415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) /* **! module Image **! note
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! $Id: colors.c,v 1.5 1999/01/24 17:31:02 mirar Exp $
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! submodule color
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **!
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! This module keeps names and easy handling **! for easy color support. It gives you an easy **! way to get colors from names.
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **!
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! A color is here an object, containing color **! information and methods for conversion, see below.
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! **! <ref>Image.color</ref> can be called to make a color object. **! <ref>Image.color()</ref> takes the following arguments: **! <pre>
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! Image.color(string name) // "red" **! Image.color(string prefix_string) // "lightblue" **! Image.color(string hex_name) // "#ff00ff" **! Image.color(string cmyk_string) // "%17,42,0,19.4" **! Image.color(string hsv_string) // "%@327,90,32" **! Image.color(int red, int green, int blue)
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! </pre> **! **! The color names available can be listed by using indices **! on Image.color. The colors are available by name directly **! as <tt>Image.color.name</tt>, too: **! <pre> **! ...Image.color.red... **! ...Image.color.green... **! or, maybe **! import Image.color; **! ...red... **! ...green... **! ...lightgreen... **! </pre> **! **! Giving red, green and blue values is equal to calling **! <ref>Image.color.rgb</ref>(). **! **! The prefix_string method is a form for getting modified **! colors, it understands all modifiers
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! (<link to=Image.color.color.light>light</link>, **! <link to=Image.color.color.dark>dark</link>, **! <link to=Image.color.color.bright>bright</link>, **! <link to=Image.color.color.dull>dull</link> and **! <link to=Image.color.color.neon>neon</link>). Simply use **! "method"+"color"; (as in <tt>lightgreen</tt>,
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <tt>dullmagenta</tt>, <tt>lightdullorange</tt>). **!
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! The <tt>hex_name</tt> form is a simple **! <tt>#rrggbb</tt> form, as in HTML or X-program argument. **! A shorter form (<tt>#rgb</tt>) is also accepted. This **! is the inverse to the <ref>Image.color.color->hex</ref>() **! method. **! **! The <tt>cmyk_string</tt> is a string form of giving **! <i>cmyk</i> (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color. These **! values are floats representing percent. **! **! The <tt>hsv_string</tt> is another hue, saturation, value **! representation, but in floats; hue is in degree range (0..360), **! and saturation and value is given in percent. <i>This is not **! the same as returned or given to the <ref>hsv</ref>() methods!</i> **!
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! see also: Image.color.color->name, Image.color.color->rgb **! **! added: **! pike 0.7 **! **! note: **! <tt>Image.color["something"]</tt> will never(!) generate an error, **! but a zero_type 0, if the color is unknown. This is enough **! to give the error "not present in module", if used **! as <tt>Image.color.something</tt>, though. **! **! If you are using colors from for instance a webpage, you might **! want to create the color from <ref>Image.color.guess</ref>(), **! since that method is more tolerant for mistakes and errors. **! **! <tt>Image.color</tt>() is case- and space-sensitive. **! Use <ref>Image.color.guess</ref>() to catch all variants. **! **! and subtract with a space (lower_case(x)-" ") to make **! sure you get all variants.
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **!
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! see also: Image.color.color, Image.color.guess, Image, Image.colortable **!
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! class color **! This is the color object. It has six readable variables, **! <tt>r</tt>, <tt>g</tt>, <tt>b</tt>, for the <i>red</i>, **! <i>green</i> and <i>blue</i> values, **! and <tt>h</tt>, <tt>s</tt>, <tt>v</tt>, for **! the <i>hue</i>, <i>saturation</i> anv <i>value</i> values.
