_omacron": 0x3f2, "XK_kcedilla": 0x3f3, "XK_uogonek": 0x3f9, "XK_utilde": 0x3fd, "XK_umacron": 0x3fe, "XK_kana_fullstop": 0x4a1, "XK_kana_openingbracket": 0x4a2, "XK_kana_closingbracket": 0x4a3, "XK_kana_comma": 0x4a4, "XK_kana_conjunctive": 0x4a5, "XK_kana_middledot": 0x4a5 /* deprecated */, "XK_kana_WO": 0x4a6, "XK_kana_a": 0x4a7, "XK_kana_i": 0x4a8, "XK_kana_u": 0x4a9, "XK_kana_e": 0x4aa, "XK_kana_o": 0x4ab, "XK_kana_ya": 0x4ac, "XK_kana_yu": 0x4ad, "XK_kana_yo": 0x4ae, "XK_kana_tsu": 0x4af, "XK_kana_tu": 0x4af /* deprecated */, "XK_prolongedsound": 0x4b0, "XK_kana_A": 0x4b1, "XK_kana_I": 0x4b2, "XK_kana_U": 0x4b3, "XK_kana_E": 0x4b4, "XK_kana_O": 0x4b5, "XK_kana_KA": 0x4b6, "XK_kana_KI": 0x4b7, "XK_kana_KU": 0x4b8, "XK_kana_KE": 0x4b9, "XK_kana_KO": 0x4ba, "XK_kana_SA": 0x4bb, "XK_kana_SHI": 0x4bc, "XK_kana_SU": 0x4bd, "XK_kana_SE": 0x4be, "XK_kana_SO": 0x4bf, "XK_kana_TA": 0x4c0, "XK_kana_CHI": 0x4c1, "XK_kana_TI": 0x4c1 /* deprecated */, "XK_kana_TSU": 0x4c2, "XK_kana_TU": 0x4c2 /* deprecated */, "XK_kana_TE": 0x4c3, "XK_kana_TO": 0x4c4, "XK_kana_NA": 0x4c5, "XK_kana_NI": 0x4c6, "XK_kana_NU": 0x4c7, "XK_kana_NE": 0x4c8, "XK_kana_NO": 0x4c9, "XK_kana_HA": 0x4ca, "XK_kana_HI": 0x4cb, "XK_kana_FU": 0x4cc, "XK_kana_HU": 0x4cc /* deprecated */, "XK_kana_HE": 0x4cd, "XK_kana_HO": 0x4ce, "XK_kana_MA": 0x4cf, "XK_kana_MI": 0x4d0, "XK_kana_MU": 0x4d1, "XK_kana_ME": 0x4d2, "XK_kana_MO": 0x4d3, "XK_kana_YA": 0x4d4, "XK_kana_YU": 0x4d5, "XK_kana_YO": 0x4d6, "XK_kana_RA": 0x4d7, "XK_kana_RI": 0x4d8, "XK_kana_RU": 0x4d9, "XK_kana_RE": 0x4da, "XK_kana_RO": 0x4db, "XK_kana_WA": 0x4dc, "XK_kana_N": 0x4dd, "XK_voicedsound": 0x4de, "XK_semivoicedsound": 0x4df, "XK_kana_switch": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_Arabic_comma": 0x5ac, "XK_Arabic_semicolon": 0x5bb, "XK_Arabic_question_mark": 0x5bf, "XK_Arabic_hamza": 0x5c1, "XK_Arabic_maddaonalef": 0x5c2, "XK_Arabic_hamzaonalef": 0x5c3, "XK_Arabic_hamzaonwaw": 0x5c4, "XK_Arabic_hamzaunderalef": 0x5c5, "XK_Arabic_hamzaonyeh": 0x5c6, "XK_Arabic_alef": 0x5c7, "XK_Arabic_beh": 0x5c8, "XK_Arabic_tehmarbuta": 0x5c9, "XK_Arabic_teh": 0x5ca, "XK_Arabic_theh": 0x5cb, "XK_Arabic_jeem": 0x5cc, "XK_Arabic_hah": 0x5cd, "XK_Arabic_khah": 0x5ce, "XK_Arabic_dal": 0x5cf, "XK_Arabic_thal": 0x5d0, "XK_Arabic_ra": 0x5d1, "XK_Arabic_zain": 0x5d2, "XK_Arabic_seen": 0x5d3, "XK_Arabic_sheen": 0x5d4, "XK_Arabic_sad": 0x5d5, "XK_Arabic_dad": 0x5d6, "XK_Arabic_tah": 0x5d7, "XK_Arabic_zah": 0x5d8, "XK_Arabic_ain": 0x5d9, "XK_Arabic_ghain": 0x5da, "XK_Arabic_tatweel": 0x5e0, "XK_Arabic_feh": 0x5e1, "XK_Arabic_qaf": 0x5e2, "XK_Arabic_kaf": 0x5e3, "XK_Arabic_lam": 0x5e4, "XK_Arabic_meem": 0x5e5, "XK_Arabic_noon": 0x5e6, "XK_Arabic_ha": 0x5e7, "XK_Arabic_heh": 0x5e7 /* deprecated */, "XK_Arabic_waw": 0x5e8, "XK_Arabic_alefmaksura": 0x5e9, "XK_Arabic_yeh": 0x5ea, "XK_Arabic_fathatan": 0x5eb, "XK_Arabic_dammatan": 0x5ec, "XK_Arabic_kasratan": 0x5ed, "XK_Arabic_fatha": 0x5ee, "XK_Arabic_damma": 0x5ef, "XK_Arabic_kasra": 0x5f0, "XK_Arabic_shadda": 0x5f1, "XK_Arabic_sukun": 0x5f2, "XK_Arabic_switch": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_Serbian_dje": 0x6a1, "XK_Macedonia_gje": 0x6a2, "XK_Cyrillic_io": 0x6a3, "XK_Ukrainian_ie": 0x6a4, "XK_Ukranian_je": 0x6a4 /* deprecated */, "XK_Macedonia_dse": 0x6a5, "XK_Ukrainian_i": 0x6a6, "XK_Ukranian_i": 0x6a6 /* deprecated */, "XK_Ukrainian_yi": 0x6a7, "XK_Ukranian_yi": 0x6a7 /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_je": 0x6a8, "XK_Serbian_je": 0x6a8 /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_lje": 0x6a9, "XK_Serbian_lje": 0x6a9 /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_nje": 0x6aa, "XK_Serbian_nje": 0x6aa /* deprecated */, "XK_Serbian_tshe": 0x6ab, "XK_Macedonia_kje": 0x6ac, "XK_Byelorussian_shortu": 0x6ae, "XK_Cyrillic_dzhe": 0x6af, "XK_Serbian_dze": 0x6af /* deprecated */, "XK_numerosign": 