c20d152004-02-06Niels Möller # $Id: configure.in,v 1.9 2004/02/06 15:07:53 nisse Exp $
01e1152003-03-12Niels Möller AC_INIT(nettle.cmod)
bfd43f2003-03-13Niels Möller AC_CONFIG_HEADER(nettle_config.h)
01e1152003-03-12Niels Möller  AC_SET_MAKE AC_MODULE_INIT()
c20d152004-02-06Niels Möller AC_CHECK_LIB(nettle, nettle_md5_init, have_nettle=yes, have_nettle=no, -lgmp)
01e1152003-03-12Niels Möller 
c20d152004-02-06Niels Möller if test x$have_nettle=xno ; then AC_CHECK_LIB(nettle, md5_init, have_nettle=yes,, -lgmp) fi
01e1152003-03-12Niels Möller 
c20d152004-02-06Niels Möller if test x$have_nettle=xyes ; then AC_DEFINE([HAVE_LIBNETTLE], 1, [Nettle library available]) PIKE_FEATURE_OK(Nettle) else AC_MSG_WARN([The nettle library not found. No crypto functions will be available.]) PIKE_FEATURE_NODEP(Nettle) fi # md4 is available in later versions of nettle
f98b372003-08-26Martin Nilsson AC_HAVE_FUNCS(nettle_md4_init)
e875822003-08-01Martin Nilsson 
c20d152004-02-06Niels Möller AC_MSG_CHECKING([for idea.c]) # Have the patent-encumbered idea files been purged? if test -f "$srcdir/idea.c" ; then AC_MSG_RESULT([found]) AC_DEFINE([WITH_IDEA], 1, [idea.c available]) else AC_MSG_RESULT([no]) fi
01e1152003-03-12Niels Möller AC_OUTPUT(Makefile,echo FOO >stamp-h )