eb05362005-11-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* -*- C -*- */
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson class GTK2.TextMark; inherit G.Object; //! Marks for the text. void set_visible(int setting); //! Sets the visibility of the mark; the insertion point is normally //! visible, i.e. you can see it as a vertical bar. Also the text //! widget uses a visible mark to indicate where a drop will occur when //! dragging-and-dropping text. Most other marks are not visible. //! Marks are not visible by default. int get_visible(); //! Returns true if the mark is visible. int get_deleted(); //! Returns true if the mark has been removed from its buffer with //! delete_mark(). Marks can't be used once deleted. string get_name(); //! Returns the mark name; returns empty for anonymous marks.
7732182006-02-02Lance Dillon +GTK2.TextBuffer get_buffer();
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson //! Gets the buffer this mark is located inside, or empty if the mark //! is deleted. int get_left_gravity(); //! Determines whether the mark has left gravity.