0x6b0, "XK_Serbian_DJE": 0x6b1, "XK_Macedonia_GJE": 0x6b2, "XK_Cyrillic_IO": 0x6b3, "XK_Ukrainian_IE": 0x6b4, "XK_Ukranian_JE": 0x6b4 /* deprecated */, "XK_Macedonia_DSE": 0x6b5, "XK_Ukrainian_I": 0x6b6, "XK_Ukranian_I": 0x6b6 /* deprecated */, "XK_Ukrainian_YI": 0x6b7, "XK_Ukranian_YI": 0x6b7 /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_JE": 0x6b8, "XK_Serbian_JE": 0x6b8 /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_LJE": 0x6b9, "XK_Serbian_LJE": 0x6b9 /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_NJE": 0x6ba, "XK_Serbian_NJE": 0x6ba /* deprecated */, "XK_Serbian_TSHE": 0x6bb, "XK_Macedonia_KJE": 0x6bc, "XK_Byelorussian_SHORTU": 0x6be, "XK_Cyrillic_DZHE": 0x6bf, "XK_Serbian_DZE": 0x6bf /* deprecated */, "XK_Cyrillic_yu": 0x6c0, "XK_Cyrillic_a": 0x6c1, "XK_Cyrillic_be": 0x6c2, "XK_Cyrillic_tse": 0x6c3, "XK_Cyrillic_de": 0x6c4, "XK_Cyrillic_ie": 0x6c5, "XK_Cyrillic_ef": 0x6c6, "XK_Cyrillic_ghe": 0x6c7, "XK_Cyrillic_ha": 0x6c8, "XK_Cyrillic_i": 0x6c9, "XK_Cyrillic_shorti": 0x6ca, "XK_Cyrillic_ka": 0x6cb, "XK_Cyrillic_el": 0x6cc, "XK_Cyrillic_em": 0x6cd, "XK_Cyrillic_en": 0x6ce, "XK_Cyrillic_o": 0x6cf, "XK_Cyrillic_pe": 0x6d0, "XK_Cyrillic_ya": 0x6d1, "XK_Cyrillic_er": 0x6d2, "XK_Cyrillic_es": 0x6d3, "XK_Cyrillic_te": 0x6d4, "XK_Cyrillic_u": 0x6d5, "XK_Cyrillic_zhe": 0x6d6, "XK_Cyrillic_ve": 0x6d7, "XK_Cyrillic_softsign": 0x6d8, "XK_Cyrillic_yeru": 0x6d9, "XK_Cyrillic_ze": 0x6da, "XK_Cyrillic_sha": 0x6db, "XK_Cyrillic_e": 0x6dc, "XK_Cyrillic_shcha": 0x6dd, "XK_Cyrillic_che": 0x6de, "XK_Cyrillic_hardsign": 0x6df, "XK_Cyrillic_YU": 0x6e0, "XK_Cyrillic_A": 0x6e1, "XK_Cyrillic_BE": 0x6e2, "XK_Cyrillic_TSE": 0x6e3, "XK_Cyrillic_DE": 0x6e4, "XK_Cyrillic_IE": 0x6e5, "XK_Cyrillic_EF": 0x6e6, "XK_Cyrillic_GHE": 0x6e7, "XK_Cyrillic_HA": 0x6e8, "XK_Cyrillic_I": 0x6e9, "XK_Cyrillic_SHORTI": 0x6ea, "XK_Cyrillic_KA": 0x6eb, "XK_Cyrillic_EL": 0x6ec, "XK_Cyrillic_EM": 0x6ed, "XK_Cyrillic_EN": 0x6ee, "XK_Cyrillic_O": 0x6ef, "XK_Cyrillic_PE": 0x6f0, "XK_Cyrillic_YA": 0x6f1, "XK_Cyrillic_ER": 0x6f2, "XK_Cyrillic_ES": 0x6f3, "XK_Cyrillic_TE": 0x6f4, "XK_Cyrillic_U": 0x6f5, "XK_Cyrillic_ZHE": 0x6f6, "XK_Cyrillic_VE": 0x6f7, "XK_Cyrillic_SOFTSIGN": 0x6f8, "XK_Cyrillic_YERU": 0x6f9, "XK_Cyrillic_ZE": 0x6fa, "XK_Cyrillic_SHA": 0x6fb, "XK_Cyrillic_E": 0x6fc, "XK_Cyrillic_SHCHA": 0x6fd, "XK_Cyrillic_CHE": 0x6fe, "XK_Cyrillic_HARDSIGN": 0x6ff, "XK_Greek_ALPHAaccent": 0x7a1, "XK_Greek_EPSILONaccent": 0x7a2, "XK_Greek_ETAaccent": 0x7a3, "XK_Greek_IOTAaccent": 0x7a4, "XK_Greek_IOTAdiaeresis": 0x7a5, "XK_Greek_OMICRONaccent": 0x7a7, "XK_Greek_UPSILONaccent": 0x7a8, "XK_Greek_UPSILONdieresis": 0x7a9, "XK_Greek_OMEGAaccent": 0x7ab, "XK_Greek_accentdieresis": 0x7ae, "XK_Greek_horizbar": 0x7af, "XK_Greek_alphaaccent": 0x7b1, "XK_Greek_epsilonaccent": 0x7b2, "XK_Greek_etaaccent": 0x7b3, "XK_Greek_iotaaccent": 0x7b4, "XK_Greek_iotadieresis": 0x7b5, "XK_Greek_iotaaccentdieresis": 0x7b6, "XK_Greek_omicronaccent": 0x7b7, "XK_Greek_upsilonaccent": 0x7b8, "XK_Greek_upsilondieresis": 0x7b9, "XK_Greek_upsilonaccentdieresis": 0x7ba, "XK_Greek_omegaaccent": 0x7bb, "XK_Greek_ALPHA": 0x7c1, "XK_Greek_BETA": 0x7c2, "XK_Greek_GAMMA": 0x7c3, "XK_Greek_DELTA": 0x7c4, "XK_Greek_EPSILON": 0x7c5, "XK_Greek_ZETA": 0x7c6, "XK_Greek_ETA": 0x7c7, "XK_Greek_THETA": 0x7c8, "XK_Greek_IOTA": 0x7c9, "XK_Greek_KAPPA": 0x7ca, "XK_Greek_LAMDA": 0x7cb, "XK_Greek_LAMBDA": 0x7cb, "XK_Greek_MU": 0x7cc, "XK_Greek_NU": 0x7cd, "XK_Greek_XI": 0x7ce, "XK_Greek_OMICRON": 0x7cf, "XK_Greek_PI": 0x7d0, "XK_Greek_RHO": 0x7d1, "XK_Greek_SIGMA": 0x7d2, "XK_Greek_TAU": 0x7d4, "XK_Greek_UPSILON": 0x7d5, "XK_Greek_PHI": 0x7d6, "XK_Greek_CHI": 0x7d7, "XK_Greek_PSI": 0x7d8, "XK_Greek_OMEGA": 0x7d9, "XK_Greek_alpha": 0x7e1, "XK_Greek_beta": 0x7e2, "XK_Greek_gamma": 0x7e3, "XK_Greek_delta": 0x7e4, "XK_Greek_epsilon": 0x7e5, "XK_Greek_zeta": 0x7e6, "XK_Greek_eta": 