1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson require gtk24; class GTK2.ToolButton; inherit GTK2.ToolItem; //! Properties that can be notified: //! icon-widget //! label //! label-widget //! stock-id //! use-underline signal clicked; void create(GTK2.Widget|string icon, ?string label) //! Create a new GTK2.ToolButton. //! If icon is a string, label should be omitted. If it isn't, //! it will be ignored. The result will be a button from //! a stock item, one of CONST(GTK_STOCK). //! If icon is a GTK2.Widget, it will be used as the icon, and label //! will be the label. The label must exists if that is the case. { pgtk_verify_not_inited(); pgtk_verify_setup(); { const gchar *s; if (args==1 || Pike_sp[-args].type==PIKE_T_STRING) { get_all_args("create",args,"%s",&s); if (s) THIS->obj=G_OBJECT(gtk_tool_button_new_from_stock(s)); else Pike_error("Invalid argument 1\n"); } else { const gchar *s; struct object *o1; get_all_args("create",args,"%o%s",&o1,&s); if (s && o1) THIS->obj=G_OBJECT(gtk_tool_button_new(GTK_WIDGET(get_gobject(o1)),s)); else Pike_error("Invalid arguments\n"); } } my_pop_n_elems(args); pgtk__init_this_object(); } void set_label(string label); //! Sets label as the label used for the tool button. string get_label(); //! Returns the label used by the tool button, or empty if //! the tool button doesn't have a label. void set_use_underline(int use_underline); //! If set, an underline in the label property indicates that //! the next character should be used for the mnemonic //! accelerator key in the overflow menu. int get_use_underline(); //! Returns whether underscores in the label property are used //! as mnemonics on menu items on the overflow menu. void set_stock_id(string stock_id); //! Sets the name of the stock item. string get_stock_id(); //! Returns the name of the stock item. void set_icon_widget(GTK2.Widget icon_widget); //! Sets icon_widget as the widget used as the icon on the button. GTK2.Widget get_icon_widget(); //! Returns the widget used as the icon widget. void set_label_widget(GTK2.Widget label_widget); //! Sets label_widget as the widget used as the label. GTK2.Widget get_label_widget(); //! Returns the widget used as the label. endrequire;