b611b52005-12-30Martin Nilsson  - Rewrite configure test to use gtk_major/minor/micro_version directly from the lib instead of looking at gtk+-2.0.pc
071f672007-12-28Martin Nilsson  - Remove all fprintfs from the code and instead figure out other
2b34012006-01-22Martin Nilsson  ways to signal the warnings to the application developer.
071f672007-12-28Martin Nilsson  (gladexml)
b611b52005-12-30Martin Nilsson 
ceffe62006-01-17Martin Nilsson  - Reduce init code by putting programs in a mapping and use loops more. - Some set-from-mapping functions leaves values undefined if not all mapping avalues are present. Accepting color objects might be good. - Fix gdkevent destructor -> EXIT
071f672007-12-28Martin Nilsson  INIT / EXIT (set_init_callback / set_exit_callback)
ceffe62006-01-17Martin Nilsson  - Fix _STR expansion in %{ %} blocks / .c files. - Make real iterator objects of the iterator objects.
b611b52005-12-30Martin Nilsson  - Verify that all get_all_args calls uses best integer type, or at least big enough integers. - Add multiple pike prototype support where the types are simply or:ed. E.g. void set_color(object color) void set_color(int r, int g, int b) instead of void set_color(object|int color_or_r, int|void g, int|void b)
2b34012006-01-22Martin Nilsson  - Ensure all arguments are pop:ed from create methods. (?) - gnomecanvas.pre / get_scroll_region, gtkcolorselection PRGB.
071f672007-12-28Martin Nilsson  - fix warnings in gtkrecentinfo.pre