0x7e7, "XK_Greek_theta": 0x7e8, "XK_Greek_iota": 0x7e9, "XK_Greek_kappa": 0x7ea, "XK_Greek_lamda": 0x7eb, "XK_Greek_lambda": 0x7eb, "XK_Greek_mu": 0x7ec, "XK_Greek_nu": 0x7ed, "XK_Greek_xi": 0x7ee, "XK_Greek_omicron": 0x7ef, "XK_Greek_pi": 0x7f0, "XK_Greek_rho": 0x7f1, "XK_Greek_sigma": 0x7f2, "XK_Greek_finalsmallsigma": 0x7f3, "XK_Greek_tau": 0x7f4, "XK_Greek_upsilon": 0x7f5, "XK_Greek_phi": 0x7f6, "XK_Greek_chi": 0x7f7, "XK_Greek_psi": 0x7f8, "XK_Greek_omega": 0x7f9, "XK_Greek_switch": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_leftradical": 0x8a1, "XK_topleftradical": 0x8a2, "XK_horizconnector": 0x8a3, "XK_topintegral": 0x8a4, "XK_botintegral": 0x8a5, "XK_vertconnector": 0x8a6, "XK_topleftsqbracket": 0x8a7, "XK_botleftsqbracket": 0x8a8, "XK_toprightsqbracket": 0x8a9, "XK_botrightsqbracket": 0x8aa, "XK_topleftparens": 0x8ab, "XK_botleftparens": 0x8ac, "XK_toprightparens": 0x8ad, "XK_botrightparens": 0x8ae, "XK_leftmiddlecurlybrace": 0x8af, "XK_rightmiddlecurlybrace": 0x8b0, "XK_topleftsummation": 0x8b1, "XK_botleftsummation": 0x8b2, "XK_topvertsummationconnector": 0x8b3, "XK_botvertsummationconnector": 0x8b4, "XK_toprightsummation": 0x8b5, "XK_botrightsummation": 0x8b6, "XK_rightmiddlesummation": 0x8b7, "XK_lessthanequal": 0x8bc, "XK_notequal": 0x8bd, "XK_greaterthanequal": 0x8be, "XK_integral": 0x8bf, "XK_therefore": 0x8c0, "XK_variation": 0x8c1, "XK_infinity": 0x8c2, "XK_nabla": 0x8c5, "XK_approximate": 0x8c8, "XK_similarequal": 0x8c9, "XK_ifonlyif": 0x8cd, "XK_implies": 0x8ce, "XK_identical": 0x8cf, "XK_radical": 0x8d6, "XK_includedin": 0x8da, "XK_includes": 0x8db, "XK_intersection": 0x8dc, "XK_union": 0x8dd, "XK_logicaland": 0x8de, "XK_logicalor": 0x8df, "XK_partialderivative": 0x8ef, "XK_function": 0x8f6, "XK_leftarrow": 0x8fb, "XK_uparrow": 0x8fc, "XK_rightarrow": 0x8fd, "XK_downarrow": 0x8fe, "XK_blank": 0x9df, "XK_soliddiamond": 0x9e0, "XK_checkerboard": 0x9e1, "XK_ht": 0x9e2, "XK_ff": 0x9e3, "XK_cr": 0x9e4, "XK_lf": 0x9e5, "XK_nl": 0x9e8, "XK_vt": 0x9e9, "XK_lowrightcorner": 0x9ea, "XK_uprightcorner": 0x9eb, "XK_upleftcorner": 0x9ec, "XK_lowleftcorner": 0x9ed, "XK_crossinglines": 0x9ee, "XK_horizlinescan1": 0x9ef, "XK_horizlinescan3": 0x9f0, "XK_horizlinescan5": 0x9f1, "XK_horizlinescan7": 0x9f2, "XK_horizlinescan9": 0x9f3, "XK_leftt": 0x9f4, "XK_rightt": 0x9f5, "XK_bott": 0x9f6, "XK_topt": 0x9f7, "XK_vertbar": 0x9f8, "XK_emspace": 0xaa1, "XK_enspace": 0xaa2, "XK_em3space": 0xaa3, "XK_em4space": 0xaa4, "XK_digitspace": 0xaa5, "XK_punctspace": 0xaa6, "XK_thinspace": 0xaa7, "XK_hairspace": 0xaa8, "XK_emdash": 0xaa9, "XK_endash": 0xaaa, "XK_signifblank": 0xaac, "XK_ellipsis": 0xaae, "XK_doubbaselinedot": 0xaaf, "XK_onethird": 0xab0, "XK_twothirds": 0xab1, "XK_onefifth": 0xab2, "XK_twofifths": 0xab3, "XK_threefifths": 0xab4, "XK_fourfifths": 0xab5, "XK_onesixth": 0xab6, "XK_fivesixths": 0xab7, "XK_careof": 0xab8, "XK_figdash": 0xabb, "XK_leftanglebracket": 0xabc, "XK_decimalpoint": 0xabd, "XK_rightanglebracket": 0xabe, "XK_marker": 0xabf, "XK_oneeighth": 0xac3, "XK_threeeighths": 0xac4, "XK_fiveeighths": 0xac5, "XK_seveneighths": 0xac6, "XK_trademark": 0xac9, "XK_signaturemark": 0xaca, "XK_trademarkincircle": 0xacb, "XK_leftopentriangle": 0xacc, "XK_rightopentriangle": 0xacd, "XK_emopencircle": 0xace, "XK_emopenrectangle": 0xacf, "XK_leftsinglequotemark": 0xad0, "XK_rightsinglequotemark": 0xad1, "XK_leftdoublequotemark": 0xad2, "XK_rightdoublequotemark": 0xad3, "XK_prescription": 0xad4, "XK_minutes": 0xad6, "XK_seconds": 0xad7, "XK_latincross": 0xad9, "XK_hexagram": 0xada, "XK_filledrectbullet": 0xadb, "XK_filledlefttribullet": 0xadc, "XK_filledrighttribullet": 0xadd, "XK_emfilledcircle": 0xade, "XK_emfilledrect": 0xadf, "XK_enopencircbullet": 0xae0, "XK_enopensquarebullet": 0xae1, "XK_openrectbullet": 0xae2, "XK_opentribulletup": 0xae3, "XK_opentribulletdown": 0xae4, "XK_openstar": 