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) */ #include "global.h" #include <config.h>
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) RCSID("$Id: colors.c,v 1.5 1999/01/24 17:31:02 mirar Exp $");
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  #include "config.h"
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #include <math.h>
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #include "stralloc.h" #include "pike_macros.h" #include "object.h" #include "constants.h" #include "interpret.h" #include "svalue.h" #include "array.h" #include "mapping.h" #include "threads.h" #include "builtin_functions.h" #include "dmalloc.h"
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #include "operators.h"
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #include "module_support.h"
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #include "opcodes.h"
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  #include "image.h" #include "colortable.h" static struct mapping *colors=NULL; static struct object *colortable=NULL; static struct array *colornames=NULL; struct program *image_color_program=NULL; extern struct program *image_colortable_program; static struct pike_string *str_array; static struct pike_string *str_string; static struct pike_string *str_r; static struct pike_string *str_g; static struct pike_string *str_b; static struct pike_string *str_h; static struct pike_string *str_s; static struct pike_string *str_v; struct color_struct { rgb_group rgb; struct pike_string *name; };
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_make_hsv_color(INT32 args); /* forward */
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_make_cmyk_color(INT32 args); /* forward */
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) struct html_color { int r,g,b; char *name; struct pike_string *pname; } html_color[]= {{0,0,0,"black",NULL}, {255,255,255,"white",NULL}, {0,128,0,"green",NULL}, {192,192,192,"silver",NULL}, {0,255,0,"lime",NULL}, {128,128,128,"gray",NULL}, {128,128,0,"olive",NULL}, {255,255,0,"yellow",NULL}, {128,0,0,"maroon",NULL}, {0,0,128,"navy",NULL}, {255,0,0,"red",NULL}, {0,0,255,"blue",NULL}, {128,0,128,"purple",NULL}, {0,128,128,"teal",NULL}, {255,255,0,"fuchsia",NULL}, {0,255,255,"aqua",NULL}};
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) static void make_colors(void) {
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  static struct color { int r,g,b; char *name; struct pike_string *pname; } c[]={
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #define COLOR(name,R,G,B) \
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {R,G,B,name,NULL},
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) #include "colors.h" #undef COLOR
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  }; int i; const int n=sizeof(c)/sizeof(c[0]);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (i=0; (size_t)i<sizeof(html_color)/sizeof(html_color[0]); i++) html_color[i].pname=make_shared_string(html_color[i].name);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (i=0;i<n;i++) { push_text(c[i].name); copy_shared_string(c[i].pname,sp[-1].u.string); push_int(c[i].r); push_int(c[i].g); push_int(c[i].b); push_text(c[i].name); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,4)); }
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  f_aggregate_mapping(n*2); colors=sp[-1].u.mapping; sp--;
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (i=0;i<n;i++) { push_int(c[i].r); push_int(c[i].g); push_int(c[i].b); f_aggregate(3); }
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  f_aggregate(n); colortable=clone_object(image_colortable_program,1); push_int(5); push_int(5); push_int(5); push_int(1); safe_apply(colortable,"cubicles",4); pop_stack();
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (i=0;i<n;i++) push_string(c[i].pname); f_aggregate(n);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  colornames=sp[-1].u.array; sp--; } #ifdef THIS #undef THIS /* Needed for NT */ #endif #define THIS ((struct color_struct*)(fp->current_storage)) #define THISOBJ (fp->current_object) void init_color_struct(struct object *dummy) { THIS->rgb.r=THIS->rgb.g=THIS->rgb.b=0; THIS->name=NULL; } void exit_color_struct(struct object *dummy) { if (THIS->name) { free_string(THIS->name); THIS->name=NULL; } } static void try_find_name(void) { rgb_group d; if (!colors) make_colors(); if (THIS->name) { free_string(THIS->name); THIS->name=NULL; } image_colortable_map_image((struct neo_colortable*)colortable->storage, &(THIS->rgb),&d,1,1); if (d.r==THIS->rgb.r && d.g==THIS->rgb.g && d.b==THIS->rgb.b) { unsigned short d2; image_colortable_index_16bit_image( (struct neo_colortable*)colortable->storage, &(THIS->rgb),&d2,1,1); if (d2<colornames->size) { copy_shared_string(THIS->name, colornames->item[d2].u.string); } } }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) /* **! method void create(int r,int g,int b) **! This is the main <ref>Image.color.color</ref> creation **! method, mostly for internal use. **----- internal note: it takes a fourth argument, name of color --- **! */
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_create(INT32 args) { if (args==4) /* r,g,b,name */ { INT32 r,g,b;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  get_all_args("Image.color.color->create()",args,"%i%i%i%W",
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  &r,&g,&b,&(THIS->name));
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (r<0) r=0; else if (r>COLORMAX) r=COLORMAX; if (g<0) g=0; else if (g>COLORMAX) g=COLORMAX; if (b<0) b=0; else if (b>COLORMAX) b=COLORMAX;
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  THIS->rgb.r=(COLORTYPE)r; THIS->rgb.g=(COLORTYPE)g; THIS->rgb.b=(COLORTYPE)b; reference_shared_string(THIS->name); pop_n_elems(args); } else if (args==3) /* r,g,b */ { INT32 r,g,b;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  get_all_args("Image.color.color->create()",args,"%i%i%i",
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  &r,&g,&b);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (r<0) r=0; else if (r>COLORMAX) r=COLORMAX; if (g<0) g=0; else if (g>COLORMAX) g=COLORMAX; if (b<0) b=0; else if (b>COLORMAX) b=COLORMAX;
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  THIS->rgb.r=(COLORTYPE)r; THIS->rgb.g=(COLORTYPE)g; THIS->rgb.b=(COLORTYPE)b; pop_n_elems(args); try_find_name(); }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  else error("Image.color.color->create(): Illegal argument(s)\n");
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_int(0); }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) /* **! method array(int) rgb() **! method array(int) hsv()
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method array(int) cmyk()
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method int greylevel() **! method int greylevel(int r, int g, int b) **! This is methods of getting information from an **! <ref>Image.color.color</ref> object. **!
