87549a2018-04-19Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* * Functions to lookup dynamically at load on NT. */ #ifdef __NT__ #ifndef NTLIB /* NTLIB(LIBNAME) */ #error NTLIB macro not defined. #endif #ifndef NTLIBFUNC /* NTLIBFUNC(LIBNAME, RETTYPE, SYMBOL, ARGLIST) */ #error NTLIBFUNC macro not defined. #endif NTLIB(kernel32); NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, BOOL, MoveFileExW, ( LPCWSTR lpExistingFileName, /* file name */ LPCWSTR lpNewFileName, /* new file name */ DWORD dwFlags /* move options */ ));
2734ba2020-02-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* The following are needed for pty handling, * and taken from <consoleapi.h> and <processthreadsapi.h>. */ NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, HRESULT, CreatePseudoConsole, ( COORD size, HANDLE hInput, HANDLE hOutput, DWORD dwFlags, HPCON *phPC )); NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, HRESULT, ResizePseudoConsole, ( HPCON hPC, COORD size )); NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, VOID, ClosePseudoConsole, ( HPCON hPC )); NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, BOOL, InitializeProcThreadAttributeList, ( LPPROC_THREAD_ATTRIBUTE_LIST lpAttributeList, DWORD dwAttributeCount, DWORD dwFlags, PSIZE_T lpSize )); NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, VOID, DeleteProcThreadAttributeList, ( LPPROC_THREAD_ATTRIBUTE_LIST lpAttributeList )); NTLIBFUNC(kernel32, BOOL, UpdateProcThreadAttribute, ( LPPROC_THREAD_ATTRIBUTE_LIST lpAttributeList, DWORD dwFlags, DWORD_PTR Attribute, PVOID lpValue, SIZE_T cbSize, PVOID lpPreviousValue, PSIZE_T lpReturnSize ));
87549a2018-04-19Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) #endif /* __NT__ */