0xae5, "XK_enfilledcircbullet": 0xae6, "XK_enfilledsqbullet": 0xae7, "XK_filledtribulletup": 0xae8, "XK_filledtribulletdown": 0xae9, "XK_leftpointer": 0xaea, "XK_rightpointer": 0xaeb, "XK_club": 0xaec, "XK_diamond": 0xaed, "XK_heart": 0xaee, "XK_maltesecross": 0xaf0, "XK_dagger": 0xaf1, "XK_doubledagger": 0xaf2, "XK_checkmark": 0xaf3, "XK_ballotcross": 0xaf4, "XK_musicalsharp": 0xaf5, "XK_musicalflat": 0xaf6, "XK_malesymbol": 0xaf7, "XK_femalesymbol": 0xaf8, "XK_telephone": 0xaf9, "XK_telephonerecorder": 0xafa, "XK_phonographcopyright": 0xafb, "XK_caret": 0xafc, "XK_singlelowquotemark": 0xafd, "XK_doublelowquotemark": 0xafe, "XK_cursor": 0xaff, "XK_leftcaret": 0xba3, "XK_rightcaret": 0xba6, "XK_downcaret": 0xba8, "XK_upcaret": 0xba9, "XK_overbar": 0xbc0, "XK_downtack": 0xbc2, "XK_upshoe": 0xbc3, "XK_downstile": 0xbc4, "XK_underbar": 0xbc6, "XK_jot": 0xbca, "XK_quad": 0xbcc, "XK_uptack": 0xbce, "XK_circle": 0xbcf, "XK_upstile": 0xbd3, "XK_downshoe": 0xbd6, "XK_rightshoe": 0xbd8, "XK_leftshoe": 0xbda, "XK_lefttack": 0xbdc, "XK_righttack": 0xbfc, "XK_hebrew_doublelowline": 0xcdf, "XK_hebrew_aleph": 0xce0, "XK_hebrew_bet": 0xce1, "XK_hebrew_beth": 0xce1 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_gimel": 0xce2, "XK_hebrew_gimmel": 0xce2 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_dalet": 0xce3, "XK_hebrew_daleth": 0xce3 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_he": 0xce4, "XK_hebrew_waw": 0xce5, "XK_hebrew_zain": 0xce6, "XK_hebrew_zayin": 0xce6 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_chet": 0xce7, "XK_hebrew_het": 0xce7 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_tet": 0xce8, "XK_hebrew_teth": 0xce8 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_yod": 0xce9, "XK_hebrew_finalkaph": 0xcea, "XK_hebrew_kaph": 0xceb, "XK_hebrew_lamed": 0xcec, "XK_hebrew_finalmem": 0xced, "XK_hebrew_mem": 0xcee, "XK_hebrew_finalnun": 0xcef, "XK_hebrew_nun": 0xcf0, "XK_hebrew_samech": 0xcf1, "XK_hebrew_samekh": 0xcf1 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_ayin": 0xcf2, "XK_hebrew_finalpe": 0xcf3, "XK_hebrew_pe": 0xcf4, "XK_hebrew_finalzade": 0xcf5, "XK_hebrew_finalzadi": 0xcf5 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_zade": 0xcf6, "XK_hebrew_zadi": 0xcf6 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_qoph": 0xcf7, "XK_hebrew_kuf": 0xcf7 /* deprecated */, "XK_hebrew_resh": 0xcf8, "XK_hebrew_shin": 0xcf9, "XK_hebrew_taw": 0xcfa, "XK_hebrew_taf": 0xcfa /* deprecated */, "XK_Hebrew_switch": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_VoidSymbol": 0xFFFFFF /* void symbol */, "XK_BackSpace": 0xFF08 /* back space, back char */, "XK_Tab": 0xFF09, "XK_Linefeed": 0xFF0A /* Linefeed, LF */, "XK_Clear": 0xFF0B, "XK_Return": 0xFF0D /* Return, enter */, "XK_Pause": 0xFF13 /* Pause, hold */, "XK_Scroll_Lock": 0xFF14, "XK_Sys_Req": 0xFF15, "XK_Escape": 0xFF1B, "XK_Delete": 0xFFFF /* Delete, rubout */, "XK_Multi_key": 0xFF20 /* Multi-key character compose */, "XK_Kanji": 0xFF21 /* Kanji, Kanji convert */, "XK_Muhenkan": 0xFF22 /* Cancel Conversion */, "XK_Henkan_Mode": 0xFF23 /* Start/Stop Conversion */, "XK_Henkan": 0xFF23 /* Alias for Henkan_Mode */, "XK_Romaji": 0xFF24 /* to Romaji */, "XK_Hiragana": 0xFF25 /* to Hiragana */, "XK_Katakana": 0xFF26 /* to Katakana */, "XK_Hiragana_Katakana": 0xFF27 /* Hiragana/Katakana toggle */, "XK_Zenkaku": 0xFF28 /* to Zenkaku */, "XK_Hankaku": 0xFF29 /* to Hankaku */, "XK_Zenkaku_Hankaku": 0xFF2A /* Zenkaku/Hankaku toggle */, "XK_Touroku": 0xFF2B /* Add to Dictionary */, "XK_Massyo": 0xFF2C /* Delete from Dictionary */, "XK_Kana_Lock": 0xFF2D /* Kana Lock */, "XK_Kana_Shift": 0xFF2E /* Kana Shift */, "XK_Eisu_Shift": 0xFF2F /* Alphanumeric Shift */, "XK_Eisu_toggle": 0xFF30 /* Alphanumeric toggle */, "XK_Home": 0xFF50, "XK_Left": 0xFF51 /* Move left, left arrow */, "XK_Up": 0xFF52 /* Move up, up arrow */, "XK_Right": 0xFF53 /* Move right, right arrow */, "XK_Down": 0xFF54 /* Move down, down arrow */, "XK_Prior": 0xFF55 /* Prior, previous */, "XK_Page_Up": 0xFF55, "XK_Next": 0xFF56 /* Next */, "XK_Page_Down": 0xFF56, "XK_End": 0xFF57 /* EOL */, "XK_Begin": 0xFF58 /* BOL */, "XK_Select": 0xFF60 /* Select, mark */, "XK_Print": 0xFF61, "XK_Execute": 0xFF62 /* Execute, run, do */, "XK_Insert": 0xFF63 /* Insert, insert here */, "XK_Undo": 0xFF65 /* Undo, oops */, "XK_Redo": 0xFF66 /* redo, again */, "XK_Menu": 0xFF67, "XK_Find": 0xFF68 /* Find, search */, "XK_Cancel": 0xFF69 /* Cancel, stop, abort, exit */, "XK_Help": 0xFF6A /* Help */, "XK_Break": 0xFF6B, "XK_Mode_switch": 0xFF7E /* Character set switch */, "XK_Num_Lock": 0xFF7F, "XK_KP_Space": 0xFF80 /* space */, "XK_KP_Tab": 0xFF89, "XK_KP_Enter": 0xFF8D /* enter */, "XK_KP_F1": 0xFF91 /* PF1, KP_A, ... */, "XK_KP_F2": 0xFF92, "XK_KP_F3": 0xFF93, "XK_KP_F4": 0xFF94, "XK_KP_Home": 0xFF95, "XK_KP_Left": 0xFF96, "XK_KP_Up": 0xFF97, "XK_KP_Right": 0xFF98, "XK_KP_Down": 0xFF99, "XK_KP_Prior": 0xFF9A, "XK_KP_Page_Up": 0xFF9A, "XK_KP_Next": 0xFF9B, "XK_KP_Page_Down": 0xFF9B, "XK_KP_End": 0xFF9C, "XK_KP_Begin": 0xFF9D, "XK_KP_Insert": 0xFF9E, "XK_KP_Delete": 0xFF9F, "XK_KP_Equal": 0xFFBD /* equals */, "XK_KP_Multiply": 0xFFAA, "XK_KP_Add": 0xFFAB, "XK_KP_Separator": 0xFFAC /* separator, often comma */, "XK_KP_Subtract": 0xFFAD, "XK_KP_Decimal": 0xFFAE, "XK_KP_Divide": 0xFFAF, "XK_KP_0": 0xFFB0, "XK_KP_1": 0xFFB1, "XK_KP_2": 0xFFB2, "XK_KP_3": 0xFFB3, "XK_KP_4": 0xFFB4, "XK_KP_5": 0xFFB5, "XK_KP_6": 0xFFB6, "XK_KP_7": 0xFFB7, "XK_KP_8": 0xFFB8, "XK_KP_9": 0xFFB9, "XK_F1": 0xFFBE, "XK_F2": 0xFFBF, "XK_F3": 0xFFC0, "XK_F4": 0xFFC1, "XK_F5": 0xFFC2, "XK_F6": 0xFFC3, "XK_F7": 0xFFC4, "XK_F8": 0xFFC5, "XK_F9": 0xFFC6, "XK_F10": 0xFFC7, "XK_F11": 0xFFC8, "XK_L1": 0xFFC8, "XK_F12": 0xFFC9, "XK_L2": 0xFFC9, "XK_F13": 0xFFCA, "XK_L3": 0xFFCA, "XK_F14": 0xFFCB, "XK_L4": 0xFFCB, "XK_F15": 0xFFCC, "XK_L5": 0xFFCC, "XK_F16": 0xFFCD, "XK_L6": 0xFFCD, "XK_F17": 0xFFCE, "XK_L7": 0xFFCE, "XK_F18": 0xFFCF, "XK_L8": 0xFFCF, "XK_F19": 0xFFD0, "XK_L9": 0xFFD0, "XK_F20": 0xFFD1, "XK_L10": 0xFFD1, "XK_F21": 0xFFD2, "XK_R1": 0xFFD2, "XK_F22": 0xFFD3, "XK_R2": 0xFFD3, "XK_F23": 0xFFD4, "XK_R3": 0xFFD4, "XK_F24": 0xFFD5, "XK_R4": 0xFFD5, "XK_F25": 0xFFD6, "XK_R5": 0xFFD6, "XK_F26": 0xFFD7, "XK_R6": 0xFFD7, "XK_F27": 0xFFD8, "XK_R7": 0xFFD8, "XK_F28": 0xFFD9, "XK_R8": 0xFFD9, "XK_F29": 0xFFDA, "XK_R9": 0xFFDA, "XK_F30": 0xFFDB, "XK_R10": 0xFFDB, "XK_F31": 0xFFDC, "XK_R11": 0xFFDC, "XK_F32": 0xFFDD, "XK_R12": 0xFFDD, "XK_F33": 0xFFDE, "XK_R13": 0xFFDE, "XK_F34": 0xFFDF, "XK_R14": 0xFFDF, "XK_F35": 0xFFE0, "XK_R15": 0xFFE0, "XK_Shift_L": 0xFFE1 /* Left shift */, "XK_Shift_R": 0xFFE2 /* Right shift */, "XK_Control_L": 0xFFE3 /* Left control */, "XK_Control_R": 0xFFE4 /* Right control */, "XK_Caps_Lock": 0xFFE5 /* Caps lock */, "XK_Shift_Lock": 0xFFE6 /* Shift lock */, "XK_Meta_L": 0xFFE7 /* Left meta */, "XK_Meta_R": 0xFFE8 /* Right meta */, "XK_Alt_L": 0xFFE9 /* Left alt */, "XK_Alt_R": 0xFFEA /* Right alt */, "XK_Super_L": 0xFFEB /* Left super */, "XK_Super_R": 0xFFEC /* Right super */, "XK_Hyper_L": 0xFFED /* Left hyper */, "XK_Hyper_R": 0xFFEE /* Right hyper */, "XK_ISO_Lock": 0xFE01, "XK_ISO_Level2_Latch": 0xFE02, "XK_ISO_Level3_Shift": 0xFE03, "XK_ISO_Level3_Latch": 0xFE04, "XK_ISO_Level3_Lock": 0xFE05, "XK_ISO_Group_Shift": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_ISO_Group_Latch": 0xFE06, "XK_ISO_Group_Lock": 0xFE07, "XK_ISO_Next_Group": 0xFE08, "XK_ISO_Next_Group_Lock": 0xFE09, "XK_ISO_Prev_Group": 0xFE0A, "XK_ISO_Prev_Group_Lock": 0xFE0B, "XK_ISO_First_Group": 0xFE0C, "XK_ISO_First_Group_Lock": 0xFE0D, "XK_ISO_Last_Group": 0xFE0E, "XK_ISO_Last_Group_Lock": 0xFE0F, "XK_ISO_Left_Tab": 0xFE20, "XK_ISO_Move_Line_Up": 0xFE21, "XK_ISO_Move_Line_Down": 0xFE22, "XK_ISO_Partial_Line_Up": 