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! They give an array of **! red, green and blue (rgb) values (color value),<br> **! hue, saturation and value (hsv) values (range as color value), <br> **! cyan, magenta, yellow, black (cmyk) values (in percent) <br> **! or the greylevel value (range as color value).
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! **! The greylevel is calculated by weighting red, green **! and blue. Default weights are 87, 127 and 41, respective, **! and could be given by argument. **! **! returns array(int) respective int **! see also: Image.color.color, grey */
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_rgb(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); push_int(THIS->rgb.r); push_int(THIS->rgb.g); push_int(THIS->rgb.b); f_aggregate(3); }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_greylevel(INT32 args) { INT32 r,g,b; if (args==0) { r=87; g=127; b=41; } else {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  get_all_args("Image.color.color->greylevel()",args,"%i%i%i",&r,&g,&b);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  } pop_n_elems(args); if (r+g+b==0) r=g=b=1; push_int((r*THIS->rgb.r+g*THIS->rgb.g+b*THIS->rgb.b)/(r+g+b)); } #define MAX3(X,Y,Z) MAXIMUM(MAXIMUM(X,Y),Z) void image_color_hsv(INT32 args) { float max, min; float r,g,b, delta; float h, s, v; pop_n_elems(args); if((THIS->rgb.r==THIS->rgb.g) && (THIS->rgb.g==THIS->rgb.b)) { push_int(0); push_int(0); push_int(THIS->rgb.r); f_aggregate(3); return; } r = (float)(THIS->rgb.r)/((float)COLORMAX); g = (float)(THIS->rgb.g)/((float)COLORMAX); b = (float)(THIS->rgb.b)/((float)COLORMAX); max = MAX3(r,g,b); min = -(MAX3(-r,-g,-b)); v = max; if(max != 0.0) s = (max - min)/max; else error("internal error, max==0.0\n"); delta = max-min; if(r==max) h = (g-b)/delta; else if(g==max) h = 2+(b-r)/delta; else /*if(b==max)*/ h = 4+(r-g)/delta; h *= 60; // now in degrees. if(h<0) h+=360; push_int((int)((h/360.0)*COLORMAX+0.5)); push_int((int)(s*COLORMAX+0.5)); push_int((int)(v*COLORMAX+0.5)); f_aggregate(3); }
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_cmyk(INT32 args) { float c,m,y,k; pop_n_elems(args); k=255.0-MAX3(THIS->rgb.r,THIS->rgb.g,THIS->rgb.b); c=255.0-THIS->rgb.r-k; m=255.0-THIS->rgb.g-k; y=255.0-THIS->rgb.b-k; push_float(c*100.0/255.0); push_float(m*100.0/255.0); push_float(y/255.0*100.0); push_float(k/255.0*100.0); f_aggregate(4); }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) /* **! method object grey() **! method object grey(int red,int green,int blue) **! Gives a new color, containing a grey color, **! which is calculated by the <ref>greylevel</ref> method. **! returns a new <ref>Image.color.color</ref> object **! see also: greylevel */ void image_color_grey(INT32 args) { image_color_greylevel(args); stack_dup(); stack_dup(); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,3)); } /*
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method string hex() **! method string hex(int n)
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method string name()
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method string html() **! Information methods. **! **! <ref>hex</ref>() simply gives a string on the <tt>#rrggbb</tt> **! format. If <tt>n</tt> is given, the number of significant **! digits is set to this number. **! (Ie, <tt>n=3</tt> gives <tt>#rrrgggbbb</tt>.) **! **! <ref>name</ref>() is a simplified method; **! if the color exists in the database, the name is returned, **! per default is the <ref>hex</ref>() method use. **! **! <ref>html</ref>() gives the <tt>HTML</tt> name of **! the color, or the <ref>hex</ref>(2) if it isn't one **! of the 16 <tt>HTML</tt> colors. **!
