1a05542005-07-28Martin Nilsson class GTK2.Vbox; inherit GTK2.Box; //! Most packing is done by creating boxes. These are invisible widget //! containers that we can pack our widgets into which come in two //! forms, a horizontal box, and a vertical box. This is the vertical //! one. When packing widgets into a vertical box, the objects are //! inserted horizontally from top to bottom or bottom to top depending //! on the call used. //! //! IMG: GTK2.Vbox(0,0)->add(GTK2.Button("Hello"))->add(GTK2.Button("World"))->pack_end_defaults(GTK2.Button("From right"))->pack_start_defaults(GTK2.Button("From left")) //! IMG: GTK2.Vbox(1,0)->add(GTK2.Button("Hello"))->add(GTK2.Button("World"))->pack_end_defaults(GTK2.Button("From right"))->pack_start_defaults(GTK2.Button("From left")) //! IMG: GTK2.Vbox(1,40)->add(GTK2.Button("Hello"))->add(GTK2.Button("World"))->pack_end_defaults(GTK2.Button("From right"))->pack_start_defaults(GTK2.Button("From left")) void create(int uniformp, int padding); //! Create a new vertical box widget. //! If all_same_size is true, all widgets will have exactly the same size. //! padding is added to the top and bottom of the children.