0xFE23, "XK_ISO_Partial_Line_Down": 0xFE24, "XK_ISO_Partial_Space_Left": 0xFE25, "XK_ISO_Partial_Space_Right": 0xFE26, "XK_ISO_Set_Margin_Left": 0xFE27, "XK_ISO_Set_Margin_Right": 0xFE28, "XK_ISO_Release_Margin_Left": 0xFE29, "XK_ISO_Release_Margin_Right": 0xFE2A, "XK_ISO_Release_Both_Margins": 0xFE2B, "XK_ISO_Fast_Cursor_Left": 0xFE2C, "XK_ISO_Fast_Cursor_Right": 0xFE2D, "XK_ISO_Fast_Cursor_Up": 0xFE2E, "XK_ISO_Fast_Cursor_Down": 0xFE2F, "XK_ISO_Continuous_Underline": 0xFE30, "XK_ISO_Discontinuous_Underline": 0xFE31, "XK_ISO_Emphasize": 0xFE32, "XK_ISO_Center_Object": 0xFE33, "XK_ISO_Enter": 0xFE34, "XK_dead_grave": 0xFE50, "XK_quoteright": 0x027 /* deprecated */, "XK_quoteleft": 0x060 /* deprecated */, "XK_cent": 0x0a2, "XK_guillemotleft": 0x0ab /* left angle quotation mark */, "XK_guillemotright": 0x0bb /* right angle quotation mark */, "XK_Eth": 0x0d0 /* deprecated */, "XK_Thorn": 0x0de /* deprecated */, "XK_kappa": 0x3a2 /* deprecated */, "XK_overline": 0x47e, "XK_Thai_kokai": 0xda1, "XK_Thai_khokhai": 0xda2, "XK_Thai_khokhuat": 0xda3, "XK_Thai_khokhwai": 0xda4, "XK_Thai_khokhon": 0xda5, "XK_Thai_khorakhang": 0xda6 , "XK_Thai_ngongu": 0xda7 , "XK_Thai_chochan": 0xda8 , "XK_Thai_choching": 0xda9 , "XK_Thai_chochang": 0xdaa , "XK_Thai_soso": 0xdab, "XK_Thai_chochoe": 0xdac, "XK_Thai_yoying": 0xdad, "XK_Thai_dochada": 0xdae, "XK_Thai_topatak": 0xdaf, "XK_Thai_thothan": 0xdb0, "XK_Thai_thonangmontho": 0xdb1, "XK_Thai_thophuthao": 0xdb2, "XK_Thai_nonen": 0xdb3, "XK_Thai_dodek": 0xdb4, "XK_Thai_totao": 0xdb5, "XK_Thai_thothung": 0xdb6, "XK_Thai_thothahan": 0xdb7, "XK_Thai_thothong": 0xdb8, "XK_Thai_nonu": 0xdb9, "XK_Thai_bobaimai": 0xdba, "XK_Thai_popla": 0xdbb, "XK_Thai_phophung": 0xdbc, "XK_Thai_fofa": 0xdbd, "XK_Thai_phophan": 0xdbe, "XK_Thai_fofan": 0xdbf, "XK_Thai_phosamphao": 0xdc0, "XK_Thai_moma": 0xdc1, "XK_Thai_yoyak": 0xdc2, "XK_Thai_rorua": 0xdc3, "XK_Thai_ru": 0xdc4, "XK_Thai_loling": 0xdc5, "XK_Thai_lu": 0xdc6, "XK_Thai_wowaen": 0xdc7, "XK_Thai_sosala": 0xdc8, "XK_Thai_sorusi": 0xdc9, "XK_Thai_sosua": 0xdca, "XK_Thai_hohip": 0xdcb, "XK_Thai_lochula": 0xdcc, "XK_Thai_oang": 0xdcd, "XK_Thai_honokhuk": 0xdce, "XK_Thai_paiyannoi": 0xdcf, "XK_Thai_saraa": 0xdd0, "XK_Thai_maihanakat": 0xdd1, "XK_Thai_saraaa": 0xdd2, "XK_Thai_saraam": 0xdd3, "XK_Thai_sarai": 0xdd4 , "XK_Thai_saraii": 0xdd5 , "XK_Thai_saraue": 0xdd6 , "XK_Thai_sarauee": 0xdd7 , "XK_Thai_sarau": 0xdd8 , "XK_Thai_sarauu": 0xdd9 , "XK_Thai_phinthu": 0xdda, "XK_Thai_maihanakat_maitho": 0xdde, "XK_Thai_baht": 0xddf, "XK_Thai_sarae": 0xde0 , "XK_Thai_saraae": 0xde1, "XK_Thai_sarao": 0xde2, "XK_Thai_saraaimaimuan": 0xde3 , "XK_Thai_saraaimaimalai": 0xde4 , "XK_Thai_lakkhangyao": 0xde5, "XK_Thai_maiyamok": 0xde6, "XK_Thai_maitaikhu": 0xde7, "XK_Thai_maiek": 0xde8 , "XK_Thai_maitho": 0xde9, "XK_Thai_maitri": 0xdea, "XK_Thai_maichattawa": 0xdeb, "XK_Thai_thanthakhat": 0xdec, "XK_Thai_nikhahit": 0xded, "XK_Thai_leksun": 0xdf0 , "XK_Thai_leknung": 0xdf1 , "XK_Thai_leksong": 0xdf2 , "XK_Thai_leksam": 0xdf3, "XK_Thai_leksi": 0xdf4 , "XK_Thai_lekha": 0xdf5 , "XK_Thai_lekhok": 0xdf6 , "XK_Thai_lekchet": 0xdf7 , "XK_Thai_lekpaet": 0xdf8 , "XK_Thai_lekkao": 0xdf9 , "XK_Hangul": 0xff31 /* Hangul start/stop(toggle) */, "XK_Hangul_Start": 0xff32 /* Hangul start */, "XK_Hangul_End": 0xff33 /* Hangul end, English start */, "XK_Hangul_Hanja": 0xff34 /* Start Hangul->Hanja Conversion */, "XK_Hangul_Jamo": 0xff35 /* Hangul Jamo mode */, "XK_Hangul_Romaja": 0xff36 /* Hangul Romaja mode */, "XK_Hangul_Codeinput": 0xff37 /* Hangul code input mode */, "XK_Hangul_Jeonja": 0xff38 /* Jeonja mode */, "XK_Hangul_Banja": 0xff39 /* Banja mode */, "XK_Hangul_PreHanja": 0xff3a /* Pre Hanja conversion */, "XK_Hangul_PostHanja": 0xff3b /* Post Hanja conversion */, "XK_Hangul_SingleCandidate": 0xff3c /* Single candidate */, "XK_Hangul_MultipleCandidate": 0xff3d /* Multiple