20550e2018-03-06Pontus Östlund #ifndef SASS_UNITS_H #define SASS_UNITS_H #include <cmath> #include <string> #include <sstream> #include <vector> namespace Sass { const double PI = std::acos(-1); enum UnitClass { LENGTH = 0x000, ANGLE = 0x100, TIME = 0x200, FREQUENCY = 0x300, RESOLUTION = 0x400, INCOMMENSURABLE = 0x500 }; enum UnitType { // size units IN = UnitClass::LENGTH, CM, PC, MM, PT, PX, // angle units DEG = ANGLE, GRAD, RAD, TURN, // time units SEC = TIME, MSEC, // frequency units HERTZ = FREQUENCY, KHERTZ, // resolutions units DPI = RESOLUTION, DPCM, DPPX, // for unknown units UNKNOWN = INCOMMENSURABLE }; class Units { public: std::vector<std::string> numerators; std::vector<std::string> denominators; public: // default constructor Units() : numerators(), denominators() { } // copy constructor Units(const Units* ptr) : numerators(ptr->numerators), denominators(ptr->denominators) { } // convert to string std::string unit() const; // get if units are empty bool is_unitless() const; // return if valid for css bool is_valid_css_unit() const; // reduce units for output // returns conversion factor double reduce(); // normalize units for compare // returns conversion factor double normalize(); // compare operations bool operator< (const Units& rhs) const; bool operator== (const Units& rhs) const; // factor to convert into given units double convert_factor(const Units&) const; }; extern const double size_conversion_factors[6][6]; extern const double angle_conversion_factors[4][4]; extern const double time_conversion_factors[2][2]; extern const double frequency_conversion_factors[2][2]; extern const double resolution_conversion_factors[3][3]; UnitType get_main_unit(const UnitClass unit); enum Sass::UnitType string_to_unit(const std::string&); const char* unit_to_string(Sass::UnitType unit); enum Sass::UnitClass get_unit_type(Sass::UnitType unit); std::string get_unit_class(Sass::UnitType unit); std::string unit_to_class(const std::string&); // throws incompatibleUnits exceptions double conversion_factor(const std::string&, const std::string&); double conversion_factor(UnitType, UnitType, UnitClass, UnitClass); double convert_units(const std::string&, const std::string&, int&, int&); } #endif>