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! returns a new <ref>Image.color.color</ref> object **! see also: rgb, hsv, Image.color */
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_hex(INT32 args)
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  char buf[80]; INT32 i=sizeof(COLORTYPE)*2; if (args) get_all_args("Image.color.color->hex()",args,"%i",&i); pop_n_elems(args); if (i<1)
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_text("#"); /* stupid */ return;
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  else if (i!=sizeof(COLORTYPE)*2)
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  int sh; if (i>8) i=8; sh=4*(sizeof(COLORTYPE)*2-i); if (sh>0) sprintf(buf,"#%0*x%0*x%0*x",i,THIS->rgb.r>>sh, i,THIS->rgb.g>>sh,i,THIS->rgb.b>>sh); else { unsigned INT32 r=THIS->rgb.r; unsigned INT32 g=THIS->rgb.g; unsigned INT32 b=THIS->rgb.b; const int q= ((sizeof(COLORTYPE)==1)?0x01010101: (sizeof(COLORTYPE)==2)?0x00010001:1); sh=32-i*4; sprintf(buf,"#%0*x%0*x%0*x",i,(r*q)>>sh,i,(g*q)>>sh,i,(b*q)>>sh); } } else
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  switch (sizeof(COLORTYPE)) { case 1: sprintf(buf,"#%02x%02x%02x",THIS->rgb.r,THIS->rgb.g,THIS->rgb.b); break; case 2: sprintf(buf,"#%04x%04x%04x",THIS->rgb.r,THIS->rgb.g,THIS->rgb.b); break; case 4: sprintf(buf,"#%08x%08x%08x",THIS->rgb.r,THIS->rgb.g,THIS->rgb.b); break;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  default: error("unknown size of colortype\n");
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_text(buf); } void image_color_html(INT32 args) { int i; if (!colors) make_colors(); pop_n_elems(args); for (i=0; (size_t)i<sizeof(html_color)/sizeof(html_color[0]); i++) if (THIS->rgb.r==html_color[i].r && THIS->rgb.g==html_color[i].g && THIS->rgb.b==html_color[i].b) { ref_push_string(html_color[i].pname); return; } push_int(2); image_color_hex(1); } void image_color_name(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); if (THIS->name) ref_push_string(THIS->name); else image_color_hex(0);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) /* **! method array|string cast() **! cast the object to an array, representing red, green **! and blue (equal to <tt>-><ref>rgb</ref>()</tt>), or **! to a string, giving the name (equal to <tt>-><ref>name</ref>()</tt>). **! returns the name as string or rgb as array **! see also: rgb, name */
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_cast(INT32 args) { if (args!=1 || sp[-1].type!=T_STRING)
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  error("Image.color.color->cast(): Illegal argument(s)\n");
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sp[-1].u.string==str_array) { image_color_rgb(args); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string==str_string) { image_color_name(args); return; }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  error("Image.color.color->cast(): Can't cast to that\n");
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) } void image_color_index(INT32 args) {
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  struct svalue s; if (args!=1) error("Image.color[]: illegal number of arguments\n"); object_index_no_free2(&s,THISOBJ,sp-1); if (s.type==T_INT && sp[-1].type==T_STRING) { if (sp[-1].u.string==str_r) { pop_stack(); push_int(THIS->rgb.r); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string==str_g) { pop_stack(); push_int(THIS->rgb.g); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string==str_b) { pop_stack(); push_int(THIS->rgb.b); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string==str_h) { pop_stack(); image_color_hsv(0); push_int(0); f_index(2); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string==str_s) { pop_stack(); image_color_hsv(0); push_int(1); f_index(2); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string==str_v) { pop_stack(); image_color_hsv(0); push_int(2); f_index(2); return; } } pop_stack(); *(sp++)=s; } /*
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method int `==(object other_color) **! method int `==(array(int) rgb) **! method int `==(int greylevel) **! method int `==(string name) **! Compares this object to another color, **! or color name. Example: **! <pre> **! object red=Image.color.red; **! object other=Image.color. ...; **! object black=Image.color.black; **! **! if (red==other) ... **! if (red==({255,0,0})) ... **! if (black==0) ... **! if (red=="red") ... **! </pre> **! **! returns 1 or 0 **! see also: rgb, grey, name **! note: **! The other datatype (not color object) must be to the right!
