20550e2018-03-06Pontus Östlund #ifndef SASS_SASS_CONTEXT_H #define SASS_SASS_CONTEXT_H #include "sass/base.h" #include "sass/context.h" #include "ast_fwd_decl.hpp" // sass config options structure struct Sass_Options : Sass_Output_Options { // embed sourceMappingUrl as data uri bool source_map_embed; // embed include contents in maps bool source_map_contents; // create file urls for sources bool source_map_file_urls; // Disable sourceMappingUrl in css output bool omit_source_map_url; // Treat source_string as sass (as opposed to scss) bool is_indented_syntax_src; // The input path is used for source map // generation. It can be used to define // something with string compilation or to // overload the input file path. It is // set to "stdin" for data contexts and // to the input file on file contexts. char* input_path; // The output path is used for source map // generation. LibSass will not write to // this file, it is just used to create // information in source-maps etc. char* output_path; // Colon-separated list of paths // Semicolon-separated on Windows // Maybe use array interface instead? char* include_path; char* plugin_path; // Include paths (linked string list) struct string_list* include_paths; // Plugin paths (linked string list) struct string_list* plugin_paths; // Path to source map file // Enables source map generation // Used to create sourceMappingUrl char* source_map_file; // Directly inserted in source maps char* source_map_root; // Custom functions that can be called from sccs code Sass_Function_List c_functions; // List of custom importers Sass_Importer_List c_importers; // List of custom headers Sass_Importer_List c_headers; }; // base for all contexts struct Sass_Context : Sass_Options { // store context type info enum Sass_Input_Style type; // generated output data char* output_string; // generated source map json char* source_map_string; // error status int error_status; char* error_json; char* error_text; char* error_message; // error position char* error_file; size_t error_line; size_t error_column; const char* error_src; // report imported files char** included_files; }; // struct for file compilation struct Sass_File_Context : Sass_Context { // no additional fields required // input_path is already on options }; // struct for data compilation struct Sass_Data_Context : Sass_Context { // provided source string char* source_string; char* srcmap_string; }; // link c and cpp context struct Sass_Compiler { // progress status Sass_Compiler_State state; // original c context Sass_Context* c_ctx; // Sass::Context Sass::Context* cpp_ctx; // Sass::Block Sass::Block_Obj root; }; #endif