Class SSL.handshake

Inheritance graph
7.8::SSL.handshake 7.8::SSL.connection

SSL.handshake keeps the state relevant for SSL handshaking. This includes a pointer to a context object (which doesn't change), various buffers, a pointer to a session object (reuse or created as appropriate), and pending read and write states being negotiated.

Each connection will have two sets or read and write state: The current read and write states used for encryption, and pending read and write states to be taken into use when the current keyexchange handshake is finished.

Variable client_cert_types
Variable client_cert_distinguished_names

array(int) SSL.handshake.client_cert_types
array(string) SSL.handshake.client_cert_distinguished_names


A few storage variables for client certificate handling on the client side.

Variable client_random
Variable server_random

string SSL.handshake.client_random
string SSL.handshake.server_random


Random cookies, sent and received with the hello-messages.

Method create

SSL.handshake SSL.handshake(int is_server, void|SSL.context ctx, void|ProtocolVersion min_version, void|ProtocolVersion max_version)

Parameter is_server

Whether this is the server end of the connection or not.

Parameter ctx

The context for the connection.

Parameter min_version

Minimum version of SSL to support. Defaults to Constants.PROTOCOL_SSL_3_0.

Parameter max_version

Maximum version of SSL to support. Defaults to Constants.PROTOCOL_minor.