eb05362005-11-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* -*- C -*- */
08367e2005-11-04Lance Dillon require gtksourceview;
b1f1782011-10-30Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) not gtksourceview20;
08367e2005-11-04Lance Dillon  class GTK2.SourceMarker; %{ #include "gtksourceview/gtksourceview.h" #include "gtksourceview/gtksourcemarker.h" %} void set_marker_type(string type); //! Not documented. string get_marker_type(); //! Gets the marker type of this marker. int get_line(); //! Gets the line number of this marker. string get_name(); //! Gets the name of this marker. GTK2.SourceBuffer get_buffer(); //! Gets the buffer associated with this marker. GTK2.SourceMarker next(); //! Gets the next marker after this. GTK2.SourceMarker prev(); //! Gets the previous marker before this.