candidate */, "XK_Hangul_PreviousCandidate": 0xff3e /* Previous candidate */, "XK_Hangul_Special": 0xff3f /* Special symbols */, "XK_Hangul_switch": 0xFF7E /* Alias for mode_switch */, "XK_Hangul_Kiyeog": 0xea1, "XK_Hangul_SsangKiyeog": 0xea2, "XK_Hangul_KiyeogSios": 0xea3, "XK_Hangul_Nieun": 0xea4, "XK_Hangul_NieunJieuj": 0xea5, "XK_Hangul_NieunHieuh": 0xea6, "XK_Hangul_Dikeud": 0xea7, "XK_Hangul_SsangDikeud": 0xea8, "XK_Hangul_Rieul": 0xea9, "XK_Hangul_RieulKiyeog": 0xeaa, "XK_Hangul_RieulMieum": 0xeab, "XK_Hangul_RieulPieub": 0xeac, "XK_Hangul_RieulSios": 0xead, "XK_Hangul_RieulTieut": 0xeae, "XK_Hangul_RieulPhieuf": 0xeaf, "XK_Hangul_RieulHieuh": 0xeb0, "XK_Hangul_Mieum": 0xeb1, "XK_Hangul_Pieub": 0xeb2, "XK_Hangul_SsangPieub": 0xeb3, "XK_Hangul_PieubSios": 0xeb4, "XK_Hangul_Sios": 0xeb5, "XK_Hangul_SsangSios": 0xeb6, "XK_Hangul_Ieung": 0xeb7, "XK_Hangul_Jieuj": 0xeb8, "XK_Hangul_SsangJieuj": 0xeb9, "XK_Hangul_Cieuc": 0xeba, "XK_Hangul_Khieuq": 0xebb, "XK_Hangul_Tieut": 0xebc, "XK_Hangul_Phieuf": 0xebd, "XK_Hangul_Hieuh": 0xebe, "XK_Hangul_A": 0xebf, "XK_Hangul_AE": 0xec0, "XK_Hangul_YA": 0xec1, "XK_Hangul_YAE": 0xec2, "XK_Hangul_EO": 0xec3, "XK_Hangul_E": 0xec4, "XK_Hangul_YEO": 0xec5, "XK_Hangul_YE": 0xec6, "XK_Hangul_O": 0xec7, "XK_Hangul_WA": 0xec8, "XK_Hangul_WAE": 0xec9, "XK_Hangul_OE": 0xeca, "XK_Hangul_YO": 0xecb, "XK_Hangul_U": 0xecc, "XK_Hangul_WEO": 0xecd, "XK_Hangul_WE": 0xece, "XK_Hangul_WI": 0xecf, "XK_Hangul_YU": 0xed0, "XK_Hangul_EU": 0xed1, "XK_Hangul_YI": 0xed2, "XK_Hangul_I": 0xed3, "XK_Hangul_J_Kiyeog": 0xed4, "XK_Hangul_J_SsangKiyeog": 0xed5, "XK_Hangul_J_KiyeogSios": 0xed6, "XK_Hangul_J_Nieun": 0xed7, "XK_Hangul_J_NieunJieuj": 0xed8, "XK_Hangul_J_NieunHieuh": 0xed9, "XK_Hangul_J_Dikeud": 0xeda, "XK_Hangul_J_Rieul": 0xedb, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulKiyeog": 0xedc, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulMieum": 0xedd, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulPieub": 0xede, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulSios": 0xedf, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulTieut": 0xee0, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulPhieuf": 0xee1, "XK_Hangul_J_RieulHieuh": 0xee2, "XK_Hangul_J_Mieum": 0xee3, "XK_Hangul_J_Pieub": 0xee4, "XK_Hangul_J_PieubSios": 0xee5, "XK_Hangul_J_Sios": 0xee6, "XK_Hangul_J_SsangSios": 0xee7, "XK_Hangul_J_Ieung": 0xee8, "XK_Hangul_J_Jieuj": 0xee9, "XK_Hangul_J_Cieuc": 0xeea, "XK_Hangul_J_Khieuq": 0xeeb, "XK_Hangul_J_Tieut": 0xeec, "XK_Hangul_J_Phieuf": 0xeed, "XK_Hangul_J_Hieuh": 0xeee, "XK_Hangul_RieulYeorinHieuh": 0xeef, "XK_Hangul_SunkyeongeumMieum": 0xef0, "XK_Hangul_SunkyeongeumPieub": 0xef1, "XK_Hangul_PanSios": 0xef2, "XK_Hangul_KkogjiDalrinIeung": 0xef3, "XK_Hangul_SunkyeongeumPhieuf": 0xef4, "XK_Hangul_YeorinHieuh": 0xef5, "XK_Hangul_AraeA": 0xef6, "XK_Hangul_AraeAE": 0xef7, "XK_Hangul_J_PanSios": 0xef8, "XK_Hangul_J_KkogjiDalrinIeung": 0xef9, "XK_Hangul_J_YeorinHieuh": 0xefa, "XK_Korean_Won": 0xeff ]); void ReleaseKey( int sym ) { switch(sym) { case XK_Scroll_Lock: return 0; break; case XK_Mode_switch: alt_gr = 0; return; case XK_Num_Lock: num_lock = 0; return; case XK_Shift_L: case XK_Shift_Lock: case XK_Shift_R: shift=0; return; case XK_Control_L: case XK_Control_R: control=0; return; case XK_Caps_Lock: caps_lock=0; return; case XK_Meta_L: case XK_Meta_R: meta=0; return; case XK_Alt_L: case XK_Alt_R: alt=0; return; case XK_Super_L:case XK_Super_R: super=0; return; case XK_Hyper_L: case XK_Hyper_R: hyper=0; return; } } string _LookupKeysym( int keysym ) { switch(keysym) { case XK_BackSpace: return ""; case XK_Tab: return "\t"; case XK_Linefeed: return "\n"; case XK_Return: return "\n"; case XK_Escape: return ""; case XK_Delete: return ""; /* Kanji here ... */ /* Korean here ... */ /* Cursors ... */ case XK_KP_Space: return " "; case XK_KP_Tab: return "\t"; case XK_KP_Equal: return "="; case XK_KP_Multiply: return "*"; case XK_KP_Add: return "+"; case XK_KP_Subtract: return "-"; case XK_KP_Decimal: return "."; case XK_KP_Divide: return "/"; case XK_KP_0: return "0"; case XK_KP_1: return "1"; case XK_KP_2: return "2"; case XK_KP_3: return "3"; case XK_KP_4: return "4"; case XK_KP_5: return "5"; case XK_KP_6: return "6"; case XK_KP_7: return "7"; case XK_KP_8: return "8"; case XK_KP_9: return "9"; case XK_space..XK_at: return sprintf("%c", keysym); case XK_A..XK_Z: case XK_a..XK_z: keysym = keysym&0xdf; if(control) return sprintf("%c", (keysym-'A')+1); if(shift || caps_lock) return sprintf("%c",keysym); return sprintf("%c",keysym+0x20); default: if(keysym < 256) return sprintf("%c", keysym); return 0; /*Latin2 .. latin3 .. latin4 .. katakana .. arabic .. cyrillic .. greek .. technical .. special .. publishing .. APL .. hebrew .. thai .. korean .. hangul .. */ } } int _LookupCharacter( string str ) { if(stringtokeysyms && stringtokeysyms[str]) return stringtokeysyms[str]; // not found? else return -1; } int LookupCharacter( string str ) { mapping xkm=([ " " : "XK_space", "!" : "XK_exclam", "\"": "XK_quotedbl", "#" : "XK_numbersign", "$" : "XK_dollar", "%" : "XK_percent", "&" : "XK_ampersand", "'" : "XK_apostrophe", "(" : "XK_parenleft", ")" : "XK_parenright", "*" : "XK_asterisk", "+" : "XK_plus", "," : "XK_comma", "-" : "XK_minus", "." : "XK_period", "/" : "XK_slash", ":" : "XK_colon", ";" : "XK_semicolon", "<" : "XK_less", "=" : "XK_equal", ">" : "XK_greater", "?" : "XK_question", "@" : "XK_at", "[" : "XK_bracketleft", "\\": "XK_backslash",
ecc6a22002-06-16Martin Nilsson  "]" : "XK_bracketright",
12bfd42002-06-13H. William Welliver III //"XK_asciicircum": 0x05e,
ecc6a22002-06-16Martin Nilsson  "_" : "XK_underscore",
12bfd42002-06-13H. William Welliver III  ]); if(sizeof(str)>3 && str[0..2]=="XK_") return _LookupCharacter(str); else if(xkm[str]) return _LookupCharacter(xkm[str]); else return _LookupCharacter("XK_" + str); } mapping compose_patterns; string compose_state = ""; mapping keysymtokeycode=([]); void makeKeysymtoKeycode(object display) { keysymtokeycode=([]); int i=0; for(int i=0; i<sizeof(display->key_mapping); i++) { if(intp(display->key_mapping[i])) { continue; } int mod=0; foreach(display->key_mapping[i], int code) { if(keysymtokeycode[code]) continue; else keysymtokeycode[code]=({i, mod}); mod++; } } } int LookupKeycode( int keysym, object display ) { int keycode; if(sizeof(keysymtokeycode)==0) makeKeysymtoKeycode(display); if(keysymtokeycode[keysym]) { keycode=keysymtokeycode[keysym][0]; } else keycode=-1; return keycode; } string LookupKeysym( int keysym, object display ) { if(!compose_patterns) compose_patterns = display->compose_patterns; switch(keysym) { case XK_A..XK_Z: case XK_a..XK_z: keysym = keysym&0xdf; // Upper.. if(!shift && !caps_lock) // keysym=keysym+0x20; // .. and lower .. break; case XK_Mode_switch: alt_gr = 1; return 0; case XK_Num_Lock: num_lock = 1; return 0; case XK_Shift_L: case XK_Shift_Lock: case XK_Shift_R: shift=1; return 0; case XK_Control_L: case XK_Control_R: control=1; return 0; case XK_Caps_Lock: caps_lock=1; return 0; case XK_Meta_L: case XK_Meta_R: meta=1; return 0; case XK_Alt_L: case XK_Alt_R: alt=1; return 0; case XK_Super_L: case XK_Super_R: super=1; return 0; case XK_Hyper_L: case XK_Hyper_R: hyper=1; return 0; } compose_state += sprintf("%4c", keysym); if(arrayp(compose_patterns[compose_state])) return 0; // More to come.. if(compose_patterns[compose_state]) { keysym = compose_patterns[compose_state]; compose_state=""; return _LookupKeysym( keysym ); } if(strlen(compose_state)>4) { string res=""; while(strlen(compose_state) && (sscanf(compose_state, "%4c%s", keysym, compose_state)==2)) res += _LookupKeysym( keysym ) || ""; return strlen(res)?res:0; } compose_state=""; return _LookupKeysym( keysym ); }