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) */ void image_color_equal(INT32 args) { if (args!=1)
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  error("Image.color.color->`==: illegal number of arguments");
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sp[-1].type==T_OBJECT) { struct color_struct *other; other=(struct color_struct*) get_storage(sp[-1].u.object,image_color_program); if (other&& other->rgb.r==THIS->rgb.r && other->rgb.g==THIS->rgb.g && other->rgb.b==THIS->rgb.b) { pop_stack(); push_int(1); return; } } else if (sp[-1].type==T_ARRAY) { if (sp[-1].u.array->size==3 && sp[-1].u.array->item[0].type==T_INT && sp[-1].u.array->item[1].type==T_INT && sp[-1].u.array->item[2].type==T_INT && sp[-1].u.array->item[0].u.integer == THIS->rgb.r && sp[-1].u.array->item[0].u.integer == THIS->rgb.g && sp[-1].u.array->item[0].u.integer == THIS->rgb.b) { pop_stack(); push_int(1); return; } } else if (sp[-1].type==T_INT) { if (sp[-1].u.integer == THIS->rgb.r && THIS->rgb.r==THIS->rgb.g && THIS->rgb.r==THIS->rgb.b) { pop_stack(); push_int(1); return; } }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  else if (sp[-1].type==T_STRING) { if (sp[-1].u.string==THIS->name) { pop_stack(); push_int(1); return; } }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  pop_stack(); push_int(0); }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) /* **! method object light() **! method object dark() **! method object neon() **! method object bright() **! method object dull() **! Color modification methods. These returns **! a new color. **! <table> **! <tr><th>method</th><th width=50%>effect</th> **! <th>h</th><th>s</th><th>v</th><th>as</th></tr>
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <tr><td>light </td><td>raise light level</td><td>±0</td><td> ±0</td><td>+50</td>
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <td><illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"])</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->light())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->light()->light())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->light()->light()->light())</illustration></td></tr> **!
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <tr><td>dark </td><td>lower light level</td><td>±0</td><td> ±0</td><td>-50</td>
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <td><illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"])</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->dark())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->dark()->dark())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->dark()->dark()->dark())</illustration></td></tr> **!
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <tr><td>bright</td><td>brighter color </td><td>±0</td><td>+50</td><td>+50</td>
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <td><illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"])</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->bright())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->bright()->bright())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->bright()->bright()->bright())</illustration></td></tr> **!
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <tr><td>dull </td><td>greyer color </td><td>±0</td><td>-50</td><td>-50</td>
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <td><illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color.red)</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color.red->dull())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color.red->dull()->dull())</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color.red->dull()->dull()->dull())</illustration></td></tr> **!
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <tr><td>neon </td><td>set to extreme </td><td>±0</td><td>max</td><td>max</td>
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! <td><illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"])</illustration> **! <illustration>return Image.image(20,20,@(array)Image.color["#693e3e"]->neon())</illustration></td></tr> **! **! </table> **! returns the new color object **! note: **! The opposites may not always take each other out. **! The color is maximised at white and black levels, **! so, for instance **! <ref>Image.color</ref>.white-><ref>light</ref>()-><ref>dark</ref>() **! doesn't give the white color back, but the equal to **! <ref>Image.color</ref>.white-><ref>dark</ref>(), since **! white can't get any <ref>light</ref>er. */
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_color_light(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); image_color_hsv(0); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); /* frees */ sp[-1].u.integer+=50; image_make_hsv_color(3); } void image_color_dark(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); image_color_hsv(0); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); /* frees */ sp[-1].u.integer-=50; image_make_hsv_color(3); } void image_color_neon(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); image_color_hsv(0); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); /* frees */ sp[-1].u.integer=255; sp[-2].u.integer=255; image_make_hsv_color(3); } void image_color_dull(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); image_color_hsv(0); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); /* frees */ sp[-2].u.integer-=50;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  sp[-1].u.integer-=50;
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  image_make_hsv_color(3); } void image_color_bright(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args); image_color_hsv(0); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); /* frees */ sp[-2].u.integer+=50;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  sp[-1].u.integer+=50;
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  image_make_hsv_color(3);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) } #define HEXTONUM(C) \ (((C)>='0' && (C)<='9')?(C)-'0': \ ((C)>='a' && (C)<='f')?(C)-'a'+10: \ ((C)>='A' && (C)<='F')?(C)-'A'+10:-1) void image_get_color(INT32 args) { struct svalue s;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  int n; static char *callables[]={"light","dark","neon","dull","bright"};
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (args!=1) error("Image.color[]: illegal number of args"); if (!colors) make_colors(); mapping_index_no_free(&s,colors,sp-1); if (s.type==T_INT) {
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  object_index_no_free2(&s,THISOBJ,sp-1); if (s.type!=T_INT) { pop_stack(); *(sp++)=s; return; }
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sp[-1].type==T_STRING &&
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  sp[-1].u.string->size_shift==0)
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sp[-1].u.string->len>=4 && sp[-1].u.string->str[0]=='#')
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  /* #rgb, #rrggbb, #rrrgggbbb or #rrrrggggbbbb */ unsigned long i=sp[-1].u.string->len-1,j,k,rgb[3]; unsigned char *src=sp[-1].u.string->str+1; if (!(i%3))
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  i/=3; for (j=0; j<3; j++)
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  unsigned INT32 z=0;
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (k=0; k<i; k++) { if (HEXTONUM(*src)==-1)
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  { pop_stack(); push_int(0); sp[-1].subtype=NUMBER_UNDEFINED; return; }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  z=z*16+HEXTONUM(*src),src++; } switch (i) { case 1: z=(z<<12)+(z<<8)+(z<<4)+(z<<0); break; case 2: z=(z<<8)+(z<<0); break; case 3: z=(z<<4)+(z>>8); break;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  case 5: z=(z>>4); break; case 6: z=(z>>8); break; case 7: z=(z>>12); break; case 8: z=(z>>16); break;
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  } switch (sizeof(COLORTYPE)) { case 1: z>>=8; break; case 4: z<<=16; break; } rgb[j]=z;
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  }
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  pop_n_elems(args); push_int((INT32)rgb[0]); push_int((INT32)rgb[1]); push_int((INT32)rgb[2]); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,3));
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  return; } }
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sp[-1].u.string->len>=4 && sp[-1].u.string->str[0]=='@') { /* @h,s,v; h=0..359, s,v=0..100 */ stack_dup(); push_text("@%f,%f,%f\n"); f_sscanf(2); if (sp[-1].type==T_ARRAY && sp[-1].u.array->size==3) { float h,s,v; stack_swap(); pop_stack(); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); get_all_args("Image.color()",3,"%f%f%f",&h,&s,&v); pop_n_elems(3); push_int((INT32)(h/360.0*256.0)); push_int((INT32)(s/100.0*255.4)); push_int((INT32)(v/100.0*255.4)); image_make_hsv_color(3); return; } pop_stack(); } if (sp[-1].u.string->len>=4 && sp[-1].u.string->str[0]=='%') { /* @c,m,y,k; 0..100 */ stack_dup(); push_text("%%%f,%f,%f,%f\n"); f_sscanf(2); if (sp[-1].type==T_ARRAY && sp[-1].u.array->size==4) { stack_swap(); pop_stack(); sp--; push_array_items(sp->u.array); image_make_cmyk_color(4); return; } pop_stack(); }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (n=0; (size_t)n<sizeof(callables)/sizeof(callables[0]); n++) if (sp[-1].u.string->len>(INT32)strlen(callables[n]) && memcmp(sp[-1].u.string->str,callables[n],strlen(callables[n]))==0)
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_int(strlen(callables[n]));
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_int(1000000); f_index(3); image_get_color(1);
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (sp[-1].type!=T_OBJECT) return; /* no way */ safe_apply(sp[-1].u.object,callables[n],0);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  stack_swap(); pop_stack();
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  return; } } /* try other stuff here */
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  pop_stack(); push_int(0); sp[-1].subtype=NUMBER_UNDEFINED; return;
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  } pop_stack(); *(sp++)=s; }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_guess_color(INT32 args) { struct svalue s; if (args!=1 && sp[-args].type!=T_STRING) error("Image.color->guess(): illegal argument(s)\n"); f_lower_case(1); push_text(" "); o_subtract(); stack_dup(); image_get_color(1); if (sp[-1].type==T_OBJECT) { stack_swap(); pop_stack(); return; } pop_stack(); push_text("#"); stack_swap(); f_add(2); image_get_color(1); }
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_make_color(INT32 args) { struct svalue s; if (args==1 && sp[-args].type==T_STRING) { image_get_color(args); return; } push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,args)); }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  /* **! module Image **! submodule color **! **! method object guess(string) **! This is equivalent to **! <tt><ref>Image.color</ref>(lower_case(str)-" ")</tt>, **! and tries the color with a prepending '#' if no **! corresponding color is found. **! **! returns a color object or zero_type */ /* **! method object rgb(int red, int green, int blue) **! method object hsv(int hue, int saturation, int value)
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method object cmyk(float c,float m,float y,float k)
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! method object greylevel(int level) **! method object html(string html_color) **! Creates a new color object from given red, green and blue,
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! hue, saturation and value, or greylevel, in color value range. **! It could also be created from <i>cmyk</i> values in percent.
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **!
7428421999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! The <ref>html</ref>() method only understands the HTML color names, **! or the <tt>#rrggbb</tt> form. It is case insensitive.
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) **! **! returns the created object. */
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_make_rgb_color(INT32 args) { if (args!=3) { error("Image.color.rgb(): illegal number of arguments\n"); return; } push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,args)); } void image_make_hsv_color(INT32 args) { float h,s,v; INT32 hi,si,vi; float r=0,g=0,b=0; /* to avoid warning */ get_all_args("Image.color.hsv()",args,"%i%i%i", &hi,&si,&vi);
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  pop_n_elems(args);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (hi<0) hi=(hi%COLORMAX)+COLORMAX; else if (hi>COLORMAX) hi%=COLORMAX; /* repeating */
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (si<0) si=0; else if (si>COLORMAX) si=COLORMAX; if (vi<0) vi=0; else if (vi>COLORMAX) vi=COLORMAX; h = (hi/((float)COLORMAX))*(360.0/60.0); s = si/((float)COLORMAX); v = vi/((float)COLORMAX); if(s==0.0 || si==0) { r = g = b = v; } else { #define i floor(h) #define f (h-i) #define p (v * (1 - s)) #define q (v * (1 - (s * f))) #define t (v * (1 - (s * (1 -f)))) switch((int)i) { case 6: // 360 degrees. Same as 0.. case 0: r = v; g = t; b = p; break; case 1: r = q; g = v; b = p; break; case 2: r = p; g = v; b = t; break; case 3: r = p; g = q; b = v; break; case 4: r = t; g = p; b = v; break; case 5: r = v; g = p; b = q; break; } } #undef i #undef f #undef p #undef q #undef t #define FOO(X) ((int)((X)<0.0?0:(X)>1.0?COLORMAX:(int)((X)*((float)COLORMAX)+0.5))) push_int(FOO(r)); push_int(FOO(g)); push_int(FOO(b));
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,3)); } void image_make_cmyk_color(INT32 args) { float c,m,y,k,r,g,b; get_all_args("Image.color.cmyk()",args,"%F%F%F%F",&c,&m,&y,&k); pop_n_elems(args); r=100-(c+k); g=100-(m+k); b=100-(y+k); push_int((int)(r*255.4/100.0)); push_int((int)(g*255.4/100.0)); push_int((int)(b*255.4/100.0)); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,3));
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland) } void image_make_greylevel_color(INT32 args) { INT32 i; get_all_args("Image.color.greylevel()",args,"%i",&i);
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  pop_n_elems(args);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  push_int(i); push_int(i); push_int(i); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,3)); }
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_make_html_color(INT32 args) { int i; if (args!=1 || sp[-1].type!=T_STRING) { error("Image.color.html(): illegal arguments\n"); return; } f_lower_case(1); for (i=0; (size_t)i<sizeof(html_color)/sizeof(html_color[0]); i++) if (html_color[i].pname==sp[-1].u.string) { push_int(html_color[i].r); push_int(html_color[i].g); push_int(html_color[i].b); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,3)); return; } if (sp[-1].u.string->len>0 && sp[-1].u.string->str[0]=='#') push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,1)); else { push_text("#"); stack_swap(); f_add(2); push_object(clone_object(image_color_program,1)); } } /* **! method array(string) _indices() **! method array(object) _values() **! (ie as <tt>indices(Image.color)</tt> or <tt>values(Image.color)</tt>) **! <tt>indices</tt> gives a list of all the known color names, **! <tt>values</tt> gives there corresponding objects. **! see also: Image.color */
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) void image_colors_indices(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (!colors) make_colors();
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  ref_push_mapping(colors); f_indices(1); } void image_colors_values(INT32 args) { pop_n_elems(args);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  if (!colors) make_colors();
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  ref_push_mapping(colors); f_values(1); } void init_image_colors(void) { struct program *prg; struct pike_string *str; str_array=make_shared_string("array"); str_string=make_shared_string("string"); str_r=make_shared_string("r"); str_g=make_shared_string("g"); str_b=make_shared_string("b"); str_h=make_shared_string("h"); str_s=make_shared_string("s"); str_v=make_shared_string("v"); start_new_program(); add_storage(sizeof(struct color_struct)); set_init_callback(init_color_struct); set_exit_callback(exit_color_struct); add_function("create",image_color_create, "function(:void)",0);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  /* color info methods */
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("cast",image_color_cast,
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "function(string:array|string)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("`[]",image_color_index,
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "function(string|int:int|function)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("`->",image_color_index, "function(string|int:int|function)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("`==",image_color_equal, "function(object|int:int)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("name",image_color_name, "function(:string)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("hex",image_color_hex, "function(:string)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("html",image_color_html, "function(:string)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("rgb",image_color_rgb, "function(:array)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("hsv",image_color_hsv, "function(:array)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("cmyk",image_color_cmyk, "function(:array)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("greylevel",image_color_greylevel, "function(:int)|function(int,int,int:int)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); /* color conversion methods */ add_function("grey",image_color_grey, "function(:object)|function(int,int,int:object)", OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("light",image_color_light, "function(:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("dark",image_color_dark, "function(:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("neon",image_color_neon, "function(:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("bright",image_color_bright, "function(:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("dull",image_color_dull, "function(:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  image_color_program=end_program(); start_new_program(); add_function("`[]",image_get_color,
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "function(string:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("`()",image_make_color,
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "function(string|int...:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("rgb",image_make_rgb_color, "function(int,int,int:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("hsv",image_make_hsv_color, "function(int,int,int:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
2f5efe1999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("cmyk",image_make_cmyk_color, "function(int|float,int|float,int|float,int|float:object)", OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("html",image_make_html_color, "function(string:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_function("guess",image_guess_color, "function(string:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("greylevel",image_make_greylevel_color, "function(int:object)",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("_indices",image_colors_indices,
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "function(:array(string))",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  add_function("_values",image_colors_values,
5e94231999-01-23Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  "function(:array(object))",OPT_TRY_OPTIMIZE); add_program_constant("color",image_color_program,0);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  prg=end_program(); push_object(clone_object(prg,0)); free_program(prg); str=make_shared_string("color"); add_constant(str,sp-1,0); free_string(str); pop_stack(); } void exit_image_colors(void) { if (image_color_program) { free_program(image_color_program); image_color_program=NULL; } if (colors) {
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  int i;
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  free_mapping(colors); free_object(colortable); free_array(colornames); colors=NULL; colortable=NULL; colornames=NULL;
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  for (i=0; (size_t)i<sizeof(html_color)/sizeof(html_color[0]); i++) free_string(html_color[i].pname);
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland)  } free_string(str_array); free_string(str_string); free_string(str_r); free_string(str_g); free_string(str_b); free_string(str_h); free_string(str_s); free_string(str_v);
4d21f91999-01-24Mirar (Pontus Hagland) 
415c0f1999-01-22Mirar (Pontus Hagland) }