eb05362005-11-05Henrik Grubbström (Grubba) /* -*- C -*- */
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson class GTK2.Toolbar; inherit GTK2.Container; //! Toolbars are usually used to group some number of widgets in order //! to simplify customization of their look and layout. Typically a //! toolbar consists of buttons with icons, labels and tooltips, but //! any other widget can also be put inside a toolbar. Finally, items //! can be arranged horizontally or vertically and buttons can be //! displayed with icons, labels, or both. //! <p> //! Examples:
127f452014-09-02Chris Angelico //! IMG: GTK2.Toolbar()->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Button("Button 1")),-1)->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Label(" ")),-1)->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Button("Button 2")),-1)->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Button("Button 3")),-1) //! IMG: GTK2.Toolbar((["orientation":GTK2.ORIENTATION_VERTICAL]))->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Button("Button 1")),-1)->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Label(" ")),-1)->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Button("Button 2")),-1)->insert(GTK2.ToolItem()->add(GTK2.Button("Button 3")),-1)
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson //! </p> //! Properties:
f284492006-08-03Lance Dillon require gtk210; //! int icon-size //! int icon-size-set endrequire;
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson //! int orientation //! int show-arrow //! int toolbar-style
f284492006-08-03Lance Dillon require gtk28; //! int tooltips endrequire;
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson //! <p> //! Child properties: //! int expand //! int homogeneous //! <p> //! Style properties: //! int button-relief //! int internal-padding //! int shadow-type //! int space-size //! int space-style signal orientation_changed; signal popup_context_menu; signal style_changed;
3d76632005-11-03Lance Dillon void create(?mapping(string:mixed) props)
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson //! Creates a new toolbar.
3d76632005-11-03Lance Dillon {
ba9e802006-02-27Martin Stjernholm  pgtk2_verify_not_inited(); pgtk2_verify_setup();
3d76632005-11-03Lance Dillon  if (args) { INIT_WITH_PROPS(GTK_TYPE_TOOLBAR);
ba9e802006-02-27Martin Stjernholm  pgtk2_pop_n_elems(args);
3d76632005-11-03Lance Dillon  } else { GtkWidget *gt; gt=gtk_toolbar_new(); THIS->obj=G_OBJECT(gt); }
ba9e802006-02-27Martin Stjernholm  pgtk2__init_this_object();
3d76632005-11-03Lance Dillon }
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson  require gtk24; void insert(GTK2.ToolItem item, int pos); //! Insert a W(ToolItem) into the toolbar at position pos. If pos is 0 //! the item is prepended to the start of the toolbar. If pos is negative, //! the item is appended to the end of the toolbar. int get_item_index(GTK2.ToolItem item); //! Returns the position of item on the toolbar, starting from 0. int get_n_items(); //! Returns the number of items on the toolbar.
f284492006-08-03Lance Dillon +GTK2.ToolItem get_nth_item(int n);
1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson //! Returns the n's item on the toolbar, or empty if the toolbar does not //! contain an n'th item. int get_drop_index(int x, int y); //! Returns the position corresponding to the indicated point on the toolbar. //! This is useful when dragging items to the toolbar: this function returns //! the position a new item should be inserted. //! <p> //! x and y are in toolbar coordinates. void set_drop_highlight_item(GTK2.ToolItem item, int index); //! Highlights the toolbar to give an ide aof what it would like if item was //! added at the position indicated by index. //! <p> //! The item passed to this function must not be part of any widget hierarchy. //! When an item is set as drop highlight item it can not be added to any //! widget hierarchy or used as highlight item for another toolbar. void set_show_arrow(int show_arrow); //! Sets whether to show an overflow menu when the toolbar doesn't have room //! for all items on it. If true, items for which there are not room are //! are available through an overflow menu. endrequire; void set_orientation(int orientation); //! Sets whether a toolbar should appear horizontally or vertically. //! One of CONST(GTK_ORIENTATION_). void set_tooltips(int enable); //! Sets if the tooltips should be active or not. require gtk24; int get_show_arrow(); //! Returns whether the toolbar has an overflow menu. endrequire; int get_orientation(); //! Retrieves the current orientation of the toolbar. int get_style(); //! Retrieves whether the toolbar has text, icons, or both. One of //! CONST(GTK_TOOLBAR_); int get_icon_size(); //! Retrieves the icon size for the toolbar. One of CONST(GTK_ICON_SIZE_). int get_tooltips(); //! Retrieves whether tooltips are enabled. require gtk24; int get_relief_style(); //! Returns the relief style of buttons. endrequire; void set_style(int style); //! Set the style, one of CONST(GTK_TOOLBAR) void unset_style(); //! Unsets a toolbar style, so that user preferences will be used to //! determine the toolbar style.