851f8f2007-04-29Martin Nilsson //!
7caac22014-09-05Chris Angelico //! //!
851f8f2007-04-29Martin Nilsson  int drag_data_delete( GTK2.TreePath path ); //! Asks to delete the row at path, because it was moved somewhere else via //! drag-and-drop. Returns false if the deletion fails because path no longer //! exists, or for some model-specific reason. //! //! GTK2.SelectionData drag_data_get( GTK2.TreePath path ); //! Asks to return a representation of the row at path. //! //! int row_draggable( GTK2.TreePath path ); //! Asks the source whether a particular row can be used as the source of a //! DND operation. If the source doesn't implement this interface, the row //! is assumed draggable. //! //!