1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson /* -*- C -*- */ class GTK2.Object;
f284492006-08-03Lance Dillon require gtk210; inherit G.InitiallyUnowned; endrequire; not gtk210;
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson inherit G.Object;
f284492006-08-03Lance Dillon endnot;
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson  //! The basic GTK class. //! All other GTK classes inherit this class. //! The only user-callable functions are the signal related ones. //! Properties: //! gpointer user-data signal destroy;
15ab0b2017-11-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) void _destruct()
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson {
f419642017-12-22Chris Angelico  if (THIS->obj) {
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson  gtk_object_destroy(GTK_OBJECT(THIS->obj)); THIS->obj=NULL; }
ba9e802006-02-27Martin Stjernholm  pgtk2_pop_n_elems(args);
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